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4/18/2019 Kyle Raman

✅ Trip Verified | Every time I flew with Airlink (From Pietermaritzburg), everything was fantastic. Their boarding procedure, legroom, seat width are good. They have a nice fleet of planes, currently: the Embraer E190/170, Embraer 135, Avro RJ85 and Jetstream J41 (Avoid). The Avro RJ85 is comfortable but slightly cramped (I'm 1.8m tall). The Embraer E190 is fairly new and very spacious. They serve a snack and free beverages on these short flights.The only downside is that they are relatively expensive when compared to low cost carriers.

11/20/2016 S Anbar

Durban to George with Airlink. The Embraer aircraft was clean and comfortable. The air hostess was friendly. On the 1 hour 45 minute flight we were served a chicken wrap which was good. Even on our 45 minute flight from George to Cape Town we were served a cheese sandwich. However Airlink are fussy with luggage. They only permit 20 kilos; not 23 like on larger aircraft. Fortunately South African weighed our bags in Durban and made no comments. However in George Airlink do the check in and were charged excess luggage fees. But for 7 kilos over we paid only 15 US dollars. Our flights left and arrived on time. Fares on this airline though are relatively expensive.

10/8/2016 V Schmidt

Kasane to Johanesburg. Boarding with 15 minutes late due to late inbound. It was a full flight,once boarded and after we had taken off, the flight attendant came through with the trolley and offered a chicken sandwich. The sandwich was tasty. We hit quite a bit of turbulence once through it the flight attendant continued the service. The flight attendant was quite professional and all smiles.

10/6/2016 R Roberts

✅ Verified Review | This was my first time flying Airlink. The flight was fine and food, seats and service were all quite good. However we (along with 11 other people ) were quite shocked when we reached Madagascar to learn that our luggage had not been loaded onto the plane. We had given our luggage in at JNB terminal 4 hours before the flight. We were also told that Airlink has no responsibility to get you your luggage in Madagascar after your arrival, necessitating a second trip to the airport on a subsequent day. For an airline to lose 12 people's luggage (out of 80 passengers) on a non-stop flight is unacceptable. We were told by someone else who regularly flies on this flight (she lives in Madagascar) that her luggage has also been lost on prior flights. A more minor but still very annoying practice of this airline is not to carry the visa form that must be filled out before entering Madagascar. The Air France flight that arrived at about the same time had these forms for its passengers.

4/5/2016 Antony Wepener

Johannesburg to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe on SA Airlink. Seats were comfortable and a meal was served flight together with drinks on this 1 hour 20 minute flight. Flight attendants were efficient and pleasant. This was a very nice trip.

1/17/2016 Elridus Grobler

Airlink from Kimberley to Cape Town, a 1h30 flight. Leather black seats with enough legroom and nice cabin interior. The were lack of space meant I had to put my tripod and a great part of my hand luggage with the cabin crew luggage. The plane itself only has luggage compartments on the one side. We were served drinks and a choice of beef or chicken sandwiches. It was a pity they chose cheap instant coffee as the genuine substitute. We departed ahead of schedule and arrived 22 minutes ahead at Cape Town. We had only one crew member who served well. All in all, when you pay near nothing (R850 is about USD $65) and get so much - a meal, drinks, good seats and ground crew you have to be mad not to realise the value. It goes without question that this is just a very ordinary route with nothing special going for it, yet it has enough to lure me in. I was satisfied flying with Airlink.

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