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8/26/2014 N Lawal

No airs or graces about Arik Air. My last trip from Lagos to Johannesburg was very bad firstly all passengers were waiting at the departure gate when a ground staff announced a delay because the flight staff i.e pilot and the crew were not at the airport yet. When they eventually arrived they asked us to give them some time to c...

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7/29/2014 S Ilori

2 days ago I was in Lagos. There was already an 8 hour layover before I boarded this plane to JFK our boarding passes said we were to board at 9.30 pm and depart at 11.30 pm. 9.30 passed 10.30 passed. No updates as to why we were all sitting there not being attended to. A few minutes past 11 a female employee comes and tells a f...

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7/6/2014 Tom Salisbury

I recently flew business class from London to Lagos and then on to Asaba. I hadn't previously heard of Arik usually preferring BA. However the Arik price was more than half the BA price and also had the guaranteed connections from Lagos. The business class product is impressive - the beds are better than BA and the cabin feels a...

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3/28/2014 L Fisher

I waited in Port Harcourt airport for 10 hrs for a flight and we were never told a thing by Arik reps. The same I fly very frequently and I have not seen a worse airline. First you can't track the flights which wouldn't be so bad if there were any employees or a desk to find out what is going on but there isn't. In our case the ...

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2/13/2014 D Hooper

I waited in Port Harcourt airport for 10 hrs for a flight and we were never told a thing by Arik reps. The same story for the time the plane was arriving and when it did arrive my Emirates flight had departed Lagos at 2130. I made it to Lagos at 1130 and had to change my flight and get a hotel. A poor excuse for an airline and c...

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8/14/2013 O Amahwe

Return flight from Lagos Nigeria to London 13th July 2013. Departure was 3pm but didn't take off until 7pm. No information or explanation provided. Things got unbearable. Eventually staff advised the delay was due to lack of aviation fuel. This only angered passengers even more as it was clear this was a lie and has now become t...

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8/1/2013 Victoria Phillips

July 3 2013. New York City to Lagos. When we landed in Lagos we were told to fill out an Immigration form only to find out that we didn't need to fill out the form because we were transiting. Then told to go and get our suitcases. Waited 2.5 hrs only to be told that our suitcase had already been put on another plane. July 24 201...

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7/15/2013 E Ofori

New York-Lagos-Accra return. The cabin crew was excellent. The Arik staff at Lagos airport were not the nicest people and they demanded money for everything. From Accra my group and I checked in as a group without any problems but because the folks in Nigeria wanted more Kobos and Nairas. In any case this will be my last flight ...

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5/30/2012 F Ogun

Disappointment! This is my second time flying with Arik and service seems to have got worse. When I first travelled with Arik from NY to Lagos the television did not work on my flight there was a very nasty flight attendant and when returning from Lagos to NY the televisions did not work again so I was stuck on an 11 hour flight...

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5/27/2012 L Williams

Roundtrip from JFK to Lagos return to JFK last week. Although both flights left late they arrived on time. Excellent business class service. Food and service was great could not ask for any better service and flat beds afforded me a fine 8 hour nap both ways.

4/26/2012 Abe Ayo

No blankets provided until an 1hr into the flight staff were rude and blanket tossed at us without any form of gesture. No headsets throughout the duration of the flight expected to be staring at the screen without being able to listen. Over 3 toilets were out of service and toilets functioning were in a horrible state. When we ...

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3/7/2012 A Euba

Leg room on A340 gives a generous pitch and baggage allowance is a generous 30 kilos. Inflight entertainment was very poor. They didn't provide headphones I was told the IFE did not work in some seats. Eventually I was given headphones and told to try my luck quality was very poor. The food was very bland- and the portions small...

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1/12/2012 O Ogunbiyi

Flew to Nigeria on Arik return. My flights were most disappointing in Premier Class (Business Class). The meals were not particularly appetizing. There a long stretch of time between the first meal and the last the attendants refused to provide snacks to passengers who asked. They gladly offered alcoholic beverages but refused s...

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1/1/2012 S Wilson

London Heathrow to Lagos in Business. From check-in to arrival staff were very good. Arik offers entry to the Skyteam Lounge at Heathrow T4. Cabin crew on the Airbus A340 were friendly welcoming and took care of passengers. Aircrafts are modern and the cabins look new. Their premium product has full flat bed seats and duvets and...

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12/7/2011 M Richmond

Arrived at Cotonou airport for flight from Cotonou to Lagos at 04.20 hours. Flight scheduled at 06.20. The flight was cancelled but the truly dreadful thing was that passengers were informed by airport security. No representative from Arik Air bothered to appear at the airport to make alternative arrangements for passengers. I w...

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7/19/2011 Hannie Gamalen

We have flown Martinair 3 times to Orlando. We have chosen Martinair because they are cheap and are the only one flying non-stop to Orlando. However it's a pity that you have to pay for personal entertainment in Economy whereas in the Comfort Class it's free. Further more the cabin crew on these flights were very helpful.

7/11/2011 H Walls

I have just returned from a trip to Lagos Nigeria in Economy Class from Heathrow. I can not fault the aeroplane there was lots of leg room (and my partner and I are not short at 5ft10 and 6ft2) good entertainment selection and plenty of food and drink throughout the journey. All the staff were welcoming and the plane was clean. ...

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6/29/2011 C A Dele

I have flown Arikair (both long & short haul) a few times now and got mixed experiences. The not so good experience was with the ground staff at Lagos in May 2010 when I was harassed & dispossessed of expensive perfume bottles (50mls each) with contents even less. I wrote a letter of complaint but never got a reply. Generally th...

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5/2/2011 P Fisher

Arik Air seem to have no idea of what customer service means and how their scheduling problems adversely affect the lives of their passengers. Arik Air schedule a return flight from Accra to Lagos for 1745. the flight almost never leaves Accra before 2100 (Accra Time) which means that you arrive in Lagos at 2330 at the earliest ...

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4/2/2011 M Lambek

Purchased round trip tickets from to Dakar to Freetown. Dakar to Freetown flight was 2 hours late. Our ticket for the Freetown to Dakar flight said Wednesday but when we went to the airport Wednesday morning we were told that our flight left the day before. We inquired at the Freetown office and they told us that they switched t...

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