Sitzplan Boeing 777-300 (773) Air New Zealand

1A1B1J1K10A10B10J10K11A11B11J11K12A12B12J12K2A2B2J2K23A23B23D23E23F23G23J23K24A24B24D24E24F24G24J24K25A25B25D25E25F25G25J25K26A26B26D26E26F26G26J26K27A27B27D27E27F27G27J27K28A28B28D28E28F28G28J28K29D29E29F29G3A3B3J3K30D30F34A34B34J34K35A35B35D35E35F35G35J35K36A36B36C36D36E36F36G36H36J36K37A37B37C37D37E37F37G37H37J37K38A38B38C38D38E38F38G38H38J38K39A39B39C39D39E39F39G39H39J39K4A4B4J4K40A40B40C40D40E40F40G40H40J40K41A41B41C41D41E41F41G41H41J41K42A42B42C42D42E42F42G42H42J42K43A43B43C43D43E43F43G43H43J43K44A44B44C44D44E44F44G44H44J44K45A45B45C45D45E45F45G45H45J45K46A46B46C46D46E46F46G46H46J46K47D47E47F47G48A48B48C48D48E48F48G48H48J48K49A49B49C49D49E49F49G49H49J49K5A5B5J5K50A50B50C50D50E50F50G50H50J50K51A51B51C51D51E51F51G51H51J51K52A52B52C52D52E52F52G52H52J52K53A53B53C53D53E53F53G53H53J53K54A54B54C54D54E54F54G54H54J54K55A55B55C55D55E55F55G55H55J55K56A56B56C56D56E56F56G56H56J56K57A57B57D57E57F57G57J57K58A58B58D58E58F58G58J58K59A59B59D59E59F59G59J59K6A6B6J6K60D60E60F60G7A7B7J7K9A9B9J9KSitzplan von Boeing 777-300 (773) Air New Zealand
Sitzplan von Boeing 777-300 (773) Air New Zealand
Sitzplan von Boeing 777-300 (773) Air New Zealand

Flugzeug Boeing 777-300 (773) Air New Zealand mit 3 Klassen und 342 Sitzen an Bord. Dank dem Flugzeug-Sitzplan können Sie herausfinden, welche Plätze komfortabler sind und welche am besten vermieden werden sollten.


9/8/2019 Solly747, sitz 41K

My seat had access to 2 windows which was OK but I couldn't use the indent of the window as an armrest which is useful and gives that little bit more room to lean on. I paid extra for this seat as it was a 'preferred' seat which was supposed to give you priority boarding. The seat was just like all the other economy seats and ...

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9/5/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 46ABC

Booked a skycouch for 1 and it was spectacular AKL to LHR. I am not normally someone who sleeps, but sleep I did as i was able to lie down. Great entertainment system and the bonus of free wifi on equipped flights. Was not at all bothered by the toilets (I wore ear plugs) and recline was great knowing you would not disturb anyon...

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9/3/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 1K

Tons of room in this seat and the galley and toilets nearby don't bother you at all.....I would happily fly in this seat every time

9/1/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 1K

Seat guru states that the proximity to the galley may be bothersome in this seat. I was anxious that I had perhaps made a mistake when selecting it. I have to say without doubt this is the best seat. The separation from the galley means it is not bothersome at all and the cabin crew generally serve you first. All in all a f...

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8/21/2019 Eduardo D, sitz 45H

Seat has a massive electronic box in the foot space that is bit uncomfortable. The window seat on that row doesn’t have that box. Entertainment system is great and content fantastic

7/24/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 7B

Tried back of cabin on the return leg, looking at everone's feet, but no one looking at me, lol. 7 A/B/J/K may be best in the cabin in my opinion. Bathroom traffic was no issue, nor was galley. Not bad. Of course as Business Class seats go, as has been previously noted, these are among the worst. With that said, cabin crew was g...

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7/24/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 1J

Tried front of cabin on the out leg, not looking at anyone's feet, however there was a bit of extra traffic. Not bad. If you prefer to not look at others (but everyone is looking at you) then this is a good seat. Of course as Business Class seats go, as has been previously noted, these are among the worst. With that said, cabin ...

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7/5/2019 Denice, sitz 3A

Seat was amazingly comfortable whilst in the seat position then when extended to a flat bed, was fabulous. I was able to sleep due to the comfort. My only tiny criticism would be that the cabin itself was quite cold.

6/26/2019 Gillian Canning, sitz 12A

While I found the aircraft satisfactory I was disappointed that in the next compartment I.e. premium economy there was a baby’s bassinet in the front row, thus making it the next row from the business class section and where I was sitting. While I appreciate that the bassinet has to go somewhere after having paid a substantial ...

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4/24/2019 John O, sitz 34A

We had 34 A and B for the 13 hour AKL-IAH and these seats are outstanding. Despite SG's advice there is *no* protrusion from the exit door into the foot space of 34A. The bulkhead is so far away you could fit a coffee table and armchair in the space. As the bulkhead separates economy from premium economy and there is no economy ...

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3/30/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 57B

The fact that this is a two-seat row is nice, with plenty of space to get up without blocking the aisle. However, there is no space to store a bag under the seat in front of you and stretching your legs out is awkward due to the placement of the supports for the row of seats in front (row 56).

3/24/2019 Abdallah E, sitz 56J

I thought I'd lucked out when I got all three seats to myself on a long haul from Heathrow to LAX. However, the arm rests on either side of seat J have sleeves on the back of them that make raising them totally impossible. Weird because the two rows in front of and two behind me do not appear to be skycouch rows but their armres...

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2/3/2019 SeatGuru User, sitz 1K

Having booked seats 1J and 1K all the way to Auckland I was starting to get worried by other reviews and the general SeatGuru view that these were not good seats. However, in my opinion they are great seats - the best in BC. The proximity to the galley and the WCs is not 'bothersome' at all, the WC is nowhere near these seats ...

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1/26/2019 Peter W, sitz 3A

Having a lie-flat bed makes all the difference on an overnight long haul flight like this, and in my mind that's what you're paying for; all the other stuff is basically fluff. The Air New Zealand Business Premier seats might have seemed state of the art about 15 years ago, but the conversion from seat to flat bed and back is a ...

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1/8/2019 SeatGuru User, sitz 6K

Worst Bus Class seat ever! The only way to get to the lie-flat position is to have the flight attendant put it in that position and put a mattress pad down. To get out of the lie flat position you have to have the flight attendant take it out of the lie flat position. So if you are in bad weather and the attendants cannot get...

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1/7/2019 SeatGuru User, sitz 23A

Premium econ on ANZ is a strong offering and having sat in a couple of different seats, this is the one I would go for if you can. There is a lot of legroom here and, unlike the EVA 777 (leased to ANZ) I had on the outward flight, the video comes up between the seats. I think I prefer the version on the bulkhead in front for vie...

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10/8/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 5G

I sat in this seat ACK>HNL and back again a week later. Unfortunately this aircraft is the EVA Air "dry leased" replacement plane due to the servicing of RR Trent engines. It is obviously an early version of 777-300 as it made many noises in take of and landing that indicate it is of some age. The inclusion of Chinese subtitles ...

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10/2/2018 Sebastian R, sitz 48A

There is actually a bullhead in front of the exit so even they sell it as XL seat you can’t stretch your legs!

9/9/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 47A

Avoid this row of seats at all costs! Unfortunately, I had a late booking and my seating choices were non-existent. The location is probably one of the worst, especially with the seemingly non-stop line of people utilizing the lavatory. It's almost impossible to get any sleep and people are bumping into you constantly. A definit...

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9/9/2018 SeatGuru User, sitz 23J

Great seat. The only downside is that overhead storage is somewhat limited. I was lucky in that I was able to use the overhead bind across the aisle since the seats were empty.