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8/25/2018 Hawaiifalvo, Boeing 737-500 seat 20D

Good. You eat last. Close to washroom but not annoyingly close.

6/14/2018 Rory Hennessy

Not Verified | Vancouver to Whitehorse. Air North is a wonderful friendly airline serving the Yukon. Their combination of an older fleet and genuine hospitality makes it the ideal way to get to Canada's beautiful Yukon. There is no IFE on board any of their aircraft which can be a downside for longer trips, but the food is all ...

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12/19/2017 Eric Young, Boeing 737-200 seat 1A

No issues at all with this seat position - leg room was excellent as there are no seats in front of you. Seat width is fine for a normal person, it is only obese souls who may not have sufficient room. Food & drink provided for a 2hr flight was a bonus. Entertainment is not commented on as none provided which is no issue for 2hr...

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10/7/2016 Paul Falvo, Boeing 737-500 seat 20D

Noisy because close to washroom and crew work area. Last to receive food and drinks.

6/20/2015 B Vincent

Air North describes its class of service as "Yukoner Economy", which I thought probably referred to a concept of warm-hearted hospitality and generosity. This held true for my first flight in their 737-400, but after flying in the HS748 I'm wondering if the term is actually more about resilience in the face of harsh conditions! ...

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8/21/2011 S Roberts

YVR-YXY in Economy. Check-in agents were quick and boarding commenced on time. On board the aircraft was old and not well maintained and in need of refurbishment. No inflight entertainment and seat pockets tray table and carpet were dirty. Inflight snacks mediocre. Seat was worn and not comfortable though the pitch seems to be p...

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