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6/23/2019 D Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Bogota. The night before, I got an email requesting to check in with their “web check-in”, so I did. After the web check-in, Avianca sent an email with my boarding pass stating “If you only have carry-on luggage, please go directly to the boarding gate.” I only had carry on luggage, so I went directly to Terminal 3 as my boarding pass stated. After passing extensive security at Terminal 3, I looked for Avianca booths or staff but I couldn’t find any. After asking around, airport staff directed me on a shuttle bus to Terminal 2. Once I got to Terminal 2, airport staff redirected me to Terminal B. Once I got to Terminal B, airport staff said my boarding gate had not been assigned yet because it wasn’t on the monitor yet, but it would be departing from one of the gates in the same room we were in and my flight should be on one of the monitors in that section in a couple hours as it got closer to the departure time. I was in the departure area where I was told it would depart from 38 minutes before it was scheduled to depart and 51 minutes before it did depart but there weren’t any planes departing to BOG and my flight wasn’t anywhere on the monitor it was supposed to be. Airport staff didn’t see it on the monitor either. I went to two other airport staff and one of them looked up my flight with an app on his phone. Terminal 3 was listed as the departure gate so he told me I needed to go there. I took the shuttle bus back to Terminal 3, but there weren’t any Avianca booths or staff so I went over to an Alaska Airlines booth. The lady tried to help me but wasn’t able to see any Avianca departing gate info from her computer. She told me to go to the Avianca front desk outside of Terminal 3 security checkpoint. By the time I got to the Avianca front desk it was too late to get through security fast enough to make my flight. The Avianca supervisor told me there was a flight to BOG 26 hours later but that she couldn’t wave the rescheduling fee but that customer service may be able to. There shouldn’t have been a charge since I did everything I was instructed to do by Avianca, but she told me I should have checked in at the Avianca front desk before going through the security checkpoint at Terminal 3. I showed her my email from Avianca with my boarding pass instructing me to “go directly to the boarding gate” but she had no response. The supervisor then connected me to customer service to discuss possibly waiving the rescheduling fee. After talking with customer service and being on hold several times, totaling about 2 hours, they provided no alternative besides paying around $1,300 for the next day flight change. I decided not to pay an extra $1,300 to an airline for their mistakes and bought a $400 ticket back home to Seattle with a different airline. I Should have never been provided the web check-in option and told to bypass the Avianca front desk if Avianca provides no reliable way to find the correct departure gate. The flight AV89 should have been displayed on the monitors in Terminal B with all of the other flights. Avianca’s incompetence cost me about $1,600 total and tons of wasted time. I tried to resolve this through Avianca’s dispute resolution process, but they made me jump through endless hoops, accidentally closing my case many times. This lasted about 6 months and never solved anything. I will never fly with Avianca again if I can help it.

6/12/2019 G Harding

✅ Trip Verified | Abysmal and totally incompetent. From the conduct and service of the staff, down to the organisation and contingency planning of the airlines management. It really does beggar belief that this airline is operational. My flight was cancelled, they kept us all waiting in complete oblivion and when they did make an announcement, it was in Spanish. The flight is going to LHR, don’t you think a translation to English would be fair? Avoid Avianca like the plague. I despise this airline so much I’ll even go so far as to avoid El Dorado airport all together.

6/10/2019 Patricia Yamilee Payen

Not Verified | Belize City to Panama City via San Salvador. Unfortunately, I don't have the email of Mr Alpuche and his staff. I had an issue with my passport and thanks to the Avianca Belize team professionalism, patience and willigness to help, I was able to travel to Panama and attend a very important yearly event held by my employer. It could have been easier to say "it's not possible" but fortunately, you went the extra mile, contacted all the key personnel and made it happen. Thank you so much to the Avianca team.

6/7/2019 T Maheno

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Medellin. Trash airline. Avoid flying with this airline. If you pay for a seat located near row 11, they may bump you and change your seat to row 37, the 2nd row from the bathroom. And for proof I will include pics.

5/28/2019 Ryan Ludlow

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to San Salvador. Avoid this airline! Our flight was delayed for four hours, then delayed again for two hours. We missed our tour in Quito. Avianca changed our flight for the next day, but then this flight was cancelled. They gave us a flight the following day. We lost two days of our vacation and spent 120USD on taxes. Avianca gave us a credit of 57USD. Avianca is a joke and should be avoided

5/24/2019 Francisco Ardila

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Bucaramanga. I have flown all over the world in more than 40 countries. I have never seen such a nasty service. Mean, nasty people, who want to annoy you. Absolutely no kindness ever not since 1966 when I took them at 6 yo. I fly with them only because I do not pay for my ticket, my customers do. Never ever had a good experience with them. Just fact.

5/22/2019 S Chadanant

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Guayaquil. Only use this airline when you absolutely have no other choices! Booking ticket on their website was easy. However, the system changed my flights a couple times before my actual departure, which was confusing. Check-in counter opened late. Ground staff were extremely unfriendly and yelled at me for simply requesting aisle seat. For many other airlines, a passenger can request for preferred seat at check-in, but for Avianca a passenger needs to contact call center 24 hours before departure or check in online to self select the seat. That's what the ground staff told me in stern voice. Since most staff were spending time yelling at passengers, that's why the service was very slow. Such a low service standard in my opinion. Cabin crew provided similar level of service - poor. I was sitting at emergency exit row, but the cabin crew failed to inform me of safety procedure. Their mindset around safety were questionable. Also, a cabin crew didn't offer me food until I asked to be served. What kind of service is this?!?! Boarding was slow and delayed resulting in tiny delay in all flights. Poor to zero in-flight entertainment. Dirty seat and toilet. Old aircraft. Awful food. Again, avoid this airline!

5/22/2019 Andrius Tamasauskas

✅ Trip Verified | Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. Had worst and most stressful experience with this airline. Bought tickets back in November 2018. Then a few times received email about changing flight times. Ok I understand it happens. So turning up at the airport looked on the screen and couldn't seen my flight. Went to customer desk and been told my flight is cancelled! Couldn't believe what I heard as didn't receive email or text about cancellation. Been told get a taxi /pay myself as they don't provide transfers/and rush to another airport and my flight is due in next 2 hours. Stuck in traffic and it was so frustrating I gonna make to this flight too as I had bag to check in too. Luckily came to airport 1h before flight. This airline should be bankrupt long time ago as no customer care at all and they just put they problems on your shoulders!

5/22/2019 Z Darliev

✅ Trip Verified | Be prepared that you'll be rejected to check-in on the counter without any reasons. They said, that agent had an issue with booking, but it can't be true because couple of months before flight I had a chat with support about buying luggage and they didn't mention any problems with registration. As pointed in other reviews the problems in this airport hard to solve as it doesn't have Wi-Fi and airline staff didn't offer any help. So I was forced to buy new tickets 4 times more expensive than initially.

4/28/2019 C Javero

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Bogota. 4.5 hour delay. Plans changed and trip cancelled: Had a Lima to Cuzco on another airline on same day of arrival and lost my ticket. Had to buy another ticket. Still waiting 3 weeks later to see if Avianca will compensate me with anything. On board catering is close to non existant. Late dinner, small portions. Worst of all no breakfast or snack with a good coffee before landing. That was a 7 hour flight! Inadmissible. Can't make up my mind yet if I should give them another chance. It will depend if they compensate for the extra money I had to spend to fly to the sacred valley.

4/21/2019 J Ruiz

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to San Salvador. I was very pleased with the flight. Since we arrived the check in was quick and pleasent. The staff at check in were very friendly and helpful. The flight attendants were all very professional and attentive. It was the best experience .

4/16/2019 Ivan Retif

✅ Trip Verified | Medellin to New York. The worst airline. The staff very disorganized and unkind. The old planes and the entertainment equipment (tvs) damaged. The airline lies to its customers and fail their problems. Do yourself a fly with another airline. Lo peor cómo aerolínea. El personal muy desorganizado y poco gentil. Los aviones viejos y los equipos de entretenimiento ( tvs) dañados. La aerolínea miente a sus clientes y fallan a sus problemas. Hágase un favor viaje con otra línea.

4/13/2019 C Burtano

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Rio de Janeiro. This is my worst mid-haul flight, the seat were terrible for Business Class! Meal was good, Flight Attendants were helpful.

4/10/2019 Adam Simmons

✅ Trip Verified | Foz de Iguaçu to Rio de Janeiro. After my experience of this airline, it is unsurprising that it is on the verge of bankruptcy. There was an issue over whether we had paid for hold baggage; the picture suggests that we did but, after detailed investigation, it does look as if we did not. However, the staff were incompetent beyond belief: the so-called manager insisted on some sort of number as part of the evidence that we had paid for bags but the airport had no Wifi and we had problems using 3G/4G data. At no point did anybody suggest that we could pay for the luggage and sort out the problem afterwards, something I would have been happy to do. If I had not taken the initiative in suggesting this, we would have missed our flight. One of this "manager's" charmless colleagues had the cheek to castigate us for not being able to speak Portuguese at an international airport check-in! Between us, we speak English, Spanish and French but it was apparently OUR fault that the Brazilian education system is woefully inadequate when it comes to foreign languages. Once on board, 30 minutes after take-off, the trolley finally made an appearance. Unbelievably, on a two hour flight, the choice of food and beverages on offer were zero and still water respectively.

4/6/2019 R Banturno

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Bogota. The plane is small but it's okay for 4 hrs flight. Cabin crew were professional. The only problem was Check-In Process and Boarding at MEX. There's no benefits as Star Alliance Gold/ Business Class Passenger. People pass the queue as they want and the staff is just stay like a statue, I didn't know it's the Airport's fault or Avianca's flight.

4/5/2019 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | Avianca Brasil is on Chapt11. Due to fly Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro on Monday, connecting from ZRH, they cancelled my flight on their website, but not on AMADEUS. However on Sunday, I succeed in proceeding to web check-in. Slightly stressed, I arrived in GRU, where I had to check my luggage for domestic flight. Counter was more than unpleasant. My Gold status was not recognized, luggage was not tagged with priority sticker, neither any info given about lounge. I was bothering. On the opposite flight crew was extremely kind. Everything went smoothly and on-time. I discovered later that employees wages have not been paid.

3/30/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) seat 14K

Do yourself a favor and grab a seat at the Exit Row with extra legroom. Otherwise, you'll feel like a sardine packed into a metal can. All seats are narrow with ZERO legroom. Be forewarned.

3/23/2019 C Marelon

✅ Trip Verified | New York Jfk to Lima via Bogota / Medellin. Worst experience and worst customer service. I bought my tickets three months in advance. Finally the day of my flight arrives and just got an email (two hours before my flight) saying sorry for the inconvenience your itinerary has changed. They added another stop to my flight plus extra time. I was supposed to arrive to Lima at 9:30 am. Now it is scheduled to arrive at 5:49 pm. I called customer service. Please update your phone numbers. They have several that do not work after finally finding one that actually worked, I was put on hold for 20 mins until they hang up on me. This is ridiculous. I am told at the counter they are not responsible about what happens in Bogota and there is nothing they can do. Does this company expects their customers to be ok with whatever change they make last minute? With no excuse? Unacceptable! Will never use this airline anymore.

3/19/2019 B Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Medellin to Miami. Had my doubts about Avianca given the poor reviews posted on this site. Compared to European business class, they have a proper 2+2 set up with recline-able seats and headrests. Boarding was efficient for business class and Star Alliance Gold Members and families. Service was excellent with better than average three course meals with pre-take off 'champagne'. FAs were attentive and both legs were early/on time. IFE screens could do with an upgrade as their definition was blurred Special business class ticket meant that price wasn't that much more than standard economy. One minor niggle is it seems impossible to get anything resembling an invoice from their internet ales.

3/17/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 31C

31 is a standard aisle seat,but my review is to comment that all seats in this A330 are really uncomfortable.Small seats all cramped,small aisles.