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9/20/2017 F Lanera

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Tel Aviv via Belgrade. Horrible experience! Terrible services and ignorant rules. Our flight was delayed twice for several hours. We did not receive any service or information. I've tried to cancel a return flight, but nobody bothered to rely my messages and emails. When I called, then they just sa...

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9/13/2017 N Kanoski

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to London. In the last 4 weeks we have flown with Air Serbia 3 times and there have been issues on all 3 flights. Flight 1 Budva to Skopje via Belgrade our baggage was left behind in Belgrade. Flight 2 Budva to Skopje again our baggage was left behind in Belgrade. The same thing happened to 2 other...

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8/26/2017 Vanesa Grbic

✅ Verified Review | Rome to Belgrade on 12 August 2017. Our flight was delayed due to bad weather conditions in Belgrade. When we finally arrived to Belgrade airport, I discovered that they had left my luggage in Rome. About half of the passengers were in the same situation. I was given an email address to contact regarding any...

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8/2/2017 P Leventis

✅ Verified Review | Larnaca to Prague via Belgrade. Flew several times with them but this time they lost our luggage and after 3 days since we landed, they are unable to deliver it although they had promised to do so the evening on the day we landed. Customer service rarely picks up the phone and their delivery service is rude ...

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7/26/2017 Hendrik Nyman

✅ Verified Review | When I arrived at Ben Gurion airport about 65 minutes before departure, due to traffic jams, the check-in was about to close. However, in the e-mail I had received from Air Serbia it was stated that last check in would be 45 minutes before departure. Staff told me that I was lucky that they would still acce...

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7/9/2017 Ljubica Roth

✅ Verified Review | Excellent flight with Air Serbia from New York to Belgrade with an outstanding cabin crew. Great meals and great services were offered with smiles. The airplane was very clean and seats were comfortable for an overnight flight. If great service is what sells an airline to a passenger, then I am surely looking...

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7/3/2017 Nathania Christy

✅ Verified Review | Horrible service recovery from Ari Serbia for our flight from Athens to Frankfurt via Belgrade. Flight was at 15:35. It was delayed and right before the plane took off, it returned back to the gate. After some time, we were asked to alight due to technical issues. No information was given on what we should ex...

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7/3/2017 C Barten

✅ Verified Review | Athens to Frankfurt via Belgrade. Our plane from Athens had a technical problem and we had to disembark from the plane after boarding. Upon reaching the waiting gate again there were no direction at all, and there wasn't any airline representative for the first hour, and no directions or clarifications over ...

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6/7/2017 Sotirios Karykas

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to Athens on a full aircraft. Ticket booked with Aegean Airlines operated by Air Serbia. Did not bother to do online check in, as I did not have easy access to a printer and check in at the desk was free (although from now on the cheapest category tickets will not have free airport desk check in). E...

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5/22/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 1C

Forget the business class on inter-European flights! Air Serbia has - without any announcement - downgraded it to the level of most other companies: ordinary economy seats, with empty middle seat. And they still price it at the 30-40% above the same products of the west-European airlines. I discovered it today (ZRH to BEG) with ...

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4/23/2017 L Vickers

✅ Verified Review | I usually fly with Wizz Air, however, whenever I have the opportunity I fly with Air Serbia (they fly during the mornings) Copenhagen to Belgrade. The staff are very professional and they seem to really enjoy their job. The airplanes are clean on the inside and outside. Pilots always appreciated and informati...

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4/18/2017 M Emmins

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to London Heathrow. A bit disappointed with Air Serbia - my seat was changed at the very last minute (as I boarded) from an aisle seat to a window seat despite having gone through three separate checks prior with no mention. I asked the cabin crew and gate staff to help me find another aisle seat and...

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4/3/2017 Adina Gittleson

✅ Verified Review | Air Serbia ground staff at Belgrade airport extremely rude and arrogant - I don't think they understand basic customer service. Plane from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi was A319 and although flight was over 5 hours there was not any kind of inflight entertainment or screen showing the flight path. On the positive si...

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3/15/2017 А Мilossavlyevich

❎ Unverified | JU174 from Belgrade to Podgorica on one of Air Serbia's 737's in immaculate condition. The plane was very comfortable, legroom more than sufficient (I'm 191cm) albeit a service limited for a short flight, wet towels would have been much appreciated. Belgrade is a very pleasant airport to depart from with few or n...

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3/13/2017 Ivan Nikitin

✅ Verified Review | Moscow Sheremetyevo to Athens via Belgrade return in economy, the price was very low. The planes were quite new, seats were not very spacious, but ok for short flights. Cabin crew ranged from neutral to extremely well-mannered and smiling. Meals were sufficient and tasty: hot meal on Moscow flights, sandwich...

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2/1/2017 SeatGuru User, ATR 72-500 (AT7) seat 1A

Limited leg space. The worst seat for someone taller than 185

1/12/2017 M Ivanovic

✅ Verified Review | Flew Air Serbia from Belgrade to Rome. Cabin crew very attentive, welcome drinks, nuts, a hot meal, towels provided twice, everything for a little over an hour trip. Good leather seats.

1/9/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 30A

Good economy seat with good audio and video equipment, but is too bad because they no have power point in economy clas, wifi is present too.

1/9/2017 P Gathijirasin

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Thessaloniki via Belgrade. I fly a couple times a year, and my experience with Air Serbia was one of my worst experiences with customer service. Me and my travel companion's flight out of CDG was delayed so they canceled our connecting flight out of Belgrade to Thessaloniki. They then re-booked us o...

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1/5/2017 I Michael

✅ Verified Review | 24 hour delay on route CDG-BEG-SOF - Thank you Air Serbia! The flight from CDG to BEG was delayed 60 min due to late arrival of the plane from BEG. During the flight, the captain informed connecting passengers about the gates for other connecting flights, but not ours. It turned out when we landed, that the ...

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