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10/28/2019 Richard O'Grady, Qantas Airways

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Melbourne. My experience could not have been worse. Poor service at Qantas club, flight was late, inflight entertainment not working, checkin bag drop rejected my bad, had trouble finding help, then had to queue up while 1 person was at the Check-in/Assistance counters, wifi is so slow nothing will st...

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10/28/2019 Mel Henry, Malindo Air

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Bali. This airline is the worst I have flown. On the way to Bali none of the screens were working due to a glitch we were told. When you are flying 6/7 hours this is extremely frustrating. Even the charger port didn’t work. It took at least an hour for the staff to offer snacks and when they did come...

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10/28/2019 Dave McGall, United Airlines

Not Verified | Boston to Auckland via San Francisco. We were onboard and taxiing for take off when my wife became ill. The cabin staff were exceptional. We would like to thank all the cabin crew that cared for us on Flight UA619 on 7 October. The passenger doctor who came to my wife’s aid and to the other passengers that assiste...

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10/28/2019 S Collins, United Airlines

✅ Trip Verified | Nashville to Washington. United had plane issues on this flight (battery problem). I called the customer help desk to rebook and get an early flight out to Boston (original flight was through Dulles). The staff that answered barely understood English, kept telling me that the only option they had was a flight t...

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10/28/2019 K Han, Scoot

✅ Trip Verified | Penang to Singapore. Seats are slightly better compared to AiraAsia. However, priority privilege such as board me first was not given after purchasing. Flight experience was acceptable for low cost carrier flights.

10/28/2019 J Lim, Scoot

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Nanjing. Scoot is a decent airline when they're on time, but the problem is that they often aren't, or force you to accept changes in their schedule at their mercy. Scoot offer a wide variety of destinations at a very competitive price point using very new aircraft, but the biggest problem with th...

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10/28/2019 C Marejski, Cathay Pacific

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Hong Kong. Disappointed. I flew good few times with Singapore Airlines and wrongly assumed that all Asian airlines are of the highest comfort. The crew is nice, but just the formal way of nice. No joy in the way they treat you. No going up and above. No personal touch. The food is acceptable, but tha...

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