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8/13/2019 Abdallah E, ATR 72-600 (AT7) seat 16C

Since the only exit of the plane is on the back, and the aisle is very tight, you might want to seat as close to the exit as possible. 17 A/B are the furthest to the rear you can choose, but its overhead bin is used to strore snacks. 17 C/D and 18 A/B are reserved to people with handicap, So row 16 is the best if you don't want...

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6/5/2019 Abdallah E, ATR 72-600 (AT7) seat 4

The seats near to the wings are VERY noisy, especially in the takeoff.

5/15/2019 Gary Waters

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Lisbon. Received an email a few days before the flight informing me the flight would be 2 hours early. No problem. Went to check in , I got passed from pillar to post, nobody spoke English, nobody wanted responsibility. Eventually someone who had to speak to me said ”didn’t you receive the mail?”...

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4/3/2019 ?? ?, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 1C

1c and 1d does not have an overhead bin as it is reserved for some airline kits and crew bags.

3/13/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 2G

A flat bed. Good service. Although terribly bad because boarding and disembarkation were both by BUS. Even though paying Business, all passengers are shoved in 2 buses, almost falling over other people.

3/6/2019 Heloisa Linhares

Not Verified | We flew business with Azul from São Paulo to Lisbon. Seats are fine and so is the service by the flight attendants. However, the food and drinks are below the standards for business class. Aircraft is clean but temperature is a bit hot. Punctuality is very good.

3/2/2019 J Carmile

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Rio de Janeiro via Sao Paulo. Did not allow online check in so when you are in transit you have to get out of the airport to at the check in counter to get your ticket! This is not possible in an international airport without having 4 hours between flight. Azul needs to upgrade to the 21st century. C...

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1/8/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 27D

This is a regular economy seat but this plane has extremely tight and narrow seats. Very uncomfortable.

1/7/2019 V Tarves

✅ Trip Verified | Salvador to Recife. My last experience with Azul Airlines could not be better, very fast Check-in and excellent service. The extremely educated and elegant flight attendants, quiet flying without surprises, fair seats by the paid class and good snacks. In my opinion, the best airline in Brazil.

12/30/2018 Ellen Mehta

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Montes Claros. I booked my trip with this company because it offered excellent price but I ended up paying a lot more. Flight canceled twice for no apparent reason. They don’t provide flights from Dallas so I paid fees to have those ones changed. I never had the same problem with other companies. Th...

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11/27/2018 Pericles Chung

✅ Trip Verified | Curitiba to Maringá. I was trying to do the self check-in, but some how it wouldn't allow me to do it. Then the agent tried to charge me for one carry-on luggage. We are a family of four, and we had a total of 4 backpacks and 3 carry-ons. The agent's argument was that one carry-on was 2 kg over the weight limi...

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9/28/2018 Guilherme R, Airbus A320neo (320) seat 20F

Sat in 20F while travelling from CNF to REC. Standard economy seat, more comfortable than the E195 seats. I'm 183cm tall and didn't feel cramped. IFE was functional on a few seats since they were beta testing their live TV service on that specific A320neo, mine wasn't one of those sadly. Window was a bit misaligned but no biggie...

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9/19/2018 ?? ?, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 1C

The overhead bin is limited to crew use only. So you might have to wait ohter people leave the plain before get to you bag stored in another bin

8/29/2018 M Estelle

✅ Trip Verified | Curitiba to Lisbon via São Paulo and have to stop in São Paulo Guarulhos (Brasil), and I had to go Viracopos for my next flight. On the ticket was write "Viracopos, São Paulo" but is in Campinas, 90km from Guarulhos. I ask for Azul to put a free shuttle between the two airport, because it was so difficult to k...

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8/27/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 4K

The Business Class was a really good surprise. Excellent service.

7/8/2018 Donald Marion

✅ Trip Verified | Rio de Janeiro to Santos Dumo. The airline charges for all checked baggage but does not inform you of this policy on the web site. They cancelled our flight with no reason provided. Made us stand in lines for hours, transfer by bus to another departing airport and then arrival airport required a 2 hour bus tra...

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7/3/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 27A

The seat is too tight

5/26/2018 Anna Vansovica

❌ Not Verified | Flew Orlando to Rio de Janeiro. Great experience! The airplane was clean, comfortable. The staff were very friendly. Food on board was yummy. We had a delay on our first flight and thought we would miss our second flight, but the crew met us and other people that were running late and escorted us a short way to...

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5/5/2018 Ramesh T, Airbus A320neo (320) seat GOODFORDOMEST

I sat window 6F, and had a good sized touch-screen with great colours and resolution, USB plug, electricity socket and headphone socket. The seat os good for the standard economy domestic, and better than TAM's A320 seats. The NEO I flew in was brand new, and a much MUCH quieter plane than the standard 320 ceo planes, specially ...

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3/13/2018 R Cargir

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to São Paulo. The worst airline I have ever seen! Online check in does not work, 20 calls until someone declines from the customer service. Very rude staff at the check-in desk, unfortunately not customer friendly. Very bad to nonexistent information on the website.