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6/25/2019 W Mallen

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Kuala Lumpur. Most uncomfortable flight I've been on. The cabin was freezing. As a low-cost airline, a blanket had to be paid for and water also cost extra. Meals were provided to those who reserved in advance or buy onboard. No in flight entertainment, no place to charge electronics. The seats were hard and ramrod straight. I will not ever be flying this airline again.

4/29/2019 R Gonzaga

✅ Trip Verified | Red eye flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth on 17 April. The flight leaves at 0005 and arrives into Perth at 0530. Boarding was shambolic as there was one lady in charge up front and she spoke fast and her speech was so unclear that nobody understood her and everyone just got up and boarded anyway. It was storming before takeoff so we waited on the tarmac after boarding in the middle of a thunderstorm. The flat seat was comfortable and they provide a duvet and a large pillow for sleep. You are given a small complimentary bottle of water and a tablet with noise cancelling headphones. The tablet is loaded with a limited number of movies and TV shows and lasts about 4 hours. I don't understand why they serve you food at 0030 (I was not given a choice, just handed a tray of food) after takeoff instead of serving it before landing. The cabin crew were very professional and pleasant but boarding announcements were appalling as the purser was a Japanese man and although no fault of his, his accent could not be understood by virtually anyone on the aircraft. Quizzical looks all around! All in all, they were punctual, efficient and pleasant. One drawback. They turn on the lights about an hour before landing when we easily could have had an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Points to improve: your staff need elocution lessons on clear speech.

4/20/2019 Andrew Danby

✅ Trip Verified | Our return flight from Langkawi to Avalon through Kuala Lumpur started with a flight time change, originally departing at 6pm our plane was re-scheduled to 7:55pm. As we proceeded through the gate to the tarmac (Premium Flex) we were instructed to wait at the stairs as there were 2 elderly people in wheelchairs who needed to board via the lift system. After some time we were then told to board through the back of the plane. After approaching the rear stairs we were then waved back by the pilot to the front. We ended up being one of the last to board seated in 1B and 1C, boarding was totally disorganized. A further delay due to this meant we arrived even later to KL airport, however we proceeded through customs before anyone and made our way to our connecting flight. With 2 x Premium Hot Seats we were able to navigate our way onto the next flight with little issue. On arrival into Avalon we were once again through customs quite quickly as we were able to exit the plane first. However our luggage didn't arrive. How was it that no-one in KL was able to ascertain that our luggage didn't make the flight? They had 8 hours to call ahead, actually 9 hours seeing we waited over an hour for our luggage. What disappoints me is the treatment from the staff and total lack of communication from AirAsia. You cannot contact AirAsia in Australia, teir Sydney number goes back to KL. We never received a call, text or email from AirAsia X. We left all our details at the airport for them to contact them. But the saga continues. After multiple emails to KL I found out that our bags were placed on 2 different flights. One later in the day and the other one the next morning. The bags arrived on separate flights and were separates in the lost luggage area of Avalon Airport, one even included a large hand written note saying "Waiting for other bag arriving on D7 218". The bags continued to sit there separated for a further 24 hours, still no call, email or text. Ringing KL they said the bags were there but yet once again you can't call ANYONE in Australia. Instead they give you the number for AVALON, which welcomes you with "Welcome to Jetstar" and had no reference to AirAsia. It was only though the assistance of a lady at Avalon Administration who knew the Air Asia supervisor that a direct call was made. Finally my bags were reunited and given to a courier at 7:30pm 3 days after departure. I was told they would be with me by 8:30pm. At 9:30pm I received a call from the courier saying he won't be coming until tomorrow as he'd also had to go to Geelong. I stood my ground, told them they had destroyed my evening and had no choice but to bring me my bags. Finally I received them at 11:30pm that night. Close to a week has past and I still have not received a call, text, email or apology from Air Asia.

2/11/2019 Rooi Lim

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. Why bother with self service to speed up the process to then have only 2 counters for document verification? The queue is long and slow. If you have done so much to speed things up why let this final process to taint the effectiveness and efficiency? I always fly AirAsia. It is economy airline and they have done well on a lot of fronts and to come this far itself is an amazing achievement. I am just very curious why this decision and this process?

1/30/2019 Guillaume Bally

✅ Trip Verified | Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo. Plane left as scheduled, arrived on time in tokyo Narita. Very friendly inflight staff, and good ground staff as well. Nothing particular on the flight itself, no free food, no inflight entertainment, it's a low cost airline. I felt cold in this flight and I suspect the airline to lower the temperature inside the plane to make you buy there cover, so just prepare a small jacket and that will be fine. Seats are okay, better than short flight budget airline.

1/30/2019 Guillaume Bally

✅ Trip Verified | Flying from Seoul Incheon to Bangkok. Well, was not too bad at all. Plane was on time, arrived in Bangkok a little bit early, thanks to good wind I suppose, inflight staff member were really nice and smiling. On the other hand, there is the lack of inflight entertainment, but with some movies on my PC it was ok, and no free food. I bought some snacks before taking the plane and it was enough. But I suspect the airline to lower the temperature inside the plane so you will have buy them some cover. I felt really cold compared to many other airline I took...fortunately I had a jacket with me.

1/15/2019 P Lear

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Auckland via Kuala Lumpur. Fantastic value for money especially when one finds a promo or random very low fair. The food was good and very cheap too as well as the beer. Bought a warm meal for under €5 and beer was around €3. Will be flying this airline over the major carriers when possible, after all what do you miss out on, free food and drink and an entertainment screen? Seats are a little cramped but not enough to grumble about really. The layover in Gold Coast is an annoying factor in this leg though. Not once were my carry-on bags checked for weight so could have easily packed more in my luggage.

1/12/2019 Keith Tong

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Haneda to Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia X. Flight departed and landed on time. Did not pre-book a seat and was allocated a middle seat, which was not comfortable to say the least. Cabin crew were a little slow in starting meal service and hence I had to wait some time before I could purchase a drink. Was an overnight flight so largely napped for most of the time.

1/9/2019 Keith Tong

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo Haneda. Flight departed on time & arrived early, although was forced to wait on the tarmac as parking Bay was occupied by another aircraft. Was randomly allocated a seat in the Quiet Zone, a welcome stroke of luck. Pre-booked an onboard meal, chicken Teriyaki rice, which was pretty decent. Flight attendants were professional & polite, and the captain was clear & prompt in his announcements. Overall a satisfactory flight.

1/5/2019 M Mahureena

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul Incheon to Kuala Lumpur. The check in counter only opened 2 hours before flight and the queue to check in was so long. There were no self check in kiosk. We were in the airport 5 hours before flight. We were in a rush to catch up the flight as we had to take train to the gate. After we boarded the aircraft and put our luggage in the compartment, the aircraft was out of power due to problems with Ground Power Unit(GPU). The pilot did an announcement regarding it but no estimation time given. Passengers were still boarding at this time with limited light and small aisle. It’s really not worth it to pay for hot seats and having to face awful stuff. But kudos to one of the cabin crew on the flight who saw me having difficulties dealing with crying babies and changed my seat after take-off.

12/15/2018 M Mazan

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Auckland via Kuala Lumpur. The seat was not confortable and the leg room was so small. Definitely it is not recommended to travel with AirAsia X for a journey more than 2 hours. Entertainment system was not available on board. The flight attendants are getting better.

11/26/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 8G

Every seat in economy class on this aircraft should be yellow due to the narrow seat width caused by nine abreast seating. A standard A330 has eight abreast in economy. Extremely uncomfortable.

11/24/2018 C Kan

✅ Trip Verified | We bought return tickets in early March 2018, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka in end October 2018. There were 2 cancellations made by AirAsia without notice. Both had no notice or email given until we noticed the changes ourselves when we were surfing the website to purchase add-on. The 1st cancellation was made somewhere in June to early July, original flight to Osaka cancelled and they moved it to 2 days later than the original. We filed complaints through email and Twitter, and expressed our dissatisfaction on the cancellation and changes without notice immediately, and request for flight change as the date is not preferable. Entitled for free reschedule, we moved the date to early November. The 2nd cancellation was made soon after the reschedule done in early July till early August, same scenario as previous, no notification! We noticed the changes ourselves in the website, filed another complaint through Twitter, and the only thing we can do is either get a refund or free reschedule. Nothing else. Noticed there were complaints about the delays and difficulties in getting the refund from Airasia, we decided to make another flight reschedule to late November. Our departure flight now is 2am on 24 November (tomorrow). And this early morning (today) we received an email informing us that there will be a delay in our flight for 2 hours. We are now so frustrated and yet worried there will be another delay in the flight later. Another note, the response from Airasia's customer care or support team is very disappointing. Response received from Twitter somewhat acceptable, which they took about 5 hours to 1 day to reply, but as long as you have decided the date to reschedule to, they somehow managed to get it done quickly. However, there was no response from our email complaints about the first cancellation that we made in mid-July, until end-August where we have already made our second reschedule (in mid-August) after the second cancellation without notice. And the email was only reflecting the first cancellation and first reschedule that we made in July. Soon after the email, Cancellation Notice was sent to my inbox to notify the first cancellation, after 2 months, and it wasn't even valid at that time anymore.

11/20/2018 Thomas Skelton

✅ Trip Verified | Amritsar to New Chitose via Kuala Lumpur. Very happy with the 2 flights I had with AirAsia X. Flights were on time. Staff were friendly. Very reasonable price. Seats are comfortable and leg room is sufficient.

9/14/2018 H Beeton

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Sydney on low-fare ticket. Service was manic and disorganised, often bordering on rude. For an 8 hour flight I wasn't offered a free glass of water. Essentially they know you're going to pay. Emailed them with some feedback and took them more than 6 weeks to reply. Pay the extra and fly with an airline that actually has some thought about their passenger.

9/13/2018 L Chan

✅ Trip Verified | We bought return air tickets from AirAsia X for travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Sapporo-Shin-Chitose on last Sunday (9 Sep) and return on 17 Sep. A strong earthquake hit Hokkaido on September 6, damaged buildings and infrastructure, airport and caused many landslides, airport closure and power outages, AirAsia published an announcement on their website news room later on the same day for the service recovery options for guests traveling on these flights from 8 - 11 September. We were afraid most hotels, restaurants, and shops would remained closed, we decided to retain the value of our booking in AirAsia BIG Loyalty account. We monitored our mailbox and SMS closely but never receive an email from AirAsia for so called service recovery option. We called multiple calls to AirAsia Malaysia call centre and tried to reach to their customer support via LiveChat, Twitter, Facebook, and even wrote to them and completed e-form several times since 8 Sep till today 12 Sep. All methods we have tried but not hearing a word from them. We did not take flight but we did not get refund in any form. We bought value packs which includes standard seat selection. However, I noticed AirAsia is charging us the seats when we tried to select standard seats on the website after the booking is confirmed. Even we tried to get hot seats, the initial seats are not refund. There are many unhappy, frustrated customers like us.

9/11/2018 Naresh Narendiran

Not Verified | Colombo to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur. My wife and I have travelled from Sydney to Trichy in July. I purchased the baggage for 25kg each but the actual weight was only 15kg each. The airline said that they cannot downgrade the allowance once it is paid. When we came back from Colombo to Sydney in August, we got 6kg over weight. Therefore I have tried to increase the allowance from 25kg to 30kg for each. I have spent about 5 hours in my phone and several attempts to increase the allowance, but the Airasia system did not allow me to do so. Although it is their system issue, I was charged for the extra luggage at very high rate at the Colombo airport and I was advised to get the refund at KLIA. The customer service person at the KLIA advise me to try the telephone customer support team. The telephone customer support team asked me to fill an eForm to get the refund. But the airline has treated me with suspicious instead of investigating the failure of their system. I have only requested the refund of surcharge fee at the airport (i.e. difference between the online fee and the airport fee for the additional luggage).

8/7/2018 I Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne. Upgraded to flatbed only to be advised on boarding that the seats were double booked and sent back to cramped seats with no leg room. Advised I need to request them to investigate via e-form to get my monies returned. Told the investigation may take a week or so and then only if approved I will get my money back for a service they never supplied. So far its cost me $800.00 for nothing. Not sure if they will refund or not. Thought I would give them another chance this time, what a mistake that was.

8/6/2018 M Kealen

✅ Trip Verified | I've flied with AirAsia many times, the seats are quite cramped and everything costs extra but the prices are very cheap when booked in advance. However at Kuala Lumpur (Klia2) airport I got lost and had a lot of luggage so I had to use the lifts which would only take me up one floor at the time - it took me ages to get to Departures. I was able to check in at the Self check in machines and I even got my luggage tags but when I arrived at the Baggage drop 5 min later, the staff said that she can't accept my bags anymore (the flight was leaving in 55 min). I went to complain to the Customer Service desk and the staff was very unhelpful and rude couldn't care less that I was going to miss a flight because of a few minutes error. I asked about different options and they only offered to "change" my flight for next day which would have cost me AUD 960 - I had paid AUD 160 for my flight. I ended up sleeping at the airport and taking another flight next morning through Bali with another company which was a little cheaper than the option that they had offered me.

7/31/2018 Hyein Lee

Not Verified | Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur. A male aircrew who had served me at the same flight made my worth experience with AirAsia X. I was kind of in panic at that time under strange surroundings and my bad condition with long journey. However, I was impressed when he asked me ‘may I help you?’ at totally out of his field and he took care me till I could go to my stay safely, more than 2h. As a person who does customer service too, I was more grateful that I can understand it is hard to do after hard-working. Doing so, even though I cannot really remember his name, I want to say thank you to him by this review. The moment inflight was not bad, it was right there what I expected. Nevertheless, his service- mind changed my mind to head to AirAsia again.