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7/2/2019 Melissa Zambrana Ruiz

Not Verified | My father and niece were scheduled to have a flight, they arrived early and checked in via app. While in line to verify If the bags were ok to carry on, there were people being pulled from the line because there were planes boarding for other locations. Then a lady behind us asked the lady if she could skip the line because she had a flight that left in 15 minutes. The manager asked her where she was going and told her she had plenty of time because all of Allegiant was using 1 gate and there was a line of planes. So after paying $50 more for a carry on bag, my family arrived to the gate only to be told that the plane already left. They also charge for everything. Need a boarding pass? $5 need to bring a carry on? $50. They would not even refund the $50 for the carry on that was just paid for. On top of that, good luck getting in contact with the 702-505-8888 customer service department

7/2/2019 Tim Davis

✅ Trip Verified | My wife has been waiting since 4 pm to leave Ft Lauderdale to Ashville. Just advised (9:30 pm) will be 3:30 am before departure. Worst service and experience in 50 years.

7/2/2019 Sabrina Olson

Not Verified | Bismarck to Phoenix. Very disappointed in the late notice for the rescheduling of my flight. They first delayed my plane and I received plenty of notice. However, they don’t notify you if the plane is cancelled. They didn’t email or call and waited till I was at the airport to cancelled. It’s very unprofessional and for such a price, I’d hope for better customer service.

7/1/2019 Edenia Duarte

✅ Trip Verified | Had the worst experience ever. I paid for priority check in and They had me standing in line letting all the regular passengers go before us. By the time they called me it was an hour before my flight was scheduled to depart. They said I was late and wouldn’t let me board. They told me since I got there an hour before instead of two hours prior I forfeited my flight. They kept my money and they also kept my car rental money, since I did it with them. It felt like a scam. They were extremely rude and unwilling to help accommodate us. I was traveling with two minors. This airline’s staff was extremely unprofessional. The first thing the girl at the counter asked me, was if I had rented a car through them. As soon as they saw that I had a car rented through them, they pushed to make us miss the flight. It turns out that I called enterprise and I had the right to cancel and get full credit until 8PM. However, since I did it through air allegiant I couldn’t. They have to do it. This is probably why they were unwilling to help us make the flight. I tried to get someone on the phone and explain my situation and they just don’t care. The plane was empty, it was a local flight, they had an hour before take off, and they didn’t help me. I felt like if I was in the twilight zone. Don’t waste your money or your time.

6/25/2019 Shirley A. Sanders

Not Verified | Little Rock to Los Angeles: June 19-22. Paid to check luggage $70 round trip. Luggage never arrived in LA. Customer service lied about getting my luggage there by Fedex the next day. As of this day, I have not seen my luggage. Contacting Allegiant by phone is a nightmare. Had to buy clothes to put on. The cheap route is not a good route. Will never use this airline again. First time and last time.

6/25/2019 B Jenkins

Not Verified | Rapid City to Las Vegas. Flight was late leaving Rapid City so we ended up paying for an extra day of parking, paid for an extra night at the hotel that wasn't needed because we arrived so late. Flight was one of the most horrible experiences I've ever had. Leaving Las Vegas was delayed 2.5 hours and we were given no explanation of why when our plane was already in Las Vegas and the weather was clear. Terrible customer service as well - no representative at the gate until 10 minutes prior to boarding and then boarding was delayed another 30 minutes while we all were standing around waiting. At the end of the trip we did not save any more money or time by flying Allegiant. Last time I will waste my money and time with this company.

6/23/2019 M Trujillo

Not Verified | My fiancé and I took Allegiant Air from Vegas to Memphis for our Wedding. We had our two kids with us as well so believe me when I say we arrived in plenty of time. Upon arriving to check our bags with Allegiant the line at McCarren airport was out the door with only two people checking in bags. We stood in line for so long that I had to pretend I was handicapped to make the flight for our wedding and was only able to do so because I had my dress as a carry on. While giving our bags to check in (which I had checked one online and we had to check another) I was told I did not pre pay for a checked bag ($35) which we had done everything online and had our confirmation. Also, we paid over $700 over three months ago for our family of four to fly to Memphis again and they had us on standy! We had to literally beg for our seats on this flight. Absolute horrible experience from the get go. On the way back to Vegas, Memphis airport only had 1 person checking in bags! We were in line again for over an hour! Also, we tried once again to pre check bags since it’s cheaper, this time it would not let us pre check ANYTHING or even check in early because we had our children with us and they had placed us all in different seats. So, due to Allegiant Ais inefficiency, we were over charged on this trip over $100 because of luggage, their inadequate app they try to get you to use and double charging us for luggage. This was an all around horrible experience and we will never fly Allegiant again. Much better off paying the extra money and being comfortable and taken care of on a Southwest or Delta flight.

6/23/2019 Becca Maiden

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to CincinnatiStaff at bag check was rude and way behind schedule. Flight was delayed 45 mins and they did not even consider it a delay, I guess because this is their normal? No big deal. Had a okay flight, little bumpy but I wasn’t as phased as many. Ready to get back home, waited for checked bag for almost an hr. Grab it, scuff marks down the back of the suitcase and handle bent it is now not functional. Made a claim, as well all know suitcases are pricey, they state it varies from what damage they would intend to see if they were responsible. Long story short they won’t be covering a thing! Be careful, my “cheap” flight cost me a lot more in the end. (All of this after changing my original flight by five hrs a month before take off)

6/22/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) seat 12E

This exit row seat has plenty of leg room, but the seat doesn't recline and is very rigid. Contrary to the seat map, the tray table is in the seat in front, not the armrest (which is moveable). The tray table doesn't telescope making it a little awkward. We were also able to store our bags on the floor for the entire flight.

6/21/2019 T Anderson

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Boise. The aircraft was not very comfortable and of course everything including snacks and drinks are extra. The computers were down at the airport and the line was huge waiting to check bags. Not enough staffing at the baggage check desk and generally not very impressed by the overall quality of the flight experience with Allegiant Air. I will not fly with them again because they tout amazing deals on flights, but you always get what you pay for and the cheaper tickets is equivalent to a cheaper experience.

6/18/2019 F Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | I’m going to tell you about my experience flying with Allegiant Air. First, I was so sceptical about it, I was worried if we would get to our destination because it was so cheap and it’s a direct flight from Savannah to Albany. At first, I booked our flight using another airline and the total was $1471 and we had to stop in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Allegiant Air flight was so much cheaper, for 4 of us only cost $580. So, I canceled the other airline tickets and booked with Allegiant Air. Our flight went smoothly from Savannah to Albany, no delay and the flight attendants were super nice to us, even the pilots. So from now on if there is an Allegiant Air going where I want to go I’ll always use this airlines. Yes, they charge you for your snacks and drinks but hey for the money I save that’s no problem to me. I rate them 10/10. Great, great experienced, I saved money and time.

6/16/2019 K Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Kansas City to Punta Gorda. As I arrived at the airport I was notified that the flight was delayed 2 hour late. No explanation why. 2 hours later I was again notified by text that the flight was delayed another 2 hours for a total delay of 4 hours. I called the airline to see if I could take a different flight in the morning because my mom and dad would have to pick me up at the airport at 1:04 AM instead of 9:22 PM. I was on hold for over an hour and finally gave up on that. Once in the air. I was never offered a refreshment from a flight attendant. in fact was never even offered a glance from any of the 4 attendants despite having paid a premium to sit in Seat 1D first row isle. Attendants sat up front and conversed with each other the whole flight. At 12:20 the pilot announced that we could not land at punta gorda airport and will be diverted to St Petersburg 2.5 hours from Punta Gorda. We were told that they had no way to transport us from there, there were no rental cars available. My Mom and Dad had to drive 2.5 hours to pick me up and 2.5 hours home. The worst flight I have ever experienced. This company should be shut down.

6/15/2019 S Richards

✅ Trip Verified | Arizona to Bozeman with Allegiant Air. Horrible experience. Plane was delayed 2 hours. Said we were switching planes then said never mind and we continued to wait another hour. Do not recommend.

6/3/2019 Teresa Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Gorda to Lexington . Customer service on plane was very poor. My sisters and i were in our way to Punta Gorda to visit with our sister and as we were getting seated on plane in Lexington the stewardess looked at us when we were sitting down and said no more to drink for you girls - just because we were laughing and cutting up. Yet a guy 2 seats up was staggering and spilled his drink and he was still served.

6/2/2019 Abbey Frances

Not Verified | Ft Lauderdale to Covington. We waited in line for over an hour and there were no Allegiant workers at the desk even checking customers in for their flights. Not one worker. On our flight here the staff were rude when we checked in. The quality of the plane was poor, and there were additional fees for baggage and refreshments on the plane which are typically complimentary with other airlines. Do not fly Allegiant.

5/31/2019 Dylan Messal

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Phoenix. Nearly every flight I've ever flown with them is delayed. And they don't let you know until the time the plane was scheduled to board passes. Don't try to make reservations or show tickets, because Allegiant is by far the most unreliable airline I've ever given the opportunity to earn my business.

5/30/2019 S Veane

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Asheville. This is by far the worst customer service I have experienced. I’ve flown with Allegiant 6 times since January 2019. There has been some sort of dilemma each and every time. I am currently on hold (and have been for 52 minutes) to simply get some information regarding a trip I have booked with them. I am also on their chat (which they advertise for faster service) and keep getting connected to “null” who does not reply to any of my messages. Spend the extra $100 to go with a better airline that cares about their customers or is at least staffed to take phone calls/chats for those customers that need help once they have purchased their tickets. Funny how simple it is to book a flight with them, but will have you burn your ear off waiting for someone to answer their customer service line. Thank god for speaker phone.

5/28/2019 Diana Demers

❎ Not Verified | Memphis to Fort Lauderdale with Allegiant Air. The customer service desk is the worst ever. My bag was overweight (71 lbs)and I understood that so I got to the side and started emptying it, the lady told me that I needed to get back at the end of the line, therefore I did. When I asked if I could weigh it to see how the weight was she told me I had to wait in line, so I did. When I got to the front of the line my bag was now (41.5 lbs) and she said that if I wanted to go through I had to pay $112. Therefore she made me go empty my bag and get back on the line. This company has no courtesy nor does it’s employees, worst company ever. I would not recommend anyone to fly with them, this is not the type of company that anyone should support.

5/24/2019 Kelly Ensminger

✅ Trip Verified | Both fights were late. The bathroom was broken on the return flight. I ran into issue on the first flight and called to get assistance. I had all 4 family members calling because I could never get through. Only for no one to help . We call called back and were on hold for 47-72 min. All discussed the issue and again, no one would help until I became ugly with the person and told them I wanted a supervisor. During the time we were all holding I was trying to CHAT. Each time it would tell me it would be at least 16 min. Each time it would disconnect me. The is absolutely no customer service. After our return flight was delayed, bathroom broke, we have landed and not can’t get off the plane and were told it would be 20 min.

5/22/2019 C Garsen

✅ Trip Verified | Provo to Phoenix. This Airline is terrible, we have delay after delay after delay. It is currently delayed for 4 hours due to mechanical issues. Our flight at this time is due to depart at almost midnight. Not a single person has communicated any other options to fly out the next day. There are families with small children. We are all just sitting here with no other options but to wait and wait and wait..