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10/22/2019 L Nage

✅ Trip Verified | Tulsa to Las Vegas. They get you under the guise of cheap flights but charges you for every little thing. Boarding passes are $5. You have to pay for carry on bags. Pre-paid $30 for a checked bag, get to the gate and my luggage is 45lbs. Every other airline is 50lbs, but Allegiant limit is 40lbs. They charged ...

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10/21/2019 V Tiseth

Not Verified | Asheville to Sanford. On time and friendly. The hidden fees are not hidden if one reads everything prior to booking. Cancellation policies are clearly stated as are the different types of refunds. Seating policies are also clearly stated. Booking at same time and then “hoping” to be together is a guarantee of unh...

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10/21/2019 C Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Gorda to Harrisburg. Living near one of the Allegient Air airport routes (15 min from home), our family has travelled 10-15 times from Allentown, PA to Punta Gorda and from Punta Gorda to Harrisburg, PA to visit son at college. We knew ahead of time the airline was no frills and gets from point a to poin...

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10/19/2019 Taylor Lazar

Not Verified | Bellingham to Las Vegas with Allegiant Air. Horrible communication, delayed flight for 12 hours. Customer service continues to flail arms while just asking for updates. Terrible experience. $16 food voucher for 12 hour delay when the cheapest item in restaurant is $16.50. 0 compensation. I appreciate cheap flight...

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10/16/2019 A Wilson

Not Verified | Redmond to Las Vegas. Allegiant was terrible. Flights weren’t on time, no complimentary drinks/snacks, gave me a hard time for not taking facial cleansing wipes out of my bag. Wasn’t enough room for everyone’s carry-on luggage. Also, their carry on size is way smaller than other airlines so if your carry on fits ...

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10/15/2019 Jeff Giroux

✅ Trip Verified | Sarasota to Richmond. I have flown on Allegiant airlines five times now and haven't been disappointed yet. Staff even went out of their way to help me figure out a problem with my allegiant app. For a low cost airline Allegiant air is definitely the best deal for your money. I would highly recommend them.

10/10/2019 S Davies

✅ Trip Verified | Mesa to Provo. I have flown this route a few times and I will say that the flight attendants are the rudest and nastiest people in the industry. Rather than communicate professionally and assume the best the flight attendants verbally jump on customers about their regulations. I’m sure that they have a lot of c...

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10/9/2019 Jaime Lummus

Not Verified | Have flown several different times throughout the years. It was a great deal back then, but has gone downhill over the years. First, the price has sky rocketed with no additional services, you do not get peanuts or a drink without paying additionally for them now! The flight attendants were more interested in tak...

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10/7/2019 Gary maas Blair maas

Not Verified | Asheville to Ft Lauderdale. I have tried to stay loyal, but every flight we take is delayed multiple times. You get the feeling you're living in the airport. I am finally finished with Allegiant. I know people put negative feedback because they get aggravated but I fly monthly with Allegiant. The reviews are true...

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10/5/2019 R Christie

✅ Trip Verified | Albuquerque to Las Vegas. Absolutely horrible company to fly with! They will sing you and charge you to breath. Forget about being on time. My flight is 9 hours late. It finally arrives and there is another maintenance delay on the airplane. The freaking airplane doesn’t work! What a ridiculous joke. But hey, t...

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9/29/2019 S Garton

✅ Trip Verified | Nashville to Sarasota., I’m terrified of flying, and everything on my trip was perfect. Smooth, quick, and easy. I would definitely recommend this airline to others. And I’ll be flying again soon.

9/28/2019 James Fizer

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Gorda to Pittsburgh. Airline staff on ground and in flight courteous. However, expect to wait, wait and wait if you have any need that must be addressed via telephone. Over an hour for me personally. Multiple occasions. "Biggest Complaint" is being forced to pay an additional $112 this trip to pick up a r...

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9/17/2019 Frederick Cline

Not Verified | Medford to Los Angeles. This is the first time I had flown Allegiant Airlines. Ticket counter agents seemed to take longer to process people than other airlines. While waiting at the gate, the time became close to boarding time, but nothing happened, no announcements, etc. The time eventually even passed takeoff ...

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9/16/2019 L Machen

Not Verified | Tucson to Provo. The crew was rude, especially one flight attendant. Allegiant does the bare minimum and doesn’t care about their customers whatsoever. They charge for every little thing so they advertise and cheap and affordable, when really they are the same price as any other airline. Would not recommend.

9/12/2019 G Virdar

✅ Trip Verified | FT Lauderdale to Knoxville. This my seem trite, but has anyone experienced issues with being able to view and or change their flights through manage travel on myallegiant website. I have had this issue since December 2018. When logging in I receive an error message that reads: An unexpected error has occurred ...

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9/3/2019 M Athu

Not Verified | Reno to Las Vegas. I reserved a seat by paying money for my return flight. Then they have changed my seat and didn’t even let me know. What is the purpose of ‘reserve’ by paying money?

9/1/2019 C Stanner

✅ Trip Verified | St Pete Clearwater to South Bend. The original flight for me was to return on August 28th. We left with plenty of time to spare. Traffic was backed up and horrendous. There was a very bad accident on the freeway, and we made it to the airport at 8:45am. The plane was to leave at 9:00am. My daughter and I had n...

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8/30/2019 Inge Cyren

Not Verified | St. Petersburg to Cedar Rapids. Bottom feeder of all airlines. Make their money off of people who have no convenient routing. PIE horrible customer service. Phone lines even worse.

8/26/2019 Greg Van Houten

✅ Trip Verified | It was fine. Exactly what I was expecting. A $115 direct flight between Indianapolis and Austin. The seats were uncomfortable and the FAs were largely disengaged, remaining in the galley for the entire flight, save for the one drink service. I paid the $6 for early boarding. And I paid extra for more leg room....

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8/25/2019 James Klein

Not Verified | Allegiant Air's lack of a meaningful, real time complaint process speaks volumes regarding the company's total lack of concern regarding the treatment their passengers receive. You cannot phone in a complaint at all. Their live chat is limited to business hours, Monday thru Friday. Other wise, you can snail mail,...

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