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10/22/2019 Rahna Thanarachi

✅ Trip Verified | Kochi to Colombo. I was down with fever at the time of travelling. Asked for something hot (tea, coffee) to be served while they were serving Apple juice from boxes. The stewardess's replied they cannot provide as I haven't informed them earlier. They didn't ask beforehand what to be served. The menu displayed...

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10/16/2019 C Saunders

✅ Trip Verified | One of the cheaper ones available was Srilankan Airlines. I had an option to take Qantas for $100 more! Regret not taking it. During Check in - I requested if there were any Emergency exit seats since I'm tall and was worried if I would be able to cope for the 10 hr flight to Colombo. The Lady at the counter as...

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10/15/2019 Roger Stone

✅ Trip Verified | Sri Lankan Airlines is a gem. A great way to fly into South India with Colombo Airport such a good hub. I found the service close to perfect on board with very tasty choices and my favourite Chilean wine. The crew were professional, perfectly groomed, and very attentive. The first time in my life I've been off...

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10/6/2019 Abhishek Saha

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Dubai via Colombo. The quality of inflight services including foods and wide choices of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages made my flight better. The cabin crew were eager to help.

10/6/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Dubai to Jakarta via Colombo on 5-6 October 2019. Check-in on line and got original BPs in Dubai transit including 2 more flights (with Malaysia Airlines) beyond Jakarta. This meant that I did not have to queue up again at a transit desk in Jakarta, which was very nice. Both legs were on old A330-200 aircr...

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10/4/2019 Mohamed Shifan Umarhatha

✅ Trip Verified | My family flown to Colombo From Doha on 01.10.2019 .Had a very bad experience with the Sri Lankan Airlines. Before we book the ticket we ask bassinet for two month infant they ask to while check in counter we can get as they said we got 50D when we bored there are no bassinet available. We ask cabin crew after...

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9/30/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) sitz 3A

Just a note for travellers with families - if you want to get a whole row across in Business Class, please note that the seat rows are misaligned. So booking 3A, 3D, 3G and 3K will NOT have you straight across. To get in line, better to reserve seats 3A, 4D, 4G and 3K (for example). Or 2x2 in the middle, ie. 3D, 3G, 4D and 4G ...

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9/5/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) sitz 1A

There is no downside to 1A, it is on well away from the toilets.

9/2/2019 Vagira Seedeen

Not Verified | I will not fly SriLankan airlines again, the customer service is a joke. I flew from London to Colombo and my inflight entertainment did not work so I stared at a blank screen for 10 hours. When I e mailed to complain they tried to brush it off. When I insisted they escalate they responded with a 50.00 voucher (...

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9/1/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Dubai via Colombo on 31 August 2019 on A321 and A330-200, respectively. Started journey in Jakarta upon arrival from Kuala Lumpur by Malaysia Airlines. Online check in prints were accepted in JKT Airport so I avoided to exit transit. They are very strict on checking credit card information and canno...

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8/11/2019 L J C De Silva, Airbus A330-300 (333) sitz 3A

Very good service from the cabin staff. Cabin manager Mangala was excellent. Very friendly. Food was excellent. Tried mixed sea food noodles which include salmon flakes. Only negative was no Sinhalese songs in entertaining system.

7/31/2019 Dilshan David

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Phnom Penh via Singapore. Punctuality of the airline is commendable. The food was delicious with different options for economy class passengers. Beverages were served more than three times for a 4 hr flight. Comfortable seats, enough leg space and entertainment with new features are improving. Highl...

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7/26/2019 S Nagoor

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Dubai and the same 321neo as per Dubai Colombo flight around 20 days back. Business was just 3 seats full though economy was packed. Crew in business were friendly and efficient. Food at their lounge was fantastic and onboard wasn't too bad. Didn't make use of their onboard Wi-Fi but their IFE was e...

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7/20/2019 Miranji Dunusinghe

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled to Doha from Colombo on the 17th July, UL 217. As I settled into my seat, I informed the stewardess, that I suffer from sinus problems and requested a box of tissues and a blanket. I was surprised how she catered to my request immediately. She was also proactive enough to offer me a glass of warm wa...

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7/11/2019 S Nagoor

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Colombo. The new A321neo with ample legroom and comfort. Their IFE isn't too bad as I managed to catch up with a movie and 3 episodes of my favorite TV shows. I did not avail their onboard WiFi. The crew are warm, friendly and efficient. Only complain is their ground handling agent DNATA in Dubai who'...

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7/10/2019 K Ali

✅ Trip Verified | Bahrain to Colombo with SriLankan Airlines. Extremely dirty, trash in the aisle which never got cleaned up, extremely rude staff and when I asked for a glass of wine with the food I was told there was no wine left even though no one in front of me had ordered any. The steward fell asleep during landing, worst a...

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7/7/2019 M Corden

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Melbourne. Late night departure. Dinner was offered but I choose to sleep as soon as seat belt sign was off. Cabin crew were great, movie selection could be a bit better with new releases and movies weighted towards Bollywood and S Asian movies. Breakfast served before landing . Overall very happy w...

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7/5/2019 Bronwyn Covill

Not Verified | Melbourne to Colombo. Perhaps the worst airline I have ever flown. We booked 4 tickets for our family, 2 business class for adults, 2 economy for teenagers. Although we are priority pass members and my husband a platinum oneworld member the customer service at the airlines would not allow all 4 of us to use loung...

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7/2/2019 J Hasin

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Melbourne via Colombo. I booked this airline for my parents . Airline staff asked them to pay Rs 10000/- on boarding time and they said the carry on bag is too big size and can’t be carry as carry bag and they have to put in Luggage. After they have received the Rs 10000/- they allowed them to put sam...

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6/27/2019 W Clive Anura De Costa

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Trivandrum. I paid equivalent to USD 236 for 35 minute flight. No refreshing paper tissue given. Meal was pastry in cardboard box and glass of apple juice. No choice. Asked for glass of water which I never got. This is not the first time I found SriLankan airlines provide bad service. But this was m...

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