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9/22/2019 S Rendall

✅ Trip Verified | Lome to Accra. Reported lost baggage since July 31. No response till now. Several reminders have not proven any result. Connected with Asky Airlines thru United Airlines at Boston and Ethiopian Airlines at Newark, USA b4 taking Askty at Lome,Togo. This is bad customer service. I won't recommend this airline to...

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2/12/2019 M Kawdy

✅ Trip Verified | Kinshasa to Lome via Abidjan / Niamey. I wrote what's below while I was still in the aircraft, and I waited until know to see if I wrote it out of anger and if I would want to change it but I don't want to change anything. I would add more but I think will drive my point across. The minimum for an airline to d...

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11/6/2018 S Weares

✅ Trip Verified | Airport was clean, staff competent, was moved through quickly. Asky Airport office I found most helpful - my flight was changed without any hassles. The flight was 25 mins, staff competent, good take off and landing. I would definitely fly this route with them again.

9/12/2018 N Barisan

✅ Trip Verified | While in transit from Lome to Abuja on the 10th September, we boarded the flight as one of the last passengers and traveling as a family we got a bad vibe from a particular staff on the flight, that same staff and another staff due to the staff them not focusing on the job at hand she accused us of stealing a ...

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9/3/2018 Emmanuel Aighu

Not Verified | Lagos to Accra. This is by far the worst airline I’ve seen in my life. I booked a direct flight from Lagos to Accra round trip and we were delayed for 4 without any feedback, they later told us we can’t fly that day due to technical difficulties so they stuck us in an hotel and promise us that we will fly the nex...

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1/8/2017 C Kardeke

✅ Verified Review | Lome to Lagos. Horrible, it was nothing but a nightmare, and detestable experience. I regret ever buying that ticket and felt I just wasted my money and time. I got to Lagos on Dec 17th with only my hand luggage. I was told my two luggages did not make it to Lagos. They were left at Lome with others because...

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1/7/2017 Chess White

Lome to Conakry with ASKY Airlines. Well let's start out on the first part of the trip, showed up to the airport at 4 am to get told my flight is delayed until 9 am. The delay was because Bakmao airport was under construction which when we arrived, nothing was under construction. Having this delayed made me miss my flight from L...

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7/12/2014 Pattison Richard

Not very good. The flight from Accra to Lome was late. My flight from Lome to Adoula was cancelled. Very poor information from airline management at Lome. No information as to when our flight from Lome to Aduola would be going ahead. In the end we were woken up at 3am in our hotel and told to check out at 4am. Unfortunately the ...

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11/13/2013 R Hardwich

Travelled on ASKY from Douala-Bangui. I asked to see my bag prior to it being loaded to verify it was actually there. I was able to see my bag however when I arrived in Bangui I found out it was not loaded along with other passengers baggage. I was told this was because the flight was too full and the baggage was offloaded due t...

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7/1/2013 David Stanley

Douala to Accra via Lome. No real problems at check in just had to pay a little for excess baggage which was mercifully cheap. The only problem was finding the departure gate which was right at the end of the right arm. It looked closed until you navigated round a few doors. The flight left a little early. The aircraft for this ...

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12/6/2012 Liz Peloso

I travelled Ghana to Freetown on ASKY. There were delays leaving Accra- but in Africa this is usually expected. On my return trip- from Freetown to Accra I arrived at the airport almost 3 hours early to find out - from the security guard - that the flight did not come in the night before so the flight was cancelled. No ASKY agen...

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2/26/2011 S Bryant

A great little airline launched recently in Togo with the backing of Ethiopian Airlines. The return journey from Banjul to Freetown was made as straightforward as possible by Asky who laid on the connecting bus and fast ferry as part of the ticket costs from the strangely located Lungi Airport on one side of the wide river estua...

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