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2/22/2018 Tata D, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 12A

Good seat even front of the wing and next to turbine, which by the way is not so loud.

2/22/2018 Tata D, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 23D

This seat are OK, with a common space to reclining and the legroom. This seat will be ideal for who wants to take pictures of the sky without losing part of the wing too. A tip, ask for the earphone as soon as you entry in the airplane, because you can search and enjoy channels on the screen right at the beginning of the flight ...

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2/19/2018 Paul Costello

✅ Trip Verified | Travelled business class Lisbon to São Paulo/Campinas. We also had two economy flights between Sao Paulo and Rio. First São Paulo/Campinas is a huge ghost airport 100 plus kilometres from São Paulo so we had to wait more than an hour for next bus to capital which took another hour and 20 mins plus taxi to hotel...

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2/3/2018 B Rafinez

✅ Trip Verified | Belo Horizonte to Fort Lauderdale via Sao Paulo. In July 2017 I got a ticket to travel back to the United States in October 2017 and then change that passage for March 2018 with an excellent flight schedule and an additional cost of $427 dollars. Then I was notified by the airport that my flight was changed fo...

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12/4/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 4A

amazing business class, best seat in business class with more privacy is 4A

12/3/2017 Peter Meikle

✅ Trip Verified | Brasilia to Belo Horizonte. I booked on the English website, they have sent an email in Portuguese. I think it says the original flight is cancelled offering a very late evening flight or BRL200 voucher to cancel. We are 2 elderly European non Portuguese speaking travellers who do not want to arrive late at ni...

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11/24/2017 Peter Meikle

✅ Trip Verified | We have booked to fly with Azul next month from Brasilia to Belo Horizonte using their English language website paying in USD. They emailed me in Portuguese, I presume saying the flight is cancelled. I think they are saying we must accept a late evening flight or get 200 BRL voucher. I will not be booking any ...

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10/5/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 23C

This is the "hell spot" in the aircraft. Fly this seat only if you want to pay for all your sins... The seat reclines very little and is located by the door of two lavatories!!!

6/5/2017 Donald Lindsay

✅ Verified Review | Just back from a short trip from Curitiba to Sao Paulo Congonhas and I really feel I must acknowledge the efforts of Azul Airlines that really goes the extra mile. While I find flying in Brazil to generally be of a high standard, what sets Azul apart is the sense of style, staff that really seem to get a kick...

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3/5/2017 Paulo Viana

✅ Verified Review | Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon via Viracopos. Online booking magically booked a connecting flight departing earlier than my flight arrival. Luckly I managed to get it corrected before the fight date. Domestic leg from Rio de Janeiro SDU to Viracopos/Campinas was confortable with average service. Bagagge check was ...

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2/13/2017 N Raeisa

✅ Verified Review | I always fly with Azul Airlines here in Brazil, but I decided to write about this specific flight due to the special circumstances. I was flying from Campinas to Floranópolis and when arriving at the destination, we were informed that there was a storm over Florianópolis. After spending some time over the su...

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1/28/2017 C Takarini

✅ Verified Review | Belo Horizonte to Salvador. Their site has a problem accepting foreigners credit cards and their mobile site, when it works, doesn't have the bank payment option. When I couldn't book the ticket I send them a message asking for help and they responded days later. When I succeeded that they send me the code f...

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12/5/2016 João Victor Ponciano

Montes Claros to Belo Horizonte with Azul Airlines. Excellent experience. The flight was on time, the seat was comfortable, they gave us snacks and beverages even on this short flight, there was a great inflight entertainment, the airplane was brand new and the staff were friendly.

8/6/2016 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 1H

Flying business class from Orlando to Viracopos was amazing. It was comfortable and spacious. Nothing was disappointing during the flight. The food was great also. The lie-flat bed was a plus. It was very easy to sleep. Also, the flight attendants were extremely nice and had really good manners. They're not like any other flight...

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5/10/2016 Alex Silis

I have flown 3 times from Fort lauderdale to Viracopos Campinas with them in the past 6 months because they are the most affordable company. All of my flights to return home were almost 4 hours delayed. Despite my bad luck, their service inside the flight is good. The food tastes good and the staff is very friendly with nice fl...

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4/18/2016 Noemi Klipfel

While on a business trip this past week I was on 6 flights with Azul. I flew from Ft Lauderdale to Belem with 4 layovers in between and then to Manaus and back to Ft lauderdale. During those flights I heard music on the plane radio by Marron 5 that was very inappropriate. It came on as an advertisement without my choosing (3x) a...

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4/4/2016 Tiago Silva

I flewn on Azul Airlines for the first time, going from Orlando to Sao Paulo. The aircraft is nice and clean, the seats aren't that comfortable. I took took 4 flights with Azul while I was in Brazil and i had a great service. The flight attendants are great and caring. Food is not that great. I would recommend it.

3/9/2016 Thiago Maia

You know when you can trust a company when you have a problem and you see how they solve it. I was travelling from Porto Alegre to Japan. From Porto Alegre to San Paulo was Azul, then from San Paulo to Japan was Etihad. Our airplane in Porto Alegre was delayed. Once I told them I had a connection they promptly put me in another ...

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3/2/2016 Scott Shaver

I read reviews stating that Azul was better, however, when checking discount sites, GOL was on average $200 less, and thus is what we went for on our first 2 flights. Our third and 4th flight, was going to be Azul. Azul was by far, way more friendly and customer service oriented than GOL. Unfortunately, as we had booked our tick...

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2/11/2016 J Anderson

Azul Brazilian Airlines Business Class from Belo Horizonte via Sao Paulo to Fort Lauderdale. In general, the onboard service was average to good throughout. My problem was with the check-in staff at Belo Horizonte who did not speak English and were not well oriented to international ticketing and baggage handling. Furthermore, t...

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