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7/15/2018 H Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Palma. Azur Air Germany operates a fleet of two worn out Boeing 767 (25+ years old, various previous operators in Asia, Africa, South America) and a single Boeing 737-900 of formerly black listed Lion Air from Indonesia. The 767 is configured very tight. Seating is all economy in a 2-4-2 configuration. Seat pitch is the tightest I've seen on any airline and feels extremely uncomfortable, even though it was just a 2 hrs flight. They used these configuration even for flights to the Caribbean - hard to imagine this on 10 hrs flight. Passengers are mostly party tourists visiting Mallorca for drinking. Which makes sense for Azur Air's very low budget target group for their flights. Service aboard was rather poor. Drinks and meals on purchase only. They didn't provide a menu because the plane is also operating in Ukraine. Therefore all magazines were in Cyrillic and they didn't have German ones aboard. That's why it was even unclear which meals and beverages they offer. No inflight entertainment and no Wifi. Cabin crew seemed pretty new in the job and unexperienced. There were no clear procedures on board and even while boarding, creating an overall unprofessional impression of Azur Air. You could tell how Azur Air staff "disliked" the clientele on board. They were also rather harsh when speaking to passengers. If you have the choice, go for any other airline.

7/11/2018 H Meisteran

✅ Trip Verified | Palma to Dusseldorfv. Azur Air Germany is a newcomer on the German market aiming for the very low-budget tourist niche. Passengers were mostly low-budget party travellers. Their sole B739 aircraft was purchased from Lion Air. Overall I got a poor impression of the airline's services and quality. The airline lacks professionality and reliability in many ways: - only paper-tickets, check-in at the airport only, no seat selection - three busses bring passengers to the plane at one time due to some special procedure are only some rows are allowed to board fist. Most have to wait on the apron, some passengers start smoking - check-in should open 3 hrs before the flight, but opens 2 hrs before the flight, long queues, waiting time > 45 mins - delay of more than 2 hrs - plane arrived on time, departure delayed for an unknown reason (even for their own cabin crew), delays were just shown on screens; no notification prior to the flight. Handling agent at the airport refuses any vouchers for refreshments and to issue a paper stating the reason for the delay (breaking European regulations) . Cabin on B739 in used shape with a very tight seat pitch, which varies from row to row. Hot meals are on purchase only and of average quality, the meals listed in the menu aren't available, they serve other meals instead. Azur Air only accepts cash payments in Euros aboard and refuses to issue receipts for these cash payments (meals, drinks and inflight shopping). Cabin crew is a mix of experienced and new flight attendants, they don't have visible standards or procedures which makes it look unprofessional in several ways - some crew members seem customer-oriented, but suffer from the low quality of the airline's organisation and equipment. Staff is quite unpersonal not introducing themselves in the announcements and using a harsh tone overall (they seem to be annoyed by their low-budget clientele). So if you have a choice, I'd highly recommend not to take Azur Air. Their reliability and professionality are way below average and can't compete with other low-budget charter carriers.

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