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5/11/2019 Jared Taylor

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Atlanta. Delta used to be good but their service has completely deteriorated. Delays, delays, delays is all I have to say. Choose another airline. I'm strongly considering cancelling my credit card with them and moving to another more dependable airline. If I could give 0, I certainly would. And to add injury to insult they tried to upgrade me to first class on a Republic Airlines flight.

5/11/2019 Lee Ford

Not Verified | Atlanta to Missouri. Both of my flights were late going to and from my destinations, I almost missed my connecting flight. The seats are to small (while leg room is sufficient) the actual seat does not comfortably fit someone with adult hips. The wifi does not work on the plane, even after we are at 10,000 feet. The staff is rude, I understand that this job is stressful, but customer service requires a smile, a hello, and how may I help you. Not eye rolls and dismissive comments. Lastly, on every Delta flight I have ever been on they ask us to check bags, even though my bag is small enough to fit on the overhead. I understand it's to speed up the process, but Delta, you need to find another way because that is very inconvenient. I do not want to wait at baggage claim if I made the effort to pack light. We pay way to much for these tickets for this poor level of service.

5/11/2019 Liliana Kalogeri

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Paris. This flight that I book for my son, I book through costumer service, and I was told that in the ticket is one check bag and one carry on, and $125 for the pet under the seat. When I received the email I saw that wasn’t the check in bag, I call back to make sure and they told me no its not showing but it’s included, and I ask for email confirmation. When I went in the airport with my son they told me no it’s not included, I paid $60 so my son can go in the flight and to travel, when I call they was tranfering me always, I was 45 minutes on the line, when my son went in Greece the bag wasn’t in the airplane, they said it’s Air France fault, they left in France, after 12 hours when he went to pick up the bag the bag was on delta flight. Very disappointed, very expensive flight and no responsible people, costumer service bad, airport arrogant people. This is not Delta used to be, stay away from Delta.

5/11/2019 K Barrett

✅ Trip Verified | Greenville to Amsterdam via Atlanta. This has to be the worst airline ever. Super unprofessional, unbothered and nonchalant. We missed our international flights and little to nothing was done to ensure we were in good hands. Called the 855 number and the agents seemed to be in a rush to book us in whatever flight they could find, no seat number, no idea where our checked bags were as the “track my bags” section in the app doesn’t work. This was my first time flying Delta and I am never doing it again. I’m super, super mad!

5/11/2019 Ed Hirsch

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a trip on Delta traveling from Atlanta to Milan via New York for a 9 day back country ski trip in the alps. The flight from ATL to NY was delayed over 2 hours leaving only 1 hour after landing in NY until the flight to Milan was taking off. I had 2 bags; one for skis and one for clothes and equipment. The skis made it onto the flight to Milan. The other bag did not. After arriving in Milan I was assured that the bag would arrive the next day and would be delivered to my hotel that was several hours away in the alps. The bag did arrive the next day to Milan, but it ended up held up in the airport for 3 days because the baggage company only delivers on Wednesday. By Wed, our group had moved to another country and needed the bag delivered to the new country. Trying to arrange for that with Delta was a complete waste of time after spending numerous hours on the phone with them. They never connected my bag to me for the entire 9 days that I was away. They ultimately delivered it to the wrong country. I had to track it down and pay someone to deliver it back to the airport at the end of the trip so that I would be reconnected with my clothes and equipment to go back home with me. I heard a lot of lip service from Delta about how much they valued my platinum medallion status , but it was all lip service and no action on their part. Delta was worthless in making any effort to connect me to my bag, and equipment that I needed for backcountry skiing. Additionally worthless was their compensation, or lack thereof, for making me go 9 days without the clothes and equipment that I needed. If you really need something for your trip I recommend contracting with a 3rd party delivery service company to get your stuff overseas, because you can't count on Delta at all. What a horrible experience. I have booked flights on Delta before when I could have paid less to fly their partners overseas. From now on, I'll be booking those flights with their partners instead and saving money since Delta showed my no loyalty nor benefit to book with Delta instead. I was flying exclusively with Delta. Now, I'm a free agent. Loyalty needs to work both ways, and did not for that trip. My trip ended up miserable due to Delta. too much time on the phones - accomplishing nothing, and very uncomfortable trying to do things with clothes and equipment that were not right nor meant for the experience, since everything else was stuck in never land in my bag.

5/10/2019 Susan B, Boeing 737-900ER (739) seat 1C

Decreased leg room due to wall. I'm 6'4" and I felt like I had more room in economy on the inbound flight. The excellent service made up for it and it's always nice being one of the first off the plane.

5/10/2019 Susan B, Boeing 737-900ER (739) seat 10A

A good Comfort+ seat. There was enough room between this seat and first class to get up from the window seat without asking row-mates to get up. The window placement is excellent and I had a beautiful view of CUN on the departure. I agree with other reviews that say this part of the plane is warm! I went to the lav mid-flight and couldn't believe the temperature difference between front and back of plane.

5/10/2019 Michael Sayers

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Cleveland via Detroit. The flight from Seattle ran a bit late for the connecting flight however I made it in time to the gate. Delta basically just bumped me to a much later flight. Even though the doors ere still open and there were seats available my first class status didn't matter. I cant get a hold of a real person and there is no one available to make it right. Never flying Delta again.

5/10/2019 Karen Dickson

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Raleigh Durham. I’m done with Delta and going back to United. They are almost never on time though they claim a high on time statistic. I fly almost every week and know the claim is false. Shame on Delta who do nothing to make improvements.

5/9/2019 Doug Davis

✅ Trip Verified | Where do I start? We started our journey from Florida and had a delay due to a storm warning. Typical I hear for Florida which is out of the airlines control I understand. That's where the understanding ends. Our 1 hour layover got cut to 10 minutes to catch a connecting flight at a gate very far from our own. Upon finding out this information we spoke to the flight attendant and asked if they could give notification to the gate that we were still on our way and to inform them about the delay. The response was, hey don't worry about it, you can make it, no need for the call. So my pregnant wife and I were left running to our gate, making it 3 min past the departure time to watch our flight leaving the gate, and no attendant at the counter. At that point we just felt lost, and guess what, had to continue to wait till the attendant returned to the counter only to reply, "Why didn't they just call? This could have been avoided?" So at this point I am trying to keep my cool and am directed to the customer service counter. As I arrived at the Delta Customer service counter I am informed that there are no flights left for the night and no connecting flights. She gets us set up for the following day and a hotel accommodation. The customer service agent then gives us the packet and closes up for the night. We then wait for our tram, make it to the hotel just to find out that The reservations were reserved on a different name. And could not be checked in. We were informed by concierge that Delta would not accept the concierge changing the name and I would have to have customer service fax over the changes. I contact customer service who gave me a 40 min wait time before I could speak to a customer service rep, so not only has my pregnant wife had to run through an airport, call in sick for the following day and now have an at least 40 min wait till we can even check in for a flight 5 hours later. I request a call back and am returned a call an hour later just to get the response "oh that Delta is different than this Delta, and you have to go back to the airport to get this changed. Ok, I figured maybe the rep just doesn't have the knowledge to fix the mistake, but no, after going through management I receive the same excuse even though they were able to pull up my flight information and transaction history. Oh I failed to mention during that 40 min wait time the concierge services were trying to contact Delta services via their vendor line and were getting continually hung up on by their rep line. So now I had to get a shuttle back, for the rep at the airline just for the rep to inform me that the place where my pregnant wife was staying at the moment wasn't even the hotel that my name had been reserved at. After going through the chain of events I had very little sympathy for any excuse that the airline had for trying to change us to a different hotel and was able to get the customer service rep to re-reserve the room in my name. I am writing this currently at the gate to my flight home so this travesty might continue, I figured that this would be enough to portray how much of a terrible experience this is. Oh just to add, my flight home now my wife and I are in non connecting seats and the gate customer service couldn't "print tickets" so I had to write down all the information on our receipts from the previous night, she didn't even have the courtesy to do that for me.

5/8/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 43G

seat 43G on Delta A350 from DTW to AMS. Seat was good. Leg room was adequate . Airplane engine noise was very low I thought. You must share 110 volt outlet with your seat mate. This is a negative. All seats have USB power but that is sometimes not enough.

5/8/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 27A

This is a good seat because it has a ton of legroom with a missing seat in front but there are two minor drawbacks. First is that the crew seat is directly in front of you so you get to make awkward eye contact with the FA during takeoff and landing. Second is that the IFE is on an arm that you have to pull up from under the seat. The FA will not let you use this during takeoff and landing. Not a big deal on a long flight but on a short flight it significantly cuts into your IFE time. Overall still a great seat but like most exit row seats you are making some minor compromises in exchange for the unlimited legroom.

5/8/2019 Sydney Johnson

Not Verified | Honolulu to Seattle. My flight was delayed, causing me to miss my connection flight by three minutes. My connection flight must have pushed back early because 3 minutes after the time of the flight the plane had already taken off, and failed to wait at all. I was comped a voucher for up to 15$ for food while I had to wait over four hours in the airport for the next flight. This is unacceptable for this kind of treatment, and I will be highly discouraging others from traveling delta in the future. With over 16 hours of total travel time and incredibly poor service on the airline, I am incredibly disappointed.

5/7/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76T/76W) v1 seat 17E

Row 17 is improperly described on this layout. For the middle set of seats there is a ton of legroom before the bulkhead, however, for the two pairs of row 17 seats between the aisle and window, the bulkhead is much closer and legroom is cramped. Avoid these seats! Also, no passengers congregate in this area, contrary to the comment.

5/6/2019 B Fallon

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Rome. This was the worst flying experience I have ever had. I arrived at the airport 3 hours before my flight. When I went to check in my luggage, a service which cost me $120, I was told that the flight had been canceled and that they would have to reroute me to my destination. This process took them 2 hours. Given their delay and incompetence, I missed that flight and had to go back to the check-in counter. I was told that they couldn't get me on another flight until the next day. I was forced to find a hotel and pay for it on my own. My luggage had been sent on ahead and so I had no change of clothes and no toiletries. The next day I departed as scheduled. On my flight I was not served a meal which I had preordered and the television monitor did not work. It didn't matter because I was not provided with headphones and so I spent the entire 7-hour flight with nothing to do. I was not able to sleep because I was in an aisle seat and the flight attendants were going back and forth and kept bumping into me all night long. When I arrived at my final destination (36 hours late) my luggage had been lost and that took another 40 hours to deliver to me. I requested compensation from the airline several times and was denied. The bottom line is that they simply do not care about their customers. At the very least they should have covered the cost of the hotel and refunded my luggage fee but they chose instead to be greedy and uncaring. Their attitude and lack of service are terrible. I regret having flown with them and in the future I will make every effort to avoid them.

5/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-200 (75D) seat 15D

So I was confused with differing takes on the bulkhead aisle (15) on this plane. First, there IS floor stowage; all 6 seats have some, but 15C and 15D have a smaller amount in front of them so only a small bag will fit; the other 4 seats have plenty of storage space on floor in front of them; additionally, the seats ARE less wide as TVs are in the armrests; worse, the TVs are the OLDEST ones in Delta's fleet; very small and pathetic as you eye the large new screens right in front of you in FC. So these seats are a mixed bag; good leg room, close to the FC bathroom as long as they don't strap you behind the silly curtain, but also restricted width and poor TVs. A mixed bag as there are a few worse seats in C+ based on lavatory position.

5/3/2019 Jessica Crissman

Not Verified | My experience with Delta was terrible. From their staff advising my friend and I to each pay an additional 150 each to arrive one day early, only b/c one letter of my name was wrong on the ticket. Then after paying over 300 we were put on a the most packed airplane I have ever been on, with no water. We sat on the run way over an hour before taking flight and again at the airport, where we were suppose to catch our connecting Delta Flight. My friend and I literally ran through the airport, only to be turned away at the gate and left with a 3 hour lay over. So we spent an extra 300 dollars to not arrive any earlier than we originally planned for. The time we spent at the airport, we could have stayed in Vegas. I also wrote an email explaining in great detail the time of the plane departing and the time we arrived at the gate of our connecting flight- where were turned away. I got a generic email with a 25.00 credit that expired in 2 months! I am most frustrated because I feel like my email was not taken seriously. You can tell when a company actually cares, and that is not what i got from Delta.

5/2/2019 R Marden

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Lagos via New York. So I'm sitting at the ATL airport now and decided to write this review before I forget after spending 2 weeks in Nigeria. I was told by the customer service rep over the phone to inform the check in staff that I'm pregnant. I went to the desk and notified the lady, she made a face like "why are you telling me?" I explained that I was told to tell her that so that I can board the plane with the ppl with kids and special needs. She said "well if u feel like you need to board the plane early!" She was very rude! Delta is hyped up to be the best airline but the customer service need to improve especially the staff in Atlanta.

5/2/2019 S Daniels

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Orlando. I would like to say thank you to the amazing Delta staff at at LaGuardia Airport in the departure section. The Delta staff was Nelly was amazing, we had arrived early for our flight to Florida and we were traveling as a family and it was my Nephews birthday and they made sure that he felt amazing like a birthday king.

5/2/2019 Jessica Morris

Not Verified | Seattle to Orlando. Terrible customer service! We bought our tickets 9 months ag. We paid extra money for comfort class and to sit together since we are flying with a toddler. We were notified via email this morning that they split our party up due to double-booking. I called and spoke with an agent who said that there was nothing that she could do or offer us and that I shouldn't expect to have a flight or have my seats just because I purchased tickets. Delta, if you overbook a flight, it is your problem and your fault. Not mine. We paid nearly $2000 to fly together in this row of seats. If someone who is flying solo double books one of our seats, then move that person (who is clearly okay with sitting alone). When I suggested this to the agent, she told me that Delta "doesn't know which passengers are on our planes" and "does not have any way of contacting this person when we don't know who they are." That's either the most negligent form of safety in the world or a complete lie. Either way, completely unacceptable. We've been loyal Skymiles members for years and we are ending our relationship with Delta. Complete disregard for customer service and safety.