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6/11/2019 Abdallah E, McDonnell Douglas Douglas MD88 (M88) seat 20E

I am a 5'4" small person. My knees were touching the seat pocket of the seat in front of me. My 14"-wide roll-on bag would not fit under the seat.

6/11/2019 Peter Kniebusch

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Mexico via Atlanta. Because of bad reviews I was a bid worried about my flight with Delta. But in the end it was a nice and enjoyable flight. The check in and the transfer in Atlanta worked out fine. I was a bit surprise how long the boarding takes, because of all the small groups being called to get to the gate. That explains why I have to be at the gate so early. But how cares as long as it works. The flight attendants were very nice and helpful. It was a lot of fun to chat with them. They were great and very professional. Although we should not forget that they are on the flight for safety reasons and not only as waitresses and waiters. But I have my doubts that the age group of flight attendants during my flight is still able to do that. One flight attendant stumbled twice over a slight step on the floor. After so many years that should not happen any more. To make sure, it is not about youth and beauty, this is about safety. The service was excellent the food was fine and nothing to complain. The WiFi during the flight just for messages was amazing. I spend a lot of time by sending messages around the world. The seat was really old and not very comfortable. The length is okay but the width did not work at all. I was sorry that the new seats were not available. A big plus for me was the matter that my luggage could get through to Mexico. It is always a horror to pick up the luggage and drop it of again 5 seconds later. Finally it was a nice and smooth flight and if I have to fly with Delta again I will look forward to it.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 13F

Hard separation between seats and IFE must be stowed during takeoff, taxi, and landing.

6/10/2019 R Calligeri

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Myers to Pittsburgh via Atlanta turned into a 16 hour nightmare and is still going. Worst part? We have our infant with us. We arrived at the Ft. Meyers airport 2 hours early as expected and found that our 6pm flight had been delayed multiple times. Once we got through the sea of people waiting for rebookings Delta told us to take a 10p flight to ATL and they would provide a hotel voucher when we landed so we had a place to stay until our 7am. We landed at midnight, grabbed our checked luggage and looked for the Delta desk to receive such voucher only to find a 2 hour line in front of us. Three associates working and all their monitors turned off. Word spread through the line that there were no hotel vouchers to be given and that multiple new flights were delayed. Completely baffled, concerned and infuriated my husband waited in the two hour line to check our suitcases and to figure out our next step. Suddenly as he approached the desk 2 hours later they announced that they were not accepting any more checked bags until 4:30am. We wasted 2 hours in this line for absolutely nothing. They didn't offer us anything and said that there was nothing for us to do so we are sitting in the middle of the ATL airport with an infant, stroller, carseat, and two suitcases due to no communication, no organization, and "customer service" built on lies.

6/10/2019 Vinicius Mendes

✅ Trip Verified | San Diego to Fort Lauderdale via Atlanta. I’ve tried to do the check in one day before. However, I’ve a surfboard and apparently this pathetic company can’t check in surfboards by the website. Was in the counter 40 minutes before my domestic flight and they told me that 45 minutes before the flight they close the luggage check in. Lost my flight. Luckily my other flight it’s two days after but miss the chance to spend time with my family that I don’t see for more than 20 years.

6/9/2019 W Ellis

Not Verified | Raleigh to Salt Lake City. My flight was supposed to leave at 5 it’s currently 9:15 and boarding hasn’t begun. The plane we’ve needed to take has been parked in the terminal since we’ve gotten here the reason we haven’t left yet is because are pilot isn’t here yet. It’s disappointing that it takes at the very least 4.5 hours to find a pilot to fly a plane I give delta a 1/10.

6/9/2019 S Feeren

✅ Trip Verified | Raleigh Durham to Boston. This is the third consecutive Delta flight where we were delayed. This time was particularly egregious. Morning of, flight was delayed from 8 to 12. Not ideal, but at least we knew the night before. Then, 1o minutes before boarding, flight is delayed another 4 hours! And then there was not contextual information given about what was the issue or when it would be resolved, only that they were “working on a replacement crew”. We missed an important family event (graduation) but also wasted a day in the airport waiting (we could have been working or spending time with our kids!). Then, when I call customer service, they offer us a $25 voucher! That’s just a complete insult. I would rather spend the next 5 hours in the airport writing negative reviews than accept $25. I will never be using Delta again and recommending all my family (delta users) switch airlines to a company that knows basic customer service.

6/9/2019 Christy Lacy

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Orlando via Atlanta. First they claim we would not be able to catch our flight in Minneapolis and would have to stay, a nightmare. When we told them it was unacceptable after an hour or so they finally found a flight connecting to Atlanta, first class that we paid for however not sitting together. No one apologized, we got attitude from everybody. Horrible experience. Do not think we will ever fly them again - we were not offered any compensation for anything for the very stressful morning.

6/9/2019 J Brokken

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Amsterdam. I listed my phone number for notifications about my flight. I did not get any (still none) although my flight is 1.45 hrs delayed. I could have used that time to stay longer in downtown Seattle. But of course, delays happen. However when I asked why I wasn’t notified and if you get a voucher they kept on sending me to another desk. First they blamed KLM as they are partnering. However it was their website I had to use to check in. I queued up for 3 times and constantly hearing I was not at the right location. In the end they send me to the gate. But of course no one was there as it was 4hrs for departure. Nicely done Delta, just guide your passengers to another desk until there is no one left to ask what happened or in the end complain to. I would train your ground staff differently.

6/9/2019 Rachel Shearer

Not Verified | Flight crew and Delta Air Line employees have been lying about the arrival of our “pilot”. We boarded the plane on time, and for 40 minutes just had us sitting there to then tell us we were deplaning and waiting for the pilot that was due to arrive by 10:55am and we should be back on the plane. At 11am, we are then notified that we will not be boarding again till 12:30pm. Shortly after that, someone came on the intercom to inform us that the “pilot” was stuck in South Carolina and would not be in till 1:15pm. Which doesn’t seem to make any sense. The constant delays. And then due to weather issues, I missed my connecting flight because my first flight was delayed by an hour, and missed the connecting flight by 5 minutes.

6/8/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 13F

Last night I flew on DL 2652, an A321, in Comfort+ seat 13F. I chose 13F based on SeatGuru’s "green seat" with the extra leg room. Although it did have the extra leg room, 13F was so much narrower than the non-exit row Comfort+ seats on the A320. When the pax in 13E sat down and saw how narrow it was, she asked to be reseated, but to no avail. I wanted to warn other readers. Unfortunately , having always trusted SeatGuru, I had booked more DL A321 flights [vs A320] prior to last night’s flight. I again chose seat 13F in Comfort+ round-trip, not knowing how uncomfortable it. Does anyone have advice for more comfortable Comfort+ seating on the A321? I wish I could change my flights to the A320, but DL would charge me a fortune.

6/6/2019 Jerry V, Boeing 767-300ER (76T/76W) v1 seat 17GAND17H

Flew FRA to ATL on 6/6/19 and the Comfort Class seating was not as indicated. There was a row in front of 17G and H which was an exit aisle with no windows. There were also other Comfort seating with no windows. Other than a little extra leg room and seat recline there is no reason to incur the expense for Comfort Class. No foot rest so even in full recline not very comfortable. Same meals and drinks,

6/6/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900ER (739) seat 13F

The wall curves in and out to accommodate the windows. The "divider" between them juts out into your shoulder in this seat. Be great to know which seats have this issue so we can avoid them. Always nice to get the extra inch or two of shoulder space in window when window is aligned with shoulder

6/6/2019 A Galiani

✅ Trip Verified | St Maarten to Raleigh Durham via Atlanta. Actually flew in all classes on this trip: Comfort + to Atlanta, economy to St. Martin and First Class on both legs of the return trip home. All flights were on time and cabin crews pleasant and professional. Gate attendants were efficient and boarding went well for all four flights. Gate attendant in Atlanta on the outbound leg was particularly nice and helpful to those flying with young children. Snacks and drinks in all cabins and lunch on the mid-day flight from St. Martin in First Class. Everything went smoothly. Quite a bit of turbulence out of St. Martin but the pilot had provided some advance info and kept passengers informed so not really stressful. Check-in at St. Martin took longer than anticipated as there are no kiosks set up (and the airport still shows signs of hurricane damage) so had a queue to contend with but was still handled well.

6/5/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 38F

The armrests on seats 38C, 38D, 38F, and 38G didn't not raise, so despite having an empty middle seat, it was not possible to stretch out. 38G is noted as being bumped often, but 38F feels the bumping as well.

6/5/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-900ER (739) seat 11F

Horribly tight bulkhead. Fine if you are 5’ tall or less. Trays are in the Armrest so they are more narrow and then this ridiculous “leg room” on a 5 hour flight.

6/5/2019 Alastair Finch

Not Verified | San Francisco to New York with Delta Air Lines. Excellent quick check in, flew comfort plus. Supposed to have dedicated bins for hand luggage but bin was nearly full when we got there. Seatback entertainment excellent but had to wait for headphones. Staff were fairly attentive and captain made a great landing in poor weather. Negatives were poor quality of tannoy system messages, impossible to hear and poor quality of cold breakfast and snack and poor condition of toilet.

6/4/2019 McKenzie Berg

Not Verified | We flew from Anchorage to Atlanta and our bags were sent to Columbus Ohio, when we arrived we talked to every customer service desk in the entire airport and received nothing but disrespect and false information from the staff. We are now stranded without our luggage and Delta refuses to help, I will never be flying with delta again.

6/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-200 (75D) seat 40A

Seat 40A has two windows, one at your shoulder, and the second is forward, kind of shared with the row in front, but is better accessed (opened and closed) by 40A than 39A. GREAT for photographers, as on this flight, you pass right by several of the larger Bahamian islands.

6/3/2019 Britney Wade

✅ Trip Verified | La Guardia to Indianapolis. Not A great way to end your vacation to come to an airport with the poorest customer service. We got to the airport around 2 our flight was to be boarded at 5:45. The flight has been delayed 7 times and when the plane finally landed it was given to Pittsburgh and we were told to go on the opposite side of the airport. Now our boarding “promised time” is 12:30 AM. We’ve tried talking to the attendants and they were all rude granted none of them could give us a straight answer. We spent $60 on food at the airport today. No vouchers were given and everyone on the Indianapolis plane were left clueless waiting. We could have booked different flights or stayed and enjoyed our time in the city.