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5/24/2019 Katie Thompson

✅ Trip Verified | Our party planned an entire family trip for 15 of us. The delayed our original flight. Two of our people were going to meet us in Minneapolis to have everyone fly overseas. Our group (10 of us) arrived at MSP 30 min late. The overseas aircraft refused to wait even though our other party was there. Then Delta refused to get us to our destination and delayed our entire trip by 30 hours because we were 30 minutes late due to a mechanical error. When we as individuals can see online there are seats available, however the airline tells us nothing is available for 3 days. Horrible service. Always getting pushed to someone else's problem.

5/22/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 12F

Seat 12F is considered a Delta Comfort Seat. But, the seat was more like 16.5 inches wide and of course had no recline. The real problem was that the emergency exit door extended at least 3 inches into the seat area and therefore the seat was smaller and no room for your shoulders and head. I spent the entire flight leaning to the left and felt sorry for the person in the middle seat. This seat should not be a Comfort Plus seat.

5/22/2019 N Ralkin

✅ Trip Verified | Louisville to Minneapolis. Made it to my layover and had an emergency at home. Needed to head right back to my original location and not take the last leg of the flight. Delta made me purchase a brand new ticket for $500 instead of charging the $75 same day change fee.

5/22/2019 James Dedman

✅ Trip Verified | Delta Airlines went above and beyond the required level of service for us. We stupidly missed our connecting flight with Mongolian Airlines from Seoul To Mongolia because we got confused with the local timezone and arrived at our gate 30 minutes after takeoff. We called up Delta Airlines and they were fantastic, they arranged for us to be on the next available flight at no cost to us. One of their representatives guided us to our new terminal and our luggage was found and re-directed to our new flight without any difficulties. Delta Airlines saved our trip from being a complete disaster and we are incredibly thankful for that.

5/21/2019 D Beale

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was fine, although the lady checking my bag in Charlotte was a little rude and the flight home was overly crowded so our family was not able to sit together. However, they damaged two of my bags. We didn't plan on checking the carry-ons but did so because the flight was full. But instead of getting the bags at the ramp on the next stop, the carry-ons went all the way to our destination. We were not informed that these were going all the way to our destination when we checked them at the gate, and they weren't locked. When we picked them up, one of the bags had the front pocket zippers completely ripped off so there is now no way to close the front pocket, and the other carry on had tire tread marks all over it. On the way back, the large suitcase I checked was split open on one corner. It looked like they just threw the bag which landed on the corner and caused it to split. The large bag was only a year old and used only one time. The carry-ons were brand new. They were not overstuffed so the only way they could have been damaged is by mishandling by the baggage crew. I didn't know the procedure for filing a claim for the bags the night we discovered the damage and I didn't show the bags to Delta when I was at the airport, so I am now not able to file a claim to get a reimbursement. Delta really has no respect for your personal property.

5/20/2019 M. Huijgen

❎ Not Verified | Brussels to Miami via Atlanta. The layover was too short for us to get through customs. Delta's answer is that customs is not their problem?! We had to pay extra and had a significant delay. Very poor service.

5/20/2019 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | South Bend to Detroit via New York. Delta continues to impress! On time departures and arrivals on this trip. Courteous in-flight crew. Clean aircraft. Pilots made timely announcements. Seats were a tad tight but entirely passable as was leg space - I had aisle seats. On the DTW-LGA route, the Airbus 320 had individual entertainment screens which in addition to a good selection of movies, TV shows, and music, also had a large variety of games (including chess). Head phones have to be bought for two dollars with a credit card. The screen also showed the flight path. In-flight service included, in addition to a variety of complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, a choice of snacks - cookies or Cheezit. Disembarking at the gates was quick. While changing at Detroit, I was very worried that I would miss the connection as I arrived at gate 2 in Terminal B and had to go to gate 75 in Terminal A. This would be among the longest of distances between two gates and I had only 37 minutes! My concerns were misplaced. I made it in good time. The flight between South Bend and Detroit does not offer any beverage service. Boarding on both flights went smoothly but with so many categories of passengers, airlines have finessed the system to a new high - and they implement it well! The disembarkation is less discriminatory - they start with the lowest numbered rows and go up. My recent travels with Delta have all been positive and the in-flight ambiance is pleasant and comfortable. Keep up the good work, Delta!

5/20/2019 C Orsini

✅ Trip Verified | Bozeman to San Diego via Salt Lake City. Purchased two one-way flights on a single ticket purchase. Upon informing them I would not travel on the first leg, they told me the second leg (returning from a different city) would be cancelled. Delta said I would have to repurchase another ticket of the same route (even though I already have a paid return ticket) at an additional full one way fare. Will never fly them again.

5/19/2019 Susan C, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 11J

My husband and I flew this from LHR to BOS. While the seat was comfortable and the service was ok, there is only 4 restrooms for the whole of economy and economy plus. This leads to an unpleasant situation by the time you get to the end of 7 + hour flight. I have flown Virgin Premium Economy and they managed a better lay out with the Airbus planes and the service is better. If you are going to pay more for economy plus go then you can do better than Delta.

5/19/2019 Matt T, Boeing 757-200 (75D) seat 15F

For whatever reason, this row of Comfort+ seats have tray tables in the arm rests and video screens that extend up from between the seats. Ao the seat width is a bit limited. None of the versions of this aircraft indicate this. These seats should probably be in yellow.

5/18/2019 Rachel Denning

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Salt Lake City. Every staff member we have interacted with today has a curt, rude attitude. Delta seems to have a negative company culture. Not only have they been rude to us but they are rude and unkind to each other. My husband was not given a seat assignment even though we checked in at the same time. At the gate he asked for a seat, but the staff were discourteous and bickering in front of him. .

5/17/2019 George Petkovic

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Miami. What an awful experience we had. I have purchased first class ticket on DL and paid fortune for it. In addition to that, DL charges $125 for pet in a cabin, which I happily paid. I took our small bird with us. Check-in staff was nice but flight attendant was worst possible, night mear that you cannot even imagine about. I was in a seat 3A, first thing she mention to other passenger next to me was “I have seen it all, but in 40 years I never experienced bird in a cabin” She was so nasty and so awful. She than asked what we wish to drink. I kindly ordered orange juice. Lady next to me got her water and my juice never arrived. Instead i got nasty looks every time she passed by. She was giving me terrible looks and passed by. Perhaps she hated guys with pets and hates everyone who is not up to her likings. She made sure I comply with a rule and place the bird under the seat, which is fine. She could at least be kind. I have never seen so much nastiness towards first class passengers We are returning to NY next week and will never fly Delta again. Congrats for hating your passengers Delta and well done on training your crew so well.

5/17/2019 Ashley Rains

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Fort Walton via Atlanta, Attendant at check-in was extremely rude. When she finished informing me that I would not be able to fly without my pet due to extreme heat temperatures, I asked her when the next flight would be and she got extremely confrontational and asked me why I was interrupting her. I was so shocked I said, "please finish," and she got an even worse attitude with me. I fully understand the flight regulations on pets with temperatures above 80F and simply asked when the next flight would be. I am active military and honestly would never select to fly with Delta again if it weren't for them accommodating military with pets. It's a shame their workers have such an attitude when asked simple questions.

5/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76T/76W) v1 seat 17G

Good: maximum legroom. Bad: seats are very hard, not comfortable enough for such long flights. Monitor far away and tray table is in the armrest, you have no alternative and cant stand up or move while you have even a drink at your seat.

5/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76T/76W) v1 seat 21G

you cant lay back the seat because the person behind you (main cabine) has zero space for his knees, you feel the knees in your back. Seats are hard and not comfortable, not enough for 9-hour-flights.

5/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900ER (739) seat 10A

hard and very narrow seats, very less space everywhere, overnight-flight is a torture. much worse than a newer and bigger 767

5/16/2019 R Barsun

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Raleigh via Orlando. Rules said one carry-on. I spent $60 to check in a bag smaller than most others carry-ons. Other people have two to three carry-ons that they are allowed to check at the gate and have waiting for them when they got off the plane for no charge. This was ridiculous, for this reason I will never fly Delta again.

5/15/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200ER/LR (7CB) v1 seat 20F

My first time on the Delta 777 equipped with Premium Select seating. For my 11 hour flight I found the seat to be comfortable. Bulkhead seat with 2 empty seats next to me! Flight attendant service was very good, food not great but was palatable. My only complaint would the the on-board entertainment system. My screen locked up and had to be reset multiple times.

5/13/2019 Deb Nooyen, Boeing 777-200LR seat 38D

I was very pleased with the service I received on Delta. The staff were lovely, there was plenty of food and no restrictions on having a glass of wine. I was in Comfort plus and had a lot of leg room. The on-board entertainment was good. I would recommend Delta Air lines.

5/13/2019 Harland Ranney

Not Verified | Our travels via Delta were very unsatisfactory - said we were too late to check luggage (unpublicized baggage check cut off), missed first leg. Then wouldn't give us the credit card free bag deal, but the kicker was that when I flew (separately) from Atlanta to Boston on a cheap seat, I knew I would be at the end of the line. OK. Got a seat assignment - surely middle - but as I was to board the gate person said 'wait, your seat has been changed' and gave me a piece of paper with the new seat. No big deal I thought. Went to rear of plane and had trouble finding my seat-window seat - a 300 lb woman was in the middle seat! I managed to get into my mouse trap seat, she was friendly, I was OK, but later I realized that my middle seat a few rows ahead had been taken-likely a window person decided not to be shoe horned into 'my seat' and sit next to this woman (she was a nice person and clearly knew she was a 'customer of size' but I didn't see any point of being unpleasant). But that Delta would regard me of having no merit-that they'd seize my seat for another 'higher ranking customer' is beyond belief. It was only a 2 hour flight to Boston but I would likely have had to wet my pants if I needed to get to the restroom-so impossible was it to get out of my mouse trap. I will never fly Delta again. First choice: Southwest, second Air Alaska, third Jet Blue. Legacy airlines like Delta and United are terrible today. Avoid them.