Austrian Airlines


Customer reviews

10/24/2019 D Laverdus

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Stickholm via Vienna. I had fa short transfer time in Vienna, 40 minutes, but this was within the approved connection time. The flight from Kiev was 10 minutes late and made a remote parking. After transfer by bus, I was able to pass the passport control in a few minutes and rushed through security. I ...

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10/22/2019 T Veane

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Sofia via Vienna. European business class seating with a blocked middle seat from a 3-3 configuration. Ample seat pitch. Welcoming, young crew. Catering as always one of the best on European flights. Luggage on the belt 7 minutes after debarring the plane. Nice experience!

10/15/2019 V Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Austrian Airlines sold me a ticket from London to Dnipro via Vienna. Transfer time calculated was 30mins. I had flown this route once before and of course it was delayed but they transferred us directly from the airplane to the new airplane with a bus. This time round we arrive 30m late, although the Dnipro fl...

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10/14/2019 H Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Sarajevo to Amsterdam via Vienna. I got upgraded on this flight to business class. Tho only a 1-hour trip, they offer full service consisting of a small warm dish and a delicious cake. Service provided by the staff was very friendly and correct. Of course, the seat was just an economy class seat with the middle...

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10/8/2019 R Garminer

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Vienna. I am a regular customer of Austrian and usually pleased with this airline. But this flight was exceptionally good due to very kind and friendly staff. As it was an evening flight I have pre-ordered a Do&Co meal. The flight attendant asked me probably 7 mins into the flight if I would prefe...

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10/6/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) seat 36A

Seat 36 A has a larger space from the window and and the pillow is too small to fill the gap. That makes it not so comfortable to relax or sleep.

10/5/2019 Anne Mottet

Not Verified | Flew Austrian Airlines from Skopje to Paris via Vienna. No e-boarding pass. No assistance when I left coat on board and asked right after getting out. I was told that “they don’t have personnel sitting and wating for me to loose my belongings”. I had carefully selected a window seat but when boarding, I was reass...

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9/23/2019 B Sanders

Not Verified | Brussels to Tirana via Vienna. We had a terrible experience with Austrian. Our first flight had a 2-hour delay and therefore we missed our connecting flight. We received horrible rebooking offers and ended up departing 2 days later from Vienna via another stop to Tirana. Both flights were delayed again. We had a t...

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9/22/2019 Monkey, Boeing 767-300ER (763) seat G

Really great seat got it bid upgrade! Worth the money

9/16/2019 G Rudzer

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Chicago. Flight cancelled for technical issues, but no reason given until speaking to agent at rebooking. Spent an entire day 8:30am to 4:30pm to get on an alternative flight; process felt rushed and disorganized. Paid extra for both economy plus and for a direct flight. Got rebooked a full day later...

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9/14/2019 Victor Sale

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Vienna. The check-in procedure in Venice went very quick as I was able to check in at the business Class counter although I was flying coach. The flight went fast AND the hostesses were not able to provide all passengers with the snacks, not a big deal maybe, but still a bit disappointing from my po...

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9/11/2019 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Athens. Senator lounge was acceptable, but packed. Nice view on tarmac, very limited breakfast. I had previously noticed that this flight was 1 hour late, everyday in the previous 2 weeks. Ours did not escape the rule. Late departure and late arrival. Very messy boarding (common on Austrian european ...

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9/9/2019 Andrei Popescu

✅ Trip Verified | Split to Bucharest via Vienna with Austrian Airlines. They were late for all segments of flight for no visible or explainable reason. No explanation from the crew. We missed a ferry in Split on their account of being late. Free food on-board is a joke.

9/7/2019 B Roberto

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Vienna. Another funny short-haul Business Class by Lufthansa Group. Price was out of mind and seat was the same as Economy without another beautiful touch, anyway, it’s “enough”. The things that made it worth it was the Ground Service and Priority Luggage Tag

8/27/2019 M Grant

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Dubrovnik via Vienna. Don't recommend. Bad service. Crew unprepared, cancelled the flight without information for me. Flight was delayed. I will never fly again with them.

8/27/2019 D Leventis

✅ Trip Verified | I was travelling from Venice to Larnaca via Vienna with Austrian airlines and when I had booked the ticket the airline gave me as an option a 25 minute stop over in Vienna, which obviously what not enough as the flight to Larnaca departed without me. They knew 25 minutes would not be enough to change aircraft ...

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8/21/2019 Roland Koops-Vytopil

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Varna return. Dropping off luggage was as smooth at Vienna Airport nevertheless a cpl of agents were available for those who needed assistance. Also security checks went smooth and all counters were staffed. Flights on both sectors were almost on-time, cabin crew was nice and caring. Bar service was...

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8/21/2019 Julie Mateille

✅ Trip Verified | It has been the most terrible journey in my entire life. We were supposed to travel from Sibiu to Paris via Vienna. The first plane has been delayed, we had only 60 minutes to go to the gate and to change flight in Vienna airport, the cabin crew told us that they would be waiting for us which didn't happen when...

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8/18/2019 S Wade

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Newark via Vienna. I had paid extra for an aisle exit row seat with extra legroom. The touch screen was sensitive but I found the movie selection limited. What I did miss is not able to purchase wifi on this Boeing 767. What I did like was that all economy plus seats had thick double sided quited bla...

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8/13/2019 D Micevic

✅ Trip Verified | Zagreb to Brussels via Vienna. Flight delayed for more than 4h, lost connection for next the flight, and finally lost luggage. On the top of extremely bad service is that nobody cares! They did not reply to my email complaint, requesting compensations of 600 euros for the delay. Never flying with them again.!