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5/25/2016 Sara Fine-Meltzer, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 2D

The planel, El-Al's UP service is incredibly crowded. My seat wasn't bad, but because the aisles are so narrow, I was constantly being elbowed. Excellent is spelled with 2 "ll's", not one as below. Come on, people. I paid nearly full price but was given the same inedible sandwiches as those who flew bargain rates. This needs to change.

5/13/2016 S Morris

✅ Verified Review | A very nice experience overall flying from Tel Aviv to Vienna. Flight was on time, security process and boarding very smooth. Cabin staff very attentive and friendly. Seat comfort okay, leg room was average like on any other mid-range flight. No personal IFE but a movie was screened in the overhead monitors. Aperitif with a snack and a hot meal (two choices, very delicious for airplane food) were served. I chose them because the ticket was more than 100 Euros cheaper than Austrian Airlines for the same route, next time I will chose them for the quality I have experienced.

5/6/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 27H

The worst flight I ever had, never again with EL-AL. When I booked on March 15,2016 for my flight to Paris on April 19 I at the same time I was ALSO assigned a seat 49 H for my return flight on May 3. BUT, at the EL-AL check-in at CDG I got 27H instead - WITHOUT any explanation. At that time I did not know that it's the worst seat on the plane. Doesn't recline & leg room was almost non existent because the leg space for the row 27 was reduced and added to the row behind after the exit door, they had wonderful space!! It was so awful to seat rigid for 5 hours squeezed like a sardine in a box. The cold air from the a/c is not even and I got a cold air flow which couldn't be adjusted. I am 80 years and it's not funny. I left Paris healthy and right now I got to TA' sick. My back is killing me and I have a very bad cold and cough. And it's not the end of the horror story as I will be going to Paris on June 6th again and as I look at my ticket Flight 323, Return Flight 324 on June19 I have been assigned SEAT No 27 ! I demand to upgrade my next flight starting June 6 and of course Return flight on June 19, I am not letting EL-AL ruin my health and my trip. Besides the food is sooo awful, I did not touch it. You should be ashamed of yourself. That's the way toi treat your passengers and especially old people. Believe me, instead of enjoyting the thought of my next trip in June I am terrified.

5/4/2016 Aron Tyberg

New York JFK to Tel Aviv with El Al - I recommend flying with another airline if you plan flying in economy class. The seats on El Al have no legroom and the recline is sometimes broken (when I asked for help with my seat they said they can't do anything). The kosher food is not bad and they are usually on time, however the staff are not always friendly.

5/2/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 25B

I was lucky enough to fly 4X-ECF (ElAl's newest 777) from LAX-TLV. For a 15 hour flight, the plane wasnt that bad. It has the newer IFE system, with the larger screen, the remote control system on the seatback, and a USB port. Older planes, such as 4X-ECA and 4X-ECB have extremely small screens, with looped video and no USB ports.

4/29/2016 Noam M, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 33C

The seats in El Al 737-800 which flies most of the routes to Europe are so crowded that anyone 175 cm and taller will not be able to sit without jamming your knees into the back of the seat in front of you. This has been my experience on several flights with El Al to Europe. Avoid flying with El Al.

2/25/2016 Siddharth Pujari

Tel Aviv to Mumbai. Israel is an amazing country with some of the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately El Al Israel Airlines is nowhere close. While the flight is normally ontime, you are welcomed by a bunch of reluctant staff who are not only rude but adamant of their politeness. They are unwilling to help. The planes are old, staff at the check in counter are not interested in helping passengers and only want to fleece guests for excess baggage. The food on the flight was inedible on my flights in and out of Israel. They are lucky to have business from almost 90% of their guests only because they fly direct.

2/11/2016 Jonathan Kadoch

My last few experiences with El Al have been so horrendous. On two separate occasions (our flight from NY to Israel, and now our flight from Israel to Bangkok), El Al have "mysteriously" cancelled our reservation and told us that we were on Standby. The first time for no reason. And the second time when I tried to use my credit card they said that because it was a foreign credit card (American Express) they needed further authorization, i.e. passport pictures, credit card images, a form, etc. We sent all of that in. And then got confirmation that we were all set. Even got a confirmation email. Now, a day before our flight they're telling us that they don't have any reservation for us and that if we want to book a flight the same flight, it's going to cost us an extra $800. Are you kidding me?? I'm sorry - for all the things Israel is good at, it's an embarrassment to have an airline that operates like this.

2/5/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 12A

Though refered to as "Business Class" these seats are more like Domestic First on North American carriers. They provide much more comfort compared to economy seats and the service is much better, but they can't compare to flat bed equivalents. That said, if you are flying El Al between Israel and Europe, it is better than what most European carriers call "business" which is an economy row with the middle seat left vacant.

2/5/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 44A

Seat 44A does have plenty of leg room, the fact that it has no recline can be bothersome in direct relation to how long the flight is. My personal issue was the seat is not as wide as others due to the fact that the exit is basically a small door that is thicker than the rest of the fuselage and takes some of your space. Actually felt a bit claustrophobic. If you have a very slim build and don't mind the non existant recline, by all means, enjoy the legroom.

2/3/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 22H

Great seat extra legroom

1/28/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 13D

First, as this seat is bulkhead it has extra space as opposed to the seats in row 14 or any other non bulkhead/emergency exit seat. The galley is only "noisy" during meal service, but other than that- it is no factor and no noise or light disrupts the sleep/comfort. This aircraft has an older type of AVOD as opposed to 2 other 772's (4XECE.4XECF) and has limited movie selection.

1/21/2016 J Barber

Tel Aviv to Newark with El Al, and to put it mildly, this was the flight from hell! The worst part was we could not get into a restroom because a certain passengers needed to perform a religious ritual on the plane and were allowed to congregate in the aisle and block other passengers from using the bathroom. When we could eventually access the restroom. There was no toilet paper, soap or paper towels. Flight attendants did not came through the cabin once to offer anything (including water) for many hours. They have antiquated entertainment and no wifi. We did not hear anything from the pilot - no acknowledgement or words of welcome, or assurance when going through some fairly severe turbulence.

1/16/2016 Claire Messinger

After an uneventful El Al flight from Zurich to Tel Aviv on 13th January, a young member of the crew seeing my great difficulty to walk (I am 86), ordered the buggy for me! As I was sitting waiting, he even came to check whether I had been fetched, and called again. Again, all my thanks to this young man.

1/7/2016 David Russell

Tel Aviv to Luton with El Al. Excellent flight, lots of leg room in business and comfortable seat for 5 hour flight. Aircraft was clean and tidy and departed on time. Breakfast was served on this flight which was OK, service was reasonable although the drinks service was pretty sparse. Inflight entertainment was via overhead screens which is pretty dated by today's standards on a full fare airline. In view of this used my iPad although I think El Al has some form of iPad app for entertainment but didn't use it. Arrived in Luton virtually on time, bags collected in quick time too, overall the experience with El Al was very good and the business class seats and space are far superior to BA for example. I would definately fly El Al again even in economy , as we did on the way out from the UK.

1/5/2016 Paolo Morandi

London to Tel Aviv return on El Al.After 3 hours of security checks at the airport I had almost 6 hours of screaming kids all around me. The airlines count was 35 kids all in the same section. Jumping, running, screaming. On top of that El Al had the kindness of informing me mid flight that they left my bags behind. No explanation, the bags are not lost they were left behind! Amazing airline, the entertainment system is from the 80's where we all can watch the same movie on the overhead, and the service is overwhelmed with requests from people asking for parents to control their kids! This happened to me on both flights - there and on the way back to London.

1/3/2016 Marianne Bonner

New York (JFK) to Tel Aviv on El AL. I thankfully slept for 7 of the 12 hour flight. This was fortunate as someone in the row behind us kept swatting my seat mate on the head and thumping on the back of her seat. This in turn resulted in multiple visits by the flight crew to intercede. Food wasn't bad. Seat the usual cramped economy. Entertainment limited.

12/30/2015 O Ben Yehuda

Tel Aviv to New York JFK with El Al in first class. King David Club at TLV was very nice with large selection of pastries and breakfast items. I was the only passenger in First class and was treated like royalty by the crew. The seats are 2-2-2 without aisle access for the window seat if full there is room to exit from the window seat stepping over the passenger next to you. The seat otherwise was comfortable. The highlight was the amazing array of Israeli/Meditteranean food served for breakfast and lunch/dinner, served with attentive and friendly service. It was the best food I have eaten on First/Business of any airline. Only limitation was the somewhat outdated IFE though on this plane it was at least VOD.

12/29/2015 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 44K

Standard economy seat with extra leg room due to being an exit row seat. Seat does not recline which could be an issue on longer flights. The seat is bowever of normal width as the tray is in the back of the seat ahead and not in tne arm rest, all in all a good seat for us taller passengers and it doesnt cost any extra for this seat either.

12/28/2015 Suzanne Bruno

Very bad experience with El Al - the service is really slow and unfriendly - I was flying to visit my boyfriend. Apparently giving them his name wasn't enough to let me go. I was being told to show his facebook, our talks and all details about our relationship. Eventually they decided to call him by the phone and wake him up (it was 6 in the morning!). After the call they let me go. All these took them around half an hour of being confused and stressed what the hell they want from me. I travel to Israel often with LOT and Wizzair and none of these airlines acted so annoying. I can only explain it by curiosity of the El Al clerks what it is like to be in an international distant relationship or whatever.