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7/12/2018 P Meason

✅ Trip Verified | Florence to London via Dusseldorf in September 2017. First flight from Florence delayed by 3 hours, resulting in missed connection. This wouldn't have been an issue, especially considering the airline was meant to reimburse all customers for costs of the delay. However, my checked baggage was misplaced. Again, this wouldn't have been an issue under normal circumstances. I spoke to the baggage handler who told me to come talk to him prior to the next mornings flight, which was due to leave at 6am. I was forced to pay for a taxi which totalled 100 Euro each way (with promises of reimbursement) to the hotel which the company had placed passengers in only to stay there for 4 hours before having to leave again to catch the rescheduled flight. When I went to see the baggage handler I wasn't able to find anyone in the department. I went to the Air Berlin help desk and after explaining the situation to the woman at the desk she said there was nothing she could do. I asked if she was able to call the person who handled baggage as I needed to put my checked luggage on the new flight and she said she could but wasn't going to. When I asked again, saying "Please, I need to catch my flight on time. I can't wait for someone to answer me knocking at the door, my flight leaves in less than an hour and I have to go through security" She promptly said to me (in these exact words) "Why don't you just do everyone a favour and go away." I flew to my destination sans baggage and deeply offended. Being under 19 years old at the time and a solo flyer I am to this day outraged by the lack of sympathy and understanding of the customer support team. I had to wait 4 whole weeks for my luggage to arrive at my final destination. The airline owes me over 500 Euros in reimbursement, which it has managed to avoid paying due to their own fiscal troubles. I hope this airline is never resurrected and that no one is treated like that in there travels.

10/23/2017 Eelco van den Heuvel

✅ Verified Review | Düsseldorf to Catania via Rome. Booked Alitalia, got Air Berlin. I was prepared for delays and even cancellations, because of the insolvency of Air Berlin. And indeed: our original inbound flight from Catania tot Düsseldorf with a change in Milan was cancelled, but within 10 minutes we were moved to the direct AB-flight CTA-DUS. Even better. So we had two punctual flights, with a friendly crew and reasonably priced drinks. Leg room was awful however. I like the small route screens on Air Berlin aircraft. But it's all over since Air Berlin stops flying in a few days, so no recommendation. Pity, because Air Berlin was one of my favourite airlines. Never had any problems.

10/19/2017 D Banires

✅ Verified Review | Milan to New York return via Dusseldorf. I had a very positive experience with AirBerlin - on all four of our flights. The prices were phenomenal - all four of us flew economy roundtrip for less $2,200 - although they did charge me quite a bit for seat reservations - with 2 small kids, you can't really make a good case for 'oh honey sorry you get to sit to that stranger." Everything ran on time. The seats are as about tight as most US airlines - though not as bad as United's back rows. But we fit fine, video was working (with lots of options for watching), food was ok-ishand the attendants were quite helpful and very nice. Really, I have no complaints. And yes, I did check in luggage on the way back - because who doesn't overshop in Italy? - and I got them back in NYC. We were all nervous about this due to all the bad review of lost luggage. In fact it is why I am writing the review - as I promised myself I would write a good review if we arrived home intact with a good experience. I fly Business for work - I was expecting worse but was very pleased as were my husband two kids (8, 10)

10/17/2017 D Gemmen

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Prague. Worst experience I’ve had for a while! They announce 2 hour delay, then no info until we understand that once they have a plane they must wait for a new crew. Very bad organisation and communication. Definitely avoid if you can, lost my time and couldn’t make my meetings.

9/19/2017 Kannan Pazhayedath

✅ Verified Review | Frankfurt to Berlin, our first flight was cancelled but they arranged me other flight. Next day I use Air Berlin also this time their service was on time and good service and cabin crew - they are very friendly and helpful. I was very happy their service.

9/19/2017 Onur Selcuk Ciftci

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Warsaw. This is worst experience I had. Staff are really rude. They don't have enough information about flight. I had three different information last 10 minutes. I have been waiting for my flight over 2 hours and flight is delayed. And Airberlin's staff still can't give any information about flight. I don't recommend it at all.

9/19/2017 Svetlana Moskalenko

✅ Verified Review | Worst airline ever, poor customer care. Representatives are rude and not helpful. My flight from San Francisco to Prague (with only one connection stop) was cancelled without any notification and explanation as to why. Air Berlin representative was not helpful at all. We were told that we would be flying via a different airline, however, didn't give any information regarding flight number, refused to print any documents proving that we had the new flight with a different airline. In addition, they gave us a flight with two stops (we could have find tickets much cheaper with two stops). Do not recommend this airline, they just lost two customers. On my way back another Air Berlin representative was extremely rude, plus she overcharged us for overweight luggage (we had to pay 100 euros for 27 kg luggage). On the board they didn't offer any drinks (water or coffee) from Prague to Berlin.

9/18/2017 T Hanachova

✅ Verified Review | Bonn to Prague via Berlin. Absolutely bad experience. I bought flight at 5pm from Berlin and instead they put me on flight at 9pm. Nobody was able to explain me why. After staying in line for almost an hour to actually talk with someone they tell me that I have flight for today so they don't understand why is my problem - if they would tell me up front that the flight at 5pm will not happen I would fly directly from Bonn to Prague at 7 pm. These people are cheating their customers.

9/11/2017 Adrian Suharto

✅ Verified Review | Helsinki to Berlin return. the terminal in Berlin looks like an abandoned warehouse. The Boeing 737 had the A320 safety sheet. The seats were leather, and quite worn out. The flight left TXL on time. I am an Emerald member on one world however they did not recognise me on this flight nor the departing flight (no greeting, benefit, drinks, nothing). They charge 2.5 Euros for a cup of tea and the inflight entertainment via wifi must be purchased. Not recommended as they are pricier than budget airlines.

9/3/2017 Steven Fanelli

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Geneva via Dusseldorf. Not a good first impression. First segment no order to boarding process just one long line regardless if your seat assignment. Delayed 30 minutes announced 10 minutes before scheduled boarding time. No explanation why. Onboard, the least amount of legroom I have ever experienced. Take off was finally one hour later. Second flight delayed 35 minutes to late arrival of the aircraft.

9/1/2017 Eelco van den Heuvel

✅ Verified Review | Unfortunately Air Berlin has gone broke, but they are still flying. I was a bit apprehensive because of the insolvency and the bad performance earlier this year, but despite the situation it was great: very punctual - even half an hour earlier on the inbound flight, nice crew and comfortable planes. Since Münster/Osnabrück is a small airport, one is at the gate within 5 mins of entering the building and boarding is very quick. On both flights we had an Air Berlin plane, a Niki flightnumber and a TUIfly crew. B737 showed its age but was fine. Paid 7 euros for a currywurst. A bit steep but it was excellent. Nice flight over Cologne and Lake Geneva with view of the Alps. I was out of Palma airport within 20 mins after touch down (only hand luggage) which was very good for such a big airport. Big surpise on the inbound flight: I was assigned an emergency seat for free. The normal cost is 25 euros, so this was very comfortable. We even got the famous AB chocolate heart at leaving the plane. It's a pity AB is about to disappear. I have flown quite a lot with them and it was always fine. The only reason I don't recommend them is the insolvency, because they're suspending flights already.

8/14/2017 N Martin

✅ Verified Review | Disaster! Booked end March to fly from Stockholm to Geneva via Dusseldorf with my wife and 3 children, taking around 4 hours and thought I had a bargain. 6 weeks before departure was informed of a small change - had to leave 4 hours earlier to fly Stockholm - Berlin - Dusseldorf - Geneva, ie total journey time of 8 hours with children of 4, 6 and 8 years old. Immediately contacted Air Berlin who confirmed I could cancel if wanted (but by then flight prices had doubled) or else I would receive some confirmation if I contacted them via their website. Did this immediately and still haven't heard. Tried contacting them at the airport en route, but impossible to find an Air Berlin employee at the airport, only representatives from other companies who were shocked and sorry but weren't "able to do anything". Clear case of profit over customer but if you don't take care of the customer, then somebody else will and next time we will definitely not be flying with Air Berlin.

8/11/2017 Erin Spahic

✅ Verified Review | New York to Rome via Dusseldorf. We understand travel issues but AirBerlin was most disturbing and we still have not gotten through to any representative over 30 days later. Air Berlin has no customer service line for current customers only a "ticket booking line". And the representatives there will quickly and rudely tell you they cannot help you at all. This company has made itself inaccessible to its customers. We could only get bits of information through their affliate airline Alitalia. Basically though Alitaila said that it was AirBerlin we needed to get to to find baggage that had been lost with no trace for 4+days but then their is no way to reach Air Berlin - just email- to date we have and continue to send 40+ emails with no more than the automated reply that the message was received in return. There were multiple other details and issues (being told kmisinformation and waiting at airports only to find out the baggage was in fact still lost). But the biggest issue is Air Berlin's failure to respond to any messages or any emails-we have looked and tried multiple emails with no response.

8/11/2017 M Wallen

✅ Verified Review | Boston to Munich via Dusseldorf. This trip was the worst out of all and I was very disappointed with Air Berlin. I was traveling with one other person and her bag was lost and not returned for another week after it was found. She tried to call the company multiple times and it was nearly impossible to get a hold of someone to talk to. The flight attendants on our flight were also downright rude. I am a very easy going person and not much bothers me but they way they spoke to us and handled any problems was highly unprofessional. Trying to board the plane alone was an absolute mess. I would not recommend this airline to anyone looking to fly to Europe.

8/10/2017 H Anderson

✅ Verified Review | Flying from VIE to Westerland, Sylt your options are limited as Air Berlin is the only airline with an acceptable layover. As a Star Alliance Gold member I would clearly prefer LH but the routing would require a overnight stay in MUC - so not a plausible alternative. Well, the routing is the only positive thing about AB - everything else is dreadful. The seats are cramped to the limit, the service is no-frill and literally non-existent, the staff lack friendliness and experience, etc. This was definitely my last attempt on AB. The next time I would rather take the train from Hamburg.

8/8/2017 L Weber

✅ Verified Review | This was the first trip I tried Air Berlin's (then) new business class service for Europe. I was really pleasantly surprised. This is in my view a much better product than LH or the likes offer. I like that you can get any food or snacks you want from their trolley at no extra charge. This is much better than getting a pre-set tray with food you have no idea what it is. Air Berlin also had very nice hot towels. Their staff really like what they do. The only minus is that they are expensive.

8/1/2017 Antonis Asprakis

✅ Verified Review | This is an average budget carrier, and certainly not anything close to a full service airline. Flight to Milan was approximately 30 minutes late leaving Berlin, not even water was offered for free while inflight (would have preferred free water to the chocolate heart they offer upon existing the aircraft), and the luggage took painfully long to reach the belt on arrival. I would consider them again if the ticket is cheap and the duration of the flight is short.

7/31/2017 I Landers

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Copenhagen. Worst airline ever. They just lost me and my friend as customers! We booked (two fairly expansive tickets, 390€) 3 months ago and when we came to the check in we are told we are on stand by due to overbooking. We didn't get any information before hand. Not any texts or emails. We were randomly picked and we were not the last ones to check in, we were actually early. I don't know why they chose us because the man behind the desk didn't answer any of our questions and he was rude and just wanted to get rid of us. So now we're sittning here at Tegel Airport and we have to wait 5 hours until the next flight leaves. Great times.

7/31/2017 Joaquin Padilla

✅ Verified Review | Berlin to Copenhagen on an Airbus A320. Quality was decent for a budget carrier. Check-in staff did the job, but the counters of Air Berlin on TXL were understaffed. There were issues with getting the aircraft prepared on time. The aircraft was bare and just "the norm." Seats were alright for the short flight. There was no cabin service or beverages, but given that this was a short haul flight on a budget carrier it was understandable. Recommended only if you are really on a budget. I would take SAS if I was to do this again.

7/28/2017 Z Morris

✅ Verified Review | Air Berlin is by far the worst airline I have ever flown on. They are always delayed, and for my flight from Berlin to Vienna they didn't even post it on the screens. I can't think of any positive over other airlines. They are not the cheapest and do not offer good quality. This airline fails on every aspect of being an airline. Will never fly with them again.