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1/16/2019 A Swale

✅ Trip Verified | Aurigny has a monopoly on flights in Guernsey so you have no other option that to book with them. The staff on board the flight look miserable, like they do not enjoy working there at all. The checkin staff at Gatwick were ok but the checkin at Guernsey was bad, such grumpy staff. We were 2kg over on checkin which was quoted as going to cost 20pounds! We only had 3 carry-on bags (out of our limit of 4) and the plane wasn't full, so common sense would say just let it through. Instead we had to take the 2kg out and make a 4th carry-on bag. So the weight is still in our entitlement but what a pain! Then on arrival to Gatwick our brand new expensive Samsonsite suitcase had a huge gash on the front of it! I was shocked. There was no person at the baggage info desk at Gatwick (South Terminal). So when I got home and had a customer feedback email from Aurigny, I answered it straight away and told them about the problem. I got no response. I emailed Aurigny again after I returned home from my holiday only to be told: "The online Survey that is sent out does not come from Customer Services. All claims have to come to this email address, and we have checked, and we definitely didn’t have any emails from you until yesterday. I’m afraid on this occasion we would have to recommend claiming through your travel insurance." To say that I am disappointed in this service is an understatement. I sincerely hope I have never have to fly on Aurigny ever again, nor would I ever recommend the airline! take the ferry from the mainland or fly to Jersey with another airline and then transfer to Jersey via ferry!

2/23/2017 Paul Jaques

✅ Verified Review | The flight was scheduled from Leeds Bradford to Guernsey at 14.15 on Monday 13 February and was cancelled once we had checked in baggage. No reason was given but we were bused to Manchester where we boarded an alternative flight at 1915. It was notable that there were no adverse weather conditions and regular travellers on the flight indicate that cancelling the Leeds flight is a regular occurrence in order to fill the Manchester flight - this seems a method of marketing the Manchester flight! Surprise surprise the Leeds Flight was also cancelled on Monday 20 February!

10/22/2016 Paul Harper-Smith

We flew from Gatwick to Guernsey and no problem with hold baggage or cabin baggage. However, on our return, at Guernsey check in, our cabin baggage didn't fit in their tester 'box' (despite being bought as hand baggage size), so we had to take out the laptop, iPad and sat nav and put into a carrier bag. Other people were checking in with much larger rucksacks and hold-all whose owners weren't even asked to test if theirs fitted the tester box! If our bag was too large, then fair enough, the measurements were on the Aurigny website but where's the consistency and why wasn't it picked up in Gatwick? Not happy when all we can see in departures are massive 'hand baggage'!

8/22/2016 G Carlton

✅ Verified Review | Norwich to Guernsey with Aurigny Air. Online service very good, when I was booking my seats 2 months after booking the flights I noticed I had spelt my wife's name incorrectly, but 1 email to aurigny put that right with no extra charge. The flight to Guernsey from Norwich was on time and landed early, the same when coming back. The flight had 36 people coming back so about 80% full, complementary drinks are served which made a nice change. The flight crew kept us informed through out the flight. I would recommend this airline.

8/11/2016 B Charles

✅ Verified Review | We had booked our flights and prepaid for selected seats in February 2016. We chose to sit on row 19a and c on both flights. Flew out from Manchester to Guernsey on 2nd August 2016, flight had slight delay but nothing too bad. Service onboard was rushed, drinks and duty free served very early into the flight, then cabin crew sat and chatted for the rest of the flight. The return flight was a shambles. Upon arriving at Guernsey airport we were asked if we would like to change our seats, I declined this offer. Upon boarding at the gate I was given different seat numbers from those I had chosen and paid for. I explained to the gate staff that I had chosen my seats prior to the flight and wished to sit on those seats, the gate staff looked at me and told me to sort it out with the crew. Upon boarding the aircraft the stewardess was heard to say that the seats we had been allocated were in the same area of the plane, so could not see a problem. I stated that we required our chosen seats, which other passengers were sitting on. She did ask these passengers to move, which they did. If we had accepted the alternative seats, there was infact passengers sitting on these too. Again the drinks were served very early in the flight, but this time there was an announcement stating there was no hot water so only cold drinks could be served. Quickly after this came the duty free. The cabin crew spent the rest of the flight chatting to a passenger who also worked with the airline, talking very loud so that announcements made by the pilot could not be heard. I have flown on many airlines in the past, both scheduled and chartered. I feel that the price charged is very high, considering it is only a 70 minute duration, and the service offered is extremely poor. What is the point of giving passengers the option to pre-book and pay for seats it their request is not provided? I can now understand why Aurigny Air is receiving such bad press recently.

8/8/2016 H Chilten

✅ Verified Review | Left Guernsey on time 7.30am with clear beautiful skies. Midway through flight there was a loud bang, cutting a long story short, we were all told an engine had blown and were going to make an emergency landing at Stansted on the one remaining engine. The stewardess, who was great, talked us through the crash procedure, hands on head and when told to brace lean forward. All very disturbing and scary. We landed safely but not with twists and turns and were greeted by 5 fire vehicles. We were told to collect our luggage and meet at a Menzies counter and a coach would take us on to Norwich. No one came with us, we waited in front of a monitor to see where our luggage was for 40 minutes, luckily another passenger found ours. We then struggled to find the Menzies counter. A lady briefly appeared telling us they were still trying to get a coach. After 40 mins we were told to go to stop 34, which again a few of us failed to find easily. Boarded our coach and arrived in Norwich 4 hours late without anyone greeting the coach when it arrived. We were not even offered a cup of coffee to calm our nerves, one lady said to me it was like they were blaming us - not the sort of service you'd expect after such a traumatic flight

8/2/2016 Anna Blundell

I booked my flight with Aurigny Air via skyscanner from London to Guernsey, or at least I thought I had until I arrived at check in and was informed that my flight destinations were swapped. When I went to the help desk to change this she told me it would cost £125! (more than my initial flight). After I paid this I wondered how I could be so stupid to book the destinations the wrong way around, to which the lady told me that it happens all the time because Aurigny Air's website always changes the destinations so the outbound flight is from Guernsey (even if you have been linked to Aurigny Air's website from another website like skyscanner with specific flights already selected.) When I arrived at Guernsey and told some locals they agreed that it happens all the time and they have never heard of Aurigny charging customers to change the flights as it is a fault of their website. As for the actual flight it was pleasant and I enjoyed the complimentary drink (even though the journey is only 35 mins!) and newspaper, the staff were friendly and polite and seats were comfortable. Just be warned when using skyscanner to book your flights through this company as they really need to change the way their website works - this seems to be a common and very expensive problem!

5/12/2016 L Buckingham

Always fly with Aurigny Air to and from London Gatwick and things always go smoothly. Unfortunately you can't always rely on the weather in Guernsey but Aurigny are very good at helping in these situations, complimentary press and drink onboard for the short flight. Staff on board (cabin crew and officers in the cockpit) very friendly, first officer very friendly telling all the information on flight time, weather, height etc over the tannoy.

4/17/2016 J Halls

Southampton to Alderney. Some positives. We left on time and arrived on time both out and on return. Check in was fine but having checked in on line, this was and is a complete waste of time for this route currently. The plane is very noisy so take ear plugs and space is also at a premium so not much room. The flight is about 45 mins. The cost is diabolically high and for anyone to suggest this is a cheap flight they are clearly on something. We paid over £410 there and back with 2 travelling. I can get to the States cheaper than this. They say there is a customer focus attitude. A week before or flights we were rung up and told our return flight was cancelled and so we had been moved onto a flight 2 hours previous. We asked about compensation and clearly the customer focus attitude was abroad on that day, because we were told that we can cancel if we wish. What are we going to do - walk? We could of course fly with another airline but of course there isn't one, so they can do what they like. I was advised that that they also forced the shutdown of a local boat shuttle service to Guernsey, where you could get a Flybe flight to Gatwick or Stansted.

1/8/2016 B Gordons

Been going with Aurigny Air for years now to fly over to Guernsey and they have been a good airline. Did have a delay in 2015, our flight from Gatwick to Guernsey was supposed to fly out at 10:00 and was delayed till 12:30 so we got the minibus to the plane (as my relative is disabled) got to the place and the plane wasn't even there and was still in Guernsey so we came back into the airport and then got called back down at around 3 - we didn't get any vouchers. A 5 hour delay is nothing compared to other reviews about Aurigny however the flight back was peaceful and the new jet makes the journey quicker - even had a chat to the pilot and cabin crew whilst waiting on the plane to get the minibus and they were all very friendly and pleasant

11/9/2015 B Parle

Aurigny Customer Service staff must be the worst in the world, the recent fog caused some delays at U.K airports, whilst still on the island having a meal before my flight at a local restaurant I heard that there was flight delays so I telephone Aurigny to find out how long etc, I was told no all is well get here on time. Turned up for my 5.15pm flight at just before 4pm and was immediately told story five hour flight delay nothing we can do, went to customer services - who were useless. Whilst I was speaking to a man there, a lady in the back ground put a leaflet on the counter in front of me and said "its all in there" and went back to her seat and sat down, the leaflet was about delays, great customer service. We went upstairs and ordered some snacks and drinks and just as I paid, tannoy announced that our flight was now leaving ASAP and was going to Liverpool, not Manchester and that a coach would be there waiting to take us to Manchester. We left everything, checked in and then sat for over an hour in departures. Finally arriving at Liverpool guess what no coach and no one aware of this arrangement, eventually a Liverpool airport member of staff said she was arranging a coach for us, some people asked if a taxi would be paid for by Aurigny and they were told no, now near 10pm and most of the passengers now left making their own way to Manchester the member of staff returned and said she may have a coach for us, and then said where is everyone. Well they have all gone was the reply and we are off too, thanks for the help. Aurigny`s objective was just to get shut, thanks to them I had to make my own way to Manchester at 11pm collect my car and then drive back through the thick fog getting home at near 1am, it would have been safer for all just to get the next safe flight out. When I telephone Aurigny for a refund for the taxi I was told no chance, not our fault and once off the island not our problem and that they are not part of the EU rules. When I tried to put my point I was then told by the young girl on the phone that she was now terminating the call. After a couple of calls I have now been told that I am getting my Taxi fare back but thats it, no compensation for the delay at Liverpool as we were off the island and not their problem. Customer services at the airport and on the phone score nil, urgent training required nothing complex just the art of communication would be a good start, how to talk to people.

8/12/2015 Jan Herivel

We flew Ryanair to Stansted to connect with this flight. Ryanair late and baggage took 30 minutes to get to carousel which meant we were late for bag drop (minimum one hour for domestic flight). Rang Aurigny to see if we could get our bags processed 50 minutes before departure time. No go and no assistance. I was in the middle of booking flights for the next day when a staff member Menzies Aviation came out, and asked if he could assist us. When we explained the situation he told us the flight had been delayed and he would see if he could get our bags on. 2 minutes later all sorted no thanks to Aurigny. Our flight left 40 minutes late anyway and as we have now found out their flights had been delayed by fog. So why didn't the "customer service" person at Aurigny know that and also offer to see if we could join that flight? Maybe it was because she had no customer skills and spoke to me as if I was trying to put something over her.

8/3/2015 Craig Adams

We had a weekend trip to Guernsey from Gatwick. Both flights were late. On the return flight, seated at the back of the aircraft I was subject to the flight attendants' conversation grumbling about their job and their employer. I feel a little put off from making future leisure trips to Guernsey, as this airline is quite expensive, suffers delays, and does not provide the warmest service.

7/7/2015 Jim Honest

A great no frills, low cost airline. I highly recommend for little inter-island hops around the Channel Islands. However I am prompted to write a review today due to really appalling customer service via telephone this week. A tetchy member of staff, a very poor line (or as I suspect chin to mouth piece) a stroppy, irritated response when I could not hear well, a curt reply to my inquiry and the phone going dead before I could scarcely say thank you and good bye. Courtesy costs nothing. I await my next flight in trepidation and am giving a high score for previous trips and polite, well mannered staff.

7/7/2015 S Dean

Flew from LCY to GCI return. Outbound: Quick and easy check in at LCY, straight through security then to departures. LCY can get quite busy in the mornings but managed to find a seat without any problems. Bused to the aircraft. Onboard great friendly service, complimentary drink and duty free items offered. Flight time approx. 1 hour. Return: Check in at GCI can be a bit slow espicially if there are a couple of other flights departing around the same time. Same friendly service on board for the return trip. The aircraft used is the smaller version of the ATRs they have in their fleet but offers the same cabin layout as the bigger ATR aircraft, the seat pitch is exactly the same. This is Aurigny's newest route and is a great alternative to Gatwick and would highly recommend this for anyone starting or finishing their journey in central London. If you book in advance the fares are reasonable and once you factor the train cost to Gatwick the fare is not much different. LCY is a great airport to travel through, quick, easy and hassle free compared to the bigger London airports.

4/30/2015 P Sarchet

We flew to Gatwick from Guernsey on 24th April excellent and early flight and great crew but we waited an hour and 10 minutes from leaving the plane to retrieving our luggage. No one to ask in the CI luggage reclaim area you couldn't go back nor leave the area. Unacceptable I am afraid. We would have understood had their been a security alert or another problem but nobody communicated with us. Luckily we did not miss any on going connections but come on how difficult is it to unload a plane and get bags through in a quick manner?

4/22/2015 A Clarke

Flew from MAN to GCI and then from GCI to BRS over Easter weekend. Not bad value considering they pretty much the only way of getting to Guernsey. Free bag soft drink and newspaper but you would want to be incredibly short to have any hope of being comfortable in these seats for any amount of time. The crew on board we very professional and pleasant to deal with and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Flight from GCI to BRS was operated by VLM on a Fokker 50 that was as old as the hills still it had a lot more legroom than the ATR on the previous flight. Nice service by nice crew on a short flight.

3/28/2015 M Syed

Flew the first time with Aurigny from LGW to GCI and return. All flights were on time aircraft still looks very new comfortable seats with enough leg space flight attendants doing their best to offer free drinks and the Guernsey Press within the short flight time and 20 kg luggage was included in ticket price. Overall it was a surprising good value for money and I felt well-cared all the time will definitely recommended this airline.

12/22/2014 W Le Cocq

I fly Gatwick-Guernsey-Alderney or Southampton-Alderney return about eight times a year. The service is excellent value for money (considering the costs of operating old small planes) always a friendly smile at Southampton and in Alderney. More a community bus service than an airline except the new Embraer 195 used on Gatwick-Guernsey is very sleek and professional. You spend longer waiting for bags at Gatwick sometimes than actually in the air - so tend to stick to Southampton (plane to train personal best so far at 3 minutes 40 seconds). Fantastic.

12/10/2014 Chris Le Tissier

I flew GCI-LGW-GCI in November. 5 minutes early on departure. Arrival into LGW early. Even the bags arrived quickly. Cabin crew under pressure to serve the free drinks but got there. On return the only slight delay was the need for the long taxi down to the end of the runway at Gatwick. On time arrival. On E195 super plane 31m flight. Bag delivery in GCI could be improved though very slow. I have travelled 30+ times on Aurigny this year. Never let me down they always get me home.