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7/1/2019 N Thorne

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Auckland on the 787-9. Poor service on this flight. Flight attendants look like they are about to retire and do not represent NZ at all, no style at all. Very dirty plane, air vents haven't been cleaned in ages, see photos. Lights had dirt around them. The window hasn't been cleaned, oily film from...

6/21/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200ER (772) platz 36G

As a family of four we shared the middle seats in row 36. We paid extra as they were preferred due to location and slightly more leg room. I managed to get a good nights sleep and they seemed fairly roomy for ecomony I am just on 6 foot so not overly tall but could stretch out ok and the seat wasn't too thin. I had recently flow...

6/17/2019 E Garman

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to London. The best airline I've flown. Super comfortable seat, and I'm 6'2. Best food I've had on a plan.. Free, fast wifi- I could watch Netflix. IFE was pretty good. Crew could've been a bit more friendly. .

6/12/2019 T Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Return flight with our proud flag national airline, beautiful all black silver fern aircraft. Clean and tidy. Flight attendants are very professional and friendly. Departed on time and landed a bit early for both legs. Pilot was able to broadcast a lot of information while in the air to keep us informed such as...

6/8/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 platz 25K

2 or 3hours before landing, galleys are bothersome for prepare breakfast.

6/8/2019 G Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Narita to Auckland. It was the worst nightmare like flying experience ever because of one unqualified and unprofessional flight attendant. My seat was in the first front row where it was closest to the exit and the cabin crew worked. One of flight attendants had kept making offensive comments about passe...

6/3/2019 Kirstin Fouke

✅ Trip Verified | I had a fantastic experience with Air New Zealand, flying from Los Angeles to London and back a week later. I needed special assistance with a wheelchair and right from Check-In Air NZ was on top of it. Assistance was provided directly at Check-In, I was brought to the Business Class Lounge and picked up on ti...

5/21/2019 R Barker

✅ Trip Verified | I usually fly Cathay Pacific business across the Pacific so have a point of comparison. Also, I am not a frequent flyer or getting a company trip so pay for the flights myself. Therefore, I expect good quality and service. My flights from Perth to Auckland return (8 hrs): the flight attendants were fabulous, f...

5/21/2019 Graeme Larsen

Not Verified | Flight Attendants made my trip thoroughly enjoyable. They greeted me by name and I was attended to well. The inflight meal was just the right size and very tasty. Was asked frequently if I wanted a drink, and water was available at short notice. I was able to spread myself across part of the seat beside me as wel...

5/15/2019 Richard Brown

✅ Trip Verified | Napier to San Francisco via Auckland. Efficient check-in at Napier with baggage checked in all the way through to SFO. Smooth uneventful flight with usual water, cookie and coffee to AKL, with an effortless breeze through immigration and security at AKL. Koru lounge served its purpose, though I have always fou...

5/7/2019 Daniel Hayes

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Melbourne. Selling Lounge tickets at $30? Business class lounge ridiculously full - couldn’t get a seat - 16 mins to get a coffee - no eye contact from staff. I paid full business fair - clearly corporate greed by selling Star Alliance or gold memberships and all the other memberships. I fly busines...

5/5/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 platz 4K

The oddity that annoys me about this seat is there is little recline with the seat. To lie fully flat, one has to get up as the seat back flips forward. So you don't have much angle of recline in the seat; it's either upright, a wee bit of recline or get up and put it fully flat.

5/5/2019 C Deane

✅ Trip Verified | We were regular customers of Air New Zealand. My husband is in the top tier and I am in the second. We flew just recently from Auckland to Singapore return. On the way back the service was terrible. The steward had a problem with us, we really have no idea what it was, he refused to serve us, got his colleague...

5/4/2019 J marston

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Nelson. Very inconvenient and worst airline compared to Jetstar. Jetstar had all flights departed and Air New Zealand all flights cancelled. We came early morning 6.30 am and wait till 2.15 PM after so many delays . We are absolutely sad and disappointed that no alternative was provided to us.

4/30/2019 G McEwan

Not Verified | Auckland to Los Angeles. Every flight I have taken with Air New Zealand this year has been delayed. In this case, I missed my connection to Vegas (due to late departure out of Auckland, which then led on to further delays on the ground at Las Vegas), and had to rush around trying to get on a later flight. I am OK...

4/26/2019 A Gallagher

✅ Trip Verified | Nadi to Perth via Auckland. What a poor airline. Seriously. Book two people onto a flight and they seat us in two separate seats away from each other. And for a 7.5 hour flight offer no food or entertainment service unless you pay extra. They completely gouge customers. Would not recommend this airline at all.

4/24/2019 John O, Boeing 777-300 (773) platz 34A

We had 34 A and B for the 13 hour AKL-IAH and these seats are outstanding. Despite SG's advice there is *no* protrusion from the exit door into the foot space of 34A. The bulkhead is so far away you could fit a coffee table and armchair in the space. As the bulkhead separates economy from premium economy and there is no economy ...

4/18/2019 Tim C, Boeing 787-9 (789) v2 platz 6A

These biz class seats are awful for sitting. There is limited in seat personal storage space, the sides are too close making it cramped. The designers of this cabin failed. Angled seats facing people is weird. The only saving part is the lie flat bed is decent, but its either upright seat or bed.

4/10/2019 leszek Wójtowicz

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Taupo. Very basic service. Unfriendly staff at the airport. Poor boarding. The plane was small, people with lots of big bags, during the short flight water was offered but the attendant was lacking any table or trolley, just plastic cups and a bottle of water - in consequence some water was poured o...

4/3/2019 Paul McCarthy

✅ Trip Verified | Napier to Brisbane via Auckland. Poor effort Air New Zealand. Of the 4 flights involved in my Napier-Auckland-Brisbane return flights the other day everyone of those flights were delayed in some form or another. Anything from 25 minutes to 1.15 minutes. The delays generally occurred either travelling to the ai...