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7/3/2019 William Reedy

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Dushanbe with Air Astana. Forced me off my flight during check in (plane was not cancelled, it was overbooked) even though I booked 3 months in advance. Staff said this happens everyday and could provide no help. They suggested I contact their office who has not responded to my questions. Staff even asked me to please complain because this happens so often and they are clearly sick of it. To avoid this problem for others, I would recommend not using this airline as they were extremely unprofessional and no one could answer my questions. I travel every month to many countries across Asia and have never been treated so poorly. Later, Air Astana replied to my compliant with A) Wrong flight/date, and B) blamed it on a travel agent (I didn't use a travel agent) and C) stated an email notification was sent when it was not. The fact that they will lie to invalidate my legitimate complaints shows the type of business they do.

6/28/2019 P Richards

✅ Trip Verified | I have never been so positively shocked by any other airline in my life! I've heard nothing but good things about Air Astana, but my experience even exceeded those high expectations. On the 2hr45m trip from Baku to Almaty, there was a full amenity kit provided (that which rivals those on transatlantic routes) ear plugs, pen, toothbrush and toothpaste, lotion, comb, eye mask, and socks! Small candies were provided before takeoff on both flights. The meal provided from Baku to Almaty was average (it's always a risk coming from a city which isn't a hub.) On the Almaty-Bishkek leg, water was provided before takeoff, as it's a less than 1 hour-long flight. The cabin crew were so pleasant and well spoken in Kazakh, Russian, and English, and the pilots gave beautifully detailed and eloquent messages in all three languages as well. Seats were average, but I didn't mind with all of the other services provided. Important - Row 14 on the 757-200 aircraft has no window, so please take caution when reserving seats. All in all, I would go out of my way to fly Air Astana again!

6/26/2019 B Marelicki

✅ Trip Verified | Nur Sultan to Shymkent. Extremely nice experience. Food and drinks served on short flight all included in the ticket price. Cabin crew very friendly and professional.

6/19/2019 E Galunov

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Istanbul. Please review your Cabin crew training program. KC 911 on 17/06 delayed for 30 mins. Actually there were at least 3 flights, which were delayed around of this time. Ground staff of Air Astana did excellent work. Even though it was crowded, they handle situation professionally. 5 star to Ground staff. (Except of one thing. Lady on the check-in counter told me, that there is no delay of the flight, when actually it was a delay for 30 mins. I mean, not a big deal and most probably delay wasn't announced to staff at that moment. But fact is fact, I would rather spend 30 mins with my beloved ones, instead of crowded "transit" area (if you can call Almaty airport hall a transit area)). Real bad experience starting with announcement of the flight. Not sure, whose fault it is, airport or airline, but should be sorted. You can not hear, what staff announced, it is simply hard to understand about which flight she was talking about. Sound had a really bad quality. Waiting area was crowded and too loud. Almaty airport is very old and small. It should be replaced a long time ago. The reason, why I'm leaving this comment are cabin crew. Seriously guys, you need to review your politics and training program. As a constant customer, you can see how quality is going down. If Supervisors and business class crew are still on track, your junior/economy staff is losing a mark. Crew was rude. They commanded to do procedures, before take off and when customers (who may never flew before) looked for explanation, the answers were very sharp and again rude. Crew responded with single words, time to time mixing it with Russian, and it was obvious that it was hard for them to express themselves in single sentence. They gave an option of two meals, as usual chicken and beef. However during serving, crew literally served us without asking anything. When someone noticed, that they would prefer beef, crew responded, that she would prefer beef as well, but what is left is left. Same crew complained, that she has to wait for customers when all of them visit restroom, and because of what she is not able to serve the rest, who were keep calling her.

6/14/2019 J Barlsen

✅ Trip Verified | Nur Sultan to Frankfurt. In every sense a 4 Star experience. As a frequent traveller it was my first 4 flights from FRA to ALA via TSE and back and I was impressed. An excellent product with attention to detail. The presentation and quality of the inflight catering in my opinion is slightly above a 4 star carrier. Great airline,great product.

5/30/2019 G Hin

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Istanbul via Almaty. I was uneasy throughout the flight. Passengers have been on board for over an hour and have not left. In the meantime, the announcement came 40 minutes later. The children's food came out as baby food. I asked stewardess the adult meals because child could not eat, but she declined firmly.

5/17/2019 German Zamorin

✅ Trip Verified | St-Petersburg to Istanbul via Almaty. A21 neo for both ways with Recaro seats,comfortable for 5-6 hours flight. Food was perfect, especially from Istanbul. Good choice of beverages. On the way to Istanbul I over slept my dinner, but I got it after and the coffee was hot. In Istanbul new airport I had to visit Air Astana kiosk and I got qualified assistance there! Other flights Saint-Petersburg to Almaty, from Almaty to Astana and back to Saint-Petersburg were very good.

5/13/2019 Pasin Buaon

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Tbilisi to Bangkok via Almaty on 15-16APR. I wasn't sure what’s wrong with inflight service for sector ALA to BKK. My friend and I have asked crew for blanket as it’s very cool and we were unable to adjust the temperature due to the type the aircraft which didn’t have the option on the compartment. She was providing blanket to passengers and when she reached my row/seat, she said that “Women/Children first” Her tone/sound eye contact was very rude. Is this policy to provide blanket to women and children first? I don’t mind if I get after, but I didn’t get it. I doubt that Women/children paid more expensive ticket? However, I also paid for the ticket. I was’t taking free flight. We were waiting until she provided blanket to all women and children. However, she has never come back with blanket to us. My woman friend sit behind has offered her blanket to me as I was so cool and freezing. Have sent this comment to the airline and they apologized but not response or clarify from what I doubt/questions. In addition, drink has’t served even water in the morning before landing at Bangkok. I asked for water, but the crew said I am busy with collecting blanket and never come back to us.

4/27/2019 Jan Schlimm

✅ Trip Verified | Excellent economy flight with Air Astana. This was an afternoon flight and they provide an amenity cit for all passengers and a blanket. Cabin crew friendly and hospitable. Several times they go around with drinks and the food was really delicious. A perfect Economy flight.

3/19/2019 C Gantin

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Istanbul. I use Air Astana for my domestic and international flights, I can say that they are best option for the region. The quality of service, aircraft quality keeps increasing.

3/16/2019 D Galetov

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Almaty. Overall impression is great. Flight attendants very attentive and nice - food is good. Entertainment, since I am traveling often, variety is limited for me. Renewed in two months, not enough. Some some standard business class seats, but I would prefer to Beijing a bed seat, it is night flight.

3/15/2019 Kanat Skakov

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Astana on an early morning flight in economy class. I was impressed by this aircraft which still feels very new inside. Inflight entertainment is available at each seat (with a USB port) and there is a good selection of programs. The flight attendants were nice and professional, good info from the pilots and we arrived to Astana with no delay. Overall a very nice experience.

3/14/2019 Erdal Seyhan

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Astana. Consistency of ground service, food, cabin service and inflight entertainment are core values of this airline. Sometimes I push myself to have connecting flights to the destinations where they have no direct flights.

2/5/2019 C Norton

✅ Trip Verified | The shared Lounge Facility at Heathrow was very good. The ground crew and cabin crew were all very friendly as my wife was travelling with a very painful condition. The Business Class seats offer a great deal of room and can be arranged to lie flat, but are a bit hard, the food was good. The cabin crew arranged for a wheelchair and assistance at Astana, which was there on arrival. We unfortunately had to cancel our onward flights to Bangkok as my wife's condition took an unexpected turn for the worse. We had a nightmare in trying to confirm cancellations and working out the refund due. Customer service had not replied to an email after 10 days. However, it is not that mistakes happen that is a detriment to airlines, it is how they are handled by senior management. I wrote to the CEO vie email and got a very prompt response, with a 2 page letter explaining some of the background, but more importantly what would be done to avoid a repeat should this happen to someone else.

1/18/2019 Z Gray

✅ Trip Verified | This journey was 6 legs long with Air Astana. Saint-Petersburg to Almaty, from Almaty to Ust'-Kamenogorsk and back, Almaty to Aktobe and back, and finally from Almaty to Saint-Petersburg. If my trip from LED to ALA is usual thing almost two times a year, but my new discovery was domestic flight KC863/864 from Almaty to Aktobe. Oh my god, even choice of hot meal dish. Other stuff just have to mention : clean cabin, perfect meal each way. I also had my air astana's mug I got last year. It's capacity is about 400 ml and asked to fill it up with coffee: "no problem, sure!“ I heard the answer! My flight from Ust'-Kamenogorsk was delayed, but I got notification by e-mail 4 hours before departure, so I was still at home. 6 flights and only one delay. I think it's good factor. overall: everywhere I saw attentive staff, helpful managers and perfect service.

11/23/2018 John White

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Atyrau. I am a regular user of Air Astana for work purposes and have been for over a year now. I had never heard of Air Astana before so I was very skeptical to say the least. What a mistake that was. I would put Air Astana right along big international carriers. The on board service and food are excellent the flights are on time. The cabin crew are very professional and language skills are excellent.

11/3/2018 Mauricio Canosa

✅ Trip Verified | Tashkent to Hong Kong via Astana/Almaty. Arrived early at Tashkent airport just to be told that Astana Air does not offer a lounge at that airport anymore. Boarding was chaotic, as they annouced boarding, traveling business class I rushed to the gate, only to be told to wait 10 minutes. Then, they started boarding the around 100 economy class passengers as I waited standing by the counter. After around 15 minutes, I was invited to board, very weird process. Once onboard, I was greeted by 2 friendly flight attendants, who showed my seat and offered an welcome drink. Cabin was beautiful with mood lighting and well apointed, very comfortable seat for 2 hours flight. After take off, they offered more drinks with warm nuts, plus took dinner orders. Food was delicious, well prepared and of high quality. Next flight from Astana to Almaty, they offered a good lounge in Astana, with some basic snacks. They had a special boarding line for business, boarding was very efficient and fast. 767 cabin is really beautiful, well appointed and comfortable even for longer flights. Welcome champagne offered and menus distributed. Food, once again, excellent and high quality, as well as drinks options. From Almaty to Hong Kong, the longest portion, I was invited to the lounge, but as I entered it, I was advised that Air Astana passengers cannot use the buffet facility or bar, and must pay for any drink consumption of drinks, even water. Noticed passengers from other airlines using the same lounge to have access to a full buffet and drinks choice, so very poor experience for Air Astana premium customers. Anyway, they also offered a separate line for business class and boarding was fast and efficient. Once again a 767 with beautiful cabin and very comfortable flat seats. Also this time, crew was courteous and friendly and dinner was of high quality, as well as drinks. They also offered a very nice ammenities kit and noise-reducing headsets, but wifi was not working on this flight. All in all, in those 3 flights, I received excellent service from professional and courteous flight attendants plus high quality ammenities and food / drink choices. Only aspect to be improved are the lounges experience, especially for international flights. But all flighst were ontime, with excellent crew and modern and well appointed planes/cabins, so I am looking forward to fly on Air Astana business class again in the future.

10/8/2018 German Zamorin

✅ Trip Verified | Saint-Petersburg to Astana, Astana to Almaty and from Almaty to Tbilisi. Food just perfect, chicken with baked potatoes, next flight potato dumplings with bacon, and the last one beef with pasta. Good amenity kit on international flights in economy class - useful brush, tooth paste, socks. First flight was on A320 with no personal screens, but I used KC TV app. Next flight about 1 hour and it was B757 with personal entertainment, and the last one was Embraer 190 also I was using KC TV. Cabin crew on the flight from Almaty to Tbilisi was unbelievable attentive. All flights on time, clean cabins.

10/6/2018 N Lasiva

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Bangkok via Astana / Almaty. Air Astana was way more than I expected. Check in was super easy and the cabin service is great. The food, drinks and entertainment make long flights easier. They took amazing care of me when flights changed but I had an important appointment and they moved things around for me to get me back in time. They also put me up in a great hotel where I was also able to go explore Kazahkstan for a day! I will definitely be looking for flights with them again.

10/2/2018 Kristina Trushnikova

✅ Trip Verified | I'm replying back on Air Astana's response which been posted on 18th September 2018 : Air Astana's response: Let us highlight that the transfer counter in Beijing is not just an Air Astana or Cathay Dragon transfer counter. It is a general airport transfer counter for all airlines, and all transfer passengers wait there for the counter to be opened at 6am. Based on the report from our colleagues in Beijing, on arrival you were met by our staff, who checked your baggage tag and passport. After the transfer counter opened, you were provided with boarding pass on time and continued with your flight to Hong Kong. I asked so many times Air Astana representatives to recheck exactly this details about operation hours of transit counter in Beijing, they weren't able to give me an answer. Based on the report - "your colleague in Beijing met me and provided the boarding pass"?! Nobody met me at the transfer zone, the lady from the immigration desk saw i was crying and offered me the help, she wrote on a piece of paper details of my flight based on my ticket on my phone, the boarding pass i got only at the gate, couple minutes before it closed! My baggage was founded by Cathay Dragon - yes, but when at the same day i called Air Astana representatives before my baggage been found and asked to check regarding my missing baggage, i got an answer over email only after 1 week. I have been a loyal customer of Air Astana over 11 years and instead of apologies, Air Astana representative try to look this case that it's my fault - its fault of Air Astana representatives. You cannot sell on your official website the tickets which have only 1H transit time, i believe you should recheck transit desks operating hours before you sell those connection flight or at least notify your clients about potential risk of missing the connecting flight, as flight arrive at 5AM transit desk open at 6AM next flight at 7AM. 2. I believe Air Astana representatives should have better knowledge about those details and when clients ask about transfer activities in the airport where will be connection flight, your rep. should be able to provide this info. I will not even bother to write all this post but its very affair that after 11 years using your airline I have been treated like this!