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7/4/2019 Stewart Neil

Not Verified | Firstly let me say that my wife and I fly a couple of times a year to Cuba and Sunwing is our usual airline of choice. Typically we have no complaints and enjoy the service that Sunwing offers , as they have always been good to us. In saying that we did have an issue on the return trip of our last vacation (departing May 11, 2019 ). Ever since our return I have been in constant contact with Sunwing attempting to receive an explanation to their policy as to the seating of overweight passengers. Now I understand the issue that there are passengers with weight problems and I am sympathetic however this should not be at inconvenience of other passengers. On our flight to Cuba we had no issues. On the bus to the resort there was a very large couple sitting in a row each. That was fine. On our return flight this couple were offered seats in the front row of the plane. We were seated in Row 2. The husband was assigned the aisle seat and the wife assigned the aisle seat opposite. For some reason she could be sit in this oversize seat. The stewardess asked if anybody wanted to switch seats with her and the tiny woman in the aisle seat next to me said sure (and I don't blame her ). Long story short the wife sat next to me and I was basically left with half seat for the trip home. Extremely uncomfortable to say the least. Since returning I have been in constant contact with Sunwing for a explanation and policy in the seating of obese passengers and the effect on other fare paying passengers. I have received 3 replies from Sunwing . All very apologetic but saying nothing that they will look into it and get back to me. I think the Sunwing policy is to delay, delay, delay till the complainant gives up. Any thoughts as to what I do to get them to respond?

7/1/2019 Athena Panagiotidis

Not Verified | Toronto to Punta Cana. The worst airlines I’ve been on. They tell us after we boarded the plane that they are having problems with the ac. From a 12 hr delay we have been sitting on the plane making it another 2 hours. We not only had a bad flight there, but we missed a day and a half of our trip due to Sunwing's unprofessional aircraft with no compensation. It would have been cheaper to book a 6 day trip yet we paid full and didn’t get our money’s worth. 200$ voucher is ridiculous. For such an inconvenience of a short notice delay to an extended delay they should compensate us fully with a refund, policy aside. I felt bad for the elderly in our plane. Never again.

6/29/2019 N Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Cancun. WG517-WG518 Horrible experience. We have booked direct flights since we travel with 2 young kids. 3 weeks prior to departure, we received an email indicating that our returning itinerary had been changed. There will be a stop in Toronto?! 06.17.2019 Montreal to Cancun flight: 3.5 hours delay. Never ever have we experienced it with other airlines. The Sunwing employee said our 9h10am flight had an engine “problem” and they have to wait for a functioning one to come. She added they cannot give us the Elite Plus seats we have paid for since she doesn’t know the configuration of the new airplane. 3.5 hours later we went in the airplane and realized there were some passengers from Toronto who are already in it! They were all looking unhappy since they were forced to stop at the YUL airport to pick all passengers from Montreal. 06.24. 2019 Returning flight (Cancun to Montreal with a stop in Toronto): Our 2:25pm flight was delayed to 7:50pm. When we arrived at the airport, the flight was delayed again to 9pm. No explanation from Sunwing. With a stop in Toronto, we arrived at 4am on 06.25.2019 in Montreal! Sunwing is now renting Eastern Airlines airplanes. The airplanes are very old. The seats are broken and uncomfortable. The smell is unbearable. I have read similar reviews from other passengers in social media concerning Sunwing. It looks like our situation was not unique. Strange, not the same flights, not the same destination, not the same dates but very similar situations. I let you think about it.

6/28/2019 Santo Chiappetta

Not Verified | Not sure why I scheduled a 6.15am flight. Currently sitting on the runway and its 6.45 am. The pilot is blaming us the passengers that we didn't board on time when they had come on the cabin speaker at 6.25 saying boarding was complete. This service is terrible. I never really choose Sunwing, it's as if the only flights available when I am trying to leave are via Sunwing. I never look forward, or have looked forward to flying with them. No employee has any manners, and often speak to people as if they're from another planet, its bothersome how rude/embarrassing it is considering Toronto is a world class city. Too bad Sunwing is not up to these standards. You'd be better off on a raft anywhere you go.

6/27/2019 Veronika Maderer

Not Verified | Toronto to Varadero. Paid for an earlier return flight, my ticket confirmed our flight. While iat the resort I went to check our pickup time and found out that our 10::15 am flight was canceled and we were booked on a 21:15 flight. We didn't want to leave so late. I've asked for a refund and was told nothing doing. They reserve the right to change flights and those of us who paid for this service do not get a refund. Will never fly Sunwing again.

6/26/2019 E Chacon

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Antigua. Sunwing be careful to what you are agreeing to and their flight definitions. This year we planned our vacation early. We found what we thought were non stop short flights to an amazing island. We were happy. Then came an email from Sunwing last week with changes. A stop in Toronto and three more hours of travelling time. We will be travelling in August so at this point they can change our schedule multiple time. We have been in contact with their Sunwing cares department and here are their explanations when we told them it was not a schedule change but an itinerary change due to the extra stop.  "Sunwing does not accept responsibility for lost wages, missed holiday time or any other additional expenses incurred as a result of changes in flight times." "Sunwing does not sell non stop flight at this moment.To further explain flight terms, a direct flight is a flight between point A and B, which may include a stop-over. A stop-over may be used to pick up new passengers or allow some to disembark, while the other stay on the plane. Direct flights are often mistaken with non-stop flights, which are flights involving no intermediate stops" "Sunwing is a chartered airline company, the flight times are subject to change and operational changes can occur, which may result in the need to reschedule, cancel, or consolidate flights. In your case, unfortunately, your flight time was changed. Please note that the possibility of this change is part of the terms and conditions that must be agreed upon prior prior to a booking being made" After several emails they gave us an the right to change our destination. However when trying to clarify what that really meant, here is what we received: "However, please note that in changing destinations, there is the possibility that your flight times could change again. please note that when changing destinations, there is an administration fee and you'd also have to pay current system rates per person." "Although you are not forced to find something of the same value, kindly note that if you were to choose something of a lesser value, we would be keeping the higher rate between both vacations". Learn from our mistake and be vigilant. Know exactly what you are agreeing to. This company seems to be misleading clients into thinking they offer non stop flights which they are not. Then they try to be generous with their customers by providing them a way to spend more money with them.

6/17/2019 Molly Liao

Not Verified | Toronto to Vancouver. This is the worst service I have ever had. I booked the flight time at 8pm almost 2 months ago but 7 days before I leave, Sunwing just sent me an email said they have changed my time from 8pm to 6am! That is totally unacceptable! I called them but they said this is the only time they have that day and they can do nothing to change my flight. They didn't even give me a reason why they change my flight time in such a early time! This is really disgusting and awful. I will never take this flight again.

6/16/2019 Jeremie Hervieux

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Santa Clara. Awful service, delays delays delays. The Montreal airport staff for Sunwing is beyond incompetent. Communication is hard and confused staff. Lack of a smile and greetings. No screen or food on board. The cheapest of the cheaps.

6/12/2019 V Joe

Not Verified | Booked a simple weekend trip to Vancouver to see family, leaving Friday evening, returning Monday early morning to avoid missing any work. Sunwing Airlines proceeded to change our flight to extremely early Friday morning and very late Monday night. When called they advised me that we agreed to flight time changes and there was nothing they could do for us. Disgusting customer service, they gave us what they call a "premium" upgrade and were so gracious as to let us choose to sit together on our flights. Word to the wise pay a bit more and book with someone else. I will say it again, never make the mistake of booking with this 'travel' company.

6/3/2019 R Makirez

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Cana to Toronto. If you’re thinking of booking a flight with Sunwing Airlines don’t! They are the most mismanaged, incompetent airline. The flight was supposed to land in Toronto from Punta Cana at 4:15pm today. Rescheduled to 6:38pm. Then on the day of the flight rescheduled again to taking off at 7:30pm landing here in Toronto at 12:30 am Monday morning. Then rescheduled once more... now landing at 1:30am. To say I’m furious is an understatement. It’s like they’re flying a bus and just keep delaying to take on more passengers.

6/2/2019 H Vaillancourt

Not Verified | Toronto to Mexico. Booked my trip 2 months ago with sunwing to Mexico June 1 2019. Departure time 6:15am. We got a call just 12 hours before departure telling us flight is cancelled and can reschedule for the Next day June 2. Fine. But now sitting here wondering what next. So many reviews on here about flight changes, cancellations and inconveniences. Not even sure if I will be relaxed on my vacation worrying about how I’m getting back home! Now that is if the new date and time does not change.

6/1/2019 B Darcina

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Vancouver (YVR) has been changed from Sunday 8:15 PM to 7:30 AM (12:45 hours in advance) and this has cause me and my husband to shorter my paid vacation by 1 day. We have been forced to wake up at 2 AM on Sunday morning in order to take the transportation to the airport. It is unacceptable to be treated in this way since nobody has even informed us that the flight has been changed and we've found out the news from other people in the pool. We were very close to miss our flight that day. Therefore , it is the airline responsibility to reimburse us for the time and money lost since our dream vacation has been ruined .

5/28/2019 Liza Santos

Not Verified | Toronto to Punta Cana. It's one thing to have a flight delayed for 2hrs but to have it delayed for 6hrs and not keeping passengers updated is another thing all together. This is our 3rd trip with Sunwing in the last 4 years and we have not had any complains in the past. The service provided this time was quiet unacceptable especially at the beginning of a vacation that we paid a lot of money for. Still waiting for a "Sunwing Cares" rep to contact me. It's been over 3 weeks. I have family and friends that refuse to fly with Sunwing and have chosen other airlines.

5/27/2019 A Gaita

Not Verified | Toronto to Cancun. Paid for Elite Plus and since they overbooked my seats, I was given another seat which was broken with the leg rest permanently up, going against all safety regulations, not to mention not given what I paid for. Leaving the resort, the shuttle bus did not show up until 1.5hours after the designated time. Meanwhile, no communication was made to the passengers about the delay and when we called from the resort, they lied to us saying first the bus was running late, then it broke down and then it would come at 8:40 am and showed up at 9 am. We arrived at the airport by a miracle, being the last ones to board the plane. When I asked Sunwing via social media what their policy was regarding "delayed buses" (because we strongly believe they just forgot about us and simply did not schedule a pick-up), they said "we do our best to get the transfer bus there as quickly as possible and try to keep passengers informed on what's happening through the destination representative at the resort" Love the world "try", not to mention there was no representative in sight at the resort. In fact, their competitor representatives were all advising us to take a taxi because we would miss our flight. Looking at their social media accounts, I've seen that many people had to indeed pay out of their pockets for a shuttle transfer to the airport because the buses were simply a no-show. Very unprofessional and should not be able to offer all-inclusive packages when they cannot live up to the expectations and required responsibilities.

5/26/2019 S Chandler

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Varadero. Will never fly with Sunwing again. This was my 3rd trip down south in 1 year and the worst ever. 1 week before we were set to leave on a direct flight we were advised our return trip would have an extra stop, adding 3 hours to our travel home. Second, our departure from Toronto was delayed 2 hours and on our return to Toronto we were again delayed 3 hours. We had book a huge suite for our arrival home and only got to spend 4 hours in it. Really frustrating. Get it together sunwing.

5/26/2019 P Kowek

✅ Trip Verified | To start, a week before my trip I got a notice that my flight into Cayo Coco is delayed by 9 hours and was offered $50 coupon (4 passengers on booking). The check in assistant didn't print my wife's ticket and I had to go back to get it printed again. I asked about my voucher and was told it would be at the gate. Gate agent said the flight was never delayed and that she doesn't know anything about a voucher. She gave me a really hard time talking to her manager who also said would not be able to come down to talk to me or get me a voucher even though I had an email stating I should be getting one. Gate agent was rude and told me she's not authorized to tell me her name and kept covering her badge. She told me I have to talk to booking to get my voucher. While talking to booking I was told that I can only make a complaint after my trip. Finally the gate agents manager requested that I go outside security to go and request a voucher. With 20 minutes to boarding I told her that I've had enough of being put through all the runaround and I'm not missing my flight. The agent was adiment about getting my name so I told her that im done and if she wants my name she will have to give me hers, she refused. Seats were terrible, my butt still hurts till today, and the headrest was digging into my shoulders as it was too low for a guy that's 6'4". Never again, I would not recommend this airline or the products they offer.

5/24/2019 C Barton

✅ Trip Verified | I understand that Sunwing "charter" can cancel flights on short notice (note terms and conditions permit any schedule changes up to 12-hours prior to flight). However, this should be a rare event (as reliability for most airlines is important). If it's too frequent it makes their schedules and bookings are effectively meaningless (but if you as a customer want to change your flight you pay a massive cancellation fees). Only book with this airline if you are OK random and substantial schedule changes. What is not OK is for Sunwing to cancel flights and not tell either their own customer service staff or customers immediately. When contacting their customer service agents they pretend/think/believe flights are still scheduled (eg. YVR-YYZ JUune 7 7, 2019). Contacted customers service twice and both times stated flight was still going - despite cancelled prior to Monday May 20. You have to then demand the customer service staff check and tell them you know the flights been cancelled before they will double check the status with Sunwing flight services/scheduling directly. At which point they confirm - yeah flight has been cancelled. It appears as though, Sunwing wont contact customers until the last minute - see other complaints (4 days prior to flight) where it is possible that Sunwing knew well before that time that the flights were cancelled / changed / rescheduled already.

5/23/2019 Megan Greenwood

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Vancouver. Just don't bother. Booked at a reasonable price back in March. Supposed to depart Toronto at 8pm on Sunday May 26th. Today, Wednesday May 22nd, they phoned me to cancel our flight. Four days before with no explanation. They said they could reschedule is for the next available day, the 30th, 4 days later! We had to be back in Vancouver for work so obviously this wasn't going to work. They gave us a full refund, but at this point four days before departure, flights are at least three times as much. Now we have to pay at least an additional 700 dollars out of pocket. No help from customer service. Said they couldn't offer us anything more. Well that's ridiculous. If they really wanted to keep us as customers they could pay a little extra, knowing that we have to pay all that money now ourselves in order to make it back to Vancouver. They may have saved themselves a couple hundred bucks in the short term but I will never book with them again.

5/21/2019 D Mahili

✅ Trip Verified | I have booked a flight on March 31 for a round trip from Vancouver to Toronto for May 24 and return on June 02 and i paid it off full on the day of booking. Just a week before my flight on May 17 i got an email that this flights (Flight 802/807) are cancelled and you have choice to reschedule it to June 07 or get refund of your money that will take 7 business days to return to my account. .I had to be in Toronto on May 25 so i was not able to reschedule it. Suppose that if you want to get a ticket from Vancouver to Toronto just a few days of your flight it cost you fortune since i could get the same ticket two month ago that i booked Sunwing Airlines with half price. I called several times to convey my issue and concern but i only got a very rude and impolite response from the agent without any explanation and said this is what it is and go do whatever you want.

5/20/2019 L Richards

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to St. Lucia. Our flight to St. Lucia was supposed to leave at 11 am. The flight was delayed due to mechanical issues with no updated departure time given. Sunwing offered food vouchers for the food court which was nice but there was probably 300 or more people on the flight. We all had to line up to get these vouchers from the few Sunwing staff that were working. They then told us the flight would be delayed until 10:30 pm that night. They offered hotel vouchers for those who came from out of town. Again we had to wait in line for these. It was pure chaos. None of the staff seemed to know what was going on or how to deal with the situation. This delay threw off the entire beginning of our trip. We were exhausted after being up for 24 hours straight and we missed an entire night at our resort. Sunwing did offer us $200 vouchers for the inconvenience but when we went to use these we found out they had to convert them to USD and that we could only use 65% of it towards an excursion on our trip. The plane we flew back on was dirty, the AC stopped working at one point, the seatbelt lights and reading lights did not work at all and we were not offered a meal even though the flight was over dinner time. I have no idea how this airline is still in business and I will never fly with them again. Spend a little more money and fly with another airline!