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6/26/2019 Priyanka Nailwla

✅ Trip Verified | I booked my return ticket from Dubai to Delhi and at the time of booking the attendant mentioned that i can cancel the ticket within one week. But when I cancelled my ticket I got a confirmation for cancellation but my refund did not come back until 20 days. I called several times to customer care but no one cares to reply via email or anything.

3/20/2019 Neha Montgomery

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst experience ever endured by me in aviation. The flight has been delayed for more than an hour and a half because of the system crash at the airport which is not Air India's fault but the way they have handled the situation is the ridiculous. None of the flight attendants answered any of the call bells or any of the questions which the passengers have. The Capt made one PA which wasn't followed by any updates. The PA said it would be a delay of 10-15 mins and now it's over an hour and half. Finally caught a flight attendant to inform them about my connection flight to which his response was that the ground staff would deal with it, worst part is that I would be stuck at the airport because of their incompetence for more than 12 hrs which is unacceptable. I don't understand how the printing of load sheet manually takes this long as I fly a 380 aircraft and have had incidents of system crashing and have never taken this long. This is plain and simple incompetence and laziness on their part and nothing else. They are not professional at all and no wonder they would not be surviving for too long. The crew have been nothing but lazy and rude. And no information has been given to us about the status of the departure. When asked a crew about the flying time, they replied I don't know which honestly baffles me.

3/3/2019 S Lamish

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Dubai. Seats were comfortable and had good leg space. The air conditioning and cabin lights were good. The staff service was good. The food provided was a snacks box, but for the price we booked. its justified. Flight took off late by 50 minutes that was a disappointment.

1/21/2019 Abhishek Dey

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Kolkata via Mumbai. Air India wasn't my first choice of airline. Usually, when looking for airlines to fly, I'm searching up and down the list of consumer-aviation from Qatar. This trip was mostly like a horror movie. The start - flight was precisely 1 hour late on 11th Jan 19 (AI9002). Was quite patient with the waiting time. Then it all started. Here’s the list of flaws: Poor hygiene in the washroom. No head napkin/hygiene cloth on top of the seat (absolutely unacceptable. Dinner - a nightmare and I must elaborate with complete respect by saying management is least bothered with regards to the quality of food, no expiry date label on the food (how could you do that. It’s simply criminal). Asked the staff and all that they have to say is “It’s our standard”. I replied “ It’s my right to know the manufacturing date and the date of expiration”. Eyebrows up and rolling eyes is all I got. Staff looked helpless as they had no answer and hid themselves behind the curtain and never came out to clarify further. It’s my right to have a great experience leave beside the money paid for the ticket. I do not expect a Qatar Airways service but at least please try and get close to them to make all happy who chooses you. Take customers seriously please. On the contrary the flight from Mumbai to Kolkata was excellent. Professional staff. Good breakfast (again label missing). Honestly this flight made some good service recovery.

12/28/2018 Riddhi Parekh

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Mumbai in Air India Express flight no. IX-248. The flight is a disgrace and most unpresentable flight I have ever flown with. Seating was very uncomfortable and the seats were completely worn out. The seats were not having the adequate cushioning as well since they had worn out and led to back ache. The flight condition was also not as per the standard and the floor was having marks of liquid spilled or vomit. I have usually observed that the flights bound to India are not up to the mark and will not be as per expectations, as compared to flights bound for US or London. However, this time has been worst.

12/14/2018 Mathews Chennattu

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Kochi return. I had a great experience. Both these days the service rendered by the cabin crew. Air India express should improve there seats and also include some variety in the foods which are serving to guest. And also take care about the time management.

12/12/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 3A

The aircraft VT-AXJ was literally the WORST aircraft I've ever been on. The engine was extremely loud. The window at 3A could've been great taxiing at Singapore airport but it was so dirty that the view was as unclear as it could've been. The seats were comfortable but the legroom was 0 cm. I'm 6'1" and my friend is 5'11" but we both faced immense frustration due to the constraint in legroom. In addition, the seats were also cranky and made loud, disturbing noises whenever someone moved. All in all, this was my worst flight experience, so if you can, don't book it.

12/4/2018 Jaspreet Malhotra

✅ Trip Verified | Sharjah to Chandigarh. I was worried that the flight will be awful, dirty seats, constant delays. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Seats were clean Flight was delayed with communication in time. No further delays were done. Flight food was good and refills given (surprisingly), without a frown on face. No checks on hand luggage weight was done repeatedly. I did make sure, I was under limits. Only constructive feedback, I can give is door lock for the toilets was not working.

11/26/2018 M Pathiliya

✅ Trip Verified | Kozhikode to Dubai. This is the first time a boarding card issuing person asked my seating preference. And i am very very happy to hear that. I didn't note her name, but a big thank from my heart. I wish everyone does the same to all passenger whether single or with family.

11/7/2018 Bhanu Parashar

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Lucknow. An I don't care way of dealing with customers. The airline doesn't only charge the fare, but also everything you may ever need like water etc. Excess baggage is counted with duty free shopping.

10/15/2018 Kulbhushan Godase

Not Verified | Dubai to Pune. Worst experience especially with ground staff with adamant nature. Cabin baggage were getting weighed at boarding point just few minutes before boarding. Even though more than half flight was empty, passengers were forced to pay 1 kg or 2 kg extra luggage. Whoever resisted were threatened by ground staff to off board. There is no control measures taken at Boarding pass issuing point by airlines as I was having enough scope to transfer my luggage in to check in baggage & passengers are literally black mailed at last moment i.e. few minutes before boarding time, where there's no scope left for passenger to decide.

10/3/2018 Manvinder Sachdeva

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Dubai. Before my journey I got to know about a lots of negative reviews about the airline. But after travelling thru this airline personally it is not bad, food was good, staff was helping, aircraft from Delhi to Dubai was little bad but aircraft on return was good. Overall experience was good.

8/21/2018 Ayswarya Vj

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Trivandrum. Many Air India Express flights are delayed by more than 1 hour and today the same happened. This is frustrating 2hr delay in boarding flight and again 30 minutes delay in getting check in baggage. Please improve your service and value customers time.

8/17/2018 Ishan Kumar

✅ Trip Verified | This is the first time I am travelling from Air India Express from Dubai to New Delhi and my first experience is bad. Firstly the flight is delayed by 2 hrs. All the crew members are talking to the passengers in Hindi. Even though my mother tongue is hindi this is really unprofessional. Flight looks very old. My seat number is 31F. I will try to choose Air India express as my last option. I guess Air India should get privatised now.

7/22/2018 Ara Thareja

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Singapore. One of the worst flights travelled from ever! First sight experience:broken seats, torn seat covers, broken storage place,looked as if it wasn't cleaned in years! Ugliest flight! First and last time traveling in this one. Went by the name of Air India and it really was a disappointment!

7/5/2018 Rachna Shetty

Not Verified | Dubai to Mumbai. I had a horrible experience travelling on July 4, from Dubai to Mumbai. First of, the flight got delayed by a full 6 hours and reschedule time was notified by email, just 6 hours before departure. This caused inconvenience to me and a lot of other passengers who were traveling ahead. Second, the ground staff was only shouting at passengers at Dubai airport to keep away and no explanation for the delay. In the meantime the flight further delayed by an hour. Apparently the flight did not take off from Mumbai and ground staff refused to check in passengers till it arrived! Finally we boarded after an 8-hour delay with no explanation or apologies from ground staff. They refused my cabin baggage saying the flight is "overbooked" a term I heard for first time in my ten years of international travel. After boarding I was shocked at the condition of aircraft. There was torn seats, no security handouts. I missed my onwards flight as well. This airline is pathetic, I would never ever book with again.

6/27/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 29E

It was a very good seat just like home. It was very comfortable.

5/28/2018 Francisco Fernandes

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Pune. Airline ticket cost me Rs 5500 only single wa ($80), a very low price. Checkin was on time at Dubai airport, 30kgs baggage allowed + 7 kgs handbag. Snack box water and tea provided in flight. Flight was 60% empty seats as maybe people dont like travelling with this airline. Departure was delayed by 25 minutes from Dubai airport due to traffic congestion. He apologised several times and covered the delay by 20mins on route. Overall we reached 5 minutes late in Pune from our expected time. A/C was turned off inflight in Dubai on ground for 35mins as we sat in our seat and only hot air was blowing. The A/C was turned on as we went in the sky and cooled in next 30mins. Maybe this was to save fuel on ground. Cabin condition was really poor. Seats were old and uncomfortable. Interiors was bad. I was afraid to use the toilet. Please avoid this airline. Looks like this airline needs private management and new systems to improve their condition.

4/24/2018 Kalpesh Mehta

✅ Trip Verified | Me and my wife was travelling through Air India Express flight number XI-251 from Mumbai to Sharjah 21st April, 2018 (Saturday night). Timing for flight was 23:40 (IST) and landing timing at Sharjah airport was 01:25 (Gulf 4:00). We landed at 8:15 at Sharjah airport, almost 7 hours delay. Me and wife had work on Sunday and could not reach our office on time. In fact we took leave for that day, as we reached home around 10:30 post immigration. We lost a day of pay and included Friday and Saturday holiday also as loss without pay. Air India did not even offer for water to any passenger during whole delay. At first, Air India departed around 12:25 from Mumbai airport which was it self 1 hour delayed at departure. After almost 45-50 minutes fly, flight pilot announced that because of low fuel we have to fly back to Mumbai airport. Post announcement almost after 1:10 hrs fly we were back to Mumbai airport around 2:25 IST. We set in flight almost for an hour and many technicians came to check flight and were searching what was exactly error. By that time we all realised that there was some technical error and not related to fuel. Then 3:30 IST they allowed us transfer pass and again we moved to another gate to catch other flight. Some how they could able to manage another flight by 5:55 IST other flight. And finally, flights departed by 7:00 IST and which reached to Sharjah airport around 8:15 (GST 4:00). Really horrible experience we had ever. This was my second bad experience with Air India Express. I strongly recommend not to approach Air India Express at any cost.

4/11/2018 Erika Pereira

✅ Trip Verified | 11 passengers were not given boarding passes to board the Mumbai – Doha flight leaving on 07/04/18 at 18.05hrs. They were not allowed to board the flight and were put on a flight to Bangalore leaving at 9pm to catch the 03.45am flight on the following day 08/04/18 to Doha by Qatar Airways. The ground staff are so incompetent. It is a high risk to fly with Air India Express. We all need an explanation why this was done but there is no answer from the phone numbers.