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10/29/2018 Andrew, Airbus A330-200 asiento 5C

Business Class on A330-200

7/12/2018 P Meason

✅ Trip Verified | Florence to London via Dusseldorf in September 2017. First flight from Florence delayed by 3 hours, resulting in missed connection. This wouldn't have been an issue, especially considering the airline was meant to reimburse all customers for costs of the delay. However, my checked baggage was misplaced. Again,...

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5/22/2018 Chris W, Airbus A330-200 asiento 15K

Seat was a bit uncomfortable, due to age and a bar which was across the middle of my back, close proximity to the bulkhead and bassinets. Food was alright and there was plenty of legroom, infotainment was pretty good with latest films, Virgin usual high standards.

5/9/2018 Carole Cooper, Airbus A330-200 asiento 18D

Flew Virgin on air berlin. we sat in the five rows of extra leg room which was very spacious the leg room is excellent. however in economy the seating looks horrendous very very tight space. if you can try to book extra leg room. Make note there are only five rows of EX Leg room from row 15 to 19.

2/21/2018 Michael, Bombardier Q400 asiento 14D

Legroom has been ok for a short flight of one hour. Of course, all is quite tight, it is a quite small plane.

10/23/2017 Eelco van den Heuvel

✅ Verified Review | Düsseldorf to Catania via Rome. Booked Alitalia, got Air Berlin. I was prepared for delays and even cancellations, because of the insolvency of Air Berlin. And indeed: our original inbound flight from Catania tot Düsseldorf with a change in Milan was cancelled, but within 10 minutes we were moved to the dire...

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10/19/2017 D Banires

✅ Verified Review | Milan to New York return via Dusseldorf. I had a very positive experience with AirBerlin - on all four of our flights. The prices were phenomenal - all four of us flew economy roundtrip for less $2,200 - although they did charge me quite a bit for seat reservations - with 2 small kids, you can't really make ...

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10/17/2017 D Gemmen

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Prague. Worst experience I’ve had for a while! They announce 2 hour delay, then no info until we understand that once they have a plane they must wait for a new crew. Very bad organisation and communication. Definitely avoid if you can, lost my time and couldn’t make my meetings.

9/19/2017 Kannan Pazhayedath

✅ Verified Review | Frankfurt to Berlin, our first flight was cancelled but they arranged me other flight. Next day I use Air Berlin also this time their service was on time and good service and cabin crew - they are very friendly and helpful. I was very happy their service.

9/19/2017 Onur Selcuk Ciftci

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Warsaw. This is worst experience I had. Staff are really rude. They don't have enough information about flight. I had three different information last 10 minutes. I have been waiting for my flight over 2 hours and flight is delayed. And Airberlin's staff still can't give any information about fligh...

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9/19/2017 Svetlana Moskalenko

✅ Verified Review | Worst airline ever, poor customer care. Representatives are rude and not helpful. My flight from San Francisco to Prague (with only one connection stop) was cancelled without any notification and explanation as to why. Air Berlin representative was not helpful at all. We were told that we would be flying via...

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9/18/2017 T Hanachova

✅ Verified Review | Bonn to Prague via Berlin. Absolutely bad experience. I bought flight at 5pm from Berlin and instead they put me on flight at 9pm. Nobody was able to explain me why. After staying in line for almost an hour to actually talk with someone they tell me that I have flight for today so they don't understand why i...

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9/11/2017 Adrian Suharto

✅ Verified Review | Helsinki to Berlin return. the terminal in Berlin looks like an abandoned warehouse. The Boeing 737 had the A320 safety sheet. The seats were leather, and quite worn out. The flight left TXL on time. I am an Emerald member on one world however they did not recognise me on this flight nor the departing fligh...

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9/3/2017 Steven Fanelli

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Geneva via Dusseldorf. Not a good first impression. First segment no order to boarding process just one long line regardless if your seat assignment. Delayed 30 minutes announced 10 minutes before scheduled boarding time. No explanation why. Onboard, the least amount of legroom I have ever experien...

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9/1/2017 Eelco van den Heuvel

✅ Verified Review | Unfortunately Air Berlin has gone broke, but they are still flying. I was a bit apprehensive because of the insolvency and the bad performance earlier this year, but despite the situation it was great: very punctual - even half an hour earlier on the inbound flight, nice crew and comfortable planes. Since Mü...

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8/14/2017 N Martin

✅ Verified Review | Disaster! Booked end March to fly from Stockholm to Geneva via Dusseldorf with my wife and 3 children, taking around 4 hours and thought I had a bargain. 6 weeks before departure was informed of a small change - had to leave 4 hours earlier to fly Stockholm - Berlin - Dusseldorf - Geneva, ie total journey tim...

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8/11/2017 M Wallen

✅ Verified Review | Boston to Munich via Dusseldorf. This trip was the worst out of all and I was very disappointed with Air Berlin. I was traveling with one other person and her bag was lost and not returned for another week after it was found. She tried to call the company multiple times and it was nearly impossible to get a ...

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8/11/2017 Erin Spahic

✅ Verified Review | New York to Rome via Dusseldorf. We understand travel issues but AirBerlin was most disturbing and we still have not gotten through to any representative over 30 days later. Air Berlin has no customer service line for current customers only a "ticket booking line". And the representatives there will quickly ...

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8/10/2017 H Anderson

✅ Verified Review | Flying from VIE to Westerland, Sylt your options are limited as Air Berlin is the only airline with an acceptable layover. As a Star Alliance Gold member I would clearly prefer LH but the routing would require a overnight stay in MUC - so not a plausible alternative. Well, the routing is the only positive th...

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8/8/2017 L Weber

✅ Verified Review | This was the first trip I tried Air Berlin's (then) new business class service for Europe. I was really pleasantly surprised. This is in my view a much better product than LH or the likes offer. I like that you can get any food or snacks you want from their trolley at no extra charge. This is much better tha...

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