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7/3/2019 I Caneira

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Boston to Lisbon via Ponta Delgada on Tuesday, June 25th. I was flying with 4 other people, and my daughter purchased four of the tickets (mine and three others together). When we checked in at Logan, the agent tagged the bags incorrectly. When I got to Lisbon on Wednesday, my bag did not, and no one could tell me where it was. My daughter called the agency in Fall River, and a woman said to her that she would need to call Logan lost and found. My daughter then started calling Lost and Found in Lisbon. On Thursday, she emailed Lost and Found in the Azores who then told her that the reason they could not find her bag is that it was mislabeled with someone else's tag if she could describe the contents, which she did. She then called Fall River to ask what the limits of per diem were because of the lost baggage. They told her that they did not know and she would need to ask Lost and Found. Finally, the bag was found in Praia, Cape Verde, but no one could seem to confirm this, and no one could get it out of the country. When my daughter called Sales in the Azores to ask about flights out of Lisbon in case I had to leave earlier than the planned date because I did not have any items left, they told her I would have to pay a change fee. If I did not want to spend a change fee, I would have to get authorization from a Supervisor in Lisbon. The number the woman gave was bogus, and no one could be found. After 85 phone calls (not an exaggeration) and 6 days, my bag finally arrived in Lisbon. Customer service is non-existent; none of their employees (except for one) no anything about anything. One woman even tried to tell her that SATA has no agents in Praia because they don't fly out of there. They fly out twice a week. No one has apologized for screwing up twice and ruining my vacation and for having zero information about anything. Avoid this airline like the plague; it's a nightmare.

6/5/2019 M Kristan

Not Verified | I was concerned when I read so many poor reviews but if anything it prepared me for the worst which did not happen. Flight was on time. Check in a breeze. Plane was spotless and better leg room than some airlines. I never expect fine dining on planes so I prepare by bringing some snacks. In saying that - the food was fine. And they refilled your wine or beer free. I also downloaded some movies on my iPad so we had our own entertainment - perfect. Coming back the flight was delayed an hour due to an issue with the incoming Toronto flight so you can’t do anything about that. They contacted me on my phone to advise me if the delay. All n all a very good flight!

5/14/2019 C Bartilon

✅ Trip Verified | Ponta Delgada to Ile de Terceira. A deplorable company, which canceled our tickets without telling us (not an email, not a message), then resell them and tell us the day of boarding that the plane is full. A contemptuous customer contact, no help, no advice, no refund proposal. This setback has made us miss a match in Terceira and another in Lisbon. Today, after making us lose a fortune in airline tickets, the customer service of SATA turns a deaf ear, but we have not finished with them.

5/10/2019 T Lanner

✅ Trip Verified | Terceira to Ponta Delgada. After a delay on Terceira we were stuck for 7 hours. Our vacation was seven hours short because of the delay. According to European law you should receive compensation for this. After 5 months I only received an email back from the airline with just an excuse. I transferred the further mail changes to the travel agency where we had booked our vacation, but the airline still refuses (after 7 months) to pay for our vacation loss. Worthless customer service that can only be reached by e-mail.

5/3/2019 S Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | FNC-PDL-YYZ, May 1 2019. A Great Experience. Easy online check in, friendly baggage drop off at Madeira airport where flight left early. Airbus 320 and 321 planes on both segments were clean. Cabin crews were efficient and cared about all passengers. Lunch service on the first 2 hour segment included an OK sandwich and a generous pour of wine! Dinner service on the FNC-YYZ segment - including more good Portuguese wine - was better than previous flights I have taken with Azores. Flight deck announcements were complete and non intrusive. Inflight entertainment which is available only through a downloadable app could be improved. In short, I am a fan of this small airline. I also respect the reviews of customers that point out when things fall off the rails they really fall off! However, in my personal experience over the years of flying in the winter months with Azores, there have been weather delays but connecting flights have been held and there have been no serious screw ups.

5/2/2019 S Partani

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Lisbon. My experience was a rather good one. Flights were on time, the food was decent, there was enough leg room for my 5'11 self. The only issue I had was trying to get in touch with customer support (which I never managed to do via phone) but they were able to fix my issue at the gate so all was well. I would recommend SATA Azores to any travelers on a budget.

4/29/2019 B Kazz

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Ponta Delgada via Toronto with SATA International. The aircraft had a change which wasn't mentioned during purchase or at any time ahead of landing, followed by hours on the tarmac here without explanation. This flight should have landed in final destination by now but still on tarmac. Entertainment system has not worked or been switched on at any time during this flight and was given one sandwich, it's looking unlikely that I'll now make connection and there isn't another flight to Toronto for a few days. Its not a good airline, no communication at all and misleading to sell a flight ticket with no mention of one of the stops. And no explanation as to why the entertainment is off.

4/17/2019 S Carmos

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Ponta Delgada. Worst experience of my life, bought this ticket because it was the quickest route, they have canceled/changed my flight 4 times in the first 5 hours of travel. My flight will now be a total of 12 hours flying 22 hours of layovers. The staff at the check in is rude and no one answers their contact phone number. I’m trying to work with my credit card to get the cost of the return flight canceled but I think I’m just going to buy a ticket from a reputable airline and cut my losses.

4/2/2019 W Foster

✅ Trip Verified | YYZ-PDL-FNC. Easy on line check in and baggage drop at Pearson airport. The first leg on a new Airbus was 30 minutes late leaving and arriving but we caught up on the second leg and landed in Madeira on time. The connecting flight was on an old reliable Q400 turboprop. Both flights were full but crew was friendly and the meals were edible. Planes were clean. On the PDL-FNC leg, they even gave out celebratory pastries called malassadas as a pre Carnival treat.

4/1/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Terceira to Lisboa. The flight departed a bit late, thus arriving 15 minutes late. No explanation or apologies offered. Still, the service was very good, staff were great, even when dealing with a medical emergency on board.

3/31/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Santa Maria to Ponta Delgada. My first inter island flight. Boarding went well, staff were nice. The flight was uneventful, taking only 20 minutes. I would advise to ensure that flight magazines are well kept and not torn apart.

3/30/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Ponta Delgada to Terceira. We were told to board and, while in the queue, were advised that there was an issue with the plane. Everyone was sent back to sit, but were kept informed. The plane was some 20 minutes late. Staff were very nice and helpful.

3/30/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Santa Maria. My friend got an alert saying the flight was delayed, but I didn’t get anything. Later she got another alert saying the flight was back on time. The aircraft and crew were not SATA, but were professional and polite. Flight was good and a snack is provided.

2/2/2019 Peter Hohenadel

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Lisbon via Ponta Delgada. We chose SATA because it was inexpensive and Portuguese. We were scheduled to depart at 9:55pm on March 17 with a 1-hour layover in Ponta Delgada. We did not leave until 3am on the 18th and our layover was 9 hours. We did not think to keep our boarding passes at the time to seek recompense from SATA. This action required the airline to issue new boarding passes, a legal requirement in cases such as these. They stonewalled the request - meaning they offered excuses but did not comply. Based on their response to this issue, we will never fly SATA again. We did love Portugal, however, and we intend to return - just not on SATA.

1/27/2019 Daniel Clarke

✅ Trip Verified | On 26th December I took a flight from Toronto with connecting flights in Porta Del Gado and Lisbon and a final destination of Seville, Spain. Unfortunately the Azores flight from Ponta Del Gado to Lisbon was delayed due to operational technicalities within the Lisbon airport, backing up the airport for most of the day. As a result I arrived in Lisbon minutes before the initial scheduled boarding for my next TAP flight was set to take place, fearful that I would miss it. I received a text message to my phone from Azores Airlines stating that my next flight had been delayed itself over one hour, however, given the timing, I was still cutting it close. Upon arriving at my TAP boarding gate I was made aware that the flight I was set to take next was indeed delayed two hours itself, meaning that I had made it in time and would be able to fly out shortly. After getting to the front of the line awaiting to board, the TAP attendant told me, quite matter of factly, that my ticket had been sold due to my past flights delay, and that my next flight would not be for another 10 hours. Naturally I was shocked, and disappointed not only to spend 10 additional hours in the airport, but for the fact that my plans made in Spain would not take place, losing an entire day of travel. Upon pleading with the attendee she told me that it wasn't her dilemma, offering no consolation and asking me to take it up with the Azores officials, as it was not a TAP issue that my ticket was given away. I then tracked down the Azores customer service department. They told me they were sorry for what had happened, however there was nothing they could do, seemingly confused with the events that had taken place. The representative told me all they could offer me at that moment was two 10 Euro vouchers for lunch and dinner at the airport. I found this an incredible lack of compensation given the loss of a day of travel, 10 hours spent in an airport, as well as no prior communication as to my ticket being sold. After inquiring about my luggage, it was only after my question that she explained to me they had no track on its whereabouts. I was then forced with the task of lining up for nearly an hour to find my luggage from the lost and found, and lining up again to check my bags for my next flight. The next several hours were as one could expect. Not the ideal setting for the first day of one's holiday. The lack of adequate customer service, the lack of communication, as well as the lack of compensation is astounding in my eyes. The fact that I wasn’t made aware of this decision the airline had made for me, especially after receiving a text message previously with an update, is astounding. I cannot believe how I was treated between the two airlines on this day. Compensation in the form of two meal vouchers for a loss of a day of travel, poor service and 10 additional hours in an airport is comical. I have never voiced a formal complaint in this manner, however, given these circumstances I simply could not ignore the mistreatment. I am a frequent flyer and often travel to Europe. This is a very deterring event when considering Azores Airlines in the future. Any sort of response given the situation would be appreciated.

12/5/2018 H Dawes

✅ Trip Verified | Departure flight cancelled, moved back 1 day costing us additional hotel costs. And that was the nice part! On the return, flight delayed 8 hours! We take off, plane unsafe, return to Lisbon, chased down the runway by fire trucks. Sit up all night. Fly to Ponta Delgada early in the morning. No flights to Canada that day. Friday flight may or may not go on Sunday. Now there are passengers backed up as we found out Thursday was cancelled. And we are trapped in PDL. During this 3 days of hell, not only was there zero helpful communication from their staff when they did speak to us it was lies and abuse. I was shoved by one of their staff after we complained about waiting 1.5 hours to get our luggage back so we could go to the hotel. At least that was better than Friday, no hotel, no meals.

11/30/2018 E Drivas

Not Verified | This airline is horrible. This was my husband and my first time to Portugal and first time flying with SATA Airlines. Not only was our flight delayed 9 hours, but when we finally got on, we took off and circled around then landed back in Lisbon. The reason for the first delay was because of technical issues. Knowing there was a problem they still put us on the plane. When we landed 15 min later back in Lisbon, there were fire trucks surrounding us. By the time we got off the plane and collected our bags, it was 12am Saturday morning. Mind you our flight was supposed to take off originally at 1:30pm Friday. Not only did they tell us we had to sleep at the airport because they could not put us in a hotel, they didn't even offer a pillow or blanket to anyone. We finally took off Saturday afternoon on a different aircraft to the Azores, after spending 31 hours at the airport. We are still fighting with them to get our money back on the flights we then had to purchase on a different airline just to get back to Lisbon. They are by far the worst experience ever. I highly recommend not flying with them at all cost.

11/6/2018 P Simpson

✅ Trip Verified | My first experience with SATA from Ponta Delgada to Madeira was a pleasant one. Check in effective. Flight on time, friendly service, clean aircraft, good coffee. Baggage delivered quickly on the belt.

10/31/2018 Nicholas Botelho

Not Verified | This was my return leg to Boston, as I flew into Ponta Delgada via TF Green / Rhode Island Airport in Providence via a A321neo, on their only A330 with its whale livery. Needless to say, Azores Airlines, as they are advertised as that, need to improve on some fronts. In flight entertainment was shallow for a 5 hour flight, as there are only 4 movies, a couple of TV shows and some songs available on the seat back monitors. No games, no map, nothing else, either that, the in flight magazine or whatever you brought inside the plane. Those on the A321neos need to get a app to access the same in flight entertainment as on the A330, as well as Wi-Fi, which they provide on said A321neos for free. Food was not traditionally Azorean, as we had spaghetti with meatballs, which tasted average for a flight. There was some bread with Azorean butter though. Seat was average, cabin staff was average, and everything else about the flight was average. The Azores themselves are interesting as islands, but getting to these interesting islands from America requires a bland airline that needs to improve somewhat.

10/13/2018 M Kelly

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Ponta Delgada. Our flight was due to leave Toronto for Ponta Delgada, Azores at 9:15 pm but just before leaving for the airport, I learned it had been cancelled. We were put on a flight to Montreal, early the next morning, arriving at 9:30 in time to catch SATA's 11:45 flight to Ponta Delgada. That flight was also cancelled. We waited in the Montreal airport for 14 hours, flnally at 11 pm. boarding a plane that SATA had hired from a Spanish company called Plus Ultra. I had been wary of booking SATA in the first place after reading on this site about their frequent cancellations but since they offer the only direct flights from Canada to the Azores, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Never again. After two cancellations in a row, I'd say these people need to get their act together.