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6/28/2019 S Panavoulas

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Paphos. 4 hours delay and locked in the plane on a morning flight and ended up losing a day of holidays due to They kept blaming the aviation authorities for not letting us fly with no real explanation on why we are being delayed. Crew staff didn't even offer water to the passengers as a refreshment. Terrible service.

6/27/2019 Jahfar Qasimi

Not Verified | It has been 9 days for the IT department to fix the issue with my booking reference which is only numbers and why would they use numbers for reference when the system doesn't pick up. Every time I called was given a different answer, "IT department will get back to us within 1 or 2 hours", or " They will fix it by tomorrow". I am not happy with this service, the seats are taken, the luggage price increased and you expect me to pay a higher price for everything when you have an issue with your system. Poor service, definitely don't recommend them, horrible experience with customer support as they are so rude in order to fix the issue and my flight is in a few days still can't book anything.

6/18/2019 Phylip de la Maziere

Not Verified | I had two connections to make, the first one from Glasgow. Arriving at Naples only to find Jet2 trying to check in 4 flights from one desk! Next the pilot says we’re on time flight time three hours and five minutes. Take off 11.10 so arriving 14.15. But at 11.30 we are still sitting on the runway. Arrive 14.40 to be told we’ve been docked at domestic arrivals not international, so you will be transported by bus. Then we’re told we can’t open the front door so you will have to use the rear one. Still sitting on the plane at 15.00. Eventually get to baggage collection only to find other passengers from other airlines trying to collect cases except the carrousel has broken down. I find a Jet2 rep explained my situation re connection she said has your bag got an address tag on it, ye. Ok you go and get your connection we will send it on. Monday get a phone from some very nasty unpleasant Jet2 employee who maintains that no one said that and no one remembers having a conversation with me. Convenient! I ask if they will forward my case to me? The rude woman on the phone says no we won’t! What a cow so it’s cost me £25.08 to get my case sent customer service stinks, TV advert misleading in my opinion. Will never fly Jet2 again in my opinion rubbish customer care.

6/13/2019 Abigail Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the air hostesses on our flight to Turkey from Manchester on June 11th at 15.15, honestly they were just lovely and helpful. The flight was delayed and they were patient with all passengers, they were smiley and chatty as we had the extra leg room seats and they were sat in front of us. Not used to this type of service! Carry on with these type of people!

6/8/2019 Flynn Robinson

Not Verified | I am disgusted with this company. I have flown with them a few times before and not had any issues however I will never be booking with them again. We holidayed in Majorca from 20th - 29th may, the flight out was fine. Upon landing we had transport so were directed towards the coach with no issues. We then sat on the coach for nearly an hour and were told after about 40 minutes it was due to someone needing special assistance and this had not been sorted. We got to the resort and unfortunately encountered a few rainy days so were looking to book an excursion, there was no one to speak to in the hotel so we called the 24 hr helpline to book as per the brochure we were given and were told we would receive a call back. We wished to book an excursion for early the next day, we received a phone call at 1100hrs the next day so could not book anything so a whole day of our holiday was wasted. I would have happily put this down as a minor issue however we were then not picked up from our hotel on our day of travelling home. Our transfer time was 1055hrs - 1125hrs, we checked out of the hotel and waited outside of the reception where we dropped off from 1040hrs - the time came and went so at 1130hrs I called to enquire where the coach was and was told it had arrived and left. This is a lie. If it had arrived it certainly did not come to the drop off point or the reception, where else would you expect to get a pick up from? I was then told by a rude customer service woman that it had come so to get a taxi, we ordered the taxi and paid and I spoke to a lady at the airport who said she would flag it up. Upon returning home we emailed the complaints team to then receive an email 8 days later stating they would not be refunding the money for the taxi as they checked the gps and the coach was in the area at 11.18hrs for 2 minutes. I believe they have gone to the sister hotel directly next door and not bothered to come to ours assuming we would be at the same pick up point but why would we be?? I will never be flying or holidaying with this company again and will be urging everyone I know to avoid it like the plague. We have basically been called liars and have received no apology, they must be really struggling if they cannot refund a 36 euro taxi. Disgusting.

6/3/2019 Gavin Douglas

Not Verified | Edinburgh to Fuerteventura. I would just like to say a big Thank you to jet2 who I think without doubt are the best budget airline I have used again and agai,n and i have tried a few enroute to Fuerteventura. Staff fantastic and polite and space in compartments and seating for what you pay is above any other.

5/28/2019 T Pearce

✅ Trip Verified | Leeds Bradford to Thessaloniki. For the most part, this airline is fine. Both the outbound and return flights took off an hour late, not the longest of delays but a bit annoying. The pilots made up a chunk of time on the return and we arrived only 25 mins after the scheduled time. I guess the swift turnaround helped to explain the lack of cleaning. Always a bit disconcerting to open one's tray table to find the spill marks of a previous passenger’s drink (see pic). Same plane for both journeys, a 27 year-old 737-300. However, it had been retrofitted, including winglets, and the interior looked very new. Apart from it being a little noisy, the plane’s age was no issue. The seats were interesting, plastic with minimal cushioning (see pic). They didn't lean back (a good thing) and had tiny armrests (a bad thing). I suppose it allows the airline to fit more in without reducing legroom. They were comfy enough for the first couple of hours, but as we approached the third hour, the lack of cushioning started to tell + the plastic felt sticky (avoid wearing shorts). The legroom was perfectly fine for short haul. This is the first flight I’ve taken on which there were no window blinds or dimmers. A real curiosity, and I can’t think why they would be absent. It made the outbound journey uncomfortable until I fashioned a blind of my own using a sweatshirt. Until then, the sun was pretty blinding and hot. As a budget product, Jet2 is perfectly decent. Booking easy; online check-in and printing of boarding passes easy; no IFE but none was expected; didn't bother ordering food but the menu items were predictably overpriced; didn't pay for checked-in baggage as the 10kg allowance for hand luggage was enough for my short trip (well done for this in particular Jet2!). The staff were fine. Efficient and friendly enough without being overbearing. I felt a bit sorry for them to be honest, having to spend much of their time trying to sell stuff. I guess it's the necessary economy of the budget airline. I didn't like the fact that they prohibited the drinking of one's own alcoholic beverages, and only allowed us to consume those bought on board. I appreciate there’s a security aspect (being able to refuse extra drinks to very drunk people) but I suspect there’s a profit-based motivation too. Naturally, when the crew announced “you shouldn’t drink your own alcoholic drinks”, I understood it as “you shouldn’t get caught drinking your own alcoholic drinks”. I was very discreet.

5/28/2019 C Neale

✅ Trip Verified | While I can’t fault the plane, cabin crew, or flight, I can however seriously warn travellers regarding the resort transfers. Myself and my partner were left stranded at the resort hotel by a driver that did not stop at our hotel, despite us being at the designated place at the designated time. I stood on the hotel steps and watched him sail straight past without even slowing down. One expensive phone call to the 24 hour UK helpline resulted in a £140 taxi fare to the airport. Upon emailing jet2 on return I have been told that they asked the transfer company and the driver has said he did stop, looked but was unable to find us, so drove off. And, as reimbursement they have said they won’t refund the taxi fare but we can have 2 free inflight meals next trip. As if there will be a next trip with this airline. I would think long and hard before you trust this company, even to the point of arranging your own transfers, as that way, you will be guaranteed to get to the airport at no extra expense.

5/27/2019 S Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Belfast to Reus. Staff lovely, onboard pricing not bad, leg room good. I fly often and that jet2 plane was so noisy compared to other airlines. I’m a nervous flier and this has put me off completely flying with jet2.

5/24/2019 Kenneth, Boeing 737-300 (733) asiento 5A

Good legroom and window view. No seat recline as usual with low cost or holiday airlines. 20 year old plane but clean and fresh. Pre ordered meals came as ordered. Pleasant cabin crew.

5/24/2019 H Ranson

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Faro. Catastrophic experience. Loud and ice cold Cabin. Arrogant and rude staff. Left 45 min too late. Arrived late therefore too. Food had no taste. Drinks expensive. Seats stiff and hard. Not able to recline. No leg room. Total waste.

5/21/2019 R Walker

✅ Trip Verified | Leeds Bradford to Faro. Flew with this airline because of its reputation as being a cut above Its budget rivals. Legroom is usually better and the new slimline seating more comfortable. This time, without warning, the flight was operated by Smartlynx on an ancient A320 with extremely poor and uncomfortable seating and a tiny amount of legroom. My thoughts are Jet2 should have given me the option to re-book or cancel this flight.

5/14/2019 Simon Channon

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Naples. Another return trip with Pretty punctual, friendly crew and slightly uncomfortable seating. Nothing special to report, no complaints.

4/20/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 asiento 2F

Was good, but I couldn't see out of the window

4/17/2019 Mary Rae

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Malaga. Previously had flight only but took package holiday with this time and found the whole experience to be 5 Star, from check-in and hassle-free boarding (less able passengers get on-board first and settled) to the holiday itself. The flights were comfortable. The food and beverage on-board was good and had enough choice of hot and cold. From flight and bus transfer to hotel stay I cannot find any fault with my experience; in fact it was fantastic and the staff were fantastic too, especially the hotel rep who went out of her way to ensure we had the best experience.

4/14/2019 John Jupe

✅ Trip Verified | Paphos to Manchester. First class service by jet2 staff, my wife had wheelchair assistance. The staff were very helpful at all stages. Thus the second time we gave used the facility.

3/25/2019 Lewis Taylor

Not Verified | Stansted to Antalya. Very comfortable flight, food is very good and cabin crew were very friendly. Boarding started on time and our flight was on time. However, for a 3/4 hour flight there was no entertainment.

3/21/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-200 (752) asiento 6A

It was amazing. There is a great view.

3/15/2019 Grace Clark

Not Verified | Tenerife to Birmingham. I would like to say a big thank you to cabin crew on flight departure from Tenerife at 15.35 on 14/03/2019 to Birmingham. Excellent cabin crew, my partner fell poorly after about 40 min after take off. They looked after him very well within 10 min he felt a lot better.

3/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) asiento 33A33B33C

Love the back seats, it's near the loos, near the back doors, nobody can kick your seat. What more can you ask for?