Mapa de asientos Boeing 737-800 (738) International Air Transat

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Mapa de asientos Boeing 737-800 (738) International Air Transat
Mapa de asientos Boeing 737-800 (738) International Air Transat

Avión Boeing 737-800 (738) International Air Transat con 189 asientos a bordo. Usa el mapa de asientos para encontrar cuáles son más cómodos y cuáles deberías evitar.


3/15/2019 Michael Bedard, asiento 10A

Plane was vey clean and comfortable.The inflight movie was terrible,the audio during the move had too much static and the video was not clear,again too much static poor quality.A better selection and variety for music with headset use.

3/9/2019 Abdallah E, asiento 1C

Do NOT sit in this seat unless you don't your space being invaded the entire flight. There is a curtain right at the bulkhead which is often closed and people stuff themselves in the aisle (aka. your leg/shoulder area) waiting for the washroom. Paying $50 for this seat is an insult and Air Transat should seat someone there for ...

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3/9/2019 Abdallah E, asiento 15H

This is a great seat and there is plenty of floor storage under the seat in front of you.

12/21/2018 Kil H, asiento 2C

Smaller space to put things under the front seat.

2/20/2018 alan, asiento 2C

no problems with seat. people waiting for washroom were adisturbance

11/6/2017 Roger, asiento 10H

The personnel, especially mister Sanche our flight director, was great. A wee bit on the cattle class for space. IFE is almost non existent with an 8" screen every few rows.

9/9/2017 Sue Haygarth, asiento 1A

Supposed to be a Club seat by blocking the middle one of 3 ( 1B) but beware the seats are all economy and all no more than 17 inches wide. No seatback tv's' no IFE. Just drop down screens every 4 seats. Worst flight ever and not cheap!

7/2/2017 Eric Levesque, asiento 3A

This seat is a normal seat and has no extra width or legroom, even if it is in row 3. I am 6-0'' and the leg room was barely adequate. Other than that everything was ok, aircraft was clean, people nice and flight on schedule. I try to avoid Air Transat as much as possible and I will continue to do the same in the future. I alway...

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4/8/2017 abhal morsee, asiento 10J

finally got a vacation. Thank god that transat was there. it was fairly nice at least better than inuit.

2/12/2017 Richard Dedrick, asiento 16K

I have flown Air Transat for years. I now pay extra for emergency exit seating as the regular seats are too close together for leg room. This is common with all carriers. I have yet to experience a negative situation. I do not find the seat width an issue as much as the seat depth. 737-800's do not have the club seats you try ou...

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11/13/2016 SD Henderson, asiento 15K

Excellent leg room......will get this one again

4/8/2016 Ian Gadbois, asiento 12

The Air Transat 737-800s we flew in both from Ottawa to Cancun and back were two slightly different versions of the same plane. I am 6' 1" and the knee room was barely adequate. In the first version, the magazine holder had been cleverly moved up to behind the headrest to provide a fraction more knee room. On the version returni...

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3/19/2016 HW, asiento 5J

My family booked 4 seats with the Options plus add on. Row 5 had more leg room than row six, the width was the same. I am not a small person, but I felt comfortable in the seat with lots of leg room. The Options plus was worth it for the little extras like champagne, ear buds, travel kit and snacks, not to mention priority in li...

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1/31/2016 Patrick, asiento 21C

This model is made for 32 rows, pretty much all rows are misaligned with windows... Video entertainment sucks no confort, no leg room....

4/24/2015 Line & Gilles, asiento 3H

Disaster, being disable, I had 2 people oversize (over 300 lbs) with me. So when they needed to go to the bathroom, imagine the acrobatic manoeuvre I had to do. They couldn't stand still in their seat. To avoid this incomfort because I had to lean in the alley to be able to have some comfort, and with people going back and forth...

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3/23/2015 joe, asiento 11J

This plane was really good. Lots of leg room and entertainment.i loved it

10/19/2014 Paul Hogg, asiento 3A

Airtransat has recently expanded its fleet to include the worlds most popular plane. I anticipated a nice interior as they have just acquired these planes but was totally disappointed. The seat width and pitch are standard for this style of plane, 189 seats. It was fine. The interior was a disaster. A piece of seat trim on the l...

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