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12/20/2018 M Urquidi

Not Verified | Santa Cruz to Asuncion. I had an international ticket that said “snack”. The snack was food for sale. The airline will not even give you water on their planes. Planes are very old, smelly and dirty and the staff was trying to do their best but were not specially kind or efficient. Seats are very small (two per side, per row) with very little space.

11/6/2018 Catherine Ferrell

✅ Trip Verified | La Paz to Uyuni. Due to weather issues the airline understandably cancelled our flight to Uyuni, upon learning that rebooking was not an option due to tour constraints we were assured we would be reimbursed and provided the link to give our information. That was June, and in November we still have not received the reimbursement much less any information about it. Despite filling out the paperwork multiple times and sending followup inquiries, they are incredibly unresponsive and have not provided any indication that we will ever see this reimbursement. If you book this airline, be aware their customer service is extremely poor.

12/3/2017 W Galiner

✅ Trip Verified | Santa Cruz to La Paz. I forgot my Bose headphones in the plane and contacted the airline already 4 times via their customer services e mail address! I didn't get any response! I am very angry and will never use this airline, I know that it was my fault but not getting any response isn't a good service in 2017.

11/21/2017 G Sewell

✅ Trip Verified | La Paz to Rurrenabaque. Avoid - will cancel flights and move you onto other flight times without any contact. We arrived at airport to find both legs had been cancelled and we were on different flight times which meant a complete change of plans and additional costs incurred. They claimed not to have contact details despite us proving we had provided these (as they had contacted us to confirm booking and provide tickets via email). Check in staff will also just shrug their shoulders and will not even provide an apology. Make sure you reconfirm your flight the day before but be warned at the check in desk they reserve he right to cancel / change flights up to 2 hours before with no warning or refund!

9/13/2017 Michelle Yammine

✅ Verified Review | La Paz to Rurrenabaque. They changed our flights last minute with no warning. We were literally at the gate and they told us they had to change the times due to "operational reasons". Because of this we are missing an already paid organised tour. This also applies to the flight back from Rurrenabaque. Worst company ever.

7/16/2017 Jacqueline McNab

✅ Verified Review | Asuncion to La Paz via Santa Cruz. Booked these flights through Opodo as I could not find Amaszonas website. Flight to take off 1330 with 50 minute stopover in Santa Cruz but nobody could tell me if I had to go through Immigration/Customs and if so, in time for connecting flight. Received flight time change a day later: now with 2 hours 20 minutes stopover. Received third flight time change a further day later: now 0820 from Asuncion with 9 hours stopover in Santa Cruz. Phoned Opodo and asked for a refund but was asked to wait and see if another flight was available. Received fourth flight time change 10 days later: take off 0820 from Asuncion with 1 hour 30 minutes stopover in Santa Cruz. Received fifth flight time change seven days later: take off 0820 from Asuncion with 1 hour 40 minutes stopover in Santa Cruz. Checked-in for flight and an Australian family was having a loud argument with staff as their flight time had been changed to the afternoon but they had not been informed by Amaszonas. Flight left on time. Yes, had to go through Immigration/Customs in Santa Cruz. I was the first at both but quite a queue formed behind me. Found Departures at Santa Cruz airport and checked-in for flight to La Paz. Had time for a drink. Don't think the first schedule of 50 minutes would have been sufficient. No complaint when actually on the flights but why, oh, why did Amaszonas change my flights 5 times. Did not inspire me with confidence.

3/28/2017 S Rejaly

✅ Verified Review | Cusco to Uyuni via La Paz. My experience with Amaszonas was good actually. Luckily the weather was in my favor too. Initially I was a little skeptical after reading reviews, but the trip was pretty smooth. Flight was on the smaller side although not as small as people had initially mentioned. There's about 15 to 20 rows of seats and I was comfortable. THe only thing is they board like 15 minutes prior to departure which makes you a little nervous, but the trip as such was okay.

2/21/2017 O Mansell

✅ Verified Review | La Paz to Rurrenabaque return with Amaszonas. Both flights got canceled. In the first plane were 15 Passengers in a plane for nearly 50 so we think they just wanted to put all the people in one plane and canceled all the other flights. That was the first day we lost in our Trip. No "sorry" or any kind of excuse. Flight back got canceled as well, had to stay another night in Rurrenabaque. Weather wasn't really bad. They told us to come to the Office at 7, they drive us to the airport (10 Minutes, departure at 9). When we got there they told us we should take a Taxi on our own. It would still be enough time if we'll be at the airport at 8. So why did you let us wake up and miss breakfast? I wouldn't book Amaszonas again! Don't be surprised if they cancel your flight. Plan more time for it or just take the Bus!

11/27/2016 Javier Sandi

La Paz to Sucre with Amaszonas. Their tickets are expensive compared to other airlines in Bolivia, and don't be fooled by the "promos" on the website, the final price is always higher than BoA or ecojet. The ground service is good, they even offer a cheap shuttle to Sucre airport, they claim to have a perfect "on-time" record but they have the reputation to cancel trips when the plane is not full enough, onboard service is good with a drink good enough for all the short trips they do and seat room is ok taking count the CRJ 200 is a small plane! The planes are as basic as any regional jet is but are pretty much quiet. Never used it yet but I've been told their La Paz-Santa Cruz air shuttle service is terrific.

5/15/2016 N Kim

✅ Verified Review | Booked two trips with Amazonas from La Paz to Uyuni and La Paz to Cusco. All tickets were purchased from their website directly and eticket received with email 2 months before trip. 2 days before trip commenced, I tried to complete "web check in" but system refused. So I sent an email to check for reason. It turned out both flights were cancelled. We were "moved" to a flight on the next day! Amazonas provided no notification or information about the cancellation no until I contacted them. I asked for the reason of the "no notification" and they did not answer my question at all. In short, these small South American airlines cancel or reschedule frequently and at their own will without any notification to passengers. Avoid at all cost!

3/2/2016 A Grahams

Amaszonas should not be called an airline. Booked a very expensive early morning flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque. Arrived at the airport 90 minutes early to be told the flight had been changed to 2pm (7 hours later) and that we'd received an email about it. We received the email 2 hours later. Our flight then got changed to 4.40pm then 5.20pm. At 4.20pm we went to the gate just in case and it was empty, no staff, no passengers. Sat down then returned to the gate when a member of staff appeared and were told the flight had already left. Went back to the Amaszonas desk and the incredibly rude staff told us that yes the flight had left but couldn't give us a time of when it left, when it boarded or any details at all. Absolutely shocking, do not give this company any money. Staff need serious customer service training and operations staff need to know how to run a plane timetable.

12/3/2015 Antonio Ruotolo

Amaszonas is a disgrace. This is an airline operating in monopoly and they do what they want. We paid US$300 from La Paz to Uyuni and less than 24 hrs before departure they cancelled our flight without giving us any reason (neither by email nor by telephone). We were rescheduled on another flight. US$300 for a 40 mins flight and they cancel it because the flight is not full. Our entire schedule in Uyuni completely screwed up.

8/22/2015 A Galiani

Flew La Paz to Uyuni and return. Check-in was easy and outbound flight was on time. No bag fees or seat selection fees. Limited snack service on the plane - choice of coffee, juice, water or soda but adequate for a 45 minute flight. No IFE but with the Andes on one side and lakes and salt flats on the other it wasn't really needed. Seat pitch was surprisingly good - not sure of the measurement but I had a few inches clearance for my knees (I am 6' tall) which is better than economy class on most of the legacy carriers. Return flight delayed by about 30 minutes but not a major problem. Had to change our return flight and the fee was about US$4.00 so I can't complain about that. The only odd thing was the baggage handling at Uyuni. The ground crew unloaded the bags onto a cart but kept it there while they then loaded the outbound flight. After the cart was bought to the bag claim, we were not allowed in until all the bags were place in the claim area. Sort of an odd arrangement and not sure if that is on the airline or the airport ground crew. All in all a reasonable flight experience. Recommended.

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