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3/22/2019 H Blumenthal

✅ Trip Verified | Without any doubt the worst business class in Africa. Everything was wrong. Even with a most expensive business class ticket, I was requested to be at the very small and terribly mediocre Freetown airport 2 hours ahead of the flight: when one knows how few flights there are per day, ridiculous. When I checked in I was guaranteed that the flight had taken off from Accra where it came from and was due on time in Freetown, when I checked later with the crew, I found out it was a total lie as the flight was delayed and it was still on the ground at that time. When I checked in, I also asked about the business lounge and was told that of course I could use it, but after immigration I discovered it had been closed and remained closed for the 3 hours I waited: one of the shopkeepers nearby told me that the staff looking after the lounge had left because "they had other things to do". So I had to wait on the most uncomfortable metal bench with no air conditioning for 3 hours, nothing else was available. We received no information about the delay and no Arik Air staff were visible after the check-in counter. At 1am, the boarding was done in a most unprofessional way even for this continent where I have been some 3 or 400 times. Exhausted, I'm not very young to say the least, by this horrible experience on the ground I thought I would have 1.5 agreeable hours specially being the only passenger in business class. This was wrong, very wrong. I was first requested to stop using my iPad as Arik seems to be the only airline (with SAA) forbidding the use of an iPad during takeoff and landing. I asked for a glass of wine and was offered a choice between 2 tiny plastic bottles of lukewarm undrinkable wines. Beer was also lukewarm. The dinner consisted of 2 sandwiches, worse than what a low cost airline would offer. The crew was about as nice as their fellow citizens the immigration officers at Lagos airport. Horrible experience at a cost of nearly 700 USD one way for 900 miles. A rip-off would be an understatement.

4/26/2018 T Quenton

✅ Trip Verified | Accra to Monrovia. This is a terrible airline. Avoid at all cost. They sent us a message saying we should be there no later than 6am the evening before. We arrived and informed they knew something was wrong with the flight, but they just forgot to update the system. So our flight will now depart at 10:50am. We asked if we could leave and they can send a message when they are ready. They said we should wait. At 9am, we proceeded to check in and was informed now the flight is not leaving till 2pm. We again asked what the issue is, this time they said we don't have a plane. Most airlines on schedule were on time or with even a 20 mins delay, an annoucement was made. Nothing is annouced from this airline, you have to go and search for a representative, hide and seek game. No one really knows whats happening. One employee has advised us to head home, thus will proceed to leave.

2/23/2018 N Rossouw

✅ Trip Verified | My colleague and I were booked on an Arik Air flight from Lagos to Warri, supposed to depart at 07.40 in the morning. I received a message two days prior to the flight, informing me that "due to operational requirements" the flight will operate at 11.00. The morning of the flight, I received another message informing me that again "due to operational requirements" the flight will operate at 12.00. Once at the airport, waiting to board, we were informed the flight was delayed 20 minutes. Twenty minutes came and went and we eventually boarded and only took off at 13.00, arriving in Warri by 14.00, only getting to the hospital where we were to have 2 full days of work at 15.30. An entire day wasted by an incompetent airline. It does however get worse, it is now 2 days later and we are supposed to fly from Warri to Lagos, booked on the 09.20 flight. We have a connecting flight to Accra, Ghana at 17.10, so plenty of time to make this connection. Or so you think. I received a message from Arik 2 days ago informing me that "due to operational" requirements, the flight will now operate at 12.40. I'm still not too worried, as we will still make the connection. Don't hold your breath. I received another message from Arik this morning at 09.38 informing me that even this amended time has now changed to 16.40. So, to summarize - a flight supposed to have left at 09.20 has now been delayed and yet again delayed to 16.40. I phoned the Arik Air call centre, explained that I will now miss my connection to Ghana. She had absolutely no interest in my case, no offer of assistance. Her single line was "Arik apologises". I would not recommend this airline to anyone - despite selling tickets at certain times, they have clearly no intention of sticking to any schedule, making up flying times as it suits their "operational requirements". There is nothing positive I can say about this airline.

8/21/2017 F Butheler

✅ Verified Review | I booked the earliest flight of the day out of Uyo to Lagos. I had a connecting evening flight to Frankfurt at 22.45. Our Arik flight was scheduled for 9.15 according to the ticket and so we were there at 08:00. The Lady at the check in desk immediately told us that this flight time has been moved to 12:00 a couple of days ago already and that we can check-in at 10.00, in another 2 hours. Excuse me, am I lost? I bought the ticket a day ago and so the flight time should have been adjusted on the ticket. We were so happy to leave Nigeria after a 8 month Long Job adventure that we took the delay with a tired smile. At 10.00 we checked in with the other passengers and sat till 12:00. At 12.30 it was announced that the flight will be another 45 min delayed. At 14:00 they announced flight postponed for another 2 hours. We obviously got nervous and looked into buying a ticket for the last remaining other Airline to fly out. But Arik air assured us that it will not be necessary and their flight already in the air on the way to us. This was a lie. At 16:00 they announced that the plane is now on the way and would land in 45 min. It landed 16.45 and with no further info from the ground staff we boarded. Once in the plane we were surprised to find it to be packed to the last seats. It turned out that another plane en-route to Port Harcourt is picking us up. With not much time left to catch our international flight in Lagos we headed off towards Port Harcourt. In PH it took time to unload and re-fuel and for new passengers to board. We looked at the time and it was after 18.30 when we started towards Lagos. We finally arrived in Lagos from where we had to travel to the international Airport and go through check-in and customs in rush hour. It was the worst trip we ever had and really working on our nerves. The Arik ground staff was rude and lied to us the whole day. A trip of one hour became 10 hours. Stranded at a lousy Airport. The Airline itself was an old Boeing 737. The aircon did not work througout the flight and we nearly fainted. Chairs were taped together and the seatbelt on my friends chair could not Close. I stongly suggest not to travel with Arik if you concerned about your health, safety and smooth travels.

3/5/2017 Peter Morison

✅ Verified Review | Abuja to Lagos. Working in Nigeria for the past year I have flown Arik on numerous occasions between Abuja and Lagos and Kano. On the whole they delivered a pretty good service domestically by Nigerian standards but from about November last year they ran into serious cash flow issues due to the drop in the value of the Nigerian Naira. As a result flights became subject to regular cancellation and delay. In January the airlne was take over by the Nigerian Government and now has a much reduced service. Arik has a number of regional routes around West Africa which are well known for delays and cancellations. But the same applies to most other regional airlines. Asky is probably the best, owned by Ethiopian. They also fly (or did fly) to New York, London and Johannesburg but unless price is our only criteria, flying Arik long haul is an experience I wouldn't recommend. Inflight service is limited. Plans are old and tatty. Delays and cancellations frequent. Bags often never arrive.

9/13/2016 N Onuorah

This roundtrip from JFK to Lagos Nigeria was very bad. I had flown with ARIK air 5 years ago and was hugely disappointed with the experience this time around. My reason for flying with this airline was due to its direct flight with no layover, and the fact that I had flown with them in the past and had a good experience. This time it was shambolic. Leaving JFK, they boarded on time but we were stuck on the runway for almost an hour (I can understand it is not always the airline's fault) but the fact the flight attendant told us the in-flight entertainment would be turned on once we left the gate was kinda odd. Only to hear over the PA that the entertainment system was not working and this made every moment in the 10.5 hour flight feel frustrating for not being honest with us travelers. There was no entertainment on the return flight as well. The plane décor was less than desirable. Once you got past the business class section, the walkway carpet was in need of replacement as you could see the show and cart marks. One bathroom was non-functional and smelled unsanitary with the toilet seat broken off. I wasn't sure if the airline wasn't taking note of what needed to be fixed. The meals were nothing special. Since it was the same plane returning the above is ditto just that we left 2 hours later than we were scheduled from Lagos and they gave an excuse of being held for inspections which I didn't buy. This led to us landing on the tarmac in JFK since they lost their slot at the gates. Thus we had to be bussed to immigration and waited 1.5 hours to get our luggage. A trip and airline to forget. And there was no wi-fi.

9/9/2016 O Galija

✅ Verified Review | London Heathrow to Lagos. Arik Air impressed me as I wasn't expecting the quality of service from an African airline. They have improved their services, expanded routes and fleet. I booked online but had to select my seat so contacted them on the phone. Staff was accessible over the phone they confirmed my selection then and there..

7/21/2016 Xei Wailin

✅ Verified Review | I've got my ticket from Accra to Banjul on July 19. When I got to the airport on the evening of July 20 to check in, the Arik office there told me that my flight had been cancelled. There was absolutely no notification ahead of time! They later changed my flight time to the same one two days later, which made me change my business plan including the hotel reservation and the pick-up from the Banjul airport that night. Next day I asked my agent to go to their office again and she told that they refused five passengers from Accra just because the aircraft from Lagos was too small to contain more passengers. But why did they sell more tickets than the seats? It caused me a lot of trouble! Last time (in May) when I took the flight from Arik between Accra and Dakar, it delayed more that 3 hours! I will definitely exclude Arik from my business flight choice in West Africa from now on.

7/3/2016 Samette Mann

By far one of the worst experiences I have had flying out of the country. They were supposed to take me from JFK to Lagos and then to Liberia, it almost seems impossible for them. After a 12 hours layover in New York, when it came time to board, they were late checking their passengers in and then when we got to gate we sat there for another 4 hrs before they told us to line up for boarding. We waited another hour and they proceed to tell us that the flight was going to be delayed for an hour, 45 mins later we were told they were having technical issues that could last for hours. If you ever going to west Africa, Arik Air is not the airline.

4/15/2016 I Day

✅ Verified Review | Flew Lagos to Dakar. I arrived at Lagos airport for my flight which was supposed to leave at 8.30pm but was delayed. The airline did not announce this delay, instead, I had to run around asking airport staff for information and thanks to a nice gentleman I finally found out the the plane was delayed 4 hours. 4 hours wait for a 3 hour flight. After waiting 4 hours the plane was further delayed an hour and once we boarded, we had to wait another hour and a half until it took off. All this time there was absolutely no communication from the airline, we were just expected to wait in ignorance. In the end I arrived in Dakar at 6am instead of 12am as scheduled. I will never recommend flying Arik Air.

3/10/2016 A Okonkwo

Our Arik Air flight from Lagos to London was originally supposed to depart at 12.55. After checking in, we we told that there would be a delay of about an hour. Just after about an hour and a few minutes, a lady came to update us telling us that there would be further delays and she didn't really know when we would be leaving. There was a lot of commotion and anger from the passengers at which she promised to do her best and while we waited we would be offered some refreshment (which never came!). About 30 mins later we were told we could board the plane. We were quite bemused as we all knew that they only boarded us that quickly to get out of the promise to give us refreshments as they should have. We all settled into our seats and sat there for another 1.5hrs with no explanations from anyone as to why there was still a delay. Passengers became agitated, angry and very upset. We eventually left Lagos at 4pm and got to London around 9pm. The treatment of passengers on the flight was shabby and unprofessional to say the least, and I will never recommend Ark to anyone.

2/25/2016 Howard Pitfield

Left on time for short flight of about 50 minutes from Lagos to Accra. Offered breakfast (egg, sausage and baked beans) with drinks. All nice. Had to shovel it down quickly due to the short flight time. Terminal staff let us down with my freight baggage. Couldn't be more helpful.

11/10/2015 H Blumenthal

Lagos to Abidjan with Arik Air. Bad, truly very bad. The plane was really dirty, I would say it had not been cleaned for days or weeks. Travelling in business class at dinner time I was told by the chief purser that he was sorry that catering forgot to load the meals and the drinks. And I was flying out from their hub! I travel all the time around Africa but this was really one of the worst services - or should I say no service.

9/26/2015 E Unzumba

Arik Air flight from Lagos to London in economy class on A330. The inflight entertainment worked, although it is not dated. Seat was very comfortable, and the aircraft was nice and clean. Food was good but could have done with larger portions. I have flown with Arik in the past, and of late things seem to be improving.

8/24/2015 K M Falk

No entertainment. Always late and don't care about the passengers. Have not flown the for a while because of bad service experiences in the past. Then they changed their flight schedule and it suited better time wise so I tried them again. 4 flight and 2 were delayed. Will now miss connection due to them as as expected they won't care. Food is really bad and the planes are falling to pieces on the inside. The last 4 flight has had seats with hand written notes out of order and the neck rests are not there, it's open metal rails and they are at the emergency exits.

7/9/2015 Naomi Daniels

London to Lagos - most of the inflight entertainment was not working. Made the journey very boring. The food was too salty and again most of the inflight entertainment were not working. 5th July 2015 my return journey back to London with Arik Air, the flight was delayed. Our flight was meant to depart Lagos at 12pm only to be told at 12:33 that the plane was been re-refuelled. After blankets were handed out, we were expecting the headsets to be handed out. Only to be told, due to a technical glitch, there would be no in-flight entertainment at all. The plane was also very dirty. Unbelievable in this time and age. I also noticed that their food portion is getting smaller.

5/25/2015 Phillip Dreyer

W3 720 from Lagos to Abuja on 21 May 2015. W3 308 from Abuja to Accra on 21 May 2015. I am a regular ARIK passenger but have become frustrated beyond measure by the pathetic timekeeping and consistent delays experience with this airline. This morning we suffered an hour delay flying from Lagos to Abuja and tonight the Abuja to Accra flight is delayed by 2 hours thus far. Can the management of the airline not understand that people who fly are generally business people who need to be efficient and on time. Memorized standard apologies for inconvenience caused made by totally uninterested staff and flight commanders is not sufficient to cover the poor performance and failure to deliver.

3/25/2015 Oluwatoyin Folami

I mostly travel with Arik Air and was never impressed. The flight from Lagos-London on 20/03/2015 was different as the inflight service was satisfactory but I noticed that the cabin crew were mostly foreigners and had a "HiFly" tag on. Arik should keep this standard and improve on it. The inflight entertainment was a sweet and bitter situation as some worked and some did not.

1/19/2015 Joan Amos

Flight from JFK to MMA. The check in staff were helpful and polite and we thought flying Arik would be a pleasant experience regardless of the bad reviews alas this was not the case. The security briefing was uninspiring to say the least an airline of Ariks size should really use a video people had to move their heads and practically get out of their seats to see what the crew member was doing and the person with the script had trouble with reading it. The inflight entertainment system didn't work and the staff didn't seem to care they were not apologetic or surprised it made me wonder when last it had worked. The staff were very unprofessional not courtesy in the way the addressed customers they didn't offer any extra drinks or snacks for the duration of the flight until they served breakfast. The food was unappealing and small in size. Overall Arik was a great disappointment and I will never fly them long haul again.

8/26/2014 N Lawal

No airs or graces about Arik Air. My last trip from Lagos to Johannesburg was very bad firstly all passengers were waiting at the departure gate when a ground staff announced a delay because the flight staff i.e pilot and the crew were not at the airport yet. When they eventually arrived they asked us to give them some time to carry out their checks. Once onboard the customer service received was very poor. No headset provided for the entertainment system when I asked for the headset I was told they had none. Staff were very blasé about the whole situation no apology or even acknowledgement of the problems. On the return trip again the entertainment system was not working and no running water in the toilets. This is my 1st and last trip with Arik Air.