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11/13/2016 K Müller

✅ Verified Review | Took this flight to go from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv in November 2016. Check in was efficient although the usual high security procedures. Check in staff very unfriendly. Seats were comfortable, food was good. The only thing that was really unpleasant was the mood and the friendliness of the cabin crew. No smil...

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11/2/2016 Alex Daniaev

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Tel Aviv with El Al Israel Airlines. Horrible experience. Booked a baby crib, triple checked crib was available for us and was assured it is. Got on the flight and the crib is taken "Because the plane got changed". Had a 6 month old baby on my lap for over 11 hours. Also, when I book an El-Al fligh...

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10/25/2016 Inna Medvedev

Flew from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv with El Al and will never fly with them again. The regular schedule flight has the lowest charter service levels. The cabin was overcrowded, with almost no leg space and narrow seats (I'm 60 kilos, not obese). Not enough space for luggage in cabin storage. The crew only did one cold beverage run. ...

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10/21/2016 Daniel Cohen

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Amsterdam. We arrived at the airport at 2:00AM. We did electronic check-in which took 5 mins. We boarded the airplane at 5:00 and took off at 6:00. The seat was comfortable, and it had a headrest that you can lower, higher or fit to your head! After the takeoff we got beverages and 45 mins into t...

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10/2/2016 Chris Draper

Tel Aviv to London Heathrow. Travelling with an infant yet no chance of securing a bulkhead seat and no seatbelt for the child. Shockingly bad value in premium economy. Nothing to separate it from standard economy: neglible leg room difference, still 3 seats in a row etc. Drinks service laughable: the only alcohol was red wine; ...

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9/29/2016 M Forrest

Newark to Tel Aviv with El Al. Our first time to the Middle East. While not inexperienced travelers, we were shocked at the difference in quality and comfort of this airline. The seats were dirty, smelly and worn out. Once the meal service was over so was customer service. The flight was approximately 12 hrs long (extra tiring b...

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9/8/2016 T Brannar

✅ Verified Review | Hong Kong to Tel Aviv. Terrible experience from start to finish. The cabin staff servicing our area of the plane were very rude and unattentive. Our row of seats and numeorus others were missed when handing out hot towels etc and the same also happened with breakfast as we had to ask for our meals. We were s...

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8/8/2016 Ehud Spektor

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Bangkok. We planned a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in very high detail, about six months before traveling; flights and ground services were booked and were reserved accordingly. On July 3rd, 2016, we left with high expectation, a group of five people, to fly on EL AL flight LY081, planned to depa...

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7/20/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 10H

Very comfortable, plenty of leg room

7/20/2016 J Coleman

✅ Verified Review | It has been almost 30 years since I flew to Israel and I thought I would always fly El Al. Yes the security is great but it was far below par on many things. Flew from Perth to Tel Aviv via Hong Kong and Bangkok. The main complaint I have is the way satff give out beverages and food. Not just once but severa...

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7/12/2016 Michal Green

✅ Verified Review | I had not flown El Al for years and had almost forgotten why I avoid this airline. We booked a flight with Iberia from Tel Aviv to NYC with a stopover in Madrid. The first leg was with an El Al flight to Madrid. Take off was delayed due to an unfortunate illness of one of the passengers, the plane was freezi...

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7/5/2016 C Wain

We recently flew to Israel on El Al from Hong Kong. We had a short layover but this is very common and we were also delayed 1.5 hours. Surely 3 hours is enough time to get our bags on board? No, bags were lost and were only sent to us two days later. The inflight entertainment was shocking, the movies were on a loop so you had t...

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6/8/2016 Harry Aronowicz

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Toronto with El Al. Flight on time, plane clean with very comfortable seats. Inflight entertainment via I Pad is not as good as competitor's offerings. Crew exceptional friendlyand caring - without being overbearing. Flight leaves just after midnight and arrives before 7AM in Toronto, allowing fo...

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5/25/2016 Sara Fine-Meltzer, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 2D

The planel, El-Al's UP service is incredibly crowded. My seat wasn't bad, but because the aisles are so narrow, I was constantly being elbowed. Excellent is spelled with 2 "ll's", not one as below. Come on, people. I paid nearly full price but was given the same inedible sandwiches as those who flew bargain rates. This needs to ...

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5/13/2016 S Morris

✅ Verified Review | A very nice experience overall flying from Tel Aviv to Vienna. Flight was on time, security process and boarding very smooth. Cabin staff very attentive and friendly. Seat comfort okay, leg room was average like on any other mid-range flight. No personal IFE but a movie was screened in the overhead monitors....

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5/6/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 27H

The worst flight I ever had, never again with EL-AL. When I booked on March 15,2016 for my flight to Paris on April 19 I at the same time I was ALSO assigned a seat 49 H for my return flight on May 3. BUT, at the EL-AL check-in at CDG I got 27H instead - WITHOUT any explanation. At that time I did not know that it's the worst se...

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5/4/2016 Aron Tyberg

New York JFK to Tel Aviv with El Al - I recommend flying with another airline if you plan flying in economy class. The seats on El Al have no legroom and the recline is sometimes broken (when I asked for help with my seat they said they can't do anything). The kosher food is not bad and they are usually on time, however the staf...

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5/2/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 25B

I was lucky enough to fly 4X-ECF (ElAl's newest 777) from LAX-TLV. For a 15 hour flight, the plane wasnt that bad. It has the newer IFE system, with the larger screen, the remote control system on the seatback, and a USB port. Older planes, such as 4X-ECA and 4X-ECB have extremely small screens, with looped video and no USB port...

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4/29/2016 Noam M, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 33C

The seats in El Al 737-800 which flies most of the routes to Europe are so crowded that anyone 175 cm and taller will not be able to sit without jamming your knees into the back of the seat in front of you. This has been my experience on several flights with El Al to Europe. Avoid flying with El Al.

2/25/2016 Siddharth Pujari

Tel Aviv to Mumbai. Israel is an amazing country with some of the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately El Al Israel Airlines is nowhere close. While the flight is normally ontime, you are welcomed by a bunch of reluctant staff who are not only rude but adamant of their politeness. They are unwilling to help. The pla...

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