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3/5/2019 C Watson

✅ Trip Verified | Overall a positive experience with Air Burkina. This route is a triangle from Ouagadougou to Accra to Abidjan and back. Check-in wasn't fast but was well managed. 10-minute boarding delay was communicated individually by staff but the plane was ultimately on time. Free seating - not an issue as it wasn't fully booked. Clean and fairly well-maintained albeit slightly worn ex-Royal Jordanian plane, good leg room, 12 years old. (There was some tape on both emergency exit handle covers.) Courteous English/French speaking cabin crew and good cockpit communications. 50 minute flight had a good selection of cold drinks including French wine. Luggage arrived without incident.

2/11/2019 Zvi Rosen

✅ Trip Verified | I was booked to fly non stop from Abidjan to Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) with Air Burkina. Their website was surprisingly easy to maneuver ,and in a few minutes my ETKT was issued. I guess i was smart to ask the Concierge at my hotel in Abidjan to confirm my flight the day before.Air Burkina had my email,but no notices whatsoever re the dramatic change.To my unpleasant surprise he was told my flight was cancelled, and i was rebooked on a different flight at 0800 rather than 1115. I was at the check in counters at 0600 per the instructions of the reservation office in Abidjan. Im sure the Concierge understood well the new information he received from Air Burkina's office. To my unpleasant surprise i was refused to be checked in and was told to wait, as 'there is a problem with my ticket'. I waited patiently till ALL passengers were checked in, and then i was told by hand signs (No English spoken by the check in supervisor) that the flight is full, and to go and see the agents at Air Burkina's office in the terminal. There i was told by an agent that I'm booked on a different flight at 3pm. I insisted that i had a seat on the early morning flight, as i trusted the information i got from the hotel in the city. I was promised i had a seat at 3pm,but already i had my doubts at that point. I asked why they didn't accept me on the 0800 flight as they cancelled my original flight, and even if i had no reservation per their version, i thought i was entitled to standby for the morning flight. "No" was the answer. Reason: the flight was stopping in Accra where it was going to be filled up 100%. I told the agents that i thank them for their efforts, and i am not going to wait 8 hours at the airport for 'maybe' flying at 3pm. I left their office trying to figure out a way out of Ivory Coast as i had a Business class ticket on Ethiopian from Ouagadougou to Addis Ababa, and hoped Ethiopian Airlines would reissue my ticket to fly from Abidjan to Addis. Suddenly i was approached by the Air Burkina agent, who offered me to pay 'penalty' for a flight change from 3pm to 8 am of 50Euro - I had to pay Air Burkina 50 EURO because THEY cancelled my flight. Amazing! The 100% full flight from Accra excuse was no longer an issue. I decided to pay despite the convoluted business conduct of Air Burkina, so i don't miss my visit to Burkina Faso for 50 Euro. I paid, and quickly was rushed to the aircraft. Out of Accra there were at least 20 empty seats and Business class was 100% empty. So much for correct information. The aircraft was an ex LOT airliner in terrible shape, torn seats, dirty cabin, toilets without toilet paper. Drinks were served from Abidjan to Accra's 30 minute flight,and a hot tasty meal was offered on the 1 hour flight from Accra to Ouagadougou. Quite impressive service. What a poor show of caring for customers at Abidjan airport. And their website says that "the customer is at the center of all they do" - really?

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