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9/5/2019 G Bemrose

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Barcelona. No smiles on this flight, even in Business class. Not addressed by name or escorted to seat or thanked at the end of flight. Meal service was efficient but without courtesy. New plane but I found seats not as comfortable as the older style as in A330.

8/31/2019 Varun Suresh

Not Verified | London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi. They have changed quite a bit but they are still a brilliant airline, they still serve after take off snacks and drinks and the meals are very tasty, it will be good if they can give free WiFi for 2 hours maximum. The crew are very friendly, the seats are alright, the IFE screen is go...

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8/30/2019 D Hilman

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Riyadh return in Business class. Onboard service by the crew was professional, attentive and with great engagement with a friendly manner. Both flights on time and aircraft new so spotless. Food and beverage adequate with tasty salads and desserts with non Alcoholic beverages. Where did it all go ...

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8/28/2019 J Thaymada

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Munich via Abu Dhabi. Airlines refused to provide facilities and felt like worst service and no compensation offered or gesture of goodwill. They only offered Breakfast and Lunch, it is worst-ever, staff are bad since they lost my previous boarding pass and misplaced it. They took passport for ap...

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8/28/2019 Vikram Jawalkar

Not Verified | Bengaluru to Frankfurt via Abi Dhabi. Horrible experience. Worst ground staff support All lies to customers. No proper communication and response to queries. 14 hr total journey flight they made it a 32 hours flight. For their mistakes they make customers suffer

8/26/2019 Siddharth Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi. I had more than average expectations from Etihad it being one of the three bigs of Middle Eastern airlines. Unfortunately, felt nothing like that. Positives : On time arrival & departure. Side head rest on each seat is very helpful. Aircraft was new and cleanliness was taken care of. Sw...

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8/24/2019 Kirsten Lord

✅ Trip Verified | Unbelievable. I traded in some airmiles for a 'gift' which was to be delivered with NO delivery charges from your airmiles store. A few days after delivery I received an invoice in the post from Fedex for almost double the cost of the gift. This is absolutely outrageous. When I complained to their customer ser...

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8/23/2019 C Dawson

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Istanbul via Abu Dhabi. Service, seat, food the worst ever. Especially the service from the crew, no smiling from their faces, hard to approach them, they only do one service for the whole flight, Not professional at all.

8/23/2019 S Kadul

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi. This was the worst flight ever, this would be my first and last time flying with Etihad, crew don’t smile not they welcome, kids don’t get activity pack or toy as they say it’s finished; the food you get no choice as they just give you what they like; when boarding with kids the c...

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8/19/2019 N Siotto

✅ Trip Verified | This was a four days return trip, from Abu Dhabi to Rome and back. Outbound I had the pleasure to fly with the B787 and the cabin (that's a little more than just a seat). Excellent food and service. The onboard crew was magnificent. Friendly, attentive, professional. As a frequent traveller who enjoys movies, i...

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8/15/2019 Mikhail Fedorov

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Singapore via Abu Dhabi. Horrible experience as the airline staff took my business suit jacket in the business class cabin for storage and did not return it to me when I had to change planes in Abu Dhabi. The jacket was left in the cabin and was not returned to me when I signalled the incident to ...

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8/12/2019 Efren Schwarz

Not Verified | Abu Dhabi to New York. Absolutely the worst airline ever. Delayed flight, only Indian food on board for my children travelling in economy. Stewardess very unfriendly. Did not want to help me get my bag in the upper compartment. Meals took forever to arrive and usually they were not what I asked for. Crew spoke ve...

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8/9/2019 Teo Sadeanu

✅ Trip Verified | Cairo to Abu Dhabi. It was my first time flying with Etihad and I'm totally disappointed. The cabin crew are so rude and unprofessional. If you are charging so much at least hire competent staff. I wanted to buy something from duty free and the crew came to tell me that they are out of stock (3 items, none of ...

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8/8/2019 A Sarhan

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Manila. Very disappointed with the meal service and thoughtlessness of whoever plans meal timings, etc. We boarded the flight in Abu Dabhi at 9:30am and landed in Manila at 11:30pm. While these are local times, it is amazing that Etihad expected us to last the full duration of the flight on just o...

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8/7/2019 Graham Mitchell

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to London. Business class is a flying creche on Etihad. They look after babies but are not interested in providing a business class service to platinum card business people. Had to try and sleep in bar area due to screaming babies. Customer services are not interested in the complaint as they see bab...

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8/6/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class seat 17A

There are only 2 seats here - 17A and 17C But they're sitting directly beside the toilets - so it becomes bothersome when the main cabin lights are down during the flight and light still comes from the toilets. My advise, make sure to pack an eye-mask, as Etihad don't provide them anymore

8/6/2019 Seema Shah

Not Verified | Chicago to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi. Despite checking for food options at the kiosk when boarding, I did not get the food option I selected. There were no options available for me, not even fruits as a back up. I had to stay hungry for the duration of the flight. I selected Jain/ vegetarian.

8/6/2019 Sumeet Agarwal

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi. Vegetarian food was class apart. Excellent quality and amazing taste. Dal, Rice, paneer, roti, razma all excellent

8/5/2019 S Deepal

✅ Trip Verified | I have flown for many years and this is the worst airline experience I have ever had. Miserable staff who go out of their way to make sure you have an unpleasant experience. Don't ask for water, it will never come. The food is worse than that available on a budget airline. They only provide you with one meal a...

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8/5/2019 T Mazin

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Jakarta with a transit in Abu Dhabi. The boarding process in Milan was not too good because the economy passengers were jostling to join the queue. Seats in the plane seems a bit smaller compared to SQ, CX and EK. Food wise nothing to shout about. The worst comes in the form of my horribly damaged bra...

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