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6/29/2019 Gaurav Dua

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Prague via Riga. My Horrific Experience With Air Baltic On 26 June, I, my wife and my 4-year old son were to take an Air Baltic flight from Helsinki to Prague via Riga. The stopover in Riga was to be for about 30 minutes for changing flights. The Helsinki-Riga flight started late by about 15-20 minutes, which meant that the transit time was reduced to 15 minutes. To their credit, the Air Baltic crew at Helsinki and on board told us that the Riga-Prague plane will wait for us. Halfway through the Helsinki-Riga flight, the crew announced that the Riga-Prague plane was to take off from Gate C5 at Riga airport. The flight landed at Riga airport around 5:45 pm. While quickly moving out, we double checked with the air hostess that our Prague flight was to depart from Gate C5, and she confirmed the same. The moment we reached the airport, we scrambled to get to Gate C5 which was nowhere near. After running and panting for about 10-15 minutes with a 4-year old kid, we finally reached Gate C5. However, it was closed and there was no Air Baltic staff there. We thought we must have missed the flight. We then thought of finding the Air Baltic customer care and inquire about the next steps. Just then, I saw that the flight information screen flashed the gate for our Prague flight B6. Shocked, we scrambled again and ran almost a kilometre to reach B6, where an Air Baltic attendant was about to close the gate. Fortunately, we managed to catch the flight at the last minute. We couldn't help thinking how insensitive it was for the airline to run with so much miscommunication with its passengers. The huge inconvenience we faced could have simply been avoided had we been told the right gate on board. For some weird reason, Baltic Airline only allows 20 kg check-in luggage per person, whereas the majority of other airlines in Europe provide a 23 kg limit. Now we had purchased three full tickets, which entitled us to 60 kg in total. We had two check-in pieces of luggage, each weighing slightly over 20 kg, but cumulatively weighing much less than 60 kg. The airline said we will have to pay an additional luggage fee of 50 euros per bag since they were overweight per "per bag" limit. Now I don't know if other airlines to follow the same policy, but it seems purely silly because by packing a little more in two bags, we were saving for the airline the space for one full bag. The plane would have carried 45-46 kgs instead of 60 kgs which we were allowed - so I don't understand what purpose does "per bag" policy serve. In any case, this added to our overall terrible experience with Air Baltic.

6/25/2019 Christophe Olivier

✅ Trip Verified | Riga to Zurich. I had a carry on luggage of 8kg and bought 3kg of duty free goods at Riga airport. They weighed everything combined and had to take away my luggage and charge me 60 euros as the weight exceeded 8kg. There is no free water served on these flights. A disgrace of a company, to be avoided at all cost!

6/19/2019 Christian Puppe

✅ Trip Verified | Riga to Düsseldorf. Got charged 60€ extra because my backpack was a bit too heavy for hand luggage! So I "had to check it in as a normal bag, it costs 60€, no debate!" I will try to prevent flying with airBaltic in the future! Better use Ryanair or Wizz Air, they don't try to charge you 60€ extra for backpack that is a 'bit too heavy'!

5/31/2019 S Makilov

✅ Trip Verified | Riga to Bordeaux. Terrible airline, worst service ever, humiliating experience! Don't recommend anyone this airline, but especially if you are musician. Stay away from them.

5/10/2019 S Allan

✅ Trip Verified | I am very disappointed about both flights - from Riga to Frankfurt and return. On both flights they changed my 5 years old daughter's seats, so we needed to wait when they change our seets, but we still could not sit all family of three together (on both flights!). And on return flight they took away my bag from cabin because there was not any free bag space on plane. So now I am sitting with some stranger next to me who is not my husband and I don't have my bag with me. That's good that some nessesery items I have in my daughters bag. I feel really angry and disappointed! And plane is still not going, there is still delay.

1/11/2019 S Davies

✅ Trip Verified | This flight was a part of ticket sold by KLM and it was operating from Amsterdam to Tallin by airBaltic. Ground staff was very friendly and helpful. I've got a good place in the plane and we take off on time. However service on board was only paid which is unacceptable and low-cost airline. In my opinion airline shouldn't refuse you at least glass of water to avoid dehydrate. Water should be minimum. However me and my luggage got on place on time, so the goal has been achieved.

1/7/2019 E Kamurina

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Paris via Riga. I am very upset with the attitude of the airline. I missed my flight because of a huge queue at the control. The woman who was supposed to help passengers was just standing there announcing that “gate closes in 4 min”. When i approached her to help me skip the line she was rude and said that it is not her job and continued announcing that the gate closes in 2 min. Finally I came to the gate when it was already closed. The next flight I was offered is leaving in 10 hours. I didn’t even get a hotel and have to stay for 10 hours in the airport with two 5 eur vouchers for meal

12/15/2018 Yulia Kustova

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Moscow via Riga. Barcelona-Riga I was charged 30EUR extra to do check-in. Apparently, I must do check in online with extra charge of 8EUR. In the airport they did not accept to do 2 payments of 15EUR with my card neither, they sent me to pay by cash and they did not care that I did not have cash with me. It was my first time with this company, never again!

9/11/2018 Jo Dawson

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Riga. Comfortable plane and excellent take off and landing. But, cabin service was extremely poor - attendants simply failed to offer any food or beverage. Could not understand announcements in English. And airbaltic is the first airline I’ve ever known not to offer free water to customers. Absolutely shocking.

8/18/2018 B Talini

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Zurich to Riga with an A220, the flight was slightly delayed due to other aircraft. The airplane was clean and the cabin staff very helpful and friendly, unfortunately no internet access on the flight. I commend this company, which is developing.

8/18/2018 B Talini

✅ Trip Verified | A 50-minute flight from Riga to Tallinn on a Dash 8 bombardier, plane in excellent condition as well as the comfort of the seats. The staff during the flight was a bit absent, moreover I recommend this company for its efficiency and punctuality.

8/13/2018 Adam Kupka

✅ Trip Verified | St. Petersburg to Prague via Riga, it wasn't that bad after all. No cabin baggage weighing or measuring as mentioned in some reviews, there was nice staff greeting us on board and the plane was clean. IFE consisted only from the in-flight magazine, but it was pretty thick, enough reading for two hours flight. No food, snacks or water during the flight, but you know that before taking the flight as the company's strategy is going low-cost.

8/12/2018 M Dasargin

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Vilnius via Riga. Terrible customer service. We was denied our flight to Riga from Vilnius due to delay of their inbound flight from Gatwick. It was explained that we missed our last flight and should go to collect luggage and go to ticket office for travel re-arrangement. Lady in reception told that air Baltic offer for us can offer only ground transportation to Vilnius airport. When one gentleman asked for flight next day it was told that there is no chances to stay overnight ("no available hotels in Riga that night") and that all flights from Riga to Vilnius on next day are fully booked. Then after doubts how it can be that all flights and hotels are overbooked in Riga she told that probably the is 1 seat, then "maybe 3 seats" in morning flight, but hotel for sure she cannot book, and if we wish we can do it on our own money and then apply to refund of 70 EUR. When we started negotiate ground transfer, story continue very interesting way - it was told that cab cannot bring us to hotel/home address, only to drop off in Vilnius airport. After emotional complains why we need to go by cab to Vilnius airport and then back to city by taxi at 5AM , she firstly told that it is because our destination is Vilnius airport, and we will be delivered right here (even if it is after 4 hour drive and no taxi in Vilnius airport at that time). Then after 5 min of emotional discussion she once again changed her mind and told that OK, we may take taxi in Vilnius airport and then to submit receipt to refund. When we told that this is stupid, that we need to cross all city and then go back, she told that ok ok you may ask transfer driver to drop off in your destinations only if this is on way to airport. No consent was given to sign for us, just she gave voucher to driver, and that's it. Now I have problem with insurance company. I not even mention kindness words used like "sorry for inconvenience", "I will do my best" or any provision of refreshments, etc. When we finally asked surname (name was on card) of receptionist she told that this info she is not obliged to provide.So, all long story short - airBaltic represented as it’s best Soviet heritage of customer service with "Service provider always right" and "No, we can't" attitude. If you want this experience, you may try to travel with this airline. For me enough is enough! I chose airBaltic to London via Riga instead direct flights Vilnius-London with WIZZ and Ryanair because I was expecting more intelligent and kind attitude, and paid for it extra 100 EUR per ticket. How naive I was!

7/30/2018 Artyom Vaganian

✅ Trip Verified | Larnaca to Copenhagen via Riga. Airbaltic has the worst cabin service i have ever experienced. Both when flying to Larnaca from Copenhagen via Riga, and home trip, there were small delays, which meant we literally ran to gate to make the flight. And even though both flights are operated by air Baltic instead of a quick apology and a smile they bark orders at you, to hurry and are super unfriendly. Only with airbaltic I have experienced that people are having some difficulty with fitting the cabin luggage into the overhead compartment, and the cabin crew are just standing and eyeballing instead of helping. I could go on. But all in all airbaltic is just disastrous airline, and to make matters worse airport in Riga has also lots of issues. So are you flying with airbaltic through Riga, you are almost guaranteed a disappointment.

7/11/2018 L Garinez

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Tallinn via Riga. I have travelled three times with this airline on the Tallinn-Riga-Stockholm route. All three times the flight from Tallinn to Riga has been delayed, causing me to miss my flight from Riga to Stockholm. Air Baltic put me on a later flight, but the wait is usually more than 3 hours. When I write to the airline asking for compensation, they always say no. This is in violation of the European Union's Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004. So I write to the Consumer Agency in Latvia, they take my case and Air Baltic, reluctantly, pays me compensation. This is not a serious airline. Customer service is dismal; and the airline staff is rude and unfriendly. Avoid this airline if possible.

6/29/2018 Douglas Ribeiro

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Riga. Every time I have to flY with Air Baltic is a delay - information is rubbish and in one occasion even after 4 hours delay they insist in not pay even for a bottle of water. One of the worse airlines I have ever had to deal with. If you can avoid please do so.

6/5/2018 L Parvina

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Tallinn. Customer service level is unacceptable. Once the airline experiences delays, no apology, explanation given until later on. During the delay (delay that results overnight), no water etc. is given to passengers nor to pets that airline charges a fee for! Refused claim despite the EU regulations. Email is not answered, 10 working days has passed as per their rule. Do not recommend it neither to people nor passengers travelling with animals especially! This is one of the many incidents I have experienced with Air Baltic, therefore, it had to be shared because enough is enough.

6/4/2018 T Lemoras

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Amsterdam via Riga with airBaltic. The flights were supposedly 6 hrs total, it was 17 hrs: no explanation, rude staff at transfer Riga, they shoved me off with 2 vouchers for 2 coffee. I waited 9 hrs on a overcrowded airport. No lounge seat. During first flight they were assuring me the connecting flight would wait: not so. They did not even offer water or some food as consolation. Handed in my claim : according to EU regulation 261/2004 AirBaltic is accountable and should pay for my loss of time (i missed out on a meeting on top of it) No response whatsoever. so now I have to hand in my claim to get this case settled.

5/29/2018 Ario Yuniawan Prariyadi

❌ Not Verified | First time flying with with Air Baltic to Riga from Berlin-Tegel. Received several changes of flight schedules one week before the flight. Tried to ask by calling their customer services related to flight changes but no good solution offered. Nevertheless I accept the flight changes as they are the only one serving the direct route from Berlin-Tegel. They used aircraft CS3000 for both flights and the cabin is clean enough. The seat has large space. The cabin crew was OK und did their duties well. My return flight was cancelled. The Air Baltic Service Management did not provide any clear information related to the delay, compensation and next available flights. I had to change to several lockets to be able to rebook my return flight to Berlin and to get a room at hotel. They also reject the compensation under the EU regulation which is still applicable for the delay of my return flight to Berlin. In my opinion, I don’t recommend to fly with them as its customer service we’re so awful and did not help the passengers much.

5/29/2018 C Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Zurich via Riga. The worse flight (including check-in counter) experience I have ever had in my life. AirBaltic has proven by far that they will do anything to take money from you laughing at your face. The staff at Helsinki is absolutely terrible, the cabin luggage policy is a bad joke that should be prohibited (max 8 Kgs). Airbaltic pushed it so far that they deserve an airline category just for them “worse-cost”. Airbaltic and the whole experience is a total disgrace for the entire airline industry.