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5/21/2019 S Halton

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Cairo. By far the worst flight customer service experience I have ever received. Arrived to airport 2hrs before and was told it would cost $150 USD for my checked bag. Although online it says all Economy class has baggage allowance going to Africa. I pay for the $150 and head to the passport control just to be stopped again and told I also need to pay for my carry on bag. This wasn’t told to me at check in and while checking in the other bag. Which carried all of my valuables, cards and cash as well. Flight is slowly approaching at this time. I proceed back to the counter and ask if there was anyway I could receive my bag back. They said no it would take too long. So I’m like what else should I do? They said pay, and I continue to explain where my cash/card were. They sat and watched me for 40min distressed, crying, and asking for help and did nothing to help me other than say sorry you can leave the bag here which held over a $1000 worth of items inside or you pay for a new flight. It only cost $60 bucks for the new amount for check in. So I had to paid $430 dollars for a new flight because they wouldn’t bring my bag back to pay and they wouldn’t let me move on. On top of this I lost $150 for the bags I paid for before as well as the money I spent on the original flight.

5/18/2019 Paul Stewart Senior, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 54B

I changed my food order from my arrival when I had ordered the bland menu to the fruit platter to my surprise it was very very good with a wonderful array of fruit and served with a lovely smile from the flight attendant I was also very impressed with the drinks that were available

5/16/2019 Patrick Kuhn

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Dusseldorf via Abu Dhabi . Etihad is the new Ryanair. Used to love flying with Etihad; travelled at least 3 times per year from Germany to India and back with them. Since my last travel in September last year, a lot has changed. Seat selection during booking or check-in is only available 24 hours before the flight for free, or otherwise with additional cost of 30 EUR/flight. The irony is that the system automatically placed me on a seat in the first three rows of the aircraft which is coming for higher price if you want to book that seat. I prefer to have a window seat in the two last rows, as often the other seats remain empty and i get a full row. This would be a cheaper seat. Still for changing the seat i was charged the full amount. Food: The new trays are pathetic, they don't lock with the tray table and slide on the tray table all the time. They are very small, so they can hold a ridiculously small portion of food. Originally on a flight AUH to DUS or FRA passengers were served two meals (and two rounds of beverages, sometimes even more). Forget about it. One menu, one beverage, done. If you have desire for more, you can pick from the new salt and spicy menu for which they again charge! The Entertainment system is still of the high quality it used to be, but it is getting filled with advertisements for Etihad, the new salt or spicy (chargeable) menu etc. The Entertainment system starts only 20 minutes after take-off and is switched off 20 minutes before landing. That was different earlier. I don't feel that Etihad deserves to be a top ranked airline anymore, as it is not a full service airline any longer. It is rather a new version of Ryan Air, they just don't sell lottery tickets. I am very disappointed with this new trend, so i will look out for other airlines. Maybe pay 100 EUR per flight more, but have all services i deserve.

5/15/2019 S Muscher

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi. I recently had a horrible experience with Etihad Airways, but their service from Europe has gone down extremely. Lounges closed, no customer service, they redirect business class passengers to the call center because the local staff at check-in and gate can not even answer basic questions. My family and me, including our two kids (10 and 5 years old), booked a trip through a travel agent with Etihad Airways, including four business class flights from Frankfurt, Germany, and hotel in Abu Dhabi. We were able to check in online without any problems (we entered all passport information, including passport expiration date, and were not informed of any problems with the passport). After arriving at the airport today, we were also able to go to the gate without problems— but then we were refused to board the plane, because two of our passports were only valid for another three months, not six months as seemingly required by the Abu Dhabi authorities. We acknowledge that it would have been our duty to inform ourselves better before traveling, though given the acceptance of the passport in Etihad’s travel systems it definitely made it hard, if not impossible, for us to spot our honest mistake. But, and that’s really the big problem here where we believe Etihad treated us horribly as customers, when we politely asked your ground personal to rebook the two of us (me and my younger son) to the flight later in the week, enabling us to get a new passport, they refused and gave us a tiny piece of paper with the comment "just call our call center": Seriously, Etihad, is that how you treat your business class customers? And all of this despite them seeing first-hand our 5-year old crying and crying, since the only thing the little guy could understand was that we were not allowed to go on vacation. But it got even worse: The call center also refused to change the booking, unless we were willing to pay a rebooking fee of over $4.500 for just the two tickets. Given that we initially paid over 8.000 € for our tickets, this sounded like an insult more than anything else to us. Ground person pressured us even further to quickly decide, obviously keen to depart soon, so under massive pressure and with no ability to weigh our options, we had to stay in Frankfurt, and did not board the plane. Our vacation was destroyed, both of our kids cried for hours, until we then found a last-minute hotel at Frankfurt airport (the incident happened in the late evening). Overall, the most unpleasant experience I ever had with any airline in my life, and I have made hundreds of flights. And it seems I am not alone, looking at the web, I found hundreds of bad reviews. Etihad lost almost two billion last year, partially in their failed takeover of now bankrupt Air Berlin, and my hunch is, that they will go bankrupt themselves if they do not improve.

5/14/2019 Anonymous, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 43K

Normal window seat

5/13/2019 B Kyle

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Brisbane via Abu Dhabi. I booked and paid in full for a flight in August 2018. My agent also pre-selected seats in August 2018. My flight was mid-April 2019. I got to the airport, queued for an hour and when I finally got to the check-in desk, I was told that I was being denied boarding as the flight was overbooked. They also did this to about 10 other people. After protesting with no result and waiting around for hours, I was told I would have to come back the following night for a replacement flight and guess what I'm no longer flying direct to Amsterdam, I have to fly to Rome and then get a connecting flight from there (which overall added about 5 hours to the travel time). They left this bit out actually - I just saw it on the re-issued travel documents much to my dismay. In total I lost a day and a half of my trip. My trip was about 19 days in total so to lose that much time was considerable. I had to change hotel reservations, cancel plans to visit a certain location (because of the time I lost), travel an hour home, travel an hour back the next night, wait again to check in hoping I wouldn't be stung a second time. The flight over was dreadful. I was assured that I had been given the seats I wanted however when I got on the plane I realised that this was incorrect and therefore had a very uncomfortable flight with no sleep. I complained to the head office by email however I was told nothing else would be done and basically they overbook sometimes and I just had to deal with that. Did it matter I paid them in full nearly 9 months in advance? Not at all. Did it matter my agent had pre-selected seats 9 months before? Not at all - no record apparently. Did it matter this was my third long-haul flight with the airline in four years? Nope. I will never fly this airline again. The upset they caused me when I've been a loyal customer is disgusting. You have to pay for in-flight wifi (which you don't have to on some other airlines I have flown with recently).

5/13/2019 G Martin

✅ Trip Verified | Do not fly with Etihad if you want the flight you paid for. They have a widespread policy this spring/summer of massively overbooking flights (I saw around 50 people who'd been put in the same position as me in the space of an hour) and, unlike other airlines, do not routinely offer money or upgrades to incentivise passengers to switch their flight so that people who really need to get on the flight can get aboard. I was bumped off my flight back to Manchester from Abu Dhabi as the flight had been massively overbooked. As a result I lost a full days pay yet I was offered no explanation, apology or hotel - even though the wait was over 8 hours in the middle of the night, and had to sleep in the airport lounge. They offered me a $300 Etihad voucher (useless to me as I will never fly with Etihad again after this experience) and they refused to upgrade me to business class on the flight the next day (which set off 2 hours behind schedule) so that I could get some sleep, despite admitting that there were 9 business class seats available. Note that there is no complaints policy (no number/ email) other than a 'feedback form' and, unlike almost any other airline, Etihad is not EU registered and therefore if they mess you around and ruin your journey as they did mine then there is nothing you can do to claim compensation (unless you're travelling within the EU). Even members of staff at the airport were admitting that the overbooking policy was ridiculous yet when I complained via the form I was simply told that no compensation other than the voucher would be offered and that they 'look forward to welcoming me on another Etihad flight soon'. It completely ruined my trip and, having looked at the thousands of other reviews of people with similar experiences, I would highly recommend to anyone that they avoid this airline and travel with a more reliable and professional one.

5/11/2019 H Macheyl

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. I was unimpressed with the meal service. The food portions small and quality was below average. The thing that annoyed me most however was the new trays. It doesn’t stabilise on the seat back tray and moves around while you are trying to eat which lead me to spill me orange juice all over the carpet. This new “enhancement” in dining by Etihad has eliminated the need for the caterer to build the tray, instead the flight attendant is now required to do so. An obvious cost cutting measure, however, this also extends the whole meal service and there were a lot of unhappy unsatisfied passengers waiting longer than we normally would wait if the tray was prepared beforehand like it is with every other airline. In addition, I found the the flight attendants to be extremely rude and disinterested. I had to press the call button four times to ask for water because they kept turning it off. I don't recommend flying with Etihad.

5/10/2019 Mansoor Cheema

✅ Trip Verified | I have travelled a lot in the last 40 years being part of multinational companies. I had the misfortune of travelling from Islamabad to Sydney via Abu Dhabi on 1 May by EY234 and to further to Sydney by EY450. Beginning with Booking Counter at Islamabad, our Australian passports and tickets to Sydney were not enough but they demanded our valid Pakistani passports to confirm that our stay in Pakistan had been legal, as they said. I thought only immigration authorities could put such questions. My wife casually mentioned pain in her shoulder to me due to an old fracture, she was asked to get the doctor’s certificate for travel. Somehow we met their requirements and then boarded the flight. During the flight the service was hopeless, the meals even Kosher meals were not fresh, rather cold and I would grade 3rd class. Next flight to Sydney from Abu Dhabi was 45 minutes late. Some comfortable seats that were unsold, remained unoccupied and the staff did not allow upgrading to anyone. The service was again hopeless and meals including Kosher meals were disappointing. The staff vanished for about 4 after serving initial meals and returned only to deliver next prepared, cold and poorly packed meals.

5/9/2019 Ivan Nikitin

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow Domodedovo - Abu Dhabi return in economy. I used to give high marks to Etihad, but unfortunately their cost-cutting got out of control, to the point I can no longer recommend them. You either have to pay for your seat selection now or give yourself anxiety by checking-in 48 hours before the flight with auto-allocated seat and then changing it to the one you want 24 hours before the flight for free - that is, if there are any left. Both flights were operated by Airbus 321, which should soon get a "refurbished" cabin with no IFE screens (and the flight from Moscow is 5 hours long). I lucked out in having the old planes, so the screens were there. Ground service in Moscow was quite bad, with the staff being apathetic and rude, not enforcing any lines, being horribly slow at boarding etc. The flights were completely full. Seating was not that bad, with acceptable pitch and good seat width, but nothing to write home about. The meal service was just embarassing - there is no more salad, no more proper dessert, no cheese or butter. You just get a hot dish (which is not larger than before, unlike Etihad claims) with mediocre taste and a bun or two. That's it. The point is to leave you hungry so that you buy - yes, buy - snacks from their onboard menu. There were no printed menus for the complimentary meal service, so I could not know even what drinks were available. On the way to AUH I requested white wine with my meal and then asked for the same when they brought around coffee. The crew member says they all ran out! I did not see people drinking large quantities of wine, so I guess they just loaded 1-2 bottles for the whole cabin on a dinner-time flight. Embarassing. The IFE was quite decent but the system kept microfreezing, which was annoying. The crew never brought around any drinks apart from the initial service, but they were very cheerful and pleasant and ready to assist when you asked them. There were no blankets, just small pillows. On the way back it was pretty much the same, only the crew did frequent water runs through the cabin. The food was just as sad. I paid for a bulkhead seat and was surrounded by screaming and shoving children, so the flight was a nightmare. Overall, I don't get Etihad's positioning at all. They used to be a premium airline, but now they are mediocre with strong low-cost influences, which does not relfect in the pricing. I would avoid in the future.

5/9/2019 Kerrie Mondon

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to London via Abu Dhabi. We paid to select seats to guarantee that we were seated together. I had heard stories of couples not being allocated seats together. We found the website very slow and after doing 8 seat allocations for the four flights the Etihad site crashed. When we logged on again we found that my husband was in a seat further down the plane in a section which was $86.50 more expensive to select than the seats we had been selecting. We had not selected that seat! We had only selected the cheaper option on all the 8 allocations and always had 2 seats together. We straight away contacted Flight Centre who dealt directly with Etihad and they placed him in the row with me in the cheaper seat allocation area. We have been trying since March to recover the cost of that error on their system but they tell us it is not refundable! The fact that we had to pay $385.70 to select seats in the first place is not acceptable. This was our first overseas trip and we would never recommend Etihad or fly with them again.

5/9/2019 Jim Zov

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Abu Dhabi via London. Easily the worst long haul flight I have been on. Cabin was aged but acceptable. Back seat screens were tiny but workable. But the food, this was a 14 hour flight. Initial dinner meal was simply the foil tray (half filled with a single tiny piece of beef) and a tiny bread accompaniment. No side salad, no fruit. Dessert was a tiny brownie. No further food was served for 11 hours. And when it was, it was a similarly tiny meal. And with no dessert this time! We were also warned of "soft turbulence" but I had checked the weather before take off and it looked as if we were going to fly between two tropical storms. It turned out to be the roughest flight I have ever been on - the seatbelt sign stayed on for 5 hours straight (although after a while the FAs ignored this). One of the storms later became cyclone Fani. I appreciate the pilots cannot control the weather but it is always preferable to be warned. I will not ever fly this airline again.

5/7/2019 wax, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 56K

its i merely impossible to reserve a seat before. the meals are not good, but more than the meal is costing money. The seat is more or less ok, at least there are no plastic or sweatened leather seats but there are merely no European films. A real Airfrance flight is much better.

5/4/2019 Chris Haryoto

Not Verified | Brussels to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi. In 2014 we last flew with Etihad. It was quite decent then. But now, grumpy and cold crew. Paying for seats. Paying for snacks. Low quality meals. We were flying with small children. During meal time the kids were sleeping. Crew didn't bother to ask us whether they wanted to eat or drink. It was like, great kids are sleeping, why bother. Continue like this and passengers wil ditch Etihad for Qatar. Now that's an airlines that knows what service and hospitality means. To be honest. We are not looking forward to the return flights.

5/3/2019 D Ison

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Abu Dhabi. I hadn’t flown Etihad for 2 years (always tried to avoid after multiple disappointments) and decided to give a new chance to them. It was a huge mistake. Check in staff created a big issue for 1.2 kgs extra while I didn’t have any hand luggage because of my back pain but forced me to carry it or pay. They actually gave me the option of putting those 1.2 kgs in the garbage. Crews seems disinterested in their work and you feel they are doing you a favor being on board with you. I am an easy traveler and always go to the galley if I need water or anything. But they let you feel that you are disturbing them. But they are fine to talk loudly about their life and personal matters. Food was a joke not about the quantity but the quality. Couldn’t eat it and the onboard paid for food was not really interesting to me. I was lucky enough to have my preferred seat but a whole family of 5 was separated during a 7 hours flight. I understood that EY is going through hard time but at least make the ticket price more affordable as it isn't worth all this money for a low cost style. I will definitely not fly with them again.

5/2/2019 Clive Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to London via Abu Dhabi. Possibly the worst long haul airline I have flown with and I’ve been flying for 50 years. You have pay to select a seat at online check in. Food minuscule 14hr flights, one hot dish and a breakfast 12 hrs later. Service ignored one hour request for a second glass of wine. You must purchase food in between meals. Staff cold and indifferent. Do not fly with this airline Qatar Airways are streets ahead.

5/1/2019 N Raventa

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Abu Dhabi. Etihad used to be a great airline and I always chose to fly with Etihad going to Manila and coming back in UAE. The service has deteriorated in the past years. The food was worst compared to other flights to Manila from GCC (Emirates, Philippine Airlines, Gulf Air and Oman Air). You better bring extra food as you may get hungry during the flight. Online check is worst. I have tried to check in online 48 hrs before my flight as advertised in their website, but I cannot select my seat and asked to pay for seat selection. While it has been their practice now to pay for your choice seat during ticket booking, I don't understand why you'll still have to pay for it to check in online 48 hours before your flight. Better remove the online check in facility because it is useless anyway. I ended up checking in the airport because I don't want to pay for my seat selection. I will try to avoid Etihad at all cost if I can, than to suffer with their bad services. My ticket is not cheap compared to other Manila ticket offered during my flight and yet I get the worst service from Etihad. No to Etihad again.

5/1/2019 Adil Mahmood

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Lahore via Abu Dhabi. Etihad is a good and comfortable airline to fly with. Friendly cabin crew. However they need to improve in their inflight entertainment and meals on board. Touch screen on the entertainment was really horrible and front camera of the aircraft was not working. Secondly meals as compared to Qatar and Emirates are not that good in terms of taste and amount.

4/30/2019 N Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Flew long haul AUH to MEL in economy and was disgusted with the level of service and the dismal food offered. The flight was delayed by two hours which was find but it was the way the ground staff handle the situation that was abysmal - they left many passengers confused and stressed. Re the inflight experience - the drinks cart only came around twice throughout the entire flight 14 hour. They serve smaller meals (bun + small meal) so you’re still left hungry afterwards. This is when you’re compelled to buy snacks from their expensive “Sweet & Salty” menu because this is no longer complimentary. When I approached the crew to purchased duty free products I did not find them to be friendly. This is where I usually struggle with Etihad, because I find they have among the most inconsistent service of any airline. Some crews are great, while others aren’t, though a majority of crews are just mediocre, in my experience. They’ve changed up their business model and rather than being a global airline, they want to be a boutique airline serving those traveling to & from Abu Dhabi. Presumably they’re hoping to attract premium yields with that, and if that’s the case, making the product worse isn’t the way to go. These penny-pinching measures could send this once highly regarded airline spiralling down from an amazing airline a few years back to almost a low cost carrier now.

4/30/2019 Robert Snoek

✅ Trip Verified | I'm a frequent traveller between Amsterdam and Bangkok, and use normally Qatar Airways. Due circumstances I had to fly now with Etihad. (25-04-2019, EY 401). My trip from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi was a real disaster. Concerning the airplane it was really bad, the seat are so hard and very small, maybe designed for gnomes. The audio/video system was very bad and outdated, moreover the choice of music was very poor (lots of arabic and unknown artists). The service experienced the on board was very bad, the crew were grumpy and not friendly. When I asked for a drink they didn't want to give me one, I had to wait for the food service. Arrived at Abu Dhabi airport and transport was by busses and then to queue for safety check, a big mess, so crowded and not organised. The airport itself was also a big mess, the area around the gate was too small. So for me it was once Etihad but never again. I will advise them to take note from Qatar or Emirates.