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6/24/2019 K Morris

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Windhoek. Overall it was a very pleasant flight experience. The staff at the check-in counter were very helpful to change us to our desired seats because we had to check-in at the webpage of another airline (codeshare). The seats were comfortable with an average seat-pitch. On board were three options of meal: Chicken, Beef and Fish. We had forgotten to order a vegetarian meal. But the staff prepared us a vegetarian mean from the sides of the other meals. In generall al staff of Air Namibia, with whom we were in contact were very friendly and helpful.

6/13/2019 Michael Katai

✅ Trip Verified | Windhoek to Frankfurt with Air Namibia. The ground staff were helpful to assign us the desired seats. The plane was quite new and provided a modern entertainment system (unfortunately with a smaller selection of movies compared to other airlines). The seats were comfortable with a usual seat pitch. The crew were friendly and helpful. During the flight were three choices of food offered (Chicken, Beef and Fish).

3/2/2019 Martin & Renate Hilverkus

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Windhoek. Never fly with Air Namibia, flew back to Frankfurt via Windhoek on 17.02.2019 after a four-week holiday in Cape Town. The problem actually started when checking in in Cape Town. We have never experienced such unfriendly and unwilling groundworkers who refuse work. The highlight of the outrage was, however, that for my golf baggage that the approved dimensions exceeded by as much as 6cm, a transport fee of 2 322, - Rand (about € 150, -) was charged. The checking-in employee put on his tape measure until he really came to the 6 cm. Of course we did not agree and tried by all means to avoid this arbitrary charge. Unfortunately, we have come to the wrong address with the two colleagues. Neither Ziupad nor Sean (Supervisor) were in any way willing to compromise. They shone through ignorance and unimaginable stubbornness, combined with a rudeness that is second to none. Even my objection that the luggage on the way in Franfkfurt in any way appreciated and simply waved, the situation did not improve. After much discussion in the course of which I wanted to speak to the supervisor, they even did not shy away from letting the police come to the counter. We paid a total of € 4423.16 for the flight. And then this very nice holiday was completely messed up by this action. That was just the beginning of a flight full of mishaps. On the connecting flight to Frankfurt, I can only confirm what the travelers from France (N Ranelle) from 29.10.2018 had experienced before me. Very unfriendly crew. The two business class toilets were blocked for hours by the crew. Entertainment System failed in more than half of Business Class. No magazines. Seats only mediocre. Drink service during the night not available. The top, however, was the Business Lounge in Windhoek. Ripped sofas, makeshift louvered ceilings. Dirty carpeting, plastic cutlery and dishes. I have attached pictures. Unfortunately, I also have to say that the airline does not manage to keep any aircraft or building in order. Everything is used until it falls apart. In the future, we will fly to South Africa only Arab or Asian airlines, even if we will be traveling longer. For a stay of more than four weeks, this is not so significant and is more than offset by the friendly and perfect service, the modern airplanes and business lounges with smaller money. Leider auch bei uns: Nie mehr mit Air Namibia fliegen, wir sind am 17.02.2019 nach einem vier-wöchigen Urlaub in Kapstadt zurück nach Frankfurt über Windhoek geflogen. Das Problem ging eigentlich schon beim Einchecken in Kapstadt los. So ein unfreundliches und unwilliges, arbeitsverweigerndes Bodenpersonal haben wir noch nicht erlebt. Der Höhepunkt der Unverschämtheiten war aber der, dass mir für mein Golfgepäck, dass die zugelassenen Maße um sage und schreibe 6cm übertraf, eine Beförderungsgebühr von 2.322,-- Rand (ca. € 150,--) in Rechnung gestellt wurde. Der eincheckende Mitarbeiter legte sein Maßband so oft an, bis er wirklich auf die 6 cm kam. Natürlich waren wir damit nicht einverstanden und versuchten mit allen Mitteln, diese willkürliche Gebühr zu vermeiden. Doch leider sind wir bei den beiden Kollegen an die falsche Adresse geraten. Weder Ziupad noch Sean (Supervisor) zeigten sich in irgendeiner Weise kompromißbereit. Sie glänzten durch Ignoranz und unvorstellbarer Sturheit, verbunden mit einer Unfreundlichkeit, die ihresgleichen sucht. Auch mein Einwand, dass das Gepäck auf dem Hinflug in Franfkfurt in keiner Weise gewürdigt und einfach durchgewinkt wurde, verbesserte die Situation nicht. Nach heftiger Diskussion in deren Verlauf ich dne Vorgesetzten sprechen wollte, scheuten sie sich sogar nicht, die Polizei zum Schalter kommen zu lassen. Wir haben für den Flug insgesamt € 4423,16 bezahlt. Und dann wurde uns dieser sehr schöne Urlaub durch diese Aktion komplett versaut. Das war nur der Anfang eines Fluges voller Pannen. Bei dem Anschlußflug nach Frankfurt kann ich nur bestätigen, was die Reisenden aus Frankreich (N Ranelle) vom 29.10.2018 vor mir erlebt hatten. Sehr unfreundliche Crew. Die beiden Business Class Toilietten wurden stundenlang von der Crew blockiert. Entertainment System bei mehr als der Hälfte der Business Class ausgefallen. Keine Zeitschriften. Sitze auch nur mittelmäßig. Getränkeservice während der Nacht nicht vorhanden. Die Spitze war allerdings die Business Lounge in Windhoek. Zerfetzte Sofas, notdürftig mit Decken kaschiert. Dreckiger Teppichboden, Plastik-Besteck und Geschirr. Ich habe Bilder beigefügt. Leider muß ich auch hier feststellen, dass es die Airline nicht schafft, weder Flugzeuge noch Gebäude in Stand zuhalten. Es wird alles so lange benutzt, bis es auseinander fällt. Wir werden in Zukunft nach Südafrika nur noch arabischen oder asiatischen Airlines fliegen, auch wenn wir dadurch länger unterwegs sein werden. Bei einem Aufenthalt von mehr als vier Wochen fällt dies aber nicht so ins Gewicht und wird durch den freundlichen und perfekten Service, die modernen Flugzeuge und Business Lounges bei kleinerem Geld mehr als wett gemacht.

10/29/2018 N Ranelle

✅ Trip Verified | We were traveling from Frankfurt to Windhoek in the business class. A night flight. Several screens were not working in the business class. Others could not been switched off. 4 air hostesses, 3 woman (the oldest one was friendly I have to say) and 1 man. Unbelievable behavior of the crew (never seen in any other company) in some way imperious, telling clients to do things, without any courtesy and politeness. No friendly responses to questions either. My daughter politely asked for a second bread roll and there were a prompt and harsh answer without any smile: "no you have to wait that I have given one to everybody!" It was embarrassing. I had the impression that she was angry about her work and everybody in business class. Not willing to do her job and not willing to make people feel comfortable. The man was also very unpolite, he stood in front of passengers with a plastic bag open (to collect blankets), just waiting that you put your blanket by yourself in this collecting bag which is not a problem, but no word, no "please could you" no "thank you" or something polite. It was highly unprofessional. They were all ungracious except the older lady. We arrived at around 7h00 at Windhoek. At around 12h00 we realized that we have had forgotten our computer in the overhead compartment. Aircraft was still in the airport. I called lost and found and a very bored lady said, the cleaner have given nothing to me and I cannot do anything. Later at the airport, ground staff also told me how can you proof that you have forgotten the computer there! Cleaner from the aircraft said that he had found nothing and that maybe the crew took the computer because they do first check to collect forgotten items. At the day of arrival, Air Namibia ground staff was not willing to do any effort or investigation to get the item back. The day after customer care contact told me maybe passengers took it. Just to make things clear: In the business class, the overhead compartment is quite personal. Two seats have their own large overhead compartement. We were sitting completely in front of the aircraft. While leaving the aircraft, no passenger were passing after us and even the computer could not have been seen by other passengers. The overhead compartments are placed very high in the Air Namibia aircraft, computer was not in a bag. Our overhead compartment looked empty, thats why we forgot the computer. We will never fly again with Air Namibia.

8/15/2018 R. Brunner

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Windhoek. Unfriendly crew and more than 50% of the entertainment systems not working. Air Namibia knows about the problem because there are reviews from moths ago describing the same problem. Obviously they do nothing against it.

5/16/2018 Gregory Epps

✅ Trip Verified | Windhoek to Jahannesburg. Excellent service, food excellent, great crew, comfortable seats and certainly a step above SAA. I travel 10 times a year to Namibia, and unfortunately I’m driven by frequent flyer programme loyalty, but as the said carrier continues to shrink its network, it’s going to be air Namibia for my future trips

4/15/2018 Virignie Luppe

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Windhoek via Frankfurt. We have flown Air Namibia a few times. Their inflight service and on-time arrivals were quite good. The way they handled connecting flights for us however was incompetent and the general customer service which was needed as a result, was incredibly poor. We booked our 13 year old son to Paris on Air Namibia. While the connection via Frankfurt (connection flight on Lufthansa) was o.k. on the way back Air Namibia booked him on an Air France flight from Paris to Frankfurt, with onward connection to Windhoek on Air Namibia. In Paris he was denied boarding on the grounds that Air France – unlike Lufthansa - has a minimum age requirement for alone travelling juniors of 14 years. (Lufthansa's minimum age is 12). Air France check-in staff said that he should have never been booked that way by Air Namibia as the age of the traveler is obviously known when the booking is made. When he was denied boarding we rushed to the Windhoek Airport asking Air Namibia staff for help and to re-book our son on LH connecting flight for the next day. We were surprised that while admitting their mistake they charged us for the re-booking (LH instead of AF) and said we should contact Customer Service for a refund. Apart from a holding reply after 2 days we have not heard back from them in more than 3 months. Reminders were ignored. Not only a very incompetent booking system but also a customer service which is non-existent. Sad for an airline which otherwise tries hard to compete. We might fly them again for any easy non-stop flights, but certainly not for any trip that requires a connecting flight.

3/15/2018 Thomas Hallstein

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Windhoek. I try to keep it short, to summarize our experience with Air Namibia, based on a booked holiday, originally starting 24th of October. Original Flight Frankfurt to Windhoek on 24th of October cancelled with short notice we had to rebook to fly a day earlier, leading to additional costs for room and expense - Taxi etc. Confirmed booking for seats was lost Asian Vegetarian food booking not fulfilled - 1 poor spare replacements for 2 guests evening food, Breakfast cancelled totally, as no vegetarian food available Flight Windhoek - Victoria Falls confirmed booking for seats was lost Flight Victoria Falls - Windhoek Plane broken - announcement of 2 hour delay Plane left Victoria Falls late by 4 hours late. Plane was not going back to Windhoek directly, as redirected to Harare to pick up waiting passenger and save flight costs from there, additional 2 hours flight time we had to leave the plane in Harare to redo the emigration and security process from scratch, nor did your crew have a clue that this will happen - additional 45 minutes of chaos and confusion. Crew had no clue what about the overall situation of passengers, neither their arrangements to be hit. Arrival Time Windhoek 23:30 - approx 6 hours late - Luckily we did not have a flight booked back to Frankfurt as 6 passengers this night, as that flight was missed. No possibility to pick up booked rental car, as all companies closed already. Additional costs for Taxi and delivery by rentals company next morning to hotel. Flight Windhoek- Frankfurt Confirmed booking for seats gone - new seats arranged by friendly ground crew, just to find out that the entertainment program for these seats were broken, as it was for other passengers on the flight 2 weeks before, so no wonder that theses seats were free. Poor quality control. As a summary, the ground staff and flight crews were friendly and helpful (mostly), the decisions made by called management are not just questionable, they will lead to damage for the name of the company. We will never fly Air Namibia again, better booking via South African Airways. 2 Stars for parts of the crews and groundstaff only. Not to mention, customer service post flight seems to ignore direct communication.

11/8/2017 L Sudel

✅ Verified Review | I have 3 flights with Air Namibia in December. First Johannesburg to Walvis Bay, via Windhoek : First leg was cancelled. A few days later I get noticed that my sons ticket from Walvis Bay to Cape Town also was cancelled. Now I worry for my last Air Namibia ticket from Walvis Bay to Windhoek. Is something up or are they just cancelling 2 of 3 flights to and From Walvis Bay?

6/2/2017 Greg Epps

✅ Verified Review | First time with Air Namibia flying from Johannesburg to Windhoek. What a pleasant surprise. Excellent cabin crew, a complete meal served on a 1hr40 min flight, and on time. Henceforth I'll make Air Namibia my carrier of choice whenever I travel to Windhoek. Keep up the good work.

4/3/2017 S Wanella

✅ Verified Review | Windhoek to Cape Town. The food was plenty, attendants were friendly and firm in their instruction. A delay in boarding at Windhoek and no announcement that that was what was happening. Jerking and shaking as the aircraft took off, when I asked one of the staff he said "it was the wind, strong wind."

2/21/2017 G Anderson

✅ Verified Review | I was happy with the four Air Namibia flights of this trip (Frankfurt-Windhoek, Windhoek-Cape Town and back). Plenty of food and drinks, only one minor delay, everyone was nice and the price was great. However, at Cape Town Airport the check-in for the flight back opened way too late. There wasn't enough time to pass all the necessary security check and passport control queues. When we had to ask for airport employee help at the passport control queue, they were rude and said it wasn't their problem, but the airline's. This caused delays at both Cape Town and Windhoek and we almost missed the connection. Frequent travellers said this was a common problem on Fridays, should have been addressed by now. Also, the website doesn't have a filter for visas required to enter the destination.

1/28/2017 A Kyvan

✅ Verified Review | Durban to Windhoek via Gabarone. Various bad experiences on Air Namibia starting from purchasing the tickets. Such a rude agent in the office in Windhoek assisted me. After much unnecessary attitude and lack of willingness to help I got to purchase my tickets. The trip from Windhoek to Durban was absolutely fine, plane was late, but the trip was fine, however the trip back was a nightmare. We did a little holiday shopping and we knew one of our bags was going to be overweight, we asked to be checked in together, they said no, my bag was 20kgs, boyfriends bag was 28kgs. We said its fine we will pay the excess, they refused and said we had to take items out of our bags. We took our toiletries out, some boots and a heavy wrapped gift we received from the family we visited. Thereafter I had to wait until they could confirm if there was still a seat available for me on the plane. I finally got checked into the flight after almost 3 hours, we got to security and turns out heavy gift was a vintage bottle of alcohol in a vintage case, so we could not take it through. We had to then go buy a bag to place all items back in, and try to get the bag checked into luggage again. Back at check in counter we get informed that we now have to pay excess for this bag if we are to check it in. So suddenly they can allow excess payments but earlier in the morning when we originally wanted to pay the overweight charges we were refused. By some small miracle a lady at the counter assisted us and we could check the bag in at the 'Large parcels' desk. The flight was also about 30mins late, after which we all boarded but could not take off because there were 4 infants on the plane but the incompetent persons at check in did not check the passengers with infants into the correct seats, (seats with 3 oxygen masks) it was then another 20mins of begging people to switch seats with these mommies and babies. Be warned fellow frequent flyers, if you wish to ever reach your destinations on time Air Namibia is not the airline to fly with.

12/30/2016 Agostinella Ribero

✅ Verified Review | Cape Town to Walvis Bay a week ago. Most luggage left behind in CPT with excuse that more fuel was needed. Flew back from Walvis Bay to Cape Town and not one piece on luggage of all the passengers arrived. Same fuel story given. No one can once again advise on when our luggage will arrive. Air Namibia is takung us for fools. No compensation offered when we arrived in Walvis Bay and stayed without luggage till the following night.

12/29/2016 F Rachadian

✅ Verified Review | Frankfurt to Windhoek operated by Air Namibia A330. In general the flight went well. The A330 is a modern aircraft and the cabin was modern and the seats comfortable. During this flight we had two meals which were good but no more. On this flight there is no wifi and the inflight entertainment was really bad - a little choice of films only available in two languages. For me the worst thing on this flight is the cabin staff. There are not pro-active and not friendly and helpful. We were forbidden to stay in the back galley and we had to return to sit as soon as we had finished drinking and eating. I don't recommend this airline for that, but all the rest of the flight was good.

10/1/2016 Hans Müller

Frankfurt to Windhoek with Air Namibia. Overall a nice flight, friendliness of staff above average. Food / drinks above average. Selection from 3 different meals, quick service, drinks (also with alcohol) before and after the meals. Age of the aircrafts under 3 years - means almost new. Entertainment system with high-res 10" adjustable screen and some new movies at every seat. Seat legroom average. Newspapers / magazines only for business class.

9/21/2016 Graeme Baxter

Lusaka to Cape Town via Windhoek. I booked this ticket on line, about 4 weeks before the departure date. I had to phone the Air Namibia call center after booking as I received a confirmation email but not the e-ticket. The night before the departure, around 20:00, I received a call from Air Namibia informing me the flight had been cancelled due to an operational issue (most likely not enough booked passengers) I was given the option of being re-booked on any of the daily flights on South African Airways to Johannesburg and then Air Namibia to Windhoek. I chose the 13:25 flight and was told to pop into their office at the airport to collect my new ticket as it would be waiting for me. Unfortunately it wasn't and it took three hours of sitting around and a final mad rush to board (ever walked onto a plane where everyone has been sitting waiting to see what idiot has held up the flight?) Anyway, to cut it short, a journey that should have been 4 hours (check in and flight time) ended up being 11 hours. Air Namibia, not a care in the world.

9/11/2016 Stan Bezuidenhout

✅ Verified Review | On 8 September I flew to Windhoek. I departed Johannesburg on SW722 at 06h40 and was due to return on SW729 at 1735 the same day. The tickets cost me ZAR 4,854.94 in total. My meeting was very short, so I decided to return to Johannesburg earlier. I went online and changed the time of my flight to 14h55. At this time, there was no option to change anything other than the time since the website showed that all economy seats were sold out and that there were only two Business Class seats free. It cost me ZAR 1,230.95 to change the ticket. When I arrived at the airport, I went to collect my ticket and received my boarding pass without incident. My seat was now 11A. I got to the aircraft and found that I was now directed to an Economy Class Seat. I queried this with the cabin staff and they told me that I chose to pay R 1,230.95 and to convert my seat to economy. I asked how this was possible - they were unable to answer. They even checked my printed ticket that I still had with me and agreed that I had initially booked a Business Class ticket. I then also noticed that there were in fact about 8 open Business Class seats and about 20 open Economy Class seats! In the end, they crew was so adamant not to allow me the benefit of sitting in those "special seats" that they delayed the flight by over 20 minutes and made everyone wait. I made it clear several times that I will not delay other passengers over this and suggested that I be refunded and that I have my later Business Class ticket returned. The staff eventually asked me if I was "offloading myself" and told me that - if I get off, they could not guarantee that I would have the seat I paid for, on the later flight! In the end I was forced to sit in Seat 11A and told that I could fly home and that I could contact Air Namibia for a refund later.

9/5/2016 Georg Vogt

Frankfurt to Windhoek. I was surprised by Air Namibia. The airline offered a super service and you could watch many movies, the service of the cabin crew was great, the stewardesses have skilful English and German which helped. Generally a very good airline for the budget.

8/6/2016 M Schurre

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Windhoek. After one and a half hour delay no indication given of the actual time the flight will depart. No reason communicated to passengers. All consecutive plans made had to be rescheduled. Quite unprofessional considering the amount paid for this flight.