Air Algerie



8/3/2018 M Durlen

✅ Trip Verified | Amman to Barcelona via Algiers. I would not recommend this airlines at all. During my trip from Amman to Barcelona through Algiers, all my checked in luggage was lost, and it has not been found since. I submitted two claims, but the airline never got back to me (not answering phone or email).

7/19/2018 Messaoud Saidani

✅ Trip Verified | London to Algiers. There was a slight delay, but the service onboard was excellent. Clean, very nice food and friendly personnel. Very pleased with the whole experience. Would fly Air Algerie again.

3/25/2018 Marcus Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Algiers to Paris, the worst airline ever. Aircraft is old and dirty. Flight time was delayed and postponed. The check in process at counter is very slow. The only efficiency thing is their system down time. The staff is not well trained etc.

10/18/2017 B Zamaye

✅ Verified Review | Bamako to Algiers. A 21:15 flight was delayed around 21:30. This was the first we heard anything. At around 22:30 we were told the plane would take off the next day. We were fed by 23:00. Around 00:00 shuttles started to a hotel. I got yelled at by airline personnel while boarding a shuttle. The last of us g...

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6/23/2017 K Hamel

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Algiers. Very good flight, excellent catering, clean plane, but crowded. The cabin is spacious for a 737, room for the legs, comfortable seat. Very good meal for a 2 hour flight. The crew is listening. Only complaint, the windows were dirty.

6/23/2017 M Hamati

✅ Verified Review | Excellent flight, good service with hearty meal (starter main course dessert tea and coffee) Duty service on board. A generous pitch for economy class seats. Note the delay at departure due to the closure of Orly airport and the flights diverted to Paris CDG.

5/23/2017 D Lannell

✅ Verified Review | Algiers to Montreal. The service is very bad, actually, there is nobody to whom to talk my flight was supposed to be on Tuesday at 12;40, But we flight at 1830 cause a strike. The food was inedible. I missed my connection in Montreal to Toronto (knowing I bought my ticket 160$) And for sure, no one from Air...

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5/3/2017 ab06, Boeing 737-800 v1 sitz 12F

place spacieuse, idéale pour longues jambes

1/17/2017 F Janssens

✅ Verified Review | Flew Air Algerie from Oran to Paris. I do not understand where this airline got 3 stars from, 1 should be more appropriate. The cleanliness, or rather lack of, is a major issue. The newer planes especially are already really dirty (food crumbs everywhere, seats are not cleaned and toilets a disgrace). Staff ...

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5/13/2016 Lukasz Kalinowski

✅ Verified Review | Air Algerie is the worst airline I have flown. Algiers-Ghardaia flight: one flight attendant, not speaking English, smallest pack of cookies to eat. Algiers to Timimoun flight (2nd May 16) cancelled, due to sandstorm - OK, but no other proposal given, had to fight to get rebooked to Adrar, 9 hours at the air...

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12/22/2015 A Chibani

I returned on the flight from Algiers to London Heathrow on the 20th December - the flight was over 3 hours late it was scheduled to take of at 10.20am, however 2 hours later no sign of taking off, no information given for the delay, no refreshments offered and worst no apologies specially since the staff where hovering around p...

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6/20/2015 Riley Pham

My flight on 1st June from Algiers to Lisboa (Portugal) was a nightmare. The check in was extremely slow and the sequence of spot check was complicated. All forms were in French and fortunately I knew some words, but most of the guests got confused. The aircraft was very old and food was lousily prepared. The toilet was like a ...

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6/16/2015 Ilyes Dez

Lille to Algiers. The flight has been delayed (2hrs), but the Air Algerie's airport workers gave us some sandwiches and soft drinks to apologize for the delay, a good point. The cabin crew were very professional. The aircraft (B767) was clean and in a good shape. The meal was excellent. Tea, coffee, and soft drinks have been ser...

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3/3/2014 B Kenzi

ALG-CDG-ALG Dep 14/01/14 Ret 21/01/14. Very nice trip with my wife and my son (2 years old). No delay B737-800 sky interior not very clean and the cabin crew are not professional. Very good meals and wine. The price was cheap (450 euros for 2 adults and 1 child).

3/3/2014 Andre Polli

Had a scheduled flight from Algiers to Annaba at 10.30 and a return flight at 17.30hrs. Algiers to Annaba 4 hour delay no explanation no assistance was supplied. Annaba to Algires 2.30 hours delay no explanation no assistance was supplied. Old and dirty planes FA's neither friendly or helpful. Ground staff very unfriendly did no...

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8/14/2013 Olivier Dussault

Flight Paris CDG - Algiers. Flight was more than 3 hours late and no explanations were given by the Air Algerie ground staff. The aircraft was old and very dirty. Food was still on my seat. Cabin crew were very unprofessional and not friendly at all. Food was ok. Only one toilet was in service. I will never fly again with Air Al...

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5/28/2013 V Dufour

Paris to Algiers then to Ouagadougou and back. Overall I found this airline good value for money: they are cheap and offer minimal service. The aircraft's were old but kept in a good state except for the washrooms which were disgusting. Seats were rather comfortable. On the Algiers-Ouagadougou leg 1st class seating was attribute...

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11/12/2012 C Zacher

Nov 1 Algiers-Ghardaia by ATR 72. 1 hrs late departure due to late arrival of the aircraft. Confusing as destination "Oran" was shown at the departure gate. Flight full. Some biscuits water and a soft drink was provided. Announcements in French and Arabic only. It is a domestic flight but on arrival and departure immigration has...

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7/1/2012 Rami Medjahed

DXB-ALG. 4 hours delay without explanation and they didn't give us anything for this. The aircraft (A330) was pretty old the bathrooms were disgusting and the plane was dirty! Very poor service on-board and cabin crews are not professional. The food was not appealing. The overall service was very poor!

5/10/2012 N Dupont

BRU-ALG-BRU. Both flight were late - more than 4 hours on the return flight. Food on board is average. The plane was not very clean and looks old. Personal friendly but not very helpful in the airport.