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7/4/2019 Chris Sterry

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Dallas. Will never take Spirit Airlines again. Not only was my luggage torn apart on transport (on top of the sub par plane interiors) they basically told me they won't Lodge a complaint. Why do I have to buy a new luggage to replace the one I was borrowing?

7/3/2019 H Dawson

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Denver. My husband and I decided to try Spirit airlines as we are on a budget and wanted to save a little money. Forget saving money, they charge $65 for a carry on if you pay at the gate, they charge for water, and I will never fly this airline again. I have flown frequently with different airlines and every single airline except Spirit airline has treated me fairly. All the agents we spoke with were rude, hard to understand due to language barriers, grumpy and unhelpful. I spent over two hours haggling with this company because they left us sitting on the tarmac for 46 minutes to be exact and we missed our connecting flight. We were left to find lodging and were never compensated for one mistake they made in delaying us. DO NOT fly with this airline unless you want to be stranded, spend tons more money than you plan to, have your schedule totally ruined and add to your stress level!

7/3/2019 I Stevenson

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Montego Bay via Nashville. I hope I never have to fly this airline again. This was my worst experience in flying. Everyone, understand that by the time you pay for everything, you are not saving money! It's not even the fact that everything costs. It was the actual airline's inability to get me from one place to the other in a timely manner or at least explain to me why this was happening. I was traveling from Jamaica back to FL and the flight was four hours late. First were were told a time that the plane would arrive and the time moved back a couple of times until our 3:14pm flight arrived at 7:30pm. Everyone kept saying due to weather, but no one could tell us what or where this "bad" weather was. They were so blasé. We were told that we would miss connecting flights and were offered hotel vouchers. I told the staff that I had to try to make my connecting flight. The plane arrived and we were given $7.00 vouchers for food for the night. I didn't read the fine print so I'm not sure where we could eat for $7.00. Finally we made it to Ft. Lauderdale. I made it to the flight which I believe they had held for 30 minutes. On the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa, we were given $100 vouchers to use within 60 days. An email was supposed to be in my inbox within 24 hours explaining how to use the voucher. I never received an email. There is a number on the voucher to call to receive a code to activate the voucher. I got a recording and was never able to speak with anyone. The recorded information was to book flights. This was the absolute worst experience that I have had with an airline in 30 years of traveling and now I can't even use the voucher. I never want to use this airline again. I do thank God that I made it back home safely.

7/2/2019 M Galena

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Atlantic City. I was very surprised with how nice the agent at the bag drop counter was in Fort Lauderdale. My last experience at this airport was not so positive. I went for the big front seat which made the journey more pleasant however if the seat could be pre-reclined better it would be great. The flight attendants were actually very nice, as someone who travels with Spirit every two months I have to say they are trying to improve perception and the crew is getting friendlier or at least better trained. Good job Spirit and please bring back the 7:00AM ACY TO FLL flight. I will fly JetBlue out of Philadelphia in a few weeks because you took that flight out of ACY. To be fair to Spirit you get exactly what you pay for, they advertise as a value airline so a lot of the negative reviews are really unfair.

7/2/2019 M Galena

✅ Trip Verified | Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale. For a 6:45 AM flight the crew was surprisingly pleasant. This was one of Spirit’s older aircrafts with the old paint job and it looked a little bit beat up on the inside however the big front seat is always a plus, if you can, go for it. They took me from point A to point B efficiently, and on time. Spirit if you can pre-recline the big front seat a little bit more that would be amazing. I paid exactly for what I wanted and that is what I got. No major complaints here.

7/1/2019 Jamie Pea

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Denver with Spirit Airlines. Terrible airline. Over priced baggage for poor service. Flight was delayed multiple times and partly due to waiting on a crew member who was extremely late. Not worth spending less money for the initial ticket for what we actually got. Baggage fees alone ended up being as much as a flight with better accommodations with other airlines. Nothing given to us to make up for our inconvenience. Even charged for non alcoholic drinks. Will never use this airline again and will discourage anyone I know to avoid them.

7/1/2019 Jamie Pea

❎ Not Verified | Las Vegas to Denver. Two crew members arrived extremely late and separately and didn't act as if anything was wrong. We were given no information or apologies as to why and left to feel as if our inconvenience and money doesn't matter. Never will fly this airline again.

6/30/2019 C Norton

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Dallas. I hate this airline. I was confused about the carry on bag policy and had to pay $65.00 at the gate. The flight was late, seats are terrible, customer service was so bad. I will never fly this airline again. I found other fights on Alaska that were the same price. I hope this company does not survive. It makes you so angry when your vacation starts out with horrible travel.

6/29/2019 Kaylyn Deloach

Not Verified | Worst flight I have ever been on. It was $55 for a carry on which is insane. Never heard of being charged for a carry on. The seats were super tiny and I had to sit, crunched up by the window because the guy beside me kept falling asleep and his arm kept slipping onto my leg. None of the flight attendants cared.

6/28/2019 Matt Reed

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas Fort-Worth to Panama City with Spirit Airlines. Complete trash airline. Completely disregarded any of our concerns about our flight connection/time. We ended up stuck in Fort Lauderdale as a result of too short of a connection time and then did nothing to rectify the situation.

6/28/2019 D Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Experience with Spirit Airlines was horrible. My flight was at 6.20 am. I reached the airport at 5.10am. Their self tag kiosk was total chaos. The lines were back to the end of the airport entrance. By the time, I got to the kiosk it said boarding was closed. I had to stand in another line for another hour and the customer service made us to wait for another 30 mins. They said they couldn't do anything at this time, they claim they called for 6.20am passengers. There was too much chaos in the airport for anyone to hear their call. They were ready to book in another flight 2 days later for an additional $99/person. I checked online and there was another connection flight via MYrtle beach for the same day. The agent was rude and refused to put us on that plane saying they see more than what is listed on spirit.com. She said even if I booked online, it would be a waste of money. If the seats are not available, why would they show online. Either spirit.com is lying or the agent is lying. Either way it is outrageous. The whole thing is setup for the customer to loose the money. I didn't get any refund and had to book another airlines for $1000.00. Never fly or even book Spirit Airlines.

6/28/2019 Michael Sansone

❎ Not Verified | Hartford to Orlando. Do not use this carrier, they are a waste of my time, booked online and selected my seats, upon receiving the reservation I did not have a seat assignment. Spent an hour on the phone with several representatives, they would not assign me seats. Trying to cancel and get a full refund, Spirit not making that easy even though I booked it literally 90 minutes ago. Did you all know that if you buy the $9 Fare club as part of the ticket purchase and then cancel the reservation within the 24 Hour limit to cancel Spirit will not refund the $59.95 fee for the $9 fare club? Even though it was part of the transaction and you haven't used the discounted rate to travel? Isn't that fraud? At the very least it's deceitful.

6/26/2019 G Halton

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Las Vegas. I have tried to contact customer service and they were completely unhelpful and lied to me multiple times. Customer service says that our flight was delayed due to weather, yet at the gate they told us we were waiting for flight attendants to show up. Flight is now 3.5 hours delayed and we are now leaving the airport at 2am when we were supposed to leave at 10:30pm. I am very unimpressed and will be telling everyone I know about my experience. I felt unheard and ignored when I called and was looking for some compensation which is completely reasonable when there is an airline mistake/mishap not due to my fault or the weather. Even something small in terms of compensation would have helped calm the situation..Instead I felt more upset when I got off the phone. Really unfortunate because I love Spirit airlines, but if this situation is not addressed I will probably not fly Spirit again.

6/24/2019 Yusnalky Ferreiro

Not Verified | Houston to San Juan. My experience the worst, with the flights super uncomfortable, there is no internet or anything, but the most uncomfortable is in terms of luggage because they charge for everything. I brought my backpacks and charged me $ 65 - the worst experience I have had. It is preferable pay a few pesos more because the trip was 110 dollars more expensive than a ticket for another air line and with all the amenities. In addition, everything in the plane must be paid out of the trip higher than the rest of the airlines. Mi experiencia la peor con las los vuelos son súper incómodos, no hay internet ni nada, pero lo más incomodo es en cuestión del equipaje pues te cobran por todo yo traía mi mochilas y me cobraron 65 dólares la peor experiencia que he tenido, es preferible pagar unos pesos de más pues el viaje me salió 110 dólares más más caro que un pasaje por otra aéreo linea y con todas las comodidades. Además que todo lo que está en el avíon hay que pagarlo saliéndote el viaje superior que al resto de las aereolineas.

6/24/2019 John Ninivaggi

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Detroit. They charged me $65 to have a carry on, would never buy another ticket. They don’t offer refreshments. If you want anything it’s probably going to cost you.

6/23/2019 David Brooks

Not Verified | Atlanta to Orlando. Please think long and hard before booking. We never got our flight due to Spirit incompetence and we lost our money for a flight we never got on. We had to travel 6.5 hours to catch another flight and pay for another flight. Please don't waste your time. Unprofessional treatment. Rude and uncaring. Traveling with infant and bags never got checked after being paid for and we had to try and get them through security and having to throw away $200 worth of personal hygiene items purchased for the trip. Told no more flights available and looked on line and see 4 seats available. Just not worth ever flying with them. Cost for booking with spirit an additional $1400 outside of what we paid and received nothing for our money. We were booked through a travel agency and did not check reviews prior. We know better now. Check reviews first. No one should ever experience what my family experienced.

6/23/2019 R Barden

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight was originally scheduled to leave LaGuardia Airport at 630am Spirit Airline flight #NK705 to Fort Lauderdale then Cancun today 6/22/19. I live in Pennsylvania, almost 2 hrs drive to NY. I have a 9&13 yrs old. The flight was confirmed but when checked at around 2am the flight was cancelled. I called the customer service I was on hold for more than an hr. Of course, the response was "I apologize we have NO control, the weather is to blamed". Mainwhile all other flights today leaving from NYC were all scheduled and no delays so I don't think they are telling the truth. The airplane flight #705 was not even in LaGuardia, it was n Fort Lauderdale ready to fly to Cancun at 10:40a.m. I called spirit again and I spoke to 2 customer rep and finally the manager total 2hrs hold. They offered me to cancel my flight to Cancun & will refund me the money. I was advised by the manager to look for another flight/Airline one way from LaGuardia to Cancun but they will not pay for the difference. He said he exhausted all the options & they will not compensate me for the loss of my resort stay & flight. My new flight is June 25 & 3 days are wasted. I'm sad & I'm very hurt, disappointed coz i was hoping this would be a good summer vacation experience for my whole family. So, now we are going to wait 3 days before we can fly to Mexico with no compensation offered. So unfair. I was reading some of the reviews and I'm really shocked to find out that so many people had to go through this nightmare. I'm also surprised that Spirit Airlines is still on business. Spirit Airlines if you are reading this, please have a heart. You've hurt so many people.

6/23/2019 S Tarlena

✅ Trip Verified | The flight crew on flt 689 from San Juan Puerto Rico to Philadelphia on June 21, 10:30 am to 2:43 pm was simply amazing. They had the passengers do Spirit yoga engaging with all passengers and they had amazing personalities. I loved and enjoyed the flight. These attendants should be acknowledged and Spirit airline truly put spirit into the flight. My first time flying with spirit but definitely not my last. Thank you for being awesome.

6/23/2019 Derek Teeter

Not Verified | Cleveland to Las Vegas. Never in my life have I had so much trouble. First I never had to pay to bring luggage with me. Next they say if I don’t print out my pass online they charge me extra? What is this all about? What if someone doesn’t have the luxury of a printer available?

6/22/2019 T Verden

✅ Trip Verified | La Vegas to Seattle. All I did was follow all the rules they are not in the fine print and they are easy to follow I even bought a backpack to fit in their guidelines flight 193 from las vegas to Seattle I did pay extra for a window exit row seat All the flight staff were very nice and polite yes the seat is a little thin but no problem for a two-hour flight I had no issues and a pleasant flight.