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5/5/2019 Rena Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Cincinnati. American Airlines does not respect people’s time! Or I think they don’t know the importance of time. Ok to be on point I know they always do delays but they hide it until last moment! I think AA needs some training. Please AA improve your service and taste of cookies served on plane. Crew members are rude and so is customer assistance.

5/2/2019 Deseray Morgan

✅ Trip Verified | I went from Bangor to Philadelphia then to Kansas city. And the same route back. My flight was in time which was a relief because of the buses you have to take in Philly to your connecting flight. However on my way back in Kansas city they had over booked the fought by 4 people! Luckily 4 people offered to stay back because they were given 1,000 vouchers once we got to Philly they had overbooked that flight by 2 people and a seat was broken. For whatever reason, my boarding pass didn't have a seat or boarding number on it. This was extremely stressful due to the fact that there are only 2 flights a day that fly into Bangor. 3 people had to stay behind that day. How they get away with one booking. People pay money for these tickets and expect to get to and from their destination in a safe and timely manner.

4/24/2019 V Peale

✅ Trip Verified | Beaumont to Billings via Dallas. The tickets were ridiculously expensive. The same day I booked, I had to change our flights to the next day. Even though the tickets were still same price for the next day as the ones I purchased, I was charged 150 dollars for the change. Then American Airlines pressured me into buying trip insurance, telling me that it would cover any airline changes and cancellations. As I boarded the plane going home, AA cancelled the connecting flight. When I landed in Dallas, I received text that AA re-booked connecting flight for the next day. Now they don't want to pay for the cancelled and re-booked flight (that I was unable to take & I had to rent a car to drive 6 hours home which cost me over 300 dollars). When they were pressuring me to buy the insurance, they NEVER told me the insurance only kicks in after a 12 hr delay. This delay was overnight. Meaning I originally had an evening connecting flight that was cancelled. So, my children & I were supposed to spend the night in DFW airport Isn't that why I bought trip insurance To cover the costs when this happens I know they cannot control the weather, but they could honor the insurance they pressure their customers to buy and not make ridiculous parameters that hinder customers from receiving relief from the insurance. Furthermore, ridiculous fees AA charges for changing flights (after booking the same day within a few hours) is even more reason why I love Southwest. American Airlines need to take lessons from SWA. I was very disappointed that Southwest Airlines do not fly to Billings, MT or I would have definitely flown SWA - No hidden fees, no baggage fees, no fees for changing flights, and amazing customer service!

3/17/2019 Rucha Deo

✅ Trip Verified | Absolutely the worst customer service. Nobody is accountable for anything and has no clue of what is happening. I flew from San Jose to Los Angeles on February 11. I accidentally left my wallet on the aircraft. I got a call saying I left it and should collect it from Lost and Found the next day. When I went to LAX nobody had any clue about where it was. The lady at Lost and Found was not helpful and rude. I spent 4 hours at the airport going from counter to counter. I have a voicemail recording saying they found my wallet and then asking me to pick it up. I even spoke to someone over the phone and confirmed the same. However, in less than 12 hours they lost my wallet while getting it from the gate to lost and found. I made several attempts to reach them but nobody answered the phone. When I called the customer service number, they had no clue of how to handle this issue. I filed a report online, but they didn't even respond to that. It shows how careless the employees are with customers' property. They lost something which they themselves found! In less than 12 hours they couldn't even transport it from the gate to the lost and found department. Pathetic.

2/21/2019 Jacob Hogan

✅ Trip Verified | My brother and I had flown from Charlotte to Dulles and originally had seats towards the back of the plane. I am 6'6 and my brother is 6'4 with a prosthetic leg. Our flight attendant watched us struggle to get to our seats and cram ourselves in for the flight. He walked back and invited us to come sit in first class in 2 open seats and proceeded to make it one of the most enjoyable flights we had been on with outstanding service. We will be back to American in the future!

2/19/2019 J Osborne

Not Verified | Flew Louisville to Los Angeles via Dallas Fort-Worth with American Eagle. I was in first class and didn't see any difference. It was an early morning flight and it was cold. They didn't have any blankets. The same food was offered as in the other sections. It was not first class attention at all.

1/30/2019 D Greene

Not Verified | Knoxville to North Eleuthera via Miami. One mechanical problem followed by another, compounded by a breakdown in ground equipment caused a 5 hour delay at our origin. As a result, we missed our connection in Miami despite scheduling a 3 hour layover. This caused a 24 hour delay. As a result we miss at least one day of vacation, a day we have to pay for. The information provided while waiting on the tarmac for almost 3 hours was infrequent and unhelpful. "Customer service" was provided only grudgingly with every attempt made to provide minimum assistance.

12/30/2018 Alwaleed Althani

✅ Trip Verified | Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. The flight got delayed because of a lengthy De-icing process. Service was friendly for a very short flight, just drinks and snacks. Landing in LAX was very smooth and luggage delivered on time but the American Eagle terminal is uncomfortably distant from the main terminal in LAX.

12/21/2018 Anita Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Charlotte to Toronto. Never travel by this airline. The staff is very bad, rude and not at all friendly. We pay for our flight and in return we at least want a smile or a courtesy but do not expect it from this airline.

12/20/2018 P Fenimore

✅ Trip Verified | Kansas City via Dallas Ft Worth operated by Mesa Airlines. If you're going to make your passengers slum their ride home, don't upcharge for premium seating. They wont provide even their first names for complaints and when I tried to show my receipt and what my upgrade included, the female flight attendant stormed off. I sat in 4F from MCI to DFW arrived 12/19/18 at 9:04 pm. This is the ghetto of airplanes and service. Bad form, American. I'm seriously thinking of switching to United for my weekly flights.

11/10/2018 D Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Nashville to Chicago. My initial flight was an hour and a half late. No reason for the delay was given. I ran through the airport to catch my connecting flight and they refused to let me board with 10 minutes to spare. The plane was still stationary and attached to the gate 25 minutes later. I asked them the soonest they could get me a flight to my destination and they replied curtly. "4 PM, tomorrow. That's all we can do". They had me in tears - will not be using this airline again.

10/8/2018 S Hamish

✅ Trip Verified | Charlotte to Knoxville. First the flight was delayed by one hour. After we finished boarding we had to wait additional 20 for a crew to arrive from another flight. Then we arrive in Knoxville and we had to wait on tarmac for 30 mins to be taken closer to the airport. I will never fly American Airlines again.

9/18/2018 Emirhan Samanci

✅ Trip Verified | Detroit to Chicago. The seats were super comfortable for an airplane in this size. Even this small airplane has wifi onboard. We arrived so early so we had to wait for ground service which took too long and we exited the aircraft at the exact estimated time, so we didn't loose anytime.

9/16/2018 Gena Alder

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Fort Smith via Dallas. Worst experience I’ve ever had. Flights cancelled due to maintenance not weather - agents aren’t being told truth to tell us - either that or they are told to lie to us. Just tell me the truth and I can accept it. But to lie to us is unacceptable. Then no hotel - after we were told we would have a hotel at the location we were laying over in once we get there. 12:30am and we all have to fight to get them to give us a hotel like we were promised since it was a maintenance issue. Today get to airport early, flight cancelled due to maintenance, now setting on a plane waiting for fuel and a restroom that we were told doesn’t work! Now we are told another maintenance issue exists and we are delayed again! Will never fly American again after my points are used!

8/27/2018 Bren McDonell

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to New York La Guardia. Quick 1 hour flight. I found the seat on the E145 to be more comfortable than that on the Air Canada Rouge 767, which is good. Staff were very helpful, overall had a great experience.

6/20/2018 D Steane

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Myrtle beach. Sat on the tarmac while pilot told us weather was bad. Flight cancelled and returned to gate. Rebooked 24 hours later. No one offered meal or hotel. Turns out it was not weather but a technical issue. Why can airlines lie and get away with it? Don’t fly American.

5/31/2018 Beverly Brown

❌ Not Verified | Mazatlan to Dallas Ft.Worth. The plane had only 1 working bathroom which resulted in the aisle being blocked for almost the entire flight. This is unsafe and inconveniet. When I checked in, even though I paid extra for my ticket to be able to have a carry on, they made me check it. I told them I didn't want to because I had medicine in it. They told me to take the meds out and check it. Why did I pay extra for my ticket?

5/18/2018 C Mersal

✅ Trip Verified | Never fly this airline. They failed two times to tell me I was standby on the next flight and the next day also. My handicapped friend & I waited five hours to be told that. I could have booked another airline or drove to JFK for my connecting flight on British Airways. I was surprising my daughter for mother's day, flying back with her to Lebanon. Approx $1200 later I am rescheduling until Sept after driving from Michigan to Cleveland so my sister would care for my animals. Terrible, no response from them.

5/10/2018 E Carter

✅ Trip Verified | College Station to Washington via Dallas. I have flown out of College Station for six years. I have noticed a marked decline in the reliability and on-time performance of the American Eagle flights in the past year or so. I have flown four times in the past couple of months, and each time the flight was delayed at least an hour. Today I scheduled a connection with an extra hour of connection time, but it is not enough. I am going to miss the connection. I fly internationally quite often and have given up trying to fly American Eagle for those trips, because missing the connection is not something you can recover from. The thing I hate the most is the way they say, delayed 20 minutes. Then delayed an hour. Then delayed an hour and 10 minutes. Then delayed two hours. etc. If the delay were at least estimated with a little more accuracy, then a person could make plans. The problem is that the planes are so ancient that there are constant maintenance problems. This airline, like nearly all US carriers, is a mess. It is just terrible. If I had any choice at all about travel, I would not fly American Airlines, but in my town there are very limited options. Unfortunately American Eagle does not give a darn about its quality of service. The ground crew in CLL just shrugs their shoulders. Not their fault.

4/24/2018 Sharon Barfield

✅ Trip Verified | Louisville to Dallas. We arrived at the airport at 416pm because our flight was set to leave at 635 PM. The boarding pass at first was not confirmed at the ticket desk. The staff had to go get a supervisor. He said she could not find it because my flight had been changed to depart at 8pm. Instead of gate 29 we were now 49. We walked to 49. I looked at my phone and at 417pm and got an alert starting the flight would be late. I was already at the ticket desk by then. Then after sitting for two hours next to gate 49 they announced my flight gate had changed to 1. I have a fused foot and if my daughter had not been with me I would not have made that walk with my luggage in time. I will never fly American Airlines or its affiliates ever again.