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2/22/2018 Tata D, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 23D

This seat are OK, with a common space to reclining and the legroom. This seat will be ideal for who wants to take pictures of the sky without losing part of the wing too. A tip, ask for the earphone as soon as you entry in the airplane, because you can search and enjoy channels on the screen right at the beginning of the flight before the board assistant starts to deliver the amenities.

2/19/2018 Paul Costello

✅ Trip Verified | Travelled business class Lisbon to São Paulo/Campinas. We also had two economy flights between Sao Paulo and Rio. First São Paulo/Campinas is a huge ghost airport 100 plus kilometres from São Paulo so we had to wait more than an hour for next bus to capital which took another hour and 20 mins plus taxi to hotel so probably 3 hours to destination. On return we noticed only 3 international flights for the whole day. It makes no economic sense to use this airport as your hub. We were very pleased with economy flights, 40 euro each way and served a snack. Our issue is the lack of service on the 10 hour business class flights. The seat and design is good and matches all the products out there. It's the service, you get served a meal and then stewards disappear for the rest of the flight until breakfast a little over an hour before landing. This was a daytime flight crossing only two time zones. I shouldn't have to ask for a drink. I believe this policy needs to change. Also the meal itself was presented well but tasted like an economy meal and was lukewarm. It's presented all together so you have to eat starter quickly before your main goes cold. We noted they shared a can of beer between two of us on pre-landing meal. When you pay thousands you expect better than economy class service. Don't be stingy Azul and move away from that airport.

2/3/2018 B Rafinez

✅ Trip Verified | Belo Horizonte to Fort Lauderdale via Sao Paulo. In July 2017 I got a ticket to travel back to the United States in October 2017 and then change that passage for March 2018 with an excellent flight schedule and an additional cost of $427 dollars. Then I was notified by the airport that my flight was changed for the same date with a stay at the Viracopos airport for 12 hours. I complained to the airline and they could not do anything which I find inexplicable and today February 2 I receive another email where they want to change the ticket again and that have a stay from 9.35 am to 11.40 pm in Viracopos, about 14 hours of waiting which considered a mistreatment as a passenger and do not offer any compensation or explanation for the change.

12/4/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 4A

amazing business class, best seat in business class with more privacy is 4A

12/3/2017 Peter Meikle

✅ Trip Verified | Brasilia to Belo Horizonte. I booked on the English website, they have sent an email in Portuguese. I think it says the original flight is cancelled offering a very late evening flight or BRL200 voucher to cancel. We are 2 elderly European non Portuguese speaking travellers who do not want to arrive late at night on New Years Eve in a strange city. Azul do not offer a reasonable alternative. Their website contact button does not work. A complaint is not answered. Azul are dreadful do not consider using.

11/24/2017 Peter Meikle

✅ Trip Verified | We have booked to fly with Azul next month from Brasilia to Belo Horizonte using their English language website paying in USD. They emailed me in Portuguese, I presume saying the flight is cancelled. I think they are saying we must accept a late evening flight or get 200 BRL voucher. I will not be booking any more flights in Brazil where I can use the voucher. I have booked all my flights in Brazil to arrive in new cities during daylight hours for personal security reasons. Azul have a flight at 09:35 which would be fine but they have not given that as an option.

10/5/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 23C

This is the "hell spot" in the aircraft. Fly this seat only if you want to pay for all your sins... The seat reclines very little and is located by the door of two lavatories!!!

6/5/2017 Donald Lindsay

✅ Verified Review | Just back from a short trip from Curitiba to Sao Paulo Congonhas and I really feel I must acknowledge the efforts of Azul Airlines that really goes the extra mile. While I find flying in Brazil to generally be of a high standard, what sets Azul apart is the sense of style, staff that really seem to get a kick out of their jobs and the impressively fast baggage claim. I'd travel more with this company if they flew more of the routes I travel on. Keep up the good work.

3/5/2017 Paulo Viana

✅ Verified Review | Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon via Viracopos. Online booking magically booked a connecting flight departing earlier than my flight arrival. Luckly I managed to get it corrected before the fight date. Domestic leg from Rio de Janeiro SDU to Viracopos/Campinas was confortable with average service. Bagagge check was ok, no priority tags for business class with bags dispatched all the way to Lisbon. Onboard baggage allowance of one item up to 5 kilos was ridiculous. Boarding in Viracopos was confusing due to deficient signage. Business class full flat seats were very confortable, pillows were clean and smelled good. Meal service was average, no seconds offered even on water. Coffee only if requested but flight atendants vanished right after service was somewhat considered complete. More like economy business than full business. In flight entertainment was ok but could do with noise suppressing phones. One checked suitcase did not arrive. Azul customer service was useless. Even after it arrived later on a TAP flight from Salvador, we were told in writing it was not their problem and that we should have a solution in the next 5 days.

2/13/2017 N Raeisa

✅ Verified Review | I always fly with Azul Airlines here in Brazil, but I decided to write about this specific flight due to the special circumstances. I was flying from Campinas to Floranópolis and when arriving at the destination, we were informed that there was a storm over Florianópolis. After spending some time over the surroundings expecting for a window to land, the pilot decided to abort the landing and continue to it's final destination which was Porto Alegre. Due to the impossibility to land in Florianópolis, and since it was night, Azul booked hotel rooms to the passengers, organized the transport, included meals and booked a return flight 6 am in the morning. Everything was well organized and well informed to avoid uncertainty between the passengers. I see the ability to deal with exceptions like this in a company way more important than superfluous in-flight meals or little threats. Not that Azul doesn't have it, but it really surprised me under such circumstance.

1/28/2017 C Takarini

✅ Verified Review | Belo Horizonte to Salvador. Their site has a problem accepting foreigners credit cards and their mobile site, when it works, doesn't have the bank payment option. When I couldn't book the ticket I send them a message asking for help and they responded days later. When I succeeded that they send me the code for the bank transfer they send the code in another persons name and I tried to contact them without receiving a fast response of what to do since there was an expiry day. When they responded I had already cancelled my previous ticket and bought a new one with the hope that the code of payment would be in my name. Thankfully it was, but when I arrived to the airport for a domestic flight, previous to an international one they told me I had to pay 120 Euros for a small suitcase of about 14kgs, since in domestic flights one cannot buy one more suitcase but has to buy excessive kilos.

12/5/2016 João Victor Ponciano

Montes Claros to Belo Horizonte with Azul Airlines. Excellent experience. The flight was on time, the seat was comfortable, they gave us snacks and beverages even on this short flight, there was a great inflight entertainment, the airplane was brand new and the staff were friendly.

8/6/2016 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 1H

Flying business class from Orlando to Viracopos was amazing. It was comfortable and spacious. Nothing was disappointing during the flight. The food was great also. The lie-flat bed was a plus. It was very easy to sleep. Also, the flight attendants were extremely nice and had really good manners. They're not like any other flight attendants I have flown with. If you ever get the opportunity to fly business with Azul, don't pass up the opportunity. You'll really enjoy it!

5/10/2016 Alex Silis

I have flown 3 times from Fort lauderdale to Viracopos Campinas with them in the past 6 months because they are the most affordable company. All of my flights to return home were almost 4 hours delayed. Despite my bad luck, their service inside the flight is good. The food tastes good and the staff is very friendly with nice flight attendants. They could use more recent updates on their movie catalogs.

4/18/2016 Noemi Klipfel

While on a business trip this past week I was on 6 flights with Azul. I flew from Ft Lauderdale to Belem with 4 layovers in between and then to Manaus and back to Ft lauderdale. During those flights I heard music on the plane radio by Marron 5 that was very inappropriate. It came on as an advertisement without my choosing (3x) and I had no warning or control. In the song, which was played everytime I was on the plane waiting, I hear the "F' word used at least three times in the same song. I am glad that my children were not with me because they would have heard the profanity without warning. I was appalled and I found that to be offensive and very unprofessional on the part of this company serving the public.

4/4/2016 Tiago Silva

I flewn on Azul Airlines for the first time, going from Orlando to Sao Paulo. The aircraft is nice and clean, the seats aren't that comfortable. I took took 4 flights with Azul while I was in Brazil and i had a great service. The flight attendants are great and caring. Food is not that great. I would recommend it.

3/9/2016 Thiago Maia

You know when you can trust a company when you have a problem and you see how they solve it. I was travelling from Porto Alegre to Japan. From Porto Alegre to San Paulo was Azul, then from San Paulo to Japan was Etihad. Our airplane in Porto Alegre was delayed. Once I told them I had a connection they promptly put me in another fly with another company (Gol). That another company flight also delay because of intense traffic (no company fault). We arrive in San Paulo, but was already late and we lost our connection. We talk with Azul and explained the situation. Without any need for discuss, they promptly bring us to a hotel, everything paid. Then they gave us a letter witch we showed to Etihad so they put us on a flight on the next day. Azul were very nice and helpful. I will definitely fly again because I know that if I need they are going to be helpful. One advice: If you have a long trip, don't buy separate tickets.

3/2/2016 Scott Shaver

I read reviews stating that Azul was better, however, when checking discount sites, GOL was on average $200 less, and thus is what we went for on our first 2 flights. Our third and 4th flight, was going to be Azul. Azul was by far, way more friendly and customer service oriented than GOL. Unfortunately, as we had booked our tickets on a discount site, we were not easily able to get our tickets changed to an earlier flight - but when we got to the airport 3 hours earlier than planned in Cuiaba, the check in clerk let a translator know that there were seats open on a flight that would get us into Iguacu at midnight instead of 6am. Unfortunately because of the discount site, we did not qualify to do so. But the fact that a company would go out of its way to do this for us is awesome in my opinion. It shows that as a company, they really care about their customers! The only downside (which was shared with GOL) that you should be aware of, is that if you have a connecting flight of more than 4 hours you will need to pick up your luggage and re-check it in. Mind you, the first time we experienced this was with GOL and they had not warned us that this was going to happen. When we were checking in with Azul, they told us that when we reached our 2nd connection as we were going to be there for 6 hours, we would need to pick up our luggage and then check it back in 2hrs before our flight. Another great thing is that (at least at this point in time) most of their staff seemed to know English, which is very very helpful for travelers that aren't from Portugal or Brazil. I am not sure of what other languages they may or may not know. But it was very comforting actually being able to understand somebody. The last thing, and I am not sure whether this is supposed to be standard practice, or if we just got lucky on 5 flights, is that they had a wide selection of snacks on-board. and you didnt have to pick just one. If you wanted one of each of the 5 selections, they would make sure that you got one of each.

2/11/2016 J Anderson

Azul Brazilian Airlines Business Class from Belo Horizonte via Sao Paulo to Fort Lauderdale. In general, the onboard service was average to good throughout. My problem was with the check-in staff at Belo Horizonte who did not speak English and were not well oriented to international ticketing and baggage handling. Furthermore, the transfer from the domestic terminal to the international terminal at Sao Paulo Viracopos was particularly unorganized, leaving the passenger to figure out how to get from point a to point b. Surprisingly, even at Viracopos finding assistance from English speaking airline staff was a challenge. Azul need to up their game for international travelers at their hub at Viracopos as well as other international airports in Brazil.

1/24/2016 Angela Gravelle

Sao Paulo (VCP) to Fort Lauderdale, and we had an excellent experience with Azul Airlines and highly recommend. We were a little apprehensive after reading other reviews, but it was one of the best long-range flights we have ever been on, and we travel a lot. It was a brand new plane and great service. Very comfortable, thank you!