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7/1/2019 L Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Boarded 10.45 flight EI891 Lisbon to Cork on June 29th 2019. Have to say never boarded a flight that smelt so bad in my life! The staff did not acknowledge this when I brought it to their attention!!! Sat for 2 hours before disembarking due to a wheel problem which needed a new wheel to be flown from Dublin the following morning. This part I get, unexpected things happen. To be honest, though, a spare wheel must be available on site. I don’t know much about flying a plane but it would seem pretty basic to me! Communication and clarification were sparse at best. Lost sheep - I know what they are now! No hotels booked, no details of the alternative flight, no plan made for any person in that flight (except the Aer Lingus staff who headed off to their pre-booked hotels). I will add that those on the flight included the elderly, infirm and wheelchair bound. It’s 1 am and entire flight left to our own devices to survive a late night in Lisbon. About 50 people slept on the airport floor, no water, no blankets. An €18 meal voucher received at about 1 pm on June 30th. Email confirmation received for 1 pm initially, then corrected to 2 pm, later ”confirmed” for 8.05 pm. This is farcical. It’s not what I expect from our national airline! The level of customer service is pathetic and unacceptable. I am annoyed that we could not have been told last night to arrive at a more reasonable hour. According to Ground Force in Lisbon there was never a slot available to fly at 2pm. In all of this time, there was no sign of any Aer Lingus staff. Ground Force may be contracted by Aer Lingus as airport admin but to be honest, we would deserve better than this! Aer Lingus did issue a message saying that air traffic control had restricted their ability to make a departure at 2 pm. Lisbon airport ground control told us there was no such slot available! Why can’t people tell the truth? Seemingly no slot was available and so I find myself sitting unnecessarily at the airport unable to even check in! Very, very poor reflection on Aer Lingus as a company. I understand perfectly that flights are delayed. I understand perfectly that things don’t always go to plan. I do not understand how events like this are handled so badly. What a pity as this is what defines an organisation. Frustrated, annoyed and tired.

6/28/2019 R Moats

Not Verified | Dublin to London. I had a flight booked as a stop over with another airline. I flew Aer Lingus just to transfer airports to the actual airline I booked through. Because of this third party booking I could not use the kiosk to print my boarding pass. I asked the woman at the kiosk for help and she told me to use the kiosk, when I explained the issue she told me that the kiosk was the only way to print my boarding pass. I tried to get help at the ticketing counter and was told they could not help because I had already purchased a ticket. By this point I was an hour and fifteen minutes into the process. I then stood in another line to get help from the baggage drop. Two people in a row went on break as I got to the front of the line leaving one person to help close to 200 people still in line. Then she shut down her line to help priority board the people who’s gates had closed. Finally got my boarding pass print after almost two hours in line. I then tried to check my bags in the automated line and was flagged because I was flying to the United States. I waited almost 5 minutes for someone to notice the big red light over my bags and come assist. No one did. I asked the man sitting in the empty line next to me for help (business class assistance line) and he told me that he would not help and that I needed to go find someone who would help me. Finally managed to find help. All in all it took over two hours to print a boarding pass and check my bags. I emailed customer service to simply make them aware of these issues and they have been more than unhelpful. She told me she could not help because I would not give her a valid booking number even though I have explained several times that I do not have one for her airline since I did not book with them to begin with. She also decided to assign a gender role when speaking with me. When I corrected her mistake and explained that I was offended by her presumption I was told it was my fault for not providing my gender when filing my complaint. I was so shocked by her response that I felt the need to address it with her supervisor. I asked twice to be transferred to a supervisor and in response they have stopped responding to my emails. All I wanted to do was let this company know about the problems I experienced. Instead I have receive some of the worst customer service of my life.

6/27/2019 Chantal Schubnell

✅ Trip Verified | On the 13.06.2019. I had my flight with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Lyon. I purchased two hour lounge access with it for EUR 30.00 as i had a good experience with Dublin Airport lounges in the past. This is the most pathetic excuse for an airport lounge i have ever seen and i been to a lot of them. The selection of drinks was limited. The place was dirty, there was no food. Next door, there is a far better lounge. After that my flight was delayed but nobody cared to communicate this to us. Then on the 16.06.2019. I could not view my boarding pass even though i had checked in the day before. I had to go to the counter to check in. We arrived a little later at the Dublin airport, where my luggage was misplaced. I spoke to the ground staff and reported luggage as missing. Asked the ground staff on how to proceed next, and was advised they will find my luggage within 72 hours. 72 hours later still no luggage but an SMS to call them. After speaking to an associate for 30 minutes and not getting anywhere i asked for a supervisor and was promised a supervisor call back in an hours time. 20.06 filled out lost baggage survey and called customer support as i did not receive promised supervisor call back. Was transfered to a supervisor who told that this will be resolved in 5 days. I asked him what will happen if not, he said that this won´t be the case. That if not found they will consider it lost! 21.06 in the late afternoon called them again. Spoke to another person telling me that they found my luggage and will deliver it to be today or tomorrow. 22.06 late afternoon called again as i haven´t received my luggage. was advised, that they are still checking if this is my luggage. Then on the 25.06 i called again asking for an update. They said they still don´t have one. I asked to talk to supervisor and was promised a supervisor call back within an hour. At 07:00 pm i called again insisting to speak to a supervisor and spoke to the most incompetent supervisor i have ever dealt. If a customer doesn't have their luggage for several days has spend hours on the phone you do not sigh at them. I also escalated to Aerlingus via fb while they were quick to respond, no body took accountability for the action. Nobody from the complaints department reached out to me to find out what happened.

6/13/2019 Anderson Braga

✅ Trip Verified | My wife is in the airport carrying her luggage and our baby boy in a car seat, since Aer Lingus lost our buggy which she would attach to car seat. She asked the Aer Lingus staff at the airport to help her to carry the babyseat and surprisingly they said that they are too busy. I cannot believe that there were not at least 1 staff that could help my wife to carry our baby in the car seat to the bus station, which is 3 minutes from the entrance door. My wife just needed 5 minutes of your time ok? The "busy" staff. Never had any complain about this airline, they are really good. Please get your ground staff in some customer service training to handle this situations.

6/9/2019 T Halan

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to London City. Good services at Dublin airport, the Aer Lingus staff was helpful and nice. Staff was sufficient in number, queue was small and managed properly. Slight delay possibly because of weather.

6/6/2019 S Randich

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Dublin. Bad communication on flight delay - basically none, arriving plane only landed 10min before planned take-off still no information. Yes, planes are delayed all the time but a minimum of straight forward communication should be possible. Also very unfriendly personal randomly picking hand luggage to be checked in and somehow picking exactly does people who then had their hands full of stuff like batteries, Computers and such that are not allowed to be checked in. Seriously needs to improve staff training and communication procedures.

6/4/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 seat 11A

While this seat appears to have extra legroom, the seat is nearly completely blocked by the emergency slide compartment on the door when the door is closed. This seat should be RED.

6/3/2019 Tatiana Van Campenhout

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to San Francisco via Dublin. I have never in my life experienced such poor customer service. I booked a flight from BRU to SFO, but due to weather and slow ground operations at DUB airport I ended up missing my connection to SFO. I got rebooked onto a flight from DUB to JFK and JFK to SFO. Not only did this add 15 additional hours to my trip; they also managed to lose my bags in JFK. When I finally arrived in SFO at 3am after 30h of traveling, all 3 of my bags were missing. Additionally I had made a bid to upgrade to business class, based on the information I was given: a flight from DUB to SFO. However when I got rebooked, I got downgraded to economy for the second leg of the flight. And of course, availability isn’t always there, but when I raised this issue with them, they refused to compensate me or give me a partial refund. Over the course of 4 days I made over 16 phone calls, filled out multiple complaint claims, reached out to them on twitter. But they did nothing to help me retrieve my bags. I kept getting the same standard answer over and over again: As American Airlines were your final carrier they will need to trace the missing baggage. In our industry, it's the final carrier's responsibility to return the delayed baggage. They will work directly with us on your behalf to return the bags to you as soon as possible. And indeed, they tried to work with Aer Lingus. They put in 3 requests to get the bags transferred onto their system. But Aer Lingus was unresponsive. I also reached out to Aer Lingus’s own delayed baggage department, who also put in a request and sent 2 emails to raise this issue. Yet again, not a single response from Aer Lingus. As a result, my bags are still being held hostage in the Aer Lingus terminal at JFK. After yet another attempt to raise awareness with Aer Lingus on twitter, I got shut down without any meaningful response. This seems to be their thing: making customers go away as fast as possible while providing zero help. Filing a complaint on Aer Lingus has been designed to frustrate and infuriate people. Of course, things won’t always go according to plan, and often there’s not much that can be done about it, but a company like Aer Lingus should have a proper system for dealing with complaints in a timely manner, supported by caring staff. Putting customers through the same form over and over again is only designed to make them go away.

6/2/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 35H

There is a metal box under the seat in front of you that restricts your storage and foot space.

6/2/2019 Kelly Roberts

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Seattle. Airline refused to check my bag all the way through to Denver and said Air Alaska was not partnered with them. Flight was 2 hours late leaving Dublin. Had no time to get bag and go to Air Alaska and recheck through. After arriving in Denver filed a complaint for last luggage. It’s been 3 days and not a phone call to me from Aer Lingus. All my info address and phone number are on my bag. They will not answer the phone when Air Alaska calls. My travel agent and Air Alaska keep trying to reach them and no response. I have filed a complaint with the airline with a response they will contact my in the next 14 days. I just want my bag returned. I’m very frustrated with the lack of care or response as from the airline.

5/20/2019 MyloD, ATR 72-600 seat 14C

Space saver seats meant that the legroom was very good. However, I wouldn't want to take a flight longer than an hour or so as the padding was minimal. The width of the seat was OK; comparable to a Boeing 737. Better to pick the rearmost seats as the entry/exit is at the rear of the plane. Cabin baggage space was a little tighter than usual and they can enforce a smaller bag limit on the regional flights if the plane is full.

5/14/2019 S Keare

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Dublin. Boarded 40mins before take off. Champagne offered and accepted. It was served at room temperature. Not offered a top up. Entertainment system did not work initially and took about 20 mins to get it up and running. Meal service slow. Other side of cabin completed before our side served. The cabin manager usually takes the left side facing forwards but they did not make an appearance for the meal service. When the food was served it was lukewarm and I had to ask for a wine top up. My wine glass was empty for 40 mins through the meal service. Having travelled with EI to the States in Business about twice a year, I have to say the trend in not good. The WiFi service out and back from the States was broken (not the same aircraft). The seat prices are on the high side but out of loyalty (Concierge member) I have stuck with them. But no more. I’m going to see what the American carriers are like on the route. Having recently travelled with Qatar, EI Business is simply not in the same league.

5/14/2019 J Heeny

✅ Trip Verified | On May 5th, 2019 my husband and I had a flight going from Naples to Dublin, Ireland (with Aer Lingus), then from Dublin to New York JFK airport, NY (Aer Lingus) and then from New York to Tampa with Jetblue. Our flight from Dublin, Ireland to New York (JFK) on May 5th was supposed to take off at 4:20 PM (16:20), however it did not take off until approximately 10:00 PM (22:00). We landed in New York, NY at 11:05 PM (EST.) We were supposed to arrive in New York, NY at 6:55 PM (EST.) When we arrived at the gate in Dublin there were no employees available to speak to. After some time, they announced the flight would be 15 m delayed. Approximately every 1-1.5 hours they continued to push back the time the flight would leave without any explanation. Finally, they announced it was delayed because of technical difficulties. We were also told that we would not be told if we would make it to Tampa that night until we landed in New York, NY. When we exited the plane, we were given a printed ticket with a time for 9:54 AM the next morning to arrive in Tampa, FL at 1:00 PM pm May, 6th 2019. We were originally supposed to be in Tampa at 11:18 PM on May 5th, 2019. We were not able to get into the hotel until 1:30 AM including time for waiting for customs, shuttles, and long line at the hotel. The next morning, we arrived 3 hours early at the jetblue gate (on the email it instructed to check in at jetblue and we could not check in online.) While at the Jetblue checkin, the jetblue employee told us that Aer Lingus had not finished completing our booking, and that there was nothing they could do about it. She also told us the flight was almost full, and we may not be able to get on the flight. At this point we were beyond frustrated and upset. We called Aer Lingus and told a representative our problem. She put me on hold for approximately 20-30 minutes. She then said Aer Lingus had not finished the booking and then she finished the booking. We were then able to get our tickets. Our flight to Tampa was also slightly delayed due to fuel issues. We landed in Tampa at 1:30 PM (a total of 14 hours and 10 min after the original arrival scheduled time.) We were given 16 euro worth of vouchers at the airport for food in Dublin. This delay in the flight caused both me and my husband to miss work until 3 PM on Monday. The situation was handled poorly without little information and not booking our tickets.

5/7/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the EI934 at 13:10pm Belfast to London Heathrow. The check in process at Belfast George Best Airport is a lot to be desired as staff are really not interested in the best interest of passengers. To them it is mere a task. The boarding process goes by priority boarding which you have to pay for, however this was good and the boarding process was good and quick. The onboard service is excellent, although you have to pay for snacks and drinks they are served fast, efficiently and with a smile. The aircraft left Belfast on time and arrived in Heathrow on schedule. The baggage was also delivered very quickly in London. I note that the Check in and ground staff in Belfast George Best Airport are not Aer Lingus staff and that might explain the lack of professionalism and customer care.

5/5/2019 W King

✅ Trip Verified | Conclusion: avoid Aer Lingus if you are traveling as a family. They do not respect the value of family and no one is willing to take any responsibility after our horrible experience with them. What happened: We booked a returned flight from/to Toronto to Frankfurt. We were traveling with our 9 month old baby. Right after we booked and paid the tickets, we called the agent to request a baby bassinet and priority seats both ways immediately. We flew from Toronto to Frankfurt with bassinet, no problem. But the agent said we need to make another call before our return flight to reserve the bassinet. 48 hours before our return flight on April 1st, we called the Aer Lingus office in Germany where we would board the flight. They told us they have no access to the seating system and asked us to go to the airport counter for requesting the bassinet. We arrived three and a half hours before the scheduled flight time to check in and to request the bassinet (We were the second in line after the counter was opened). The person on the counter told us, she has no access to the flight from Dublin to Toronto, which is the long flight after our first short flight from Frankfurt to Dublin. She asked us to request the bassinet seat when we transferred at Dublin airport. I asked her, there will only be less than 2 hours transfer time, wouldn't the seats all be taken? What if we do not get a bassinet seat? She said she cannot help and we can only go and find out there. We arrived at Dublin airport, when we went to check in for the second flight, which is going to be 7 and half hours long from Dublin to Toronto. The lady at the counter said there is no bassinet seats anymore and she cannot help us. She told us rudely that there is nothing she can do and we can only go board the plane and ask the cabin crew for the seat change. We boarded the plane EI129, and of course it is full and there was no single crew member who was willing or able to help us at all. We were sitting in the middle seats. Carrying a 9 month old baby at hand. No extra seats or spaces were beside us. And all the crew members were very unfriendly to us. One of them told us it was because there was a last minute cabin change so two families with babies could not get the bassinet seats including us. They even told us: sorry this happened every week I saw many families always left without their requested prioirity seats in the end especially for Sunday and Monday flight. During the whole 7 and a half flight, we did not feel well at all. No one helped us, no one cared about us. Even when my husband was standing beside the hallway to rock the baby and tried to let her sleep because our seats were so tight and small she couldn't nap, one of the crew member came to us and said we cannot stand there. (The seat belt sign was not on at the moment). The baby was crying nonstop because she was so tired but kept getting disturbed by these actions. We asked to speak to the cabin manager three times, and throughout the whole flight not once he came to communicate with us. We felt deeply sad about the unfortunate experience. We contacted Aer Lingus customer service and no one is willing to take responsibility and respond to us.

5/3/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | This flight was operated by Cityjet for Aer Lingus. It started off badly with London City Airport being closed, and severe slot delays. Our flight eventually left from Dublin 2.5 hours late to come and pick us up. However, about 15 minutes before the plane landed, they cancelled the flight, despite the plane now being on the ground. However, there was a flight meant to be 55 minutes later, which was also an hour late, and they arrived within 15 minutes of each other. So we now had 2 flights worth of people to fit onto 1. But the staff were very calm and professional, despite clearly not having a good day. They asked everyone with a connecting flight to come forward to be rebooked first, and despite my onward journey being on a different airline, they let me on first. Onboard the plane, the cabin was very tight. The service was nice and reasonably priced, and the flight itself was uneventful. Just like most of my flights, I did this one just for the type of plane, the Avro RJ85, which was a real highlight, and I really enjoyed being able to fly on this plane. I loved it, and would do it again before this type of plane gets retired. If you are a plane geek, I highly recommend this flight. If you aren't, then maybe not.

5/1/2019 Pete, Airbus A321 (321) seat 20F

Great service, Aer Lingus crews are just one of a kind. EI-CPG was a nice plane to fly and made the return home from a lovely trip a lot easier.

4/25/2019 J Basco

✅ Trip Verified | London to Baltimore via Dublin. The flight was so frustrating with no enough details what causes the delay. A very poor planning and disorganised way to cater a disruptive flight. Passengers were sitting inside the airplane for more than 2 hours. No instruction was made from the airline crew after the late arrival in Dublin. We were not made aware on how and where to find our next steps. It was chaotic and exhausting day for everyone. This causes missed flight connection without alternative flights on the same day. We were queuing for more than 4 hours in the customer service area with only 2 staff rebooking the flights for the following day for more than 20 passengers.

4/24/2019 Patti Sherlock

✅ Trip Verified | I naively offered $50 more to upgrade when they sent me an offer. A day or so later, I got a message that my offer to upgrade by $840 had been accepted. I got on the phone and email immediately. I wasted six or so hours (when I needed to be getting ready for the trip) trying to straighten out what I at first thought was a misunderstanding. I finally heard from guest services, who apologized for the inconvenience, but said upgrades were not refundable. I wrote back that it wasn't a matter of inconvenience, I couldn't afford the charge. I didn't hear back. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges. When I got to the desk in New York, I said I wanted my seat in economy, the one I'd paid for. One clerk was helpful, but a supervisor came and said an upgrade was not refundable. I said, "My credit card company is disputing the charge." He looked at his screen and found me a seat in economy. At first I was grateful, but later felt miffed that I, the customer, had no one's ear, but mentioning the big credit card company finally got someone's attention. At least my return flight would be no hassle, that remained an economy ticket. Two nights before my departure, I got a note saying I had been upgraded again, for $890 this time. It said, "Do not reply to this note." My phone didn't work in Europe. I sent guest services a note, much less polite this time, ordering them to restore my economy ticket. I didn't hear back. I didn't fly home with Aer Lingus. I missed my connection, and by then believed it was futile to try to get through to that airline, so flew home with another airline. It is a horror trying to get through to them.

4/23/2019 T Whittemore

Not Verified | Flights are OK. However the aerclub frequent flyer service is shocking. I have had several flights that have not shown up on their system. After filling in an online update nothing happened. Since then I have spoke to 5 customer service reps, confirmed and verified missing dates, raised 2 concerns and Still nothing has been done, I now should be Silver Tier and fly next week. My concern is now over 6 weeks old, last week ago I sent yet another polite but factual email requesting them to address the problem and requesting a reply and explanation of why their has been a delay, and also to offer help leaving my phone number, email etc. Guess what heard absolutely nothing. I have never dealt with a frequent flyer customer service this poor..... ever!