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6/23/2019 Gyan Fernando

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Reunion. Air Austral is a fairly good airline. The seat layout of the Airbus A330-200 was 2x4x2. The leg room was not too bad. In-flight entertainment was good and worked well. Cabin service was average but generally fine. The flight was on time.

5/18/2019 V Meilner

✅ Trip Verified | La Réunion to Paris. We missed our connection flight because of the delay of the the first flight with Air Austral. The worst thing about was the service of the staff at the airport at CDG. At first they denied to speak English and booked us for a flight 7 hours later, but other travelers were book on an earlier flight with the same destination. Vouchers for food or drinks were also denied although it is EU law. It was the impoliteness and ignorance of the staff that made the experience with Air Austral this bad.

5/1/2019 Gowtham Thangavel

✅ Trip Verified | Reunion to Chennai. We were really disappointed in this Air austral. Around 13 hrs delay, they dint provide lounge, and food to still for 4 hours and then all complaint the ground staff and then they issue a burger and one drinks. All ground staff is not at all responding. It’s really bad service.

12/31/2018 G Mardun

✅ Trip Verified | We had to give up our luggage in Paris CDG on the return flight from Reunion, for the onward flight to Frankfurt, although no airport change took place. Reason: The gate for the onward flight to Frankfurt was too far away from the gate where we arrived !! Despite a complaint about the baggage claim in St. Denis, the responsible supervisor decided that. Was an unpleasant and stressful experience. On the one hand, because of the relatively short time window and on the other hand because of the many and sometimes also heavy luggage, which we push forever through Paris CDG and also had to transport an elevator and a bus. Wir mussten beim Rückflug aus Reunion unser Gepäck in Paris CDG erneut aufgeben, für den Weiterflug nach FFM, obwohl kein Flughafenwechsel stattgefunden hat. Begründung: Das Gate für den Weiterflug nach FFM sei von dem Gate, an dem wir angekommen sind, zu weit entfernt !! Trotz Reklamation bei der Gepäckaufgabe in St. Denis hat der zuständige Supervisor so entschieden. War eine unangenehme und stressige Erfahrung. Zum einen, wegen des relativ knappen Zeitfensters und zum anderen wegen des vielen und teilweise auch schweren Gepäcks, das wir ewig weit durch Paris CDG schieben und zudem in einen Fahrstuhl sowie einen Bus verfrachten mussten.

4/3/2018 Lee Alvis

✅ Trip Verified | This airline is shambolic. Our direct flight from Paris to Dzaoudzi was cancelled and another given after 3hours but via Reunion. On arrival in Reunion, shoved in my face a letter of apology. Agents very stand offish. Nothing offered, not even water. Crying babies, elderly customers not taken care of. Just herded like cattle to a small gate area. On embarking from Reunion to Dzaoudzi our baggage could be seen on tarmac but not loaded. Advised Purser and Captain but they shrugged shoulders. On arrival in RUN, a total of 8 hours late with no luggage. On return flight to Paris CDG we were advised maybe a stop in East Africa, then told once on plane, going direct. Served a freezing cold salad as an entree and thats all. A dry baby croissant for breakfast, but were made to feel grateful. We pay for service and products but must be grateful for something! I contacted Air Austral under EU LAW 261/2004 for my refund as laid out under EU Legislation & after 17 emails ignoring me, I contacted a third party attorney. Sure enough they are paying up my refund. I can only say, this airline is awful. They hold you to ransom after you pay your hard earned money, treat you like you are doing them a favour, glare at you when questioned, ignore the law they are contractually bound to, serve you cold salad for dinner, lose your luggage, contact you after 6 months once summoned by a lawyer, tell you where they are taking you with no chance to deplane if you need to change your plan. The situation is their Boeing 787 has many technical problems, the Boeing 777 is too big to land in Mayotte, so instead of being truthful, they just lie. Still, they are supposedly 3star?

3/19/2018 Sean Clarke

✅ Trip Verified | I wasn't a happy guy. There was an outbreak of pneumonic plague and especially in Antananarivo/Tana. So, I changed my return flight to avoid Tana and instead opted for my return from Nosy Be. The agent repeatedly said there would be no change fee due to the plague. Made perfect sense to me. I wanted to avoid a plague area! When I did change they had charged me the €70 change fee and they would not budge. Very bad attitude! The flights are horrendously expensive. I mean, I could fly DUB-MRU (Mauritius) for €700 return and this hop between islands cost me close to €500 return. They seem to have the routes tied up with Air Madagascar, would I be a cynic for thinking there may be a total lack of competition between them? More competition needed her ASAP! A two-star due to the change fee and cost of the flights!

9/26/2017 T Martin

✅ Verified Review | Flew Bangkok to Antananarivo via Saint-Denis. We were pleasantly surprised by Air Austral: the flights were on time, the aircraft relatively new, the amenities were good, and the IFE was ok. On the BKK-RUN segment, a pouch is provided with socks and eye shade in Y class. Wine is provided with meals. The staff tended to disappear after meal service, but they were friendly enough.

1/24/2017 N Ingram

✅ Verified Review | Nosy Be (Madagascar) to Paris CDH via Reunion. The connecting flight was cancelled so had overnight stay in Reunion. Then next day flight was earlier than the original schedule, so had to overnight in Paris. The promised hotel booked by Air Austral was not honoured - had to chase to get refund for hotel booked myself. Still waiting for compensation, that was agreed by Air Austral, despite continued emails. They just keep stalling. Unfair and gives a terrible impression of Air Austral.

1/7/2017 N Magwaza

✅ Verified Review | Reunion to Johannesburg with Air Austral. One of the worst experience I have had. After we took off from Reunion, the flight had to go back to Reunion because of the technical fault. When we arrived at the airport nobody from the airline bothered to explain the next step and nobody at the airline spoke English. We only saw on the boarding gate the time for departure. This made us miss our connecting flight. Upon arrival at Johannesburg we tried to negotiate with the Manager and ask her to find flights home for us. She said there was nothing she can do for us. I can assure everybody who wants to take this airline that cheap is expensive. We ended up rebooking our flights.

9/7/2016 B Stauffer

✅ Verified Review | Great little airline. Although we left one hour late, the service for a 4 hour flight was outstanding from Johannesburg to Reunion. Even in Economy Class, you receive an amenity kit, a hot towel, and a full hot meal with first course, desert, and free wine and liquors. This was followed by a great French movie with subtitles on drop down screens every 4 rows. A great way to start a magical vacation on a paradise destination in the Indian Ocean.

6/10/2016 Karen Rochery

Paris to La Réunion. I was very disappointed with my flight on Air Austral - very damaged seats, small, uncomfortable, dirty. Due to health problems I have to eat neither fat nor sugar, so I always order a light meal except that Air Austral on this meal "exceptional" also has a price exceptional and is discriminatory. The meal costs the astronomical sum of 20 € for all that ultimately end up with a meal with fat! Between the outward and return flight I had email exchanges with the company following this concern and frankly they had nothing to do and were very ironic in their responses do not take seriously at all my problem, sending me a vegetarian menu instead of the light except that eating vegetarian has nothing to do with not eating fat and sugar. Staff incompetent. Movies and music were poor.

11/20/2015 Philip Walker

A very pleasant experience with Air Austral. The food was above average for economy. The movie choice was a bit limited but there was enough in English to keep us entertained. As much to drink as you wanted. The onboard crew were outstanding - friendly and professional. The best economy cabin crew I have experienced for a long time. It is also by far the best route to Madagascar (and especially Nosy Be with a direct flight from St Denis).

12/22/2014 T G Vernet

CDG-RUN return. Air Austral is the airline of Réunion Island owned by the local public authorities. On the good side food is average but not too bad particularly main dishes. FA are smiling and very attentive ground staff really nice. Boarding was very well organised. A small travel kit is provided with socks. Pillows are wide. Cabin looks fine although a bit ageing in Y. New livery on the planes is really great. On the downside choice of films on the IFE is surprisingly limited and most French films - and seats are really narrow because of 3-4-3 configuration on B777 particularly exit seats. All in all I find its service to be slightly better than AF and Air Mauritius on this area.

12/20/2012 K Roddam

Sydney-Reunion-CDG return May/June 2012. After reading mixed reviews here we were a little apprehensive at first but booked anyway because of price and also short stop over times. Staff were friendly upon initial check in blocking the seat next to us so we had more room. Actually the only flight we had to sit next to someone else was Reunion-CDG. Entertainment selection was great and the staff were very friendly and attentive. Food was tasty and very sufficient. And the care packs with socks ear plugs sleep mask and headphones were a nice touch. On return flight Reunion-Sydney the plane was virtually empty so we had a row of seats each as did most other passengers in the cabin. Again staff were very attentive constantly offering drinks throughout the flight. All in all we had an extremely pleasant experience and have no hesitation flying with them again. Have recommended Air Austral and will continue to.

8/30/2012 Neil Cluff

Departed Jorge Newbury Airport (AEP) Buenos Aires to Galeão-(GIG) Rio de Janeiro. Flight number AR 2252- 22 August 2012. Embraer 190 aircraft. Arrived at the airport in time for a 9.50am departure. There were many announcements in Spanish but very few in English until English speaking passengers enquired at departure gates. Flight was 1 hour late with no explanation given. Flight itself was fantastic however cabin crew were less than friendly and did not even check our boarding pass to direct us to our assigned seat as we boarded. Inflight "snack" was some sort of carrot cake caramel filled biscuit covered in a white chocolate substance with a caramel sweet.

4/8/2012 Jerome Kwo

Sydney-Reunion-Mauritius. Cabin crew extremely rude simple requests such as glasses of water plainly ignored. Food was sub standard and if you felt peckish after the meal you were abruptly told to go help yourself at the rear of the plane to a platter of soggy cheese and butter sandwiches. Same for drinks pour- your-own-glass at the back of the pane in full view of the cabin crew who just pretended you didn't exist. Overall cabin crew appeared quite blasé and pompous.

1/24/2012 S Lorang-Grimaldi

Excellent trip between New Caledonia and St Denis of La Reunion. Onward and return on a Boeing 747 with good comfort on seats. Individual screens. Excellent service and good meals. The pitch was just too little for me and that's why I just give 9 and not 10.

11/22/2011 H Mutschler

Mauritius to Reunion return. Onward flight was on a Boeing 737-800 with only a 20% load so we had enough space during that 20 mins flight. Service was a cookie and juice which was nice. Return flight was on a ATR 72 aircraft with the same service. Crew was friendly and helpful. Flights and bags where on time. Would fly them again even ticket price is quite high.

10/31/2011 C Betsey

Flew to Mauritius and my experience was unsatisfactory. The service was appalling. I pressed the hostess button numerous times with no response. One meal throughout the journey was inadequate with a very small snack before landing. My snack was a soggy sandwich and breakfast was no better. I will not recommend this airline. Quality is of the essence.

9/5/2011 Grégory Coquet

NOU-RUN-MRS return. The overall service and meals were beyond expectations for a French airline crews were polite professional and present throughout the cabin. All flights with brand new B773 are pleasant with PTV's and conformable seats. The only flight with B772 was on the MRS-RUN leg and it was a shame because no PTV on this ageing aircraft. However the transit area in Saint Denis La Réunion airport definitely needs to be revamped there is nothing Air Austral can do about it but I hope this will be modernised shortly.