Sitzplan Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 Air New Zealand

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Sitzplan von Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 Air New Zealand
Sitzplan von Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 Air New Zealand


8/26/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 46K

Very disappointed in 787, worst flight ever across Pacific. Electric windows a disaster, no sunshade, so unbearably hot. Terrible air conditioning on this plane. Poor seats, poor legroom. Plane vibrates/resonates! Entertainment system is OK. Inflight Air NZ service very poor - they've lost me as a customer.

8/13/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 38H

We travelled on the overnight flight to Honolulu and paid extra for the skycouch option in row 38. Never again it was a complete waste of money and most uncomfortable. Air NZ seem determined to turn themselves into the Easyjet of the Pacific.

8/4/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 24A

Very nice Premium economy seat. Not as great as the Space seat in the nz1 or nz2 flights, but the same wonderfull in-flight service. Which pays off less during a red-eye flight ofcourse. Enjoyed it a lot! Great value for money.

5/27/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 43K

Although the electrically dimmed windows are a nice touch, they only dim the visible light coming into the cabin, not the infra-red. This flight was a daytime westerly one, so the sun was on the starboard side of the aircraft for the entire trip, making the cabin temperature in the K seats almost intolerable, and the windows hot...

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5/3/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 2JAND5A

the narrowest busines class seats i ever had. notcomfortable, no space to sleep, legroom too thight (i am 1.87m) monitor is small... food is nice but in compare to Singapur airlines only less than half space. not compareable.

2/2/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz ECONOMY

Flying to Shanghai last year it seemed when the other toilet flushed perhaps next door the unit I was sitting on also flushed with associated wind whistling past the lower regions which was quite refreshing but somewhat of a surprise to the senses to say the least! Being a plumber by trade considered I may be able to charge a s...

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1/26/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 45K

For the 5 and a half hour odd flight from Perth To Auckland i and my group where incredibly squashed by the 9 across seating and the very tiny leg room it was very uncomfortable!! The food and entertainment was nice though. The controller for the dreamliners windows had fallen off before i boarded the plane, so it looked likethe...

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12/12/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 6A

Flight from Auckland to Perth. Very good seat, private, comfortable and being 1.87m tall, was able to sleep completely flat. Most enjoyable flight.

7/31/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 41BAND41C

Comfortable seating, decent leg room, enjoyed my flight between Sydney and Auckland

7/26/2015 Mel S, sitz 39A

Had the 3 seats for the two of us, so used Skycouch. I liked having the foot rests(Hubby didn't) but they were hard to get up and down. Padding on seat was very thin and not very comfortable. TV screen from seat in front reflected in my window and was annoying and since they do not have pull down window shades I couldn't do anyt...

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6/10/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 24B

The leg rests were very difficult to operate and we had to get assistance to bring them into position and to return them. I got my foot trapped under the seat in front of me.They need some adjustment

5/26/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 48A

Touch down. Arrived in Perth W.A from Auckland. Remained seated as instructed until the aircraft had come to a complete stop and the pilot had switched off the seat belt sign. By this time my left leg was wet, my jeans saturated in dripping air-conditioning water. I spread my legs apart to avoid the dripping water. Not a pleasan...

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4/8/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 24A

the best premium economy seat i have experienced. the aircraft itself is very well designed and very comfortable. food was good and staff was friendly and attentive. all in all a very enjoyable flight.

4/1/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 4A

If you are flying solo on this plane in business class, definitely go for an A seat, as the A seats have their own aisle and fell a little bit more private.

2/24/2015 SeatGuru User, sitz 50H

plenty of leg room but next to galley and toilets. No seat in front so tray table and entertainment in the armrests. Also nowhere to put anything (rubbish magazines etc). Toilet traffic only gets bad after meal and before landing.

2/8/2015 Andrew F, sitz 1A

An absolutely wonderful flight. The 787-9 is *Quiet*, and the environment is AMAZING. you can get off that plane feeling like a million dollars. The increased humidity and air pressure are very noticeable. I flew Auckalnd Shanghai in Business class, and its simply awesome. There is nothing wrong with seat 1A, so, the B...

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1/23/2015 Devin M, sitz 57C

I was looking forward to this flight on the new Dreamliner but was disappointed. The plane looked immaculate, new and full of gadgets but that was it. The engine noise was loud throughout the flight and would recommend bringing noise cancelling headphones if you want to listen to the entertainment system. The window blinds are a...

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11/30/2014 SeatGuru User, sitz BUSINESSCLASS

Seats were fine. The lay flat bed was good and I got a good night sleep. The screens for the TVs are very old and my iPad showed much better movies - a shame with the price of the seat. Very grumpy staff on both the flight up and back.

11/5/2014 SeatGuru User, sitz 48C

There seems to be more pitch and the tray table appears shallower, which makes for a more spacious feel. This a very cool aircraft.

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