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7/25/2014 A Wilson

Flew from LHR to TXL on 14/7/14. Could not complain about a single aspect of this flight considering it was just over an hour paid extra for seat choice and a snack and both went off without a hitch. Departed on time and landed on time staff were fine everything was fine. Will look at flying Germanwings again should I have cause to return to Germany.

7/22/2014 Max Nolte

As Germanwings is the Low-Cost carrier of Lufthansa it is of course better not to choose them for flights longer than 3hrs. I bought a ticket for EUR 150 - DUS-PMI-DUS (smart tariff) and was very satisfied with the service. Very friendly staff and for a 2hr flight spacious seats. With smart tariff you have 1 x luggage and 1 x meal included. The snack is ok. Nothing special.

7/10/2014 D Graubard

Flew from Brussels to Stuttgart non-stop on 4 June 2014. Flight was on-time and comfortable. Flight attendants were very friendly and social with the passengers. Sandwich and drink provided per my fare paid and it was delicious. Convenience of a non-stop flight saved a lot of time - landed and bussed to the terminal quickly. Hadn't flown Germanwings in 5 years and was nice to enjoy them again.

7/8/2014 H Michiel

Germanwings took over the service on Dusseldorf - Basel route from Lufthansa. I am a business traveller and normally book my flights 2 weeks in advance. I flew with Lufthansa for >1 year. Since Germanwings took over the average price of tickets has increased for me by +/- 50%. With Lufthansa prices were between 180-300 euros with Germanwings there are almost never

6/3/2014 Eelco van den Heuvel

CGN-ZRH return. Living close to the German border I can choose from three airports (AMS DUS CGN) and five airlines to fly to Zurich. Germanwings was by far the cheapest and I don't mind missing a drink on a 55 min flight. Paid 166 rtn for 2 incl one bag. Flights bang on time seat pitch ok thanks to new thinner seats good information from the cockpit. I just don't understand why they park near an aerobridge at CGN and directing us into a bus. Probably airport policy but maybe Germanwings can sort this out with CGN.

5/28/2014 A Maynard

First time I have used Germanwings for connecting flights (via Hamburg). The APP does not work properly. They are unable to issue both boarding cards on check in causing unnecessary inconvenience. Their "Live" Twitter response averages 24 hours to reply. Cabin crew spend most time behind front galley curtains. Also fail to do proper cabin secure checks prior to landing. Seats new ultra thin models OK for short flights. Seat pitch OK on the extra space seats. Smart fare snack boring and repetitive. They have taken over a lot of Lufthansa routes and to be honest they are not really geared up for it. Poor ground handling and communications.

5/25/2014 B Lucking

Shocking customer service only channel for any complaint is the customer helpline which they charge you to call! - after 1/2 hr the line just cuts off. Still trying to contact German wings for a refund of my flight which was cancelled due to German industrial action. I'm a regular traveller on Stansted to Stuttgart route and since the strike 7 out of the last 8 flights have been delayed by 1/2hr or more. If there was another flight operator on this route I'd be choosing them instead but I'm stuck with poor service and inefficiency on Germanwings.

5/3/2014 Steven Cal

Prague-Cologne May 1 on brand new A319. Flight departed and arrived on time very clean cabin spacious legroom and comfortable seat. I paid smart price which include a sandwich/small bottle water/one time juice or soft drink service cabin crew friendly and efficient. Will fly with 4U again definitely.

4/3/2014 Mark Simons

Flew out of LHR to Cologne. As the strike was due to start I asked at check in and the ticket desk to be told "we have no news and if you get on this flight and the return is cancelled it's your fault"! Charming service. Low and behold as soon as we landed I got a text saying the return had been cancelled. Flight itself was fine swift boarding and the luxury of the happy-snack. On time landing with bags off quickly so flight gets a 9 customer service a 1.

3/6/2014 J Atchison

4U3375 22/2/14. STN-HAJ. Low cost low service. But all in all good flight. Plane was half empty had 2 rows to myself. Seats were uncomfortable. Same as Lufthansa has. After an hour my back hurt.

3/4/2014 C Dong

We used Germanwings for the first and last time last weekend. Our flight from Berlin TXL to Nuernberg on 2nd March 2014 flight number 4U8062 I checked in online prior to the flight. Arrived at the airport 1 hour early we were informed that the flight was delayed so we sat at the waiting area 15 meters away from the departing gate Tegel D75. There was no announcement for the Nuernberg flight and the next time we asked we were told the flight had already departed. Of course there was no Germanwing personnel to be found and we went to the Lufthansa/Germanwing service counter and were told the plane was boarding! So we run back only to find that the plane had already departed! We run back again to the service counter. In the end we bought tickets with another airline the same day 1 hour later. I would not take Germanwings again and would not recommend it.

2/7/2014 H Mutschler

Flew Cologne to Hamburg booked on Lufthansa webpage and ended up in Germanwings. Prices for ticket does not match the service offered. No newspaper at the gate or in the plane. Had smart ticket with more legroom and a little snack. Well the snack was one cheese or ham bun with a tiny little bottle of water with no glass a chocolate drop. Only one drink offered as well and only hot or soft drink no beer like Lufthansa. Was booked on middle seat even my account stated that I prefer aisle seat.

1/25/2014 Hans Roloff

CGN-LIS booked long ago (05/2013) when their new fare scheme (Smart Best etc.) was not implemented yet thus I sat in seat 1F with generous legroom but got only a few points credited. But it was a good price and a generally acceptable standard as far as baggage allowance seat quality etc. is concerned. Flight left a little late no apology or reason given but with good tailwinds we made an on time arrival. Service on board was ok although the quality of their turkey salami sandwich is well below my standard it's just the fluffy British-American sandwich style not using the crispy rolls we like in Germany. On such "longer flights" of more than two hours they should offer a pasta or a similar hot dish as their parent company does on similar routes. Beverages were served as well - standard ones free of charge special ones or alcoholic drinks for a hefty price which is unacceptable to me (almost five Euros for a small bottle of wine (187 ml) in a plastic glass). No newspapers or other "entertainment". Friendly and efficient service. I have to tell myself again and again: you get what you paid for - and that's what I did on this flight.

1/25/2014 R Dhillon

I have now started realising what game Germanwings are playing with their paying customers. On three occasions now I have taken Germanwings return flights to Brussels. On every occasion the flight has been cancelled on the return journey to Stuttgart. This is because they do not have a full flight (around 50-100 passengers max) and therefore they make an excuse about a technical problem and shift passengers to the next scheduled flight which is also not full in order to send one flight to Stuttgart full of passengers but over three hours delayed. They are being greedy and looking after their profits and with no care for the passengers who need to get to their destinations or connecting flights. This is an absolute fraud and Germanwings are an insult to the passengers. Horrendous customer service always no manager to be found and just one or two ground staff passing on messages to frustrated passengers.

1/7/2014 R Schmidt

Flight from Barcelona to Stuttgart: The plane arrived delayed the ground seemed not be able to cope with the situation. The flight was very rough. We arrived late and I had to wait one hour for the next train at Stuttgart main station. Never again!

12/16/2013 J Krautmacher

We (2 adults) flew from CGN to ZHR in SMART. The flight was surprisingly very good. Much legroom in rows 1 to 10 nice and friendly flight attendants. The snack was quite okay. Price was fine in future we will be flying Germanwings if possible.

12/6/2013 J Nieminen

We had bought Germanwings tickets from Helsinki to Berlin (and back) and departure should have been on December 6th 2013. However the flight was cancelled due to "adverse weather conditions" (other airlines were flying to Berling that day though). We didn't get any notification about cancellation by email sms or other means. At the airport there was nobody helping us to sort this out. Some ladies gave A4 prints with this kind of message to annoyed passengers: "If you want to rebook your flight onto another date within the next seven days or you wish to receive a refund please refer to to cancel or change your booking without any additional cost". At the Lufthansa desk everybody was just raising their hands and telling us that they can't re-route us to Lufthansa flights because our tickets were bought from the Germanwings website. Instead they could have sold us new tickets for Lufthansa costing almost thousand euros per person! The next Germanwings flight wasn't leaving until the day after tomorrow so it wasn't any solution. So in the case of flight cancellation this company won't take you to the destination at its own cost as other airlines do.

12/2/2013 Gordon Kift

Flew from Birmingham to Berlin on 5 day winter break. Could not fault timeliness and having booked the smart price seating we were very impressed with leg room available. Plus the plane was very clean and gave a light and airy feeling. The food on offer was not very original with the same on offer outbound and inbound however people must remember that these are budget flights and for the money paid everything from check in through inflight was excellent. We would have no hesitation in using this company again and will be recommending them to friends and family.

12/2/2013 Elizabeth Hoddy

I am a regular customer of Germanwings and up until now have had no complaints. However a few weeks ago I was informed that my flights to and from London Stansted to Cologne from 10/12 to 18/12 had been changed to the evening flight due to what they called "operative" reasons. I'm sure it was over-booking. I was extremely angry. I had booked my flight well in advance and was forced to pay a £5 fine to change my coach trip from London to Stansted and back. If it happens one more time I shall never use the airline again.

11/18/2013 R Bakker

Budapest to Cologne. Ground staff were pleasant (was allowed to take extra bag without charge) boarding was fast and professional onboard the stewardesses were poorly trained in people management almost rude to passengers no interest whatsoever only talking amongst themselves. Upon leaving the plane she said goodbye whilst looking completely uninterested the other way! I did not feel welcome at all onboard. Captain was informative and nice we had to do a "Go Around" no problem all went well. We landed on time. All in all very disappointed with onboard flight attendants.