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11/22/2018 Ronald Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Puerto Escondido to Mexico City. Aeromar is usually my airline of choice. On this day they were more than 2 hours late. So by the time I landed at Mexico City, got off the plane, got my luggage and got to the ticket counter of Aeromexico, my next flight was taking off towards Los Angeles. I thought that Aeromexico / Delta would just put me on the next flight. First, they made me visit different ticket counters which took another 45 minutes and at the end said that they couldn't do anything about it and I would have to buy a whole new ticket. The first ticket that I bought online cost me about $125 usd, but now this new ticket to LA cost me almost $300 usd. After I bought my ticket, went to the Aeromar ticket counter, which was in total disarray, and tried to talk with the supervisor. He gave me an email to write to and sent me on my way. Since then I wrote them twice and have received discouraging emails. Yesterday it took me two hours on the phone with them, going through 3 levels of management for them to give me a "courtesy flight" worth $80 usd and I still have to pay the tax. I ask them what would of happened if my whole family was with me, we would have spent $3,000 usd? He said that there is nothing that they could do, so much for customer service. So that is why I think I will never fly with them again. In the old days we had no choice, but now there are 3 more airlines here in Puerto. There it is guys, the reason why I might never fly with Aeromar again.

11/6/2018 W Harashi

✅ Trip Verified | Oaxaca to Mexico City . I have never experienced such bad customer service. People had been in line for over 2 hours. Only 1 desk agent. Instead of calling people up front for the flight that was going to depart he checked in people for the flight after. Then gave us boarding tickets when the plane was already gone. People waited for 2 hours to find out what to do next. This airline is a joke! We got booked on a flight the next morning resulting in a loss of paid hotel in Mexico city. When we arrived the next morning there were again 50 angry people in line waiting for a flight that Aeromar cancelled and didn't tell anyone. When we finally got on the plane multiple people had the same seat number. It was ridiculous and unprofessional.

6/3/2018 N Ramirez

✅ Trip Verified | I paid $365 for a direct flight from Oaxaca to Tuxtla Gutierrez in Mexico. This airlines baited and switched me by canceling the direct flight and they changed the ticket to Aeromexico with connecting flights and a longer trip that I can now by for $158. They would not refund the flight and i unfortunately booked it with Priceline (who has the worst customer service in the known universe), so I received no assistance whatsoever and options that were not properly explained to me. When I phoned Aeromar, I was greeted by a completely rude agent who was less than helpful. I would strongly advise against booking anything with this airlines.

1/27/2018 Anelise Moreno

✅ Trip Verified | Ixtapa Zihuatanejo to Acapulco via Mexico City. My 17-yr old daughter had the misfortune to come in contact with Aeromar and the lack of services while she was on route to Acapulco, on December 23, 2017. She had two connecting flights with Aeromar Airlinesone which was delayed and caused her to missed her final flight to Acapulco. The flight that was delayed was Flight 522. This flight from Ixtapa, to Mexico City was delayed fourty minutes and therefore, she arrived late to her gate to board flight 907, to her final destination, which was Acapulco. She was denied boarding, and there was no help from anyone from Aeromar, after whoch was not permitted to board. My 17-yr old, started her holidays stranded in a foreign country, in a busy airport and just left to her demise. I tried contacting the airline, no one answered, I contact which tried to get in touch with costumer service, and the booking agent, was not able as well. What is disgusting, is that not a single of the airline personnel working that night, offered to help, my daughter was just turned away and you did not care, specially, since it was the airline's fault in the first place that she missed her flight. My daughter had a panic attack, was afraid, and I had to sort all this out from Canada. To my misfortune, I had to buy, yet another ticket from Aeromar, for the next day, as well as find accommodations for the night. The travel agency which helped me book this trip, has made numerous attempts to resolve this, and nothing has been resolved yet.

1/4/2018 Norbert Oppitz

✅ Trip Verified | Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo to Mexico City. Once more a delayed flight, just three hours but without any guarantee. Just "we hope that more or less at 4pm we will have a plane". Incompetent and unfriendly staff, truly the bad side of Mexico, just the image the country does not want to give. Everybody here gives you the impression that they want you out of their face and expect you to be thankful that there might be a flight after all. Which is not yet secured.

1/14/2016 Richard Miller

Puerto Escondido to Mexico City on Aeromar. Small plane and we left about 30 minutes late. Plane was not full and just one stewardess working the flight. The plane appeared to be new. It was in excellent condition in the cabin. Service was excellent but it was very expensive for a flight of less the two hours.

4/25/2012 R Yglesias

Fly 10 or 12 times a year Mexico City to Ciudad Victoria. Planes are small Fokker Turboprops. Always very friendly staff and have been on time. Seats are rather small, an excellent lounge with drinks and snacks at a number of airports. Service onboard with snacks and drinks are adequate.

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