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4/11/2019 D Marovich

✅ Trip Verified | Minsk to Tokyo via Abu Dhabi. I flew with Etihad only once before, around ten years ago, and I was very impressed by the service, food, and those little touches like hand lotion in the bathroom that make a flight a special journey. This time, however, it was quite a different experience. The food on both fligh...

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4/9/2019 Lindsey Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Abu Dhabi. Do not fly with this airline! I paid for pre booked seats for me and my family and when we got to the airport they had seated us all over the plane. When I alerted ground staff of this they where rude and unhelpful. They had also seated people who hadn’t paid together which made me so a...

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4/8/2019 Ali Haidar

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Sydney via Abu Dhabi. I allocated 6 seats for me and family and we paid around $500au for allocation. They didn’t give us those seats and they gave us different seats. We had a big argument with them in Beirut airport and the seats were taken already by different people and we had to take what ever t...

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4/8/2019 S Halif

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Singapore. This was one of the worst business class flight ever taken on 5 April (seat 6C). Lethargic and exhausted crew. Not interested to serve passengers. The seat was terribly bad design and most uncomfortable. The flight supervisor would walk between first class galley to Business class galle...

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4/7/2019 Gurbinder Bains, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class seat 5K

Service was very good staff/crew was very courteous . Seats were very comfortable. Departure time from Delhi is not good for passengers like me coming from Punjab . Otherwise I would love to travel Etihad and recommend it to every body.

4/6/2019 A Lanela

✅ Trip Verified | I am flying with my family (husband and son) from Abu Dhabi to Bahrain, an hour flight. My husband holds the Platinum card which they say have many benefits but we haven’t seen them, on today’s flight we have 3 tickets and We have just two bags one they say was at no cost but the other they charge is 280 USD f...

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4/6/2019 S Halif

✅ Trip Verified | Islamabad to Abu Dhabi. Crew on this April 3 flight EY 234 was not welcoming on arrival, no offer to handle the jackets, no offer of magazines or newspapers. The lady Inflight supervisor had harsh demeanour and and none of the crew would qualify for pleasant personality contest. Did not see any smile on their ...

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4/3/2019 T Falein

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Beirut via Abu Dhabi. Absolute terrible experience with Etihad Airways. My father, in Lebanon, has been rushed to the hospital and I booked a ticket immediately today to travel to be there with him only to find out, once I reached and waited in the line of the Economy Check-in, that my flight is overb...

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4/2/2019 Mark Wardley

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Delhi via Abu Dhabi. Etihad, what an appalling airline, surviving on PR only. We took 4 flights with them 3 were delayed. We had a 24 hour delay in Abu Dhabi (enough time there for anyone’s lifetime ) and were put in a terrible hotel, the food was dreadful (I had 3 cheese sandwiches in 24 hours). We...

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4/2/2019 Aaron Eisenberg

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Rome via Abu Dhabi. Flew recently 4 segments on new Boeing 787-9s. All seats allocated to me when did the online check in and luckily all were window front seats. Leg room is probably the most generous I’ve encountered on 787 economy class. Service by the crew was excellent. Had an empty seat next...

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3/29/2019 A. Flores, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Two Class v1 seat 26C

The flight was very good in all aspects. The cabin crew were all courteous from the moment we boarded to deplaning. My meals were served hot and was tasty however the sandwich served was very dry I was not impressed. They served water throughout the flight and also had snacks. There was a selection of movies and shows. Although ...

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3/28/2019 N Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Another ghastly experience with Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow. I was appalled by the lack of care and professionalism from Etihad’s flight attendants. They seemed very subdued and disgruntled. I tried asking for water and was told to come up to the galley to get it, this was a first for me. T...

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3/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Two Class v1 seat 42A

This is a bad seat. The safety exit protrudes into the leg room, there is no window, the TV and tray are not very stable (particularly the tray). The seat belt was short as well compared to other seats. The seat itself didn't seem as wide as others. There are no pockets in front (obviously). This seat should not be classed as an...

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3/23/2019 Meghan Watkins

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Rome via Abu Dhabi. Absolutely disgusted with Etihads support and services for an incorrect flight and then lack of communication, support and care. My partner booked a return flight with BYO jet with triple checked dates as they needed to correlate with mine and my families, and instead of BYO jet...

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3/22/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) seat GOOD

6D Is a good seat. It has extra legroom. The Tray table is in the armrest making the armrest immovable.

3/22/2019 M Almady

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Dammam via Abu Dhabi. One of the worst airlines i ever flew. From staff at the airport to cabin crew. They were very unhelpful, rude and don’t prioritize customer service. I kept asking for an internet voucher at least 5 times. And we were already 4 hours into the flight the crew kept saying i w...

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3/21/2019 C Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Geneva to Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi. Firstly my flight was overbooked, no explanation given to why and that I had to wait hours to find out if I was going to be held in Abu Dhabi for 24 hours. I was told I was. Then the transfer desk staff continued to ask for my personal information so that he could 'check I go...

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3/20/2019 G Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Business Class on Etihad flight EY484 from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane [12th March 2019]. The Business Class experience with Etihad was extremely poor and stressful. The cabin crew were less than helpful. The cabin manager introduced herself but gave no advice on how to operate the seat or any of its features ...

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3/19/2019 Alan Clare

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to London via Abu Dhabi. I can only surmise that the 5 star rating for Etihad relates to its Premium and higher class products. Ecomony is no greater shakes and I'd strongly say from experience that Emirates and Qatar do a better job. We flew from Mumbai, the A320 plane cabin looked tired and beige and...

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3/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) v2 seat 31B

I flew Business Class on Etihad flight EY484 from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane [12th March 2019]. The Business Class experience with Etihad was extremely poor and stressful. The cabin crew were less than helpful. The cabin manager introduced herself but gave no advice on how to operate the seat or any of its features especially as the ...

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