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6/3/2019 S Horton

✅ Trip Verified | My baggage was delayed and when I talked with Delta at the airport I was at first treated rudely and dismissed with no help. When I returned for additional assistance, I was treated with hostility and when I expressed that I had health problems and could not go on any more wild goose chases in the airport and needed their assistance they threatened to call a paramedic. This was not out of concern but expressed rudely basically saying if you don’t shut up we will call a paramedic to come get you. I was clearly frustrated but I was not yelling or cussing as other customers were. I just needed help with locating my bag. I was so shocked and appalled by how I was treated by Delta.

6/2/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 12A

The wall curves in at this seat, making the armrest intrude into the seat. The seat is noticeably narrower than the seat in front of it.

6/2/2019 R Orji

Not Verified | I lost my luggage on on Delta Airlines and they did not do anything about it. I boarded the flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta and Atlanta to DFW, when I arrived DFW, they couldn’t locate my bag and they put I call to Atlanta and it was confirmed that the bag was at Atlanta and that the next flight to DFW will bring it. I waited for 5 hours the bag did not show up, they asked me to go that they will deliver the bag to my house in Wichita Falls. I kept on calling for the bag and it was from one story to another. They gave me a tracking number to track the luggage but after 3 weeks that the luggage did not show up, I called them and they told me that the luggage was missing. I filled claims which they refused to pay and referred me to UPS and UPS told that I should call Delta. After series of calls , Delta blocked my line and I couldn’t reach them anymore and after 5 months I still have not received my luggage. Just avoid them if you can because they don’t value their customers neither are organized.

6/2/2019 N Keir

✅ Trip Verified | The absolute worst experience flying ever. I fly very often and this has been terrible. The flight from Sydney was delayed causing me to miss my connection to Washington DC. They were only able to get me on a flight 4 hours later getting me into DC at midnight versus 4:30 with a stopover in Atlanta. Customer service is not helpful and infuriating. Never will I fly delta again.

6/2/2019 S Heane

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Honolulu. 4 hours delay due to gas refill is ridiculous, you know that there’s a flight and passengers will be onboard why not do it first hand? We are very disappointed. To all passengers it’s always good to check the review of the airline before considering buying a ticket to avoid any hassle. Our whole plan for the day was ruined, I don’t think we will consider this airline ever again.

6/1/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-400ER (76D) seat 1D

Outbound I rode in 1D, return I rode in 1A. Of six flatbed-seat flights on which I have flown, this is the ONLY instance where the flat beds were long enough for me to fully stretch out. I am 6'4", and lying flat I was comfortable. I can't guarantee other seats are as long, but these were good for me. That said, this was an OLD aircraft and the age was showing. The seats jerked when reclining, everything was scratched and marred, and on the return flight a panel kept falling off of the console and could not be reattached (the flight purser apologized for this, but could do nothing about it). Look just a little ways into the cracks and crevices, and the debris and junk lodged there is...terrible. Notation on SeatGuru that proximity to the galley may be bothersome is unnecessary; I found no problem being near the galley - and I am a person who is quite sensitive to noise, smells, etc. If you want to put up with a really run-down aircraft, this seat is recommended.

6/1/2019 Stefon Jones

✅ Trip Verified | I dont want to be as extreme as others and claim that Delta is the worst ever. However I have only flown with Delta a handful of times, and 2 out of the 3 or 4 times they lost my luggage by trying to check my carry on at the gate. I flew from Texas for my grandmother 75th surprise birthday party, but my luggage is in ATL. This is completely irresponsible and now I have nothing. Once I got to Atlanta they said my luggage was in baggage claim but it was suppose to follow me to Baltimore. Now I see why others were reluctant to check their carry ons at the gate. Customer service promised this would be resolved and my luggage would meet me in Baltimore after she "rechecked it". I'm not sure what that means but she was trying to help. I've called customer service this morning for an update on my luggage but I was on hold, and then got hung up on so now I'm on hold for another 18 mins and my grandmother's event starts in 4 hours. Not to mention that when I asked for a supervisor the woman said she was a manager and hung up on me. I have to rebuy everything! I dont even have a toothbrush or underwear for I dont know how long. I go back to Texas tomorrow and my baggage is in ATL. I regret buying this flight because I'm now a sitting duck with nothing. I dont think you all are a bad airline at all, but this is unacceptable and very expensive on my part.

5/30/2019 Penny Murphy

✅ Trip Verified | Kona to Seattle. The worst, most unorganized flight I've ever been on. Overbooked, had to check my carry, then went i was in my set for twenty minutes they moved me right next to a screaming child. So much for a relaxing vacation in Paradise.

5/29/2019 Kensey L. Lacy

✅ Trip Verified | Detroit to San Francisco. Delta Airlines never fails to disappoint. It is not only the worst airline, but consistently the worst airline and customer service that I have ever experienced. I missed my connection flight due to “weather” which they used as an excuse to not pay for a hotel room. Customer service was beyond rude and unhelpful and my overall travel with Delta cost me an extra $400 dollars beyond the ticket price. I would highly recommend that no one flies Delta and it is a shock that they are still in business with their lack of customer service and overall human decency.

5/29/2019 Maria Gomes de Oliveira

✅ Trip Verified | I flew for the first time on Delta Airlines and will surely be the last. On 21 May 2019 I traveled from Lisbon to Indianapolis via JFK and returned to Lisbon via Boston on May 28, 2019. On four flights there were 3 delays all for technical and mechanical reasons, which leaves me worried about the quality and maintenance of yours aircrafts One of the delays was more than three hours almost compromising the connecting flight to Lisbon and at this moment I am in Boston waiting to board again for mechanical reasons without being served a simple bottle of water. The flight at this time is already delayed 30 minutes and is expected to depart more than one hour late. Inadmissible, mainly because it is happening for the third time in three consecutive flights and in the same airline. Added to this is the fact that I have always been allocated seats in the tail of the planes on all flights when I requested an upgrade when booking and upon check-in. As a result of the assigned places I was left with no menu option once the option of meat was finished at lunch on the first intercontinental flight and on another flight, that of the three-hour delay, due to the host's incompetence, we were not served the drink at that we were entitled and for which we paid for "lack of time" Let's see what reserves this flight ... I must also express my displeasure at the approach of your collaborators at Lisbon Airport prior to check-in. I have often traveled to the USA on other airlines and such approach has never been done. Even a sticker put in the passport what is illegal when done by people without the authority to do so. I thought it was abusive. I also hate your way of managing boarding on the planes that I consider very complicated. The competitive rates do not compensate for the poor service provided, the lack of care and consideration for the passengers you sit in the last places of the plane.

5/29/2019 C Graham

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline I’ve ever flown and will never use Delta Air Lines again. Flew Boston to Fort Lauderdale. Delayed flight over three hours both ways with awful service. The could not care less about their customers time constraints or plans. Don’t fly Delta if you can fly another airline for more money. Not worth it.

5/28/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 8A

Flew seat Delta One seat 8A from LAX to Shanghai. In Delta One, for the window seat even rows sit you closer to the aisle and odd rows sit you closer to the window. I flew on odd seat on my return flight so I was able to experience both. I like the even seats better because there is a storage bin between you and the window. It also doesn't feel any less private due to the ability to close the door. FYI, sitting in the back of Delta One meant they was usually only one option left for breakfast and lunch. I would strongly recommend sitting closer to the front. Seat was perfect for me, but I'm only 5' 7" so I could even curl up on my side with plenty of room left when lying flat. Slept for hours, loved the bedding.

5/28/2019 Karlene Combs

Not Verified | I really want to take the time to say thank you very much to all of the Delta team. Great customer service, I still cannot believe what they have done for my friend and I. Long weekend in NYC, we got confused and went to the wrong airport resulting and missing our flight. We got at the JFK airport 40 minutes before the departure time. Even though we didn’t have any bags to check in, and the staff tried their best, it was impossible... we were too late. They were concerned and helpful getting us into the next fly available right the way. The supervisor Charlie went above and beyond any kind of customer service experience I ever had in any airline. He even suggests us to stay in Hotel near by the airport giving us directions and helping us to book a room.

5/28/2019 D Beale

✅ Trip Verified | St Louis to Orlando via Atlanta. Delta is the absolute worst. The last time I flew delta before this was almost 10 years ago and my experience was so traumatic and awful that I have intentionally not flown delta since; even in cases where it was $200+ for a different airline. I decided after 10 years I could give them another chance and once again it’s been an awful experience. The treatment from the employees was horrible, especially the gate agent. I will truly never fly Delta again.

5/28/2019 Susan Raines

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Toronto. Super slow, rude service. Understaffed at the “unaccompanied minor” check in with incompetent staff. 3 hours early just isn’t enough when it takes 30 minutes per person to check in and drop bags.

5/28/2019 Peter Pomeranze

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Kona via Seattle. First leg to Seattle was fine. Quick flight regional aircraft quick friendly attendant. The Seattle Delta club was excellent.Great staff, great food and drink.Boarding the 757 to Kona, I thought I was imagining things. The first class section was actually pathetic. The amount of personal space and legroom was absolutely minimum.The attendants were incredible and offered great but unnecessarily rushed service for a 6 hour flight. They are the reason, the only reason to pay for a first class ticket and sit in a cattle car. The row ahead of me erupted into a screaming match because one of the party lost it when the guy in front reclined and she could no longer see her screen. Granted, she over reacted but this is how minimal the leg room was.Like coach ten years ago! Food was ok, drinks fine, entertainment good and wi fi worked well. Claustrophobic is not a word to be used when describing first class yet it sums up the experience.

5/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-700 (73W) seat 17A

The seat is a terrible seat. It is cramped and narrow against the bulkhead. It is good for a child but aq child can not sit in this seat as it is an exit seat

5/26/2019 Paul Jahraus

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Hibbing to Minneapolis was delayed by 2 hours. I would now be arriving in Minneapolis at 10:10, while my connecting flight to New York was also departing at 10:10. I called Delta and asked if they would hold the flight for me. The Delta employee looked up my reservation and told me that it was ok, since my connecting flight had been delayed by an hour and that my next connecting flight from New York to Rome was delayed by an hour and a half. So everything would be fine. I arrived in Minneapolis and find out my connecting flight left right on time. I called Delta again two more times to find out what happened. Both times the Delta employees simply hung up on me after looking up my reservation. No guidance or assistance, just plain rude.

5/25/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 13F

View outside from the window is very limited; about half of the window is behind you and the emergency exit door only has a small peep-hole. This goes for all seats (A,B,C,E & F) in row 13.

5/25/2019 S Parten

✅ Trip Verified | Ft Lauderdale to San Francisco via Atlanta. Absolutely horrendous customer service! Will avoid flying though ATL, especially Delta airlines at all costs! I would leave less than zero stars if I could. My boyfriend had a tight connecting flight, made it to the Delta gate in ATL 15 minutes before his next flight (the exact time specified to arrive before gates closed) and they wouldn't let him on my next flight! They even dropped his seat on his next flight as he was standing in front of them. His next flight was delayed 15 minutes so then he had to sit and watch his next flight standstill while he was treated with disrespect by the most unhelpful and rude people at the Delta terminal. And the best part? They offered him a discounted hotel (not even a free hotel stay!), no food, and no vouchers! I also called ATL to get in touch with a Delta representative and not only did they have me wait 2x longer on hold on the phone just to reach a representative, but finally once I was able to speak with a representative they said "hmm that's strange, looks like his first flight landed 30 minutes before his next flight was scheduled to depart and his second flight was delayed 15 minutes so he had time." Truly unacceptable! The least the Delta folks could do is be nice under the circumstances given it was not his fault...