Sitzplan Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 Aer Lingus

11A11C12A12C12D12E12F12G12H12K13A13C13D13E13F13G13H13K14A14C14D14E14F14G14H14K15A15C15D15E15F15G15H15K16A16C16D16E16F16G16H16K17A17C17D17E17F17G17H17K18A18C18D18E18F18G18H18K19A19C19D19E19F19G19H19K2A2D2G2H2K20A20C20D20E20F20G20H20K21A21C21D21E21F21G21H21K22A22C22D22E22F22G22H22K23A23C23D23E23F23G23H23K24A24C24D24E24F24G24H24K25A25C25D25E25F25G25H25K26A26C26D26E26F26G26H26K27A27C27D27E27F27G27H27K28A28C28D28E28F28G28H28K29A29C29H29K3A3D3G3K30A30C30D30E30F30G30H30K31A31C31D31E31F31G31H31K32A32C32D32E32F32G32H32K33A33C33D33E33F33G33H33K34A34C34D34E34F34G34H34K35A35C35D35E35F35G35H35K36A36C36D36E36F36G36H36K37A37C37D37E37F37G37H37K38A38C38D38E38F38G38H38K39A39C39D39E39F39G39H39K4A4D4G4H4K40A40C40D40E40G40H40K41A41C41D41E41G41H41K42A42C42D42E42G42H42K43A43C43D43E43G5A5D5G5K6A6D6G6H6KSitzplan von Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 Aer Lingus
Sitzplan von Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 Aer Lingus
Sitzplan von Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 Aer Lingus

Flugzeug Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 Aer Lingus mit 2 Klassen und 271 Sitzen an Bord. Dank dem Flugzeug-Sitzplan können Sie herausfinden, welche Plätze komfortabler sind und welche am besten vermieden werden sollten.


9/20/2019 V Martin, sitz 4K

Seat layout was not as advertised on Aer Lingus flight on Sep 5 from Dulles to Dublin !

9/18/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 40E

40E didn't have the misaligned seat anchor on the seat in front, so there was actually a ton of leg room and storage space. Watching a movie was a bit awkward, since the screen is as much in front of your neighbor as it is for you. The crew were friendly and helpful. I can't recommend the breakfast burrito.

8/20/2019 Momeraki, sitz 14K

I really liked the seat configuration near windows in economy. Two seats per row means less worry when you have to get up from your seat use the bathroom. Staff was friendly and my choice of the shepherds pie was pretty tasty. In terms of comfort, seats were not too comfortable for sleeping as seat depth fell a bit short and wi...

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6/4/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 11A

While this seat appears to have extra legroom, the seat is nearly completely blocked by the emergency slide compartment on the door when the door is closed. This seat should be RED.

12/4/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 31E

This seat cushions provided no comfort and it felt like sitting on a cement bench. The arm rests between the seats on this plane do not lift up completely between the seats, making it impossible to lie down across the empty seats next to you. I'm 5'7" and my knees were touching the seat in front of me.

12/4/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 33K

This window seat was okay. I could not reach my items below the seat in front of me without asking the person next to me to lift the tray table. The seats in front of me when reclined did not push my tray table toward me. The window was slightly forward of the seat and the view was mostly the back of the wing. The entertainment ...

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11/23/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 29HAND29K

These were the worsts seats I have every had and we actually paid $70.00 per seat for extra legroom! which is absolutely not true. There was no extra legroom, the seats were the smallest I've encountered AND the arm rest does not go up which made uncomfortable seats even more so. I contacted the airlines countless times to get...

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10/27/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 11H

My wife and I sat in 11H&K for a flight from IAD to DUB. It is definitely not worth it to pay extra for these seats. In addition to the seat being more narrow, there is less legroom here than a regular coach seat. In other words it is very cramped. We actually moved back to coach on our return trip even though we had reserve...

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9/13/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 15

coach seats on this flight are the very uncomfortable, we got very little sleep on the 10 hour flight, never again. \we have flown Aer Lingus many times over past decades, they have gone way downhill, the breakfast burrito was a joke.

7/29/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 38K

This was a good experience for me. It was my first time with aerlingus and i was a little scared because of all the bad comments... but the staff was friendly the flight was smooth we had enough space but we are average to small people and last but not least the food was delicous. I hate the tea or coffe options for the food ser...

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5/28/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 11A

We were seated in 11A and 11C. While there may be extra "knee room" in these seats, I found the leg room very restricted by the bulkhead and the seats are quite narrow. We flew these seats on the flight from IAD to DUB and did not like them. We wanted to change seats for the return flight, but changing seat assignments on Aer...

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4/7/2018 Ross R, sitz 30A

Sold as a "Premium" seat as due to the location and the supposed extra leg room. In reality, the legroom is zero due to the box containing the emergency slide that presents itself immediately in front of you when the cabin door is closed. Narrow seats make for an uncomfortable journey

12/19/2017 SeatGuru User, sitz 12H

As a general rule the seat on some of the older Aer Lingus A300-200 series aircraft at very poor. The arms don't got up properly; meaning if you do have a free seat beside you you still can't stretch out. The front row seat are not only narrow due to tray table, but the passenger services unit extends into the space sticking int...

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11/3/2017 SeatGuru User, sitz 3K

In accordance with previous comments I can confirm that seat 3K is excellent. You have a great amount of privacy and no one to pass to access the aisle. This seat also has a terrific amount of flat surfaces on which you can place books, laptops, drinks etc. The level of adjustment to the seat is very good and in the lie flat bed...

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10/3/2017 SeatGuru User, sitz 5K

3K and 5K are the best seats on the plane for solo travellers. The seat is spacious and is adjustable from fully upright to a recliner with leg rest to a fully flat bed. There is a storage locker and small table between the seat and aisle and a table with storage spaces between the seat and windows allowing you to have everythi...

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7/24/2017 Gene M, sitz 15K

Grwta new interior with seat back usb cgarging, new touch screens and way comfier seats! Sadly seat foot area taken up with media machine...

3/28/2017 SeatGuru User, sitz 4H

Note that this seat has no laptop storage.

10/25/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 6K

Worse business seat on the plane, you have to literally climb out if 6H is sleeping. 5K and 3K best seats on the plane

8/31/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 11C

Extra legroom seats at 11A and C but 11A is blocked by the door to the plane so does not actually provide any extra legroom. The extra legroom is frequently disturbed by people using the open space to wait for the toilet or just loiter and stretch their legs. Also positioned by the main door so all through boarding you have pass...

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7/25/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 30HAND30K

These were great seats as they had a tremendous amount of leg room. Both a slightly narrower than the standard seat but they were not so uncomfortable that you couldn't enjoy them. The seat by the door really required that, unless your feet are up against the back of the seat, that you put your legs on the door as it is RIGHT ...

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