Customer reviews

9/1/2019 T Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Yesterday we had flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv via Istanbul. Both flights had delay of about an hour, but it can occur with each company. But companies usually inform us that there is delay for the next flight and no necessity to run to next fly. We ran from security gate to gate D7 in Istanbul Airport and ...

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6/3/2019 S Halil

Not Verified | Stansted to Ercan via Istanbul. I booked my flight then checked reviews, most of which hadn't been complimentary. My experience of flying with Atlasglobal for the first time was entirely positive. Unlike most other budget airlines I had 20 kg baggage allowance and basic food and drinks were served on each leg of ...

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5/20/2019 Horacio Scholtus

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Paris. They charged us for a sport item that weighs two kilos, USD100. When we looked for alternatives they made excuses, they just wanted to charge us the extra. A shame, we made 12 flights with the same suit and they were the only ones that charged. Nos cobraron por un palo de deporte q pesa dos ...

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1/25/2019 Abed Chamsiden

Not Verified | Beirut to Istanbul. They canceled the flight before 2 hours of departure. They never sent explained why. They said tomorrow you can take the flight again at the same time. They kept the people in the airport and they gave people no rooms to stay. Very unreliable airline. I recommend not using their service.

1/18/2019 L Berjic

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Bodrum. The flight was delayed at first for 20min and every 20min for 20min more. In the end it was more than 3 and a half hours later until the plane took off. The Atlasglobal staff were coming to the gate one by one and since its a domestic flight I guess they supposed there were no foreign passe...

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12/13/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A321-200 (321) v1 seat 10E

This is not a standard economy class seat. It has significantly less padding and doesn't recline at all. To the right of the seat there is a backwards oriented jumpseat for the flight attendant, which means the flight attendant's face is literally 30cm from yours. Quite possibly the worst seat on the plane. Stay away.

10/15/2018 G Fadhar

✅ Trip Verified | Tehran to Antalya via Istanbul. On getting a boarding card in Tehran airport they couldn’t give us the boarding pass for Istanbul to Antalya and they told us to go transfer gate. If we didn’t know enough English., we would have been going round the airport. On the flight they gave a tray for breakfast and som...

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7/26/2018 O Carnet

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Dalaman. The original flight time was 18:25, on the same morning I received an SMS that the flight time changed to 19:55. Then 3 hours later I received another SMS that the flight time changed to 20:45. And the the so called "20:45" flight delayed an hour. So I was supposed to arrive to Dalaman at 1...

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5/17/2018 Alastair Hunter

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Izmir. Yesterday 16th May I was telephoned by Atlasglobal at 7.30am to advise me that my flight on the 19th May and return flight on the 26th May had both been cancelled. That’s just three days notice. No explanation and no compensation and they stated there were no alternative flights on these day...

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3/21/2018 Ivan Nikitin

✅ Trip Verified | I have travelled with Atlasglobal from Moscow to Istanbul and return. I must say that this airline is actually really nice, but there were small issues that prevented me from giving them a 10/10 rating. SVO-IST was flown by a half-empty A321, which had great seat pitch and recline, plus everyone could select a...

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2/15/2018 T Sircic

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Stansted. Well organised, very friendly and polite cabin crew, clean planes with good leg space. 30kg baggage allowance included in price as well as free meal and drinks. I was a bit skeptical as I never used this company before but I'm so happy with them and will definitely use them again.

1/15/2018 K Nasarova

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Yerevan via Istanbul. AtlasGlobal lost my luggage 25 days later still haven't found it I am without my clothes and belongings. Contacted them numerous times and they do not have any idea where it is. At my way back wanted me to demonstrate visa to go back home, but I did not need visa?

8/1/2017 Aamir Shamsi

✅ Verified Review | Stansted to Antalya via Istanbul. We arrived at the check in desk for this flight there was only one person at the counter for a very large queue. When we got to the check in desk at 1pm we asked if the flight would be delayed as it was obvious it would be, we were told it was still running on time. Because...

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7/31/2017 S Ralvan

✅ Verified Review | Lviv to Istanbul. I can say that it was beyond my expectations. Reasonable price, smiling and caring staff, delicious meal, good leg space, punctuality. Overall it has been a great experience for me. Only disadvantage is about the in-flight entertainment and that's all.

7/15/2017 K Danil

✅ Verified Review | Milan to Kuwait via Istanbul. Very bad experience as the e-ticket time showed departure time of 14.55 pm while actual timing was 13.10 pm from Milan flight no KK 6064. We reached departure counter 4 hours before. Still I had to wait as I was told we do not have name in the system. This shocked us and after ...

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7/5/2017 Rudy N, Airbus A321-200 (321) v1 seat 2F

Very comfortable seat. Leather seat, definitely fantastic for a 3 hours flight. Plenty of legroom, and seat width very wide !

4/26/2017 M Hamzah

✅ Verified Review | Stansted to Antalya via Istanbul. This was our first time flying with Atlasglobal and were pleasantly surprised. The seats were comfortable and we ordered special meals for our group of 10 and on both our flights we were provided these as requested. The meal quality was excellent and the choice of drinks was...

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4/22/2017 E Tamouré

✅ Verified Review | I got positive opinion and experience on my trip with Atlasglobal , on a one way flight from Paris CDG to Zaporizhia via Istanbul. Boarding and deboarding was made by bus, but the small amount of passengers made it easy and quick. Onboard, there is no personal InFlight Entertainment, but the crew is professi...

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2/27/2017 Greg Penola

✅ Verified Review | Business class from Istanbul Ataturk to Ercan. Check-in staff very friendly and helpful, ticket came with fast track immigration and lounge access in Skyteam lounge. Flight boarded time, however no announcement was made for business class but upon scanning boarding pass, business passengers were asked to boa...

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1/21/2017 Umar Zakaria

✅ Verified Review | Istanbul to Bodrum with Atlasglobal. It was a good experience with them as a domestic flight. Very clean and comfortable seats. Cabin crew was cooperative but cannot speak much English. Overall, it was worth flying with them domestically. Only issue is that they are always half an hour late to depart and no s...

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