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3/3/2019 FlyingMark, Airbus A319 seat 10A

The seat layout of the usual Adria Airbus A319 operated Bucharest-Munich-Bucharest S5-AAX differs from your plan! You need two different versions of Adria A319 seat plans. Row 10 is the Exit Row on S5-AAX. 10A is a superb seat, comfy with plenty of leg room. There is a nice little holder for a drink in addition to the tray table .. handy especially in turbulence. The aircraft’s appearance internally is excellent, clearly refurbished and well maintained.

2/9/2019 Anton, Bombardier CRJ900LR seat 15D

A lot space for legs...

11/3/2018 NIko, Airbus A319 seat 10F

Very good seat at the emergency exit. Please note the emergency exit is in row 10 NOT in row 11.

10/12/2018 M Jager

✅ Trip Verified | Ljubljana to Munich. The homebase airport of Adria Airways is Ljubljana and it very small, relaxing and convenient. It is surrounded by the Alps and the departure was fantastic. The airplane was modern and the crew was nice. Ontime departure. Drinks without alcohol were free and I paid 4€ for my white wine. Considering that I had a cheap ticket I cannot complain. Upgrades would have been available for 30€ - which includes the lounge.

10/5/2018 Giulia Rossi

Not Verified | Zurich to Ljubljana. Very poor customer service. Flight was cancelled without sending any email confirmation. The flight I was rebooked seemed to be overbooked at the beginning (which was not true)and we had to wait 30 min to have our ticket changed. Very bad experience overall.

8/31/2018 Luka T, Airbus A319 seat 18F

I have flied many times with this aircraft. Adria has 3 a319, two newer ones (S5-AAP, S5-AAR) with over head LCD screens and one older one (S5-AAX). I more like older one, because it have newer seats and more legroom. In the review (stars) i will be rewiewing newer ones.

7/29/2018 Galya Slavov

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Sofia. The flight was delayed by 2 hours. The cabin crew was annoyed that they had to offer drinks to the passengers and passing by announced they would only give one drink per customer. And coffee was a nuisance and they made it clear, even though it was on their cart. The questions would normally go "would you drink anything?" and not "what would you like to drink?". Very bad customer service.

7/19/2018 Loic Jouan

✅ Trip Verified | We were traveling from Paris to Skopje on May 4th, via Ljubljana. Our flight from Ljubljana to Skopje, was canceled 10 days before our departure for no reason, leaving us in the middle of our connection at Ljubljana. Even if the company booked a hotel for us and made sure we could take a flight the next day, it prevented us from enjoying one more day in Macedonia. The company had agreed to reimburse the hostel night we had already paid but more than two months after our claim we still have no reply from the company. I e-mailed the company two times, called them on multiple occasion. The company said I would be reimbursed after 2 months. 2 months later, I still have not received anything. The experience with Adria Airways was overall very poor : - flight canceled for no reason - 2 out of 4 of the flights we took were delayed - terrible customer service, unable to give any answer to our online claim and not reimbursing the hostel night we had already paid

6/30/2018 P Gamirj

✅ Trip Verified | Ljubljana to Munich. Adria's checkin system is obviously barely coping. It wasn't possible to obtain an electronic boarding pass (iphone wallet version) from Adria's site. The option was there but it failed without any further explanation. Further more I was not able to checkin to return flight online - neither through Adria nor Lufthansa web site. In the end I made it via Lufthansa mobile app. Go figure. Both issues were reported to customer care and both were ignored. I experienced the same customer care "policy" couple of years ago when my inquiry with customer support was basically ignored. Flight was actually operated by a Romanian company Carpatair. The cabin was outdated and dirty with a funny smell lingering around. The latter stuck to my clothes for the day - not that great if you are meeting a client. Cabin crew was also quite disorganised and mixed up orders of all passengers sitting around me. Would not fly again. Unfortunately they are the only company offering a direct flight from LJU to MUC.

6/24/2018 B Haruz

✅ Trip Verified | A very unpleasant experience for my family. We bought two return flights (Ljubljana-Prague-Ljubljana, Ljubljana-Warsaw-Ljubljana), and several days before departure both direct flights from and to Prague were canceled and a flight to Warsaw was merged with Prague flight (so added necessary stopover). Instead of a direct flight to Prague Adria Airways finally offered a transfer via Munich. When we arrived at the airport (21/6/2018), we found that the flight to Munich had more than an hour of delay, and therefore it was not possible to catch the next flight from Munich to Prague. The flight to Munich was full of people from the original canceled flight to Prague, who subsequently wanted to continue to Prague. Although the Adria Airways staff were present at the airport, no one came to inform the passengers and the result was tremendous confusion and lack of information. Ljubljana airport servicing staff finally informed us that Adria Airways staff refused to come! Also wasn't possible to call the Adria Airways hotline. Maybe it had been overloaded due to the number of disgruntled passengers because the next gate was full of people waiting for a delayed flight to Vienna, where there also wasn't anybody from Adria Airways who could provide any information. Unfortunately this flight left without us and we were all forced to ride from the Munich airport to a more than 30 km distant hotel and the next morning at 6am again back. Permanent cancellation of flights and subsequent ignorance of passengers are surely a way to reduce operating costs, but in the long-term this will cause the outflow of passengers to other airports around Slovenia, especially to Graz and to Zagreb.

5/4/2018 Michel Zombra

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Ljubljana. Flight was very comfortable, professional crew. The monitors above passengers provide informations about flight (speed, altitude, temperature, time to landing, etc.)

3/11/2018 S Hanarosic

✅ Trip Verified | Ljubljana to Frankfurt. Flight delayed for more than 2 hours due to technical problems. We were not given any food or water and when I requested some I was told to complain to Adria Airways website. Another plane was organized, more than 2 hrs later. The staff was trying to convince the passengers that their connection to Singapore will wait (they had 15 min in between the new flight arrival time and departure!), and that the flight to Frankfurt is 1 hr - and no wifi connectivity on flight!

1/19/2018 Aleksander, Bombardier CRJ900LR seat 15A

Delay of 50 minutes because of snow storm, strong head wind during the flight. No other problems.

12/5/2017 P Gregan

✅ Trip Verified | Ljubljana to Vienna. Overall, the flight services of Adria are those of an average, reliable, small European carrier. I have flown them many times over the years, and I have seldom experienced any problems with the flights themselves. Returning to Vienna from a visit to Albania and Slovenia in September, however, I had an encounter with Adria that has revealed just how much their customer service quality could be improved. Adria offers opportunities to purchase business class upgrades or empty economy class seats through Optiontown. Business class upgrades on Adria are a joke because you're paying at least 50EUR for an empty seat next to you and a snack. The option to purchase an empty economy class seat at 19EUR is a great deal though, in my opinion. Having selected this option for my LJU-VIE flight, I received a confirmation that my transaction had cleared and the extra seat had been assigned next to me. Fast forward to the actual flight: there had been an aircraft change from the CRJ-900 to an ATR-72 (Darwin Airlines/Etihad Regional), but I still had my empty seat. The ATR-72 has two seats that face towards the rear of the plane at the front of the cabin, and one of the women seated there was scared to fly backwards, so the flight attendant unilaterally reassigned her to my empty seat without asking. It's a short flight, and I didn't want to cause a scene, so I just let it all happen assuming I could easily get a refund for my 20EUR transaction. It took exactly one month for Adria's customer service team to respond to me, and they said that my "business class upgrade" had not cleared, so I was not charged. I had never requested a business class upgrade, and I was charged for the empty seat I had in fact requested, so I sent all of the relevant receipts and statements back to Adria. Three weeks later, I still have yet to receive a response, so I simply disputed the charge with my credit card company that was easily able to understand the issue and refunded the money. 3-4 weeks+ response time from customer service is absolutely embarrassing, and Adria should be ashamed of their operations. It's sad for an otherwise perfectly acceptable airline to lose a customer over 20EUR.

11/20/2017 G Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Two nice short flights from Ljubljana to Sarajevo and back. First flight with Adria, flight back with Adria Switzerland. Flight to Sarajevo delayed due to fog in Sarajevo, Adria quickly changed an aircraft so that it was possible to land in foggy weather (CRJ instead of ATR). Product depends weather it is Adria or Adria Switzerland. Adria with snack, water and buy on board product, Adria Switzerland with snack, water, tea and coffee and without buy on board. I personally prefer the second option. Adria Switzerland provided nicer and cosier atmosphere on board, somehow a kind of premium product compare to Adria mainline.

10/27/2017 A Kalen

✅ Verified Review | We were 11 people coming in with a short connection to Zurich hoping to continue with Adria to Ljubjana. We were before final call at the departure gate. Other people were still boarding. Adria had decided to rebook us and could not put us back on the plane. I and my wife had no checked in baggage. We had to wait 5 hours for next flight. This was extremely bad service and will do our utmost to never have to fly Adria again. We will also warn all our flying friends.

9/16/2017 J Marikovic

✅ Verified Review | Ljubljana to Munich after arriving from Atlanta on Delta. Flight was ok, short 50 min. But they lost our baggage, if we didn't persistently call the airport we wouldn't have our bags for a week because they are lazy. One bag was badly damaged and things missing. We did everything they told us to do to report it but they didn't honor it and it took 3 months for them to pay us around 20% of the replacements and extra expenses we had for days. Very rude, try to blame it on the customer, if you don't live in Slovenia and your only communication is over emails it takes 2 to 3 weeks for them to reply even if you send them email right after they sent one. That day they lost baggage for 3 different passengers and when we had our return flight there were two more passengers that said they lost their bags so this is normal for that airline. It was a cheaper option to fly with them, but it was not worth the extra cost later. I would never fly this airline again.

9/8/2017 Jiri, Airbus A319 seat 8A

The seat was okay (although interior was quite outdated compared to new easyjet or ba planes) but the leg room was little - similar to A319 austrian operated by air berlin

6/15/2017 Jason Tynan, Bombardier CRJ900LR seat 3C

This was the second time I have been on this Model of aircraft, on both Occasions the flight was around 1hr 30 mins . This is as long as I can manage with the limited space. I am 6ft '2 The most Difficult part of the flight was going to the toilet I had to walk in Backwards due the tight space. I was advised by a luhansk stewardesses to do this on my first flight on A CRJ.

4/19/2017 Alexander Stare

✅ Verified Review | Ljubljana to Zurich on April 18th. Adria Airways has become in recent years a more reliable airline which I use for these flights. I can't remember a delay and I fly them once a month. Flight Attendants are professionel. Food and Drinks (except water) have to be purchased. Sandwiches are tasty, wine choice could be better. Newspapers are available for free but mostly in Slovenian language only. Seat pitch on emergency exits are above international standards and safety seems to be their Nr. 1 aim as it is one of the rare airlines having extra safety instructions for passengers seated on emergency exit seats. Their inflight magazine is available online or printed. Not necessarily exciting but solid and reliable product which I can recommend.