Seat Map Airbus A319 Adria Airways

Seat Map Airbus A319 Adria Airways
Seat Map Airbus A319 Adria Airways

Airplane Airbus A319 Adria Airways with 144 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.


3/3/2019 FlyingMark, seat 10A

The seat layout of the usual Adria Airbus A319 operated Bucharest-Munich-Bucharest S5-AAX differs from your plan! You need two different versions of Adria A319 seat plans. Row 10 is the Exit Row on S5-AAX. 10A is a superb seat, comfy with plenty of leg room. There is a nice little holder for a drink in addition to the tray table...

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11/3/2018 NIko, seat 10F

Very good seat at the emergency exit. Please note the emergency exit is in row 10 NOT in row 11.

8/31/2018 Luka T, seat 18F

I have flied many times with this aircraft. Adria has 3 a319, two newer ones (S5-AAP, S5-AAR) with over head LCD screens and one older one (S5-AAX). I more like older one, because it have newer seats and more legroom. In the review (stars) i will be rewiewing newer ones.

9/8/2017 Jiri, seat 8A

The seat was okay (although interior was quite outdated compared to new easyjet or ba planes) but the leg room was little - similar to A319 austrian operated by air berlin

9/29/2016 Col, seat 10A

Map is incorrect. Row 10 is very tight. Row 11 is the emergency row.

9/25/2015 Jan, seat 10C

row 11 was the emergency exit row with more leg space, row 10 was crampy like all the others

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