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4/19/2018 H Tauner

✅ Trip Verified | The flights of Air Cairo starting from Hurghada were all delayed apart from one national flight. Our flight was marked "delayed" without any further information. Boarding started 5 min before the estimated departure. Passengers were driven to the Aircraft by bus and had to wait in the bus for 15 min. Then the bus drove back to the gate without any information and there was no staff at the gate. Passengers had to wait for almost 4 hours until boarding started again. Again no official information. The flight was redirected to Cologne instead of Dusseldorf. Therefore there a bus transfer to Dusseldorf was offered, which took a lot of time again. In total the arrival in Dusseldorf was delayed 5.5 hours and the only information we got was unofficial: A passenger said the pilot told him, the airline has failed to get a landing permission for the aircraft in Dusseldorf.

7/2/2017 Jana Hrabovska

✅ Verified Review | I had a fantastic week of holidays in Hurghada and to review a hotel is a must but I also think it is very important to acknowledge the airline which makes it all happen by bringing you over and back in safety. I flew with Air Cairo for the first time there and back after a week and both flights were comfortable and I felt very welcomed. The staff both on the flight on 24 June (Prague to Hurghada) as well as on 1 July (Hurghada to Prague) were friendly, smiley and professional. At one point there was strong turbulence and the staff were supportive. Next time I fly to Egypt I will go for Air Cairo.

5/23/2017 M Doumassa

✅ Verified Review | Doha to Alexandria. Flight cancellation without notification and a very rude attitude On the 13th May I had a flight from Doha to Alexandria Borg El Arab airport at 11:30 pm (Doha time). I was travelling with my 1 year old baby. I was in the airport at 9 pm and check for our counter station but couldn’t find the flight and it was scheduled. I started visiting travel and info offices at the airport to check the flight but they told me it is not registered on the airport screens as it is not scheduled in the first place and they guided me to visit the airlines offices next day at Ras Abou Abboud Street at 8am. I was shocked as I had to return back to my office next day. I spent the night in Doha and next morning and they refused to book me daytime and insisted to travel on the same time 11:30 pm on another airline after a two hours debate The country manager of the airline was very rude and had a terrible attitude and didn’t even bother to be a good marketer for his company and was upset to book another flight. This is a cheap low profile airline.

7/15/2016 Daniela Dalmyn

✅ Verified Review | Dusseldorf to Hurghada with Air Cairo. The crew were friendly and professional, they even offered me 2 meals as I was so hungry. The flight had no turbulence and we reached Hurghada safely and on time. Great experience. Compared to the german company I flew back with the staff with Air Cairo was way more friendly and offered more food and drinks free of charge.

12/7/2009 Caner Dilmener

Istanbul to Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo to Istanbul: The planes were new clean Airbus 320. They didn't serve us a hot meal only refreshments (butter cookies and a drink). Even the flights have been delayed for 2 hours on both ways I recommend Air Cairo.

3/17/2009 Roger Verbaert

This airline made a lot of improvements : new aircraft good crew hot meals - no problem at all during flight.

1/9/2009 P Masson

Brussels to Luxor. Good charter airline. Modern A320 aircraft with friendly fa's. No entertainment onboard but hot meal served.

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